Tales From Space: About a Blob Adds Free Costume Editor

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Hello all you munchy morsels of Mankind meat. This is your favorite orange blob with some exciting news. A brand-new patch for Tales from Space: About a Blob is set to crash land on PSN later today, March 8th! About a Blob is a game where you play as a little blob that grows and grows until he consumes the world. Think of it as a puzzle-platforming game set in a 1950’s monster-movie. Your goal is to get from the beginning to the end of every level by eating and growing, and along the way jumping, running, and squishing through puzzles and bosses.

Tales from Space: About a Blob costume DLC

It’s the Brady…..er; BLOBBY Bunch!

Today’s mouthwatering patch adds a sweet new Costume Editor to the game for free! Once the patch is installed, head over to the in-game pause menu and select the new “Blob Costumes” button. There, you’ll find a fun in-game editor that lets you dress up your blob with all sorts of tasteful accessories like hats, glasses, ears, skin textures and more!

Tales from Space: About a Blob costume DLC

Kanye Blob approves of 90s Blob’s ugly sweater pattern.

You’ll probably notice that some costume accessories aren’t available right away. Never fear! These are unlocked by collecting the yummy little points that are located throughout the levels. Finally, a new reason to snag those hard-to-get floating blue dots of joy.

Tales from Space: About a Blob costume DLC

Bird Blob does NOT approve of Pig Blob.

And if that wasn’t enough, March 8th will also see the release of a Premium Costume Pack for anyone who wants to show off a REALLY stylish blob. This pack doubles the available accessories for a fashion feast fit for a king. We hope you enjoy it!

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