Qore Episode 34 features Dragon Age 2, inFAMOUS 2, Crysis 2 and MotorStorm Apocalypse

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The March episode of Qore covers some serious ‘must have’ titles. The lead story features fantasy role-player Dragon Age 2 as Veronica Belmont catches up with Bioware‘s co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka and Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw as they walk through the story, combat, classes, and a revamped tactics system that should appeal to both RPG and action fans. And, the action is awesome. Don’t miss the different gameplay examples of the Warrior, Mage, and Rogue classes. Which one do you think is Veronica‘s favorite?

With inFAMOUS 2 set in a New Orleans-inspired city of New Marais, music will again be an integral part of the sequel. Audrey Cleo follows the making of this unique soundtrack managed by SCEA’s Jonathan Mayer who pulled together an eclectic collaboration between the funk jazz of Galactic and rock drummer Bryan “Brain” Mantia, By the way, the gameplay in this story is very, very fresh.

Itching to play a FFPS (Futuristic First Person Shooter)? Ready to try on a nano suit for your PS3? Now set in New York City, Crysis 2‘s got amazing graphics, sweet weapons, and a beefed-up nano suit that looks quite dashing in HD.

Motorstorm Apocalypse comes in from the jungle and goes urban in this rev’d up new version. Qore‘s preview shows off the epic new environments featuring new vehicles classes including muscle cars and choppers. It’s the end of the world and we’re driving just fine…

And, finally, Qore subscribers will have early access to the SOCOM 4 beta coming later this month to this episode’s download center. And, look for Qore’s full game preview of SOCOM 4 in next month’s April episode.

Note: This Beta is now available on the Download Center!

We hope you enjoy the March episode of Qore – presented by the PlayStation Network.

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  • Beast of an issue. It’s got everything.

    Belmont would choose Warrior, because Simon Belmont was a Warrior.

  • If the Blog is being updated, i know the update is not too far away now : ) oh FIRST!

  • Awesome. Love me some Qore.

  • finally some Motorstorm Apocalypse love !!!

  • Veronica Belmont with a sword, Audrey Cleo eating bugs. Clearly, those two have way too much fun.

  • Sweet but I’m not too happy, I thout that as I had ps plus I can get jet moto on the last qure and I did not see it to get it what gives Sony

    • Jet Moto was only available to the Qore annual subscribers. I believe it was already made available to Plus subscribers earlier.

  • SWEET, lovin the titles on review, and the SOCOM BETA, BUT still, it would be REALLY NICE to have MORE then a 5-10 minute interview w/ Ms. Belmont.

    I have sent numerous letters in complaining about this. After so many years, nothing has been done. It still BOGGLES my mind, how you can send her all over Earth, getting interviews, early access to developers etc, and out of ALL those interviews, you edit it down to 5-10 minutes each.

    Um, WHY DO YOU STILL WASTE MONEY? Now IF I WAS in charge, if I send someone all over the globe, getting scoops etc, you better damn well believe your getting too see MORE then the 10 minutes of footage in QORE

    WAKE UP!!!!

  • wonder if there are any special downloads for dragon age II ?

    looking forward to that socom beta :)

  • Ahhhhh I need Infamous 2 now! I’m glad to see that they have put a lot of effort into the musical aspect of the game. It’s part of what made me love the first so much. The music was so unique and suited the game perfectly! It really set the stage and appropriately persuaded your emotions to what was about to happen next! Great work Sucker Punch! And Crysis 2…enough said.

  • @2 You have failed!
    Someone Finish Him!

    Is MK Demo up?

  • I should finish him, since I posted first.


  • I just want my copy of Dragon Age 2 to show up via UPS before my episode of Qore finishes downloading.

    Not that I don’t want to enjoy the new Qore–I just want to be able to ignore it in favor of backstabbing a darkspawn.

  • lol @ 9 and 10 i didnt hit enter quick enough… FATALITY!

  • Nice but surprised with Crysis 2 since Crytek isn’t putting in the effort to push the ps3.

  • Glad I am an annual subscriber on top of being a Plus member :)

  • Sean, don’t feel too bad. I have the PC Demo and it’s not quite the breakthrough that Crysis was. Plus, the demo is online only–and frankly the PS3 still doesn’t do online as well as the other systems. It might be a case of, “since the average gamer doesn’t quite get PS3 online party building–let’s not push it.”

    I’m sure that once they’re ready to pimp single player, there will be more emphasis.

    Then again, maybe not–I’m no Michael Pachter…ahem.

  • @ 15 well they need to do something quick the game releases in 2 weeks and right now my argument is why do i want this, when i already got killzone 3 and the lack of a demo is seriously killing their chances of me purchasing it. I dont buy every shooter that comes out, and right now the very next FPS i get if Cyrsis 2 disappoint would be Resistance 3

  • @9 Yes allow me:
    @12*Shoots spear at YungShep: GET OVER HERE You Failed by a MINUTE!*
    lol Just playing, just teasing man :)

    Looks like a good Qore episode!
    The socom Beta eh I have PS+ so I think it counts getting before Qore and the KZ3 preoder players lol

    But the top 3 things I want today arE:
    AC Brotherhood Da Vinci dissapearance/ Animus 3 add, Mortal Kombat demo and Megaman 3

  • Wait when is qore getting socom 4 beta?

  • @kevin

    What plans if any do you have on the unpacking of some of the Qore content. I’d like to see the Motorstorm footage, but I’m not willing to download 1.6GB of bloat to do it.

  • So much for crytek’s big talk about crysis 2 hitting the graphical ceiling of the playstation 3 & saying that nobody else’s game engine is running better on PS3 then their game engine is talk about being of full themselves & watching their ego blow up in their faces lmfao!Thank you guerrilla games for putting crytek in check because crytek had it coming either way!

  • Veronica is sooooo CUTE;)

  • I’ll subscribe to Qore soon. ;)

  • Good timing for inFamous 2 as today is Fat Tuesday.

    Since all these games are sequels would that make a repeat of this Core episode redundant?

  • I got a question: Is Final Fantasy 13 Versus still a PS3 exclusive?
    I ask this because Final Fantasy 13 Versus is the only exclusive that doesn’t get mentioned in the blogs. Does Sony even care? It’s a mind-blowing game.

  • info of infamous 2 :D downloading…

  • How much does Qore episodes cost without a Qore subscription because Qore looks AWESOME but i want to “demo” it first…

  • can i get the demo for SOCOM if i just download the episode and am not a subscriber to QORE?

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