BulletStorm: Play With the Devs This Saturday

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BulletStorm: Play With the Devs This Saturday

BulletStorm for PS3: Multiplayer

Awesome news guys! The developers of Bulletstorm will be playing Anarchy Mode online on March 12th and we want to play with you. Developers from both People Can Fly and Epic (including me!) will be playing with the fans for a few hours to Kill With Skill. Anarchy Mode is all about killing hordes of enemies as creatively as possible while working as a team. Teamwork is required if you’re going to score super high! From what we’ve heard so far, people really seem to dig Anarchy Mode because it breathes some fresh air into cooperative play online.

Epic Games will handle the North American event to be hosted at 12:00pm to 3pm Pacific Time (3:00pm to 6:00pm Eastern Time) on Saturday, March 12th. We’re super thrilled over this opportunity to get to play with fans!





To sign up, just add our PSN IDs (above) to your friends list and we’ll invite people to games or accept invites from you. A full list of all the account names will be available on Bulletstorm.com shortly, so look there and add as many as you wish. It’ll all work out. During our play session, we’ll do our best to play with as many people as possible!

BulletStorm for PS3: Multiplayer

As a warm-up, I’ll give you a quick run-through on how Anarchy Mode works. You play in a team of one to four players as a bunch of enemies attack you. You have to survive and kill them all, but also earn enough Skillpoints to pass on to the next wave. Every wave have a set of points required, which will increase for every wave. As mentioned, between waves you get time to buy new gear and upgrades! If you kill everyone but don’t get enough Skillpoints you can try again, but you will not get to the next wave until you hit the required quota.

Teamwork becomes a must after a while to get enough points. Helping out with the Skillshots will give you A LOT more points. For example, two players can leash the same enemy at the same time, tearing him apart (haha!) to get a Team-exclusive Skillshot. Or one guy can kick the enemy and then someone else can shoot and kill him while he’s in the air. This way, both players will get points.

So there you have it. This Saturday from 12:00pm to 3pm Pacific Time, one player will slide into an enemy making him airborne, I will Flail him, someone else will set him on fire, and then you will use the Boneduster shotgun to send his sorry ass into the spikes of cactus! Deal? I hope to see a gazillion players online in Bulletstorm! I hope to see YOU.

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  • Sweet! I’m in! I haven’t played too much online so this is perfect.

  • Good im ready to crush devs.. Second

  • I’m in, if I can get Anarchy to work. :D

  • This game is great!

  • Too busy playing killzone 3. Bulletstorm gets a thumbs down for me.

  • Awesome, im in

  • Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the mp, and really I thought it got pretty repetitive in the SP, but I have to say and thank you guys for making a game with such (except around the end) interesting scenery and world designs. It was a huge breath of fresh air to finally see something with so much color and unique set pieces in the atmosphere for a change, just wish the graphics could have been better to see it more clearly. It was worth the play through, which is something I can’t say all too often any more.

  • I’m really interested in Bulletstorm so I might have to pick it up this week to participate. From what I’ve seen though the game looks awesome. I wish People Can Fly and Epic the best!

  • I wouldn’t mind shooting Cliffy B :D

    Back to playing the AMAZING ‘KillZone 3’ now! ! ! :P

  • I’d love to play, but I don’t own the game. I hope to get it in the future, but I’m saving up for the Hero Edition of InFamous 2 at the moment.

  • Worst game of 2011.

    LOL at anyone dumb enough to actually buy this piece of junk.

  • Offtopic, but I would like to know why the developers could not implement light shafts on PS3, why couldn´t you work more on the tech on PS3?

    That´s a bummer and I expect at least parity on 360, and PS3 multi-platform titles developed with Epic Engine.

    This is an interesting title but I will pass on it.

    Don´t take me wrong but you need to deliver what we PS3 users expect.

