Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Disappearance Hits PSN Tuesday

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Hello my fellow assassins! This Tuesday, Ubisoft will be releasing its largest DLC offering for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, the Da Vinci Disappearance. This DLC is bringing more AC: Brotherhood goodness with both single player missions and multiplayer content.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Disappearance

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci DisappearanceAssassin’s Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Disappearance

As the title suggests, Ezio’s old friend and confidant is in trouble. Now Ezio has taken upon himself to rescue Leonardo Da Vinci. The Da Vinci Disappearance will include eight missions, which will be accessed through markers on your map of Rome (similar to the Copernicus Conspiracy). Ezio will also travel to two new locations and meet Leonardo’s assistant, Salai (who may not have as high of moral standards as Leonardo).

But we didn’t stop there, as we’ll be making updates to multiplayer, including adding four new playable characters. Check out our new trailer showing off some of the new assassins that will be available:

The Da Vinci Disappearance will also include one new map and two new modes. The new map will bring the battle of assassins to Alhambra, a multi-leveled Spanish city featuring outdoor and indoor areas. Also, we’ll be bringing a classic free-for-all death match mode called Assassinate and team mode called Escort where teams must protect/assassinate a VIP target.

Look for The Da Vinci Disappearance to go live on the PlayStation Store tomorrow. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Assassin’s Creed updates.

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  • Wonderful. How much does this dlc cost ?

  • DLC more like DLA, Downloadable Awesome.

  • I am beyond disappointed by the 100% Sync in ACB trophy in this DLC. I already have the plat but I lost my HDD, save and progress.. seriously, must I go through the game again, every chapter over and over, for one silver trophy?

    What were you guys thinking?

  • Yeah I know your pain, I have the Platinum for Assassin’s Creed II synced to PSN. My old 60GB PS3 died and I replaced it with one of the Slims, but seeing as how Ubisoft has copy protected saves I have to start Assassin’s Creed II all over again. I’ve bought Brotherhood but I haven’t played it yet until I re-finish ACII.

  • “And more..”

  • Would love to pick this up but I rather wait for the KillZone 3 Dlc
    first, don’t get me wrong I will eventually pick this up.


  • it ridiculous that i havent picked this game up yet. I mean, seriously. I have to make up some time and money to get brotherhood.

  • DamagedJustice69

    Killer news!! Awesome that they are giving us more to do in such an outstanding backdrop. I would have had a platinum in this game except for the fact that I can’t seem to get a triple escape, sux… Other than that I can’t wait to sink my teeth in more AC-B!!

  • Should of included the price of the DLC in the article.
    Thanks for the info though. I almost forgot about this DLC.

    • The Da Vinci Disappearance will cost $9.99 when it goes live tomorrow. Now how many florins that would have costed Ezio… that I do not know :P

  • Buying it for the single player content, not a big fan of the MP.

  • Its actually just $10. Seriously, I can’t wait till tomorrow. I just bought a PSN card just for this…

  • @10, the price is 9.99. its been listed several times already however i do agree they should have put it in.

    sadly the multiplayer in this game i could have lived without. biggest thing that annoys me with trophies is when you have to play multiplayer to platinum. i think it should be a requirement that you can platinum a game without playing online at least and have the multiplayer trophies optional. thats just my opioion though.

    otherwise yay new missions for brotherhood, a game i have only half played so far coz i keep getting busy

  • triple escape ?? that was easy!!
    the infamous AEotM trophy is what keeps me away from my plat!!!!!

    First day purchase for me!

    Great MP map. I visited that place on 2007 and it’ll be like a dejavu! LOL

  • sorry, what I meant was, the Extreme Variety BONUS!!

  • Yiippeeeeeeeeeeee! I can’t wait to get this! Love everything about Brotherhood so far! Single and multiplayer are on their own level of AWSOME. I also get to try out the new Mortal Kombat so Tuesday is going to ROCK! Thanks Ubisoft!

  • Oh but one thing, the poison in multiplayer is a little too overpowered, just saying if you feel like fixing it since an instant 200 points added to what your kill would normally get is a little much, and also you can poison people while your choking in a smoke bomb is pretty dumb. Other than that I LOVE this game! Thanks for the post launch support!

  • Wow, now THAT is how you do DLC.
    So much content for so little money.

    I’ll have to pick this up sooner than later. I loved AC1 & 2, I have no idea why I haven’t bought Brotherhood yet. When I do, I can assure you I’ll be picking up this DLC with it.

  • YAAA!!! can’t wait n it $9.99 take that COD BP

  • I feel cheated by the Black Ops: First Strike DLC costing $15 dollars when AC:Brotherhood gets a massive DLC for $10 …. time to buy some AC:Brotherhood!

  • DLA FTW!!! 8)

  • awesome i need to get this awesome game first

  • Can you update the game so my load out doesn’t get deleted every time I start the game? I’m still buying this for sure!

  • Does it add new trophies?

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Any chance for AC1 and AC:B full games to s how up on PSN?

  • @ThreeleggedFreak
    I don’t think it will.

  • I thought this was gonna be free… well guess I’m still gonna get it.
    Any chance anyone knows if there’ll be a new Assassin’s Creed game in the near future?

  • @25 ubisoