EDF: Insect Armageddon Brings Co-Op, 300 Weapons to PS3 in July

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Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is the follow-up to the highly regarded Earth Defense Force 2017, and we’re bringing three-player co-op and six-player Survival Mode over PSN to this fight! The series comes to the PlayStation 3 for the first time on July 5th, 2011.

First, some history. The Earth Defense Force series originated in Japan and started out with two titles appearing on the PlayStation 2 known as The Earth Defense Force (2003) and The Earth Defense Force 2 (2005). America’s first dose did not come until 2007 when Earth Defense Force 2017; Prior to that, only a handful of savvy importers knew what the series was about; insane numbers of huge insect enemies, massive destruction, boatloads of crazy weapons, and non-stop arcade action.

As the fourth game in the series, Insect Armageddon stays true to its predecessors. The Ravagers, an insectoid race from the stars, has come to Earth to dominate it and extinguish all human life. You play as Lightning Alpha, the leader of Strike Force Lightning and a downright badass. This elite squad of the EDF is equipped with four upgradable armor types and over 300 unlockable weapons to help kick the Ravagers off of Earth.

If you’ve never played any of the EDF games, then you might not know that the series is all about trimming the fat and distilling gameplay down to the purest fun. This isn’t some dramatic space opera with a convoluted twisted RPG storyline and moral choices. You are dropped into a level and enemies (LOTS of enemies) come at you. Your only option is to shoot!

EDF has always been about destruction, too! Pretty much everything you shoot blows up in some fantastic way. Skyscrapers come down with a single rocket and the feeling of sheer power is undeniable … if not slightly ridiculous. In EDF Insect Armageddon, we’ve kicked it up another notch with way more stuff to blow up!

The last piece of the EDF equation is the arsenal. When creating the weapons, we strived to make them as fun and destructive as possible. We utilized different shot patterns, spreads, visual effects, sound effects, and rates of fire to give weapons feel significantly different from one another. Because weapons are such a heavy focus of the EDF franchise, we wanted to allow players to expand their arsenal if they felt that 300 weapons just weren’t enough. We’re bringing out two DLC packs that players can get if they pre-order the game from Best Buy or GameStop. Fifteen far-out new weapons are included in each pack.

Earth Defense Force: Insect ArmageddonEarth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

The first pack is called “Death From Above” (available at Best Buy) and focuses mostly on new weapons for the Jet Armor (a nod to the character Pale Wing from EDF2). In the video, you’ll see some of the offerings like the Neptanzer QH Proto; somewhat of an electric flamethrower. There’s also the Wallagis 1776L which is a heat-seeking missile launcher that sends missiles on divergent trajectories, but has super high accuracy.

The second pack is called “Pounds of Pain” (available at GameStop) and brings a slew of new weapons to the EDF’s all-new Battle Armor! The video shows off the five-shot-spread rocket launcher known as the Grimhegern Splitzer B. For fans of the Trooper Armor, there’s the RLF-17 Floorboard Rocket Launcher which shoots a volley of warheads straight upwards before they come back down and decimate everything below.

If you’re hungering for more, we’ll be writing more blogs like this leading up to launch. If you just can’t wait any longer, go pre-order the game, then come by and get a sneak peak of the game at PAX East in Boston from March 11th – 13th. It’s going to be epic with a Survival Mode contest and giveaways. I hope to see you there!

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  • Those damn bugs whacked us, Johnny!

    sorry, someone had to

  • Best game ever!!!!

  • @BLipp17 stop stealing my first comment bro.

  • looks fun hope 4 big n infinite monsters

    • Dosx, if you enjoyed 2017 or any of the EDF games released in Japan, you won’t be disappointed.

      Thanks for the support!

  • Will there be split screen co/op? I would love to play this game with my wife.

    • Yes, sir, there will be!

      You can play as two players on the same system, or jump online for a total of 3 players over PSN.

  • This game looks like….not even worth my money. They should leave this stupid game on the 360.

  • I’ll take it. Just gotta beat Lost Planet 2 first.

    • Good comparison in terms of teaming up to fight giant stuff, but I think you’ll find that EDF is lot lighter on the strategy, and a lot heavier on the “hold your finger on the trigger and scream until everything on the screen stops moving”, kind of like that scene in Predator.

  • DamagedJustice69

    This one looks like a good time. Especially with 3 player Co-op. Hopefully the price will be right…

    • $39.95! Can’t go wrong there.

      For that price, you could either download 4 Justin Bieber CDs from iTunes, or get yourself a good time with EDF: Insect Armageddon!

  • STOP BUGGING ME!!!! *Launches missle*

  • @Mobius2525 Give it a chance dude! From what I’ve heard, PS3 owners should consider themselves fortunate to get this series. I’ve heard/read of reviews loving the sheer absurdity of the game. Its not about graphics for the series, its about being able to destroy tons and tons of bugs, and literally almost everything else. I for one am glad to have the opportunity to finally check it out on PS3.

  • I wish there was a pre-order incentive for Amazon.com. I do just about all my buying from the big A.

  • @reson8er Okay will try but they better release a demo. I play the first one on 360 and hated it.

  • I thought the previous game was fun, but too many glitches and bugs kept it from being better. Also the vehicle controls were some of the worst i’ve ever seen. If they can fix that in this version then it should be the best thing since rice and beans :)

    • I love rice and beans…

      To address your comments, we have fixed the vehicle controls. We slimmed it down to just a tank and a mech so we could make sure that we got those right (and frankly, those were just the most fun in 2017). Also, it’s no longer the case that your vehicle blows up about 10 seconds after you get in.

      As for the glitches and bugs, I would say that we have spent a great deal more time tweaking and tuning Insect Armageddon in comparison to 2017.

      Thanks for your thoughts! I hope to see you online!

  • The game looks pretty awesome. But – Am I the only one who noticed the title says its coming in June whereas everything else says July? Slight typo I’m sure =p

  • Definately looking forward to this game! Considering it’s a ‘budget’ release…any chance you guys plan to do a PSN release of this game post big box retail? I can see this game being a HUGE HIT on the PSN if it were made available for like $19.99 four or five months after the blu ray disc is released. Just a thought!

  • Ugh. More retailer specific pre-order stuff. When will this end?

  • Brian, Brian, Brian. The Blog Post I have been waiting for. You do realize now that you’ve made yourself known, we’ll go to great lengths to harass Jeff to get you on here on a weekly basis with more gossip, exclusive news, and various tidbits from the development pipeline.

    Needless to say, I can’t wait for this. It truly sits at the top spot of most anticipated titles for 2011. I loved the PS2 games and played the “other” EDF on that “other” platform to death. Easily one of this family’s favorite series.

    EDF! EDF! EDF!

    • SarshelYam… thank you! I will gladly come back as often as invited (as long as I can get my e-mail done and check our FaceBook page 23 times a day)!

      Glad to hear we’re bringing it to your system of choice! See you online!

  • I’ll give you $10 for it. This for $60, someone is crazy!!!

  • Is there any hope of the PSP version of EDF coming out of Japan?

    I know it is a remake of EDF2 that was on the PS2 but it would still be cool to play.

    • Joe, I would LOVE to see that come out here in the states! I will put in a good word over here. =)

      Thanks for the support!

  • I am glad you can tell us to pre-order, show us what the pre-order ‘deals’ are, but you can’t tell us how much the game will cost.


  • sound good looks good

  • @Everyone above complaining about a lack of a price…they already announced it was set with an MSRP of $39.99. The internet…truly is a marvelous place if you can spare a moment to actually LOOK!

  • You mentioned there weren’t going to be any Pre-Order Bonus for Amazon this time around. Will there be any Pre-Order deals for other major retailers such as GameStop, Best Buy, etc?

    Also are there currently any plans for DLC in forms of weapons, armor or levels that you can talk about?

    • Hey Mako! Good questions…

      The 2 DLC packs that we’re talking about above are for GameStop and Best Buy.

      Those weapon packs are the only DLC packs we have announced right now!

  • Must buy day one all I have to figure out is if Im going to buy from gamestop or from best buy. :)

  • Hey Brian,

    Any word on whether this store-specific DLC will be released later on PSN for purchase? I’d hate to have to buy these codes off eBay (at about 30-50% markup) to enjoy the additional content because I pre-ordered with Amazon.

  • This Independence Day I won’t be celebrating liberation from Britain, but from bugs!

    • @tearsofash… Good call!

      What does Ol’ Blighty have that we should really be afraid of nowadays? Nasty, meat-filled pastries? Liam Gallagher? Man, they don’t even have those cool red coats any more! Psshh…

      I’ll be celebrating my independence with proper fireworks… like the Pesticide Cannon!

  • I just wanted to pop in to say you guys are awesome! This game is looking great, but I also have a few questions..

    Will the bosses be as large as ever or did you tone it down a bit?

    Have you thought of adding DLC stages?

    Will there be a demo?

    Are the DLC weapons only available through DLC (might have skipped that part while reading)?

    If this game sells well would there be a chance for a EDFIA2?

    Sorry about all of the questions, some might be too top secret so if they are I understand!

    • Drestro2, I’m glad to hear that you like the way it’s coming along! It’s always nice to hear some good feedback!