  • This game is SO underrated. Its got something that alot of games lack these days…FUN!
    It’s Fun from start to finish. Hilarious voice work and script and the ‘Kill with skill’ concept is amazing. I find myself always looking for new ways to kill enemies.
    The MP mode needs a tweak but still very fun if you have a group that works together.

  • This is great cuz I’m never able to get a match. If anyone wants to play co-op or echo, add me. As for comments that KZ3 is soooo much better…any comparison between the two is futile. They both have guns and that’s about where the similarities end. KZ3 is great but BS is likely the most fun I’ve ever had killing everything that breathes.

  • since when the online of this game work correctly? haha

  • I rather watch paint dry. Most overrated game release so far this year

  • Too bad some of you guys won’t even give this game a shot. Had a great time playing through SP. Also, technically very impressive.

  • I wish I could look forward to this… Unfortunately, Anarchy Mode on the PS3 is defective. I must’ve tried 50 times to search for aq match. Of the 50 attempts, 3 lost connection at the load screen and 1 actually worked. Well, kinda worked. The only game I played was a laggy mess. I expected a lot more from PCF and EPIC. Absolute let-down on the MP front.

  • I bought KZ3 & Bulletstorm the same day. Both games are awesome. Bulletstorm is a breath of fresh air. I’ll admit, the first hour was not good. Once the Skill Shot system kicks in, it gets super fun. Great single player game. The push / pull mechanic is really innovative, with the Kick & Leash. It’s nice to see Devs are willing to take a chance on mixing up the FPS genre. The writing is so funny, & voice actor Steve Blum is awesome as always.

    For those who don’t like it… Did you even play it?

  • Friend rented the game last weekend; I played 15 minutes into it from the beginning of single player and was bored. Kick or leash, guy freezes, kill…repeat interjected by cutscenes that frankly didn’t capture my interest in the story at all. Watched friend play multiplayer for a moment, and that certainly didn’t change my opinion. Judging from #19, I needed to play longer. But I’m not slogging through an hour of lameness to get to the good stuff. Guess I will never know now. Looked interesting enough in the ads and a new twist…but frankly after playing it, to me it was a mixture of a borderlands/bioshock soup, both of which I love, but the mix was blah. Still shaking my head at the Game Informer rating for it.

  • why the hell would i want to play with xobx developers? and why is this garbage on PS blog sony?

    • Bulletstorm was always developed with all (three) platforms in mind, incl. PS3. :)

      As the post states, we’ll have a bunch of people ready on the PS3 online. I hope a lot of people will join.

  • Overrated game is overrated.

    I applaud the attempt at innovation though. It just gets old rather quickly.

  • mi33ke | March 10th, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    Too busy playing killzone 3. Bulletstorm gets a thumbs down for me.

    Man if you dont have anything good to say just dont say nothing… the guys at People Can Fly and Epic are doing something cool for the community so dont be an ass … and thats go to AddisonW and xx–Wip3ou7–xx and all the others that only knows how to talk Sh#$

  • Wow, at the the low rating and some of the people’s comments in here. Trolls man… sigh.

    You know I appreciate, you guys at People Can Fly, to actually to take the time to play with the folks that bought the game on PS3. Unfortunately though, I didn’t buy bulletstorm and if I did I’d probably get it for 360 just cause it has the Gears 3 Beta. But since the awesome demo and good overall positive reception, I’ve decided to pick it sometime down the line due to my really tight budget with all these games coming out & College.

    If anyone from People Can Fly is reading this, Are you guys gonna be releasing any DLC for Bulletstorm? Ty for answering.
    Here’s hoping you guys have fun this Saturday. :)

  • Too early in the day, dudes. Ugh. Try again.

  • I don’t want you to make the PS3 the best version of the game, but at least make the effort to make it look the same as the other console. The lack of volumetric lighting, god rays or whatever you wanna call it just made a great difference between the two console versions, you gave us the short end of the stick and I wont pay for a poor port. The game looks interesting and I already saw a whole playthrough on youtube but if this graphical issue is not patchable you’re not getting my money unless the game goes down to $10. Mikami learned from this issue with Bayonetta and gave us an amazing version of Vanquish. Bioware gave us an amazing ME2 (a little glitchy but great). Look at Batman AA which uses unreal aswell. Fix our game or give us a better one next time, I’ll be sure to support you if either of those happen. Take care!

