DC Universe Online Digital Download Coming Soon to PSN

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DC Universe Online Digital Download Coming Soon to PSN

DC Universe Online beta for PS3

Hey Everyone! It has been nearly two months since the launch of DC Universe Online and if you haven’t already purchased the game then shame on you – we have already added a new Catwoman episode and a second Batcave Raid! For those of you who just can’t make it to the store, we have the answer, shop from your couch…DC Universe Online is coming to the PlayStation Store! The digital download of DCUO will make accessing the game nearly effortless as you can simply slip on your sweatpants, melt into your couch and immediately access the vast world that is DC Universe Online. Download the Universe… right from your couch!

DC Universe Online will be available for download at the Playstation Store for $59.99 USD. The game includes 30-days of free gameplay, with a monthly game play fee of $14.99 thereafter. We also have bundled packs that give you more game play for less, a six-month subscription package is available for $77.99 USD with a 12-month subscription selling for $134.99 USD.

Don’t run to the PlayStation Store just yet, but keep an eye out for the official announcement and release date coming soon! In the meantime, let us know: Are you a hero or villain inside DCUO? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Good luck to anybody trying to download that huge file!

  • That price is too steep I think for monthly payment.

  • Does it will have a 72h trial for PSN+ subscribers?

  • If we own the game can we chose to download it so we dont have to put in the disc?

    Please let us have that option, since the game cant be traded in or sold there is no harm in giving those who used a disc activation code access to the PSN Store version.


  • wow the price is kind of expensive.but i think that there are ppl that are willing to pay what you asking for.since you know they love to pay for a “premium” o and for bragging rights too…

  • I honestly don’t have $60.00 to dish out for a MMO, and than pay an additional $15.00 every month for 1 game.

  • I have the physical game already, but I’ll totally download it. Especially if it comes with another 30 days. Any chance of a DLC item for digital customers, similar to reservation customers?

  • @Halowars they cant offer the PSN version free, it would really upset early players like myself who did pay 60 for the disc

  • The subscription price is far too steep. I don’t have a problem with MMOs, but I don’t think MMO games translate well on consoles. $15 a month,, or a six month or one year option. It doesn’t take long to level up either; once it’s done it’s done. It’s great if you’re a huge fan of the DC universe, but the pricing is just too steep for an MMO like this.

  • Dear Sony, I am just wondering about the rationale for charging the full $59.99 MSRP digitally. Why would anyone buy that when they could get the actual disc for $15 less? Since it is digital, shouldn’t the cost be less than the disc?

    Do what Steam does and subsidize for your fans.

  • Oh…by which I mean, Hero, of course!

  • @6 has a good point actually.

  • Wow, its great that you guys are putting more disc based games on the PSN for download, but DCUO? This is going to be one MASSIVE download. Excluding the post release updates that are a couple of gigs, any info on the core download size? I imagine it must be more than the beta which was pretty huge in itself.

  • Damn Sony, yall going h.a.m on the competition. I luv it! Please keep it up.

  • @G-force you more or less install the ENTIRE game even with the disc, in fact i dont even know why they make you put the disc in im fairly certin it runs completely on the install

  • @9…so they give you 4 month of online for free to make it up.

    I personally am not ‘into’ these games but I wonder how they justify thier pricing model vs the freemium model of doing things.

  • er.. I meant @4

  • AS much as I loved playing the beta, I just can’t pay $15 additional a month. $5 a month, maybe, but not $15.

    It’s great that it’s coming to the PS Store!

  • @17 fair enough, not a bad idea

  • Ok! So how about if i broke my disc, am i able to DOWNLOAD the Game on PSN without paying 60bucks? Cuz its not [DELETED] fair.

  • Damn, this sucks that I have a retail copy because for a MMO I’d like to have a download version much better.

    Any news for existing player, since we have to pay to play, a solution for player who have the game and want to be able to play without the disc.

  • @18 freudian slip lol!

  • To those worried about size of files, upgrade your HDD’s already! If you don’t want to do that you don’t have to, simply get it on disc. But get used to file sizes getting bigger and BIGGER, its the FUTURE of things. Step up or be left behind. As for me I could care less about size I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of GB free space :)

    Also HDD’s aren’t expensive about the same as one new game.

  • The pricing is very steep for the Monthly Subscription, But that is not my issue. My thing is i cannot afford to buy another game from the PSN store, not because i cannot afford the price but it is the download time. The last time it took me over 1hour to get the damn game from the store and that by far is upsetting reason. My daughter woke up and by the time the game was downloaded then install another 50mins-1hour and my daughter up i had to sleep up until now i have not played the game. Speed up this process please thank you

  • @21


    Did they sell you a game disc that had a manufacturing flaw that caused it to break? If you broke it why is it ‘fair’ for the company to have to provide you with free replacement? Just curious how you define ‘fair’.

