Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hits PS3 This August, PAX Plans

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3 box artDeus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3 Augemented Edition Contents

You want a release date? You’ve got it. Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases August 23rd in the U.S. No one is more excited to have this information out in the wild than all of us at Eidos Montreal. Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration. Judging by all the emails, various article comments, forum posts, Twitter responses, and Facebook comments, this is something you’ve wanted for a long, long time. But imagine spending four years on an absolute labor of love, and finally being able to tell people WHEN they can experience the fruit of your labors!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3

Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3

We’re always watching the aforementioned avenues of communication, and ya know what? We like to join the conversation ourselves. So until August 23rd rolls around, we welcome you to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and partake in all the lovely discussions on our very active message board. Additionally, every week we answer questions via our Ask JJB video podcast. If you have a question regarding Deus Ex: Human Revolution that you want answered, go ahead and ask!

Oh, and if you’re heading to PAX East in Boston this weekend, be sure to stop by the main theater at 2:30 PM for a very special gameplay segment and a live Q&A with members of the development team. I’ll also be wandering the showfloor with a few goodies, so if you want to be eligible, follow me on Twitter in addition to our official account. I hope to see you there!

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  • Aww man, that’s ages away :(

    Oh well, still day one :D

  • I have been waiting for this game since I saw the first trailer….looks pretty interesting

  • As long as it stays true to Deux Ex 1 and 2 we are golden for day 1!

  • The Grandaddy.

  • You guys should do like the guys at visceral did with Dead Space 2 and have Q&A videos.

    Anyway seriously looking forward tot his game. Probably be the last game I get to play for a year and 3 months (applying to FIEA for my Masters).

    I like the cover the regular edition over augmented… to bad I’m getting Augmented Edition. Don’t suppose you guys can double side the cover for nutty people like myself?

  • The first was great. A deep story and many options. So far this one is looking good too.

  • Bonjour, Quelqu’un appel au 911, je viens d’avoir une crise cardiaque quand j’ai vu cela, pas d’attente, il suffit de l’excitation mélangées avec un peu de Gass. Pourtant la pensée! JOUR UN ACHAT!

    remarque: est-il exclusivité PS3?

  • Anyone else notice that the box has Triangle X Circle Square , all over it? :) the triangle is the “A” in human, the “X” is the X in “EX” the circle is the “O’s” in “Revolution” and the Square is the “D” in “Deus”

  • Good timing for a preorder! 1 Limited Edition please!…. Thanks!

  • Textures and anti-aliasing are looking extremely rough in those pictures.

  • I’ve had the Aug Edition pre-ordered when it was first announced. I’m happy that this game (finally) has a release date and hopefully it will stick.

    This game is gonna be amazing and will definitely own the game Day 1!

  • perfect time to buy in August, too many games this spring! thanks Eidos!!

  • My husband and I *loved* the original Deus Ex games, and played them multiple times. I really hope the originals get an HD “remaster” in 1080p with HD audio for download on PSN.

    I pre-ordered this new game as soon as it was available on Amazon, but have since cancelled after seeing the recent in-game trailers. The animations, especially the faces, are so stiff compared to current-gen games (especially on PS3). It’s really off-putting :( Once I see new in-game footage that has that fixed, I’ll re-up my preorder.

  • woooooot!

  • I’ll be purchasing this beast on PC.
    Pretty sure I’ll get it on PS3 also once a price drop occurs.

  • شكله حلو !

  • Can not wait for this! This is easily my most anticipated game for the year, which is saying some considering what’s releasing this year.

    Have you given any thought to bringing the first two Deus Ex games to consoles? Not an all out remake, just a basic upgrade to HD with trophies, like what we are seeing with Beyond Good and Evil? I’d buy them on day 1.

    There’s at least three slightly different ideas suggesting it on PlayStation Blog Share, each with a good number of votes. Just search for Deus Ex. I’d link to it, but then it would take forever for my comment to show up.

    So yeah, give me DX HD and I will give you my money.

  • this game looks awesome, I haven’t played the previous ones but this one looks like it’s a must-have


  • OH man. I can’t wait!

  • This game have everything to be the best!

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