Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Comes to PSN This April

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Hello everyone! Just dropping in to see how the PlayStation community is doing with our newest PSN title: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. This is the first action-RPG game that immerses you in the heart of a unique multiplayer experience, both local and online. Face the world of Gothicus and its horde of creatures either alone or with up to four other heroes. Push evil back to the depths of hell and stop the destructive ambitions of a tyrannical Queen!

Our dev team is quite focused on making sure the gameplay is engaging enough for the hardcore audience, while still accessible to newcomers. What does that entail? Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is focused on providing a real quest to complete either solo or with others. This unique campaign experience spans over 30 levels with an immense world of dungeons, villages and forests to explore, including areas that are randomly generated. You’ll be able to choose your class, optimize your hero’s development by assigning experience points. Expect one heck of an immersive game!

The immense world of Gothicus and the balance of your hero’s development results in gamers becoming more invested in the role he or she plays. Whether playing solo or with friends, there are strategies players have to consider when approaching each level. In this respect, our dev team is hoping fans experience an epic quest that you can revisit in intense local or online modes.

For those of you who like to explore a dark fantasy world, this is a refreshing take on the action RPG genre! Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is set to release April 2011, so check out our launch trailer for an inside peek into our upcoming game!

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  • Dungeon, um yes!

  • Lookin neat!! Gonna give it a try for sure =D

  • great…
    i can’t wait…
    exact day… ???

  • Looks Awesome!

  • It’s kinda like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance without the Marvel license. Should be good enough for me to buy, but I’ll see when April comes.

  • looks like a good game.. but still waiting for dungeon defenders

  • Count me in on day-one!

  • I hope this turns out to be a 9/10 game at the very least. I’m interested….

  • Nice! Looks Dungeon Siege-ish.

  • Looks pretty cool, I like isometric games for some reason although I don’t normally like RPGs but this one looks playable. Gameloft is coming through with some nice ports lately

  • Mmmmmm, hack-and-slash goodness.

  • Should fill the void in case Torchlight dont make it PSN side. And 4 player coop looks good.

  • Count me in for this. I love the phone game! When DH2 coming to Android!?

  • This looks like Champions of Norrath games or Baldur’s gate Dark Alliance.

    Still, those kind of games have a tendancy (when not made by snowblind), to go in the wrong direction (Unthold Legend is a good exemple of that…) and may look better than they actually are.

    I really hope that this Gameloft title (from when did Gameloft started to make real videogames instead of iphones games and minis?) will look like Champions of Norrath Return to Arms. If yes, I’m gonna buy it 100% sure at full price, since it’s one of my favorite game, and was perfect for couch coop with friends! =D

  • reminds me a lot about champions of norrath. it looks nice. hopefully they’ll have a demo as well.

  • hopefully ps plus users get a discount as well.

  • Looks like fun! And – AAAAND is that a PS Move icon I saw in preview video suggesting the game is also Move compatible?

  • Been following you guys for a while. Even posted a story on the game. Very much anticipating this.

  • I love this kind of RPG! How many people can play? Can one player play and still experience a balanced game, or is it unbeatable with just one?

  • Immediately thought “Wait, I know this game– Untold Legends!” Apparently, Champions of Norrath too. As a downloadable game, I’ve got to wonder how it’ll stack up. I don’t doubt it could beat Untold Legends– even the cutscenes didn’t work right in that game– so I’ll definitely be looking into this.

  • Looks pretty interesting, might get this. Reminds kind of like Diablo which is always a good thing.

  • it reminds me of untold legends on psp

  • Sorry Gameloft, you’ve used up all your good will on me. I’m tired of your barely-upscaled iPhone ports that don’t hold a candle to other PSN games. The lack of environmental lighting and shader effects in the trailer makes it look like an early Gamecube title.

    On top of this, we’re still waiting for fixes to the trophy glitches in Brain Challenge and the issues in Uno.

    Once you’ve proven you’ll support your products decently, I’ll buy this. We loved X-Men Legends and Baldur’s Gate, but the only thing holding me back is the name “Gameloft” (and the likely quality) attached to it.

  • Interested to see how this turns out…never would have guessed it’s a gameloft game. Not that gameloft sucks…just…i dunno. it looks cool

  • As much as I dislike gameloft for all it’s ‘Lets take other people’s ideas and then half-a$$ them’ this game looks kewl.

  • Thank you Gameloft for bringing the players what we want on more platforms than we could hope for. Keep up the aggressive game production and your “for-the-consumer” price structuring.

    An appreciative customer.

  • Thanks Gameloft for Dungeon Hunter~<3 Other games that ya could also port for PS3 are

    Eternal Legacy HD

    Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden HD

    Shadow Guardian HD

    The Settlers HD

    Zombie Infection HD

  • LOL… this game looks entertaining but graphics are so last GEN.

  • Thinking its on the waiting to buy list.

    Speaking of which….how about some more bundles in the store?! Like ones for Pixel Junk Shooters and Costume Quest, especially since they have been released relatively close together (games/add-ons).

    A West Virginia University Theme please! :)

  • will there be a demo ?

  • how much

  • I will most probably getting this, i have a feeling it’s going to be wallet friendly too given gamelofts insanely cheap games, and that is fine by me.Modern Combat was a great deal hopefully this is too. If it releases at a cheap enough price I’ll buy it day one without a demo.

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