      The bosses are huge. Since we’re not in the same engine and don’t have the old models from 2017, we can’t do a meter to meter comparison, but my guess is that our Daddy Long Legs enemy is roughly the same size as the massive walkers in 2017.

      DLC stages have been a thought, yes. Nothing more to say about them at this time. =)

      There are currently no plans for a demo.

      Yes, the DLC weapons will only be available through DLC.

      If Insect Armageddon does well, yes, there is a chance for a number 2! Spread the word! I can only imagine how much crazier the weapons and enemies can get if we do a sequel!

  • Will the game have any hectic parts, as in basically a 3D bullet hell type of game where you fight against the (seemingly impossible) odds and stuff?
    And will the survival mode have an ending? As in will there be a certain part you can get too where it ends, or is it completely endless? And last question, will you be able to fight bosses in the survival mode?
    Loving how the game looks so far, probably a Day one buy for me.

    • Justice, I’m glad to hear you’ll be there with us on day one!

      Good questions…

      Yes, there are definitely some bullet hell type sections of the game. If you’re completely bonkers and love that kind of stuff, you could always start the game on Inferno difficulty and see how long you can last with Level 1 armor!

      Survival mode does not have an ending. In addition to having waves, there are certain plateaus that you reach where health packs will drop.

      There are boss type or elite characters in Survival, too. But believe me, nothing will be more obnoxious that a few well-placed wasps… especially if you get pinned while running to revive your team mate when you’re the last man standing!

  • How many difficulty levels are there? and can you replay previous levels on different difficulties like in 2017?

    I loved going back and trying levels on the really crazy hard ones.

    • Devil, this time around we have 3 difficulty levels; Normal, Hard, and Inferno. I would put the Normal on Insect Armageddon somewhere between the Normal and Hard settings on 2017.

      There is plenty of crazy hard difficulty. =)

  • Do the NPC EDF soldiers talk? The best part of 2017 was the stuff those guys would say. I loved how procedural the dialogue was.

    • “Damn! We don’t have any more coffins!!”

      Yes, 2017’s VO was excellent. You will hear no argument from me there.

      The NPCs in Insect Armageddon talk, too, yes. You will marvel at the random rants of Kicker, Old Man, The Kid and various other random EDF troopers.

  • SOLD!!! 8)

  • One of my favorite things about EDF 2017 was not just that there were tons of weapons, but that each weapon felt very different from the others due to subtle but important tweaks in things like bullet speed, blast radius and so on. With even more weapons in this game, has making each weapon unique been something you guys have focused on?

  • @ Sarcasm… Yes, we definitely focused on making sure that they all felt different.

    Similar to 2017, we have weapon styles within each of the weapon types. For example, you always know that if one of the weapon’s names ends with a B, it will have bouncing projectiles. Things like that will make each weapon feel different in addition to making sure that the increments in damage, magazine size, and blast radius, etc. still feel relevant.

  • this game is going to be great–thank you very much for listening to our comments about split screen and adding it!

    1 important question, since i will be playing this game in split screen will you include split screen for survival mode too please?

    • Kevin, since you asked nicely, I’ll put in a good word with the programmers. =)

      J/K… you can play all modes in either split screen, single player, or online. That includes Survival Mode, too!

  • *on my way to preorder game

    you just made me and my wife very happy-appreciate it so much for the quick response (been reading all the interviews i could find to ask this 1 question with no luck)

  • Why does this game rock my world so hard? -Jackal

  • maybe i just loved the rpg element of farming to try and get something valuable but i heard you kept the weapon drops in the game–does it work the same way as the first where every enemy has a chance to drop a weapon and its random as to if you find something new?

    • Kevin, it’s a little different.

      Most of your weapons are purchase. As you earn points, you earn XP and credits. XP used for upgrades and Credits used to buy weapons.

      Now, some of the crazier weapons can only be found as drops. Elite enemies (Bomber Spiders, Hectors, etc.) will drop random, drop-only weapons. These are totally random. You can be playing a level 1 Jet Armor and find a level 6 Trooper Armor weapon. Similar to how it works in Borderlands, you may end up finding something that you can’t use right away, but something that you’re sure as hell looking forward to using once your character reaches that level!

      I hope that clears it up.

  • It’s me again, if your still taking questions I have one last one..

    All of the footage I have seen of the game has been on the Xbox 360 from GDC, will you show any PS3 footage at PAX? I assume the 360 is your main platform so I’m just curious on how the port is going.

  • These downloadable games are putting some disk based games to shame. Looks like a purchase to me

  • Seconded on the hope to see the PSP game come over. It’s great to finally have EDF here on PS3 for big-screen bug bashing, and a portable companion would be even better.

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