  • @25… download the game overnight and don’t be in such a rush to play a game? Problem solved.

  • @24 Yuo as a matter of fact anyone in the US can order this puppy. this is what I have. http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0315824

    Funny thing is the default HDD inside the PS3 are actually Toshiba’s as well. Look at that. They killed their HD-DVD technology but are nice enough to use their HDD’s. Gotta love it!

  • Excellent news! I kinda wish I waited to buy it on disc now. Really enjoying the game, but …gotta get the issues ironed out and some serious content going. I’m talking large scale PvE. Gimme a reason to get my Tier2 equipment :D

  • oh im so not getting this…come on, im a ps+ member and im ok paying for my subscription but $15 a month for just one game and $60 for a digital content? are you serious?

  • @Hallofjustice you will get another 30 days with the digital download version of DCUO so download and enjoy!

    @TomHoang the digital version is the same price as the retail version, and it simply gives players another option to access the game. Now you no longer have to make the trek to your local retailer to get your hands on DCUO!

  • I remember playing the beta and it was quite fun, but it’s way too expensive for me to pay. Especially when I don’t have a lot of time to play games these days.

  • @Heisem Actually 14.99 is pretty standard sub. rate for MMO’s that charge per month. Look at WoW (I dony play wow cuz I personally dont care for it) it’s 14.99/month and millions have played that game for years now. So I don’t see your point.

  • @#25 Get yourself a good ISP I’d say..I have a 35 mbps connection,downloads as fast as you can count..

    BUT! Glad to see the digital version coming,only thing holding me back from buying the game.Don’t care for discs one bit and had been waiting for this.

    Hero of course..same as the beta.

  • If we all keep demanding the game to show up as purchased in the download section for people who own are owners now I’m sure Sony will cave.

  • And people whining about not being able to afford stuff needs to stop, this is nobodys problem but yours, maybe you need a better paying career choice hmm? Their are plenty of cheaper games to buy if you can’t afford the more expensive ones nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to try and buy what is BEYOND your reach. :)

  • @Richlando I agree with you completely! ^_^


  • Yeah that price seems… kinda high. On top of that, a single game should not be a monthly investment.

  • @37 Its clear you have no concept of what it is like to play an MMO for years.

    The monthly fee is more than worth it for a game that is ever evolving and growing month after month. All the people you meet, the relationships that a formed playing with literally 100’s even 1000’s of people in a seamless expansive world with no end to the adventure or things to look forward to doing.

  • Wow.

    Yeah, pass on this. $60 up front with a ‘free’ 30 days, then another $14.99 a month to keep playing?

    That’s the problem with product managers these days, they’re too grabby. This would be a successful game with a $24.99 buy-in, $1.99 a month.

    ProTip: It pays to be inclusive.

  • That’s the problem with most “console” users, you all have no concept of MMO’s, your thinking is so LINEAR, and limited. I say “most” cuz i know alot of people do get it, but alot more don’t. It’s sad. ;(

  • I am liking downloading games to the PS3’s HDD

  • @40

    At 1.99 a month that would barely be enough to keep up the games servers unless it delved into some form of micro transactions.

    Anyways it’s a shame that DCUO doesn’t have enough content in it to justify it’s price. It should have ran on a smaller subscription or a smaller retail price.

    The only MMO that can keep it’s users tied to a 15.00 subscription seems to be WoW, everything else that has launched it’s MMO at 15/month loses it’s userbase pretty fast.

    Especially for a console game, 15.00 seems a little bit to steep. (You know those Console Gamers, haha.)

  • Full price $59.99 and $14.99 a month. Lol yeah right they say I’m crazy lol…

  • Why is a digital release the SAME price as the physical counterpart?

    One reason why I will NEVER support digital over physical. All those savings NEVER make it to the consumer but it definitely makes it to Sony’s bottom line.

    NO boxing fee
    NO printing fee
    NO stamping fee
    NO manual fee
    NO packaging fee
    NO shipping fee

    …but it is still the same price; go figure.

  • KidCommando: I totally agree with you with respect to digital delivery and Sony, but Steam is a different story. Valve really know how to take care of their customers and it shows. Hopefully, some of that knowledge and customer service can rub off on Sony now that they’re cooperating, but I highly doubt it given Sony’s recent history.

  • They should have made the physical copy and digital copy available both at launch. And the physical copy should have been just enuff to cover manufacturing the disc and distribution, and the digital version should have been free. To late now though. ;/

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Nice initiative. Good job. PSN needs more full game downloads, XBL has near 200.

    For the SOE guys, I have a question, when is Free Realms coming out on the system? It’s been rumored to come out for it forever and still nothing.

  • Will there be a way for current players to get a digital copy? Moving one disc between a couple of PS3s is not fun.

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