MLB 11 The Show Arrives Tomorrow, Meet the Challenge of the Week!

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Challenge of the Week: MLB 11 The Show

Only 1 more day before the MLB 11 The Show hits stores! It’s our pleasure to present the newest feature in MLB 11 The Show: Challenge of the Week!

Challenge of the Week is a fast-paced and fun arcade-style mode where the goal is to score as many points as possible. You’re the batter and you get thre outs with thre strikes per out. Your overall score consists of your points and Momentum (aka multiplier). The longer the hit, the more points you get. The better the hit and the more momentum you earn. There will also be weekly bonuses to help with racking up points. Challenge of the Week will feature the hottest batters and pitchers during the MLB season so check back to see if we feature a player from your favorite MLB team.

To play, simply go to the “Challenge of the Week” option on the main menu of MLB 11 The Show and select the current Challenge.

So what do you get if you’re #1 on the leaderboard at the end of the week? Real-world prizes! We’re talking about signed MLB gear, Sony Electronics, gift cards, the works!

Challenge of the Week #1 triggers thoughts of “Yankee Killer,” as none other MLB 11 The Show Cover Athlete Joe Mauer faces one of the league’s best, hard throwing lefty C.C. Sabathia. Week #1 begins on Tuesday March 8 at 9am PST and ends Monday March 14 at 4:30am PST. Come out on top of the Leaderboard for Week #1 and you could win a Signed Joe Mauer jersey and Limited Edition MLB 11 Dual Shock 3 controller!

DualShock 3: MLB 11 The Show

MLB 11 The Show: Contest of the Week

Every four weeks a monthly prize will be awarded to the player with the most Challenge of the Week points. We really wanted to give this winner something special for putting in their dues. Special like say … a 46″ Sony HDTV with 3D (two pairs of 3D glasses included)!

Bravia 3D TV

Finally, monthly scores will be added from launch until May 30th 4:30am PST for a chance to win Grand Prize #1, a Trip for Two to the 2011 MLB All-Star Game!

Each week you’ll get 1 FREE attempt. Additional attempts can be purchased through the game or on the PlayStation Store for just $0.25 per attempt.

New weekly and monthly prizing, leaderboards, contest rules and details can be found at the NEW home of MLB The Show at

Good luck battling against The Show Nation.

Today is the last day to get a FREE 30 Days of MLB.TV when you reserve and purchase MLB 11 The Show! Be sure to go to to redeem your MLB.TV subscription.

Good luck battling against The Show Nation… Welcome to the Show!

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  • “Challenge of the Week” is a #WINNING idea, DUH!!

  • NICE i might actually buy this game now… MAYBE depends on ign’s review

  • but no word on the online?? is it fixed or is it still laggy?

  • Anytime I get a chance to win authentic MLB merch is a WIN in my book!

  • @2, Really?!?! Its The Show!!!! no review necessary. :)

  • I’m not big on MLB but the controller looks SICK!

  • Are they finally going to have online dynasties where you can play seasons with a friend? Similar to NCAA Football?

  • @2 I wouldn’t listen to IGN…

  • Ok this is a sweet idea!!! Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Was excited about this until the part where you only get 1 try and you have to pay for extras

  • @2 IGN gives bad ratings 2 good and fresh games n gives good ratings 2 old n bad game like 90% of the time

  • That is sweet! Another thing that would be sweet (maybe next year)would be to have Mauer sign a few instruction booklets, and insert them randomly.

  • as of 2am this morning this wasn’t working :-(

  • Also, Davy Lopes isn’t the first base coach of the Phillies, he’s with the Dodgers now, Our 3rd base coach is now the 1st base coach and Juan Samuel is our new 3rd base coach. Can you fix the base coaches with a roster update?

  • You’ve really did ruin a good game this time. First you somehow manage to not update ANY coaching staff in the game making it look incredibly stupid when there was like 20 different coaching changes in 2011. Then you completely ruin the accesability by removing the simple guess pitch interface. Some of us gamers are not good enough to guess pitch and location and time it. Nor can we decide if we wanna hit X O or square. I look forward to this game each year and I get it day one, this will be the last year I do that, Id rather play mlb 10 and manually update all rosters.

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