  • turns out I’m renting this right now. Shame I might not get to go online with it without a doggone access pass :\

  • Man, I’m still have problems with PSN connection…I’m getting pissed…

  • Why would I buy this game when the PS3 doesn’t get Gears of War 3 (and the whole point of buying this game was to get into the beta for that which is the only reason 360 owners bought it in the first place)?

    On top of that it released on the same day as Killzone 3 which was yet another bad decision. I’ll never play Bulletstorm especially with the game being nothing but a bunch of [DELETED] jokes that sounds like they came off of some middle school’s playground.

    I don’t think Epic is even capable of making an interesting game for PS3.

  • I’m happy to see so many positive comments!

  • Ok Wait!, Are These Xbots Above^^^^ [DELETED]? Epic keep your [DELETED] games on the crap box, remember Cliff – “The PlayStation controller dosen’t feel right.” keep it that way…..

  • @24 Dragun619
    DLC for this game was announce before this game was release

    @Arcade Berg
    “Bulletstorm was always developed with all (three) platforms in mind, incl. PS3.”
    Every third party developer claim that. The games shows otherwise.

    @23 PlayEvoinsec21
    “Man if you dont have anything good to say just dont say nothing… the guys at People Can Fly and Epic are doing something cool for the community so dont be an ass … and thats go to AddisonW and xx–Wip3ou7–xx and all the others that only knows how to talk Sh#$”

    So you have a problem with people clearly disliking a game and the co-developers (Epic Games)? I am pretty sure you dislike games that other people loved.

  • [DELETED] fanboys. devs wanna try and do something fun for the ppl who bought bulletstorm. and u harrass them. ure [DELETED]

  • so i rented this game for my pc and I’ve got to say i’m disappointed by the lack of support of dx11 features,i also own the hd twins and i can definitely tell which one was the lead platform and which version was ported down and under performing despite on being the more powerful console,so don’t try to fool us and [DELETED]

  • BULLETSTORM ROCKS, I cannot believe the people that are posting! Have you even played the game you ingrates!? THANK YOU PEOPLE CAN FLY AND EPIC, please don’t think all playstation fans are ungrateful, misinformed fools, your game is great and I (as well as many others) are glad to have your guys’ support and happy you’re getting involved with the PS community, again thank you.

  • so i rented this game for my pc and I’ve got to say i’m disappointed by the lack of support of dx11 features,i also own the hd twins and i can definitely tell which one was the lead platform and which version was ported down and under performing despite on being the more powerful console,so don’t try to fool us

  • I’ll get this game, but right now, Killzone 3 and Dragon Age II have all my time. Sorry.

  • I would play with the devs….but I can’t even play the game online because of the “Game Lobby Closed” Bug.

  • Epic games (Cliff B) quote ““The real reason Bulletstorm was built was because Gears [of War] wasn’t ready for this spring and we needed a product to f with Killzone.””

    God job SCEA for giving these guys your official platform to stick it in SCE eyes again.

  • @33…i’d prefer if the ‘devs’ spent their time bringing their code up to par with other platforms or spent their time optimizing for the PS3 rather than spending time playing online …. but hey…maybe I misunderstand what a dev’s job is.

  • No one cares about Bulletstorm, give us Gears of War. Both Rein and Capps have already hinted at it, CliffyB shoulder tap at E3 with Gears of War Exile for NGP. Yeah. Gears of War 1-3 Collection a year after release on 360. Yeah.

  • My mistake! No online pass needed to go online with EA games, just for extra stuff. It’s all good.

  • Bulletstorm is my favorite game that I played this year so far. I love it and can’t wait to play with the devs.

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