Online Storage for Game Saves Coming to PlayStation Plus

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Hey everyone – We’ve got an exciting new feature coming exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Included in the system software update (v3.60) coming tomorrow to PS3, PlayStation Network’s new online storage for game saves feature gives PlayStation Plus subscribers the capability to back up game save data to the cloud. Online storage for game saves is a great way for PlayStation Plus subscribers to ensure that their data files are secure and also for users who wish to access their files from other PS3 systems.

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The new online storage feature allows gamers to store up to 150MB of game save data and a maximum of 1000 data files per PSN account. Users also have the ability to back-up “copy-prohibited save data,” and all previously saved data may be restored once per 24 hour period. When the new feature launches, most PS3 titles will be compatible with online storage for game saves, and moving forward, all new titles will have the capability to offer the storage option.

As I mentioned before, online storage for game saves functionality is included automatically for PlayStation Plus subscribers with system software update (v3.60), which will be available on March 10, 2011, and users can access their stored data on the XMB at any time. Additionally, users who save their files to the cloud can access their data on any PS3, using their PSN sign-in ID.

PlayStation Plus subscribers should turn on the auto-download feature to ensure that the update will begin downloading as soon as it’s available, so you can start backing up your game saves right away. If you aren’t already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, be sure to check out our bi-weekly post highlighting the free games, discounts and exciting exclusives we offer, in addition to the upcoming online storage for game saves feature.

Other minor features will also be added via system software update (v3.60). For more information please visit once the update is live.

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  • What’s with the spaces in between Pl aystation, and Pl us?

  • Awesome!! As a 2 PS3 owner, I love you.

  • pretty cool Sony..

  • I love PS Plus!

  • YES! i don’t need a new PHDD to do a backup! i forsee my HDD upgrade soon =D

  • So that’s what this whole down time has been about =p.

    Nice to know it is coming this soon. :)


  • Another feature that shouldn’t be behind a paywall. Steam doesn’t charge for this $h!t and neither should you Grace.

  • I like how this comes almost immediately after the YLOD which destroyed all the save files I’ve built up over the last 4 years

  • i like this, so i can go anywhere and play M.A.G FINALLY! i always show the game off, but hate to traverse with my ps3 just to show it off..this is awesome

  • nice. i’ll have to look more into another ps plus subscription. hopefully they’ll still have the 3 month extra bonus when you buy the 1 year deal like last time.

    • The 3 month bonus with each 1 year PlayStation Plus subscription is a limited-time offer, so (hint, hint) act quick!

  • Hallelujah!!!!

  • This is great! Since I upgraded my HDD, my backup drive is no longer big enough. Now I don’t have to by a new back up drive just for my PS3. I love Playstation Plus!

  • Best PS+ feature yet. Thanks so much to all parties responsible!

  • Hot diggity-dog, I love my PS3 and PS+. Keep doing your thing, Sony.


  • cart0onnightmare

    dear playstation.. i love you.

    p.s. ps+ i love you too.

  • @ divisortheory

    Same thing happened to me man. I hate the timing, but at least it’s not something we’ll have to worry about again, right?

  • This so awesome! I had hoped that this wasn’t just a rumour! can’t wait…now I can backup and restore to my other ps3s easier! and being able to backup protected save files is also an excellent bonus!!!

    PSN+ has paid for itself so many times over!!!

  • Nice feature but there are several other features I’d rather have first.

  • i would love to renew my subscription for ps plus now, but im still within the 13 month i already purchased, i dont ever wanna be without ps+

  • divisorthoery: Agreed.

    So Sony removes Linux, PS2 backwards compatibility, and then wants me to pay $50 to use cloud saving? And you wonder why your console security is wide open now? lol

  • Good to be plus subscriber!

  • Care to explain how this will work? For example, will there be an option in settings?

    • Sure!

      To back-up:
      1. Select [Game]>[Save Data Utility]
      2. Focus on the save data you wish to back up
      3. Open up the option menu using “triangle” and select [copy]
      4. Select [Online Storage] as the destination of back up.

      To copy:
      1. Select [Game] > [Save Data Utility] > [Online Storage]
      2. Focus on the save data you wish to copy.
      3. Open up an option menu using “triangle” and select [copy].

  • OMG!


    I’ve been waiting so long for this and it’s finally here!

  • @10 They do so hurry lol…BTW great feature! =)

  • I feel like this should not be a subscription service, since the most likely way we would need this feature would be if our system, your product, bricked.

  • Woooo you just nabbed yourself a lifetime plus member !!

  • Awesomesauce. Thanks Ms. Susan!

  • Finally!!!!

    This a great addition to PS3.

    Keep the features coming, Sony and thanks again!!!

  • auto updates and now online saves… include crossgame chat and I’m sold on the P+ service.

  • now thats a feature =D

  • question: What happens when you stop subscribing to playstation plus do you have no access to your online storage any longer?

  • is there a lifetime PS+ subscription option?

  • Hells yeah!

  • this is great as im getting a 2nd ps3 for the living room since mine is in my room. It’s great knowing that ps is listening to plus subscribers

  • Awesome news! I hope Fat Princess and Heavy Rain work with the online storage.

  • Oh hell yes. That PS+ Subscription is getting better by the minute. (Or bi-weekly update)

  • ok that is what i was hoping for, I will have to subscribe now lol Thanks!

  • I’m glad I’m getting this with my PS+ subscription, but this update is sparse and offers nothing for the average user…. disappointing.

  • what happens to the saves if your subscription runs out and you pick up PS+ about a month or so later?

  • i think we need a video of this does it exactly work? i got 2 systems and my slim model has my most recent files but i also have some copy protected files on my fat model i want to be able to decide which files i want on my could service so i would avoid having multiple files of the same game syncing from my two systems….

    • It’s not too difficult to figure out. Under the Game icon of your XMB, you go to Save Data Utility. Exact instructions can be found in my previous reply. Check it out!

  • As a multiple PS3 owner, thank you!

    seriously awesome news and just one more reason I will be renewing my Plus subscription.

    Hot Diggity!

  • Can you look in to getting this working on PSP for Psone games?


  • As a PS+ subscriber with multiple PS3s, I approve!

  • So the wording is unclear, once the data is in the cloud can the game read it? Do I need to download it back down from the cloud for that save data to be useful? If games can’t access the saves in the cloud its not that much of a benefit outside of being able to back up files which previously were restricted from copy.

  • YES!!! I’ve been planning on upgrading my Hard Drive for a LONG time now (I have the 20GB), so now I can keep my locked game saves!!! I’ve had Plus since the beginning of January, and to me, it’s already paid for itself many times over!!! Thank you!!!

  • @46

    Totally agreed! This is the best news so far this year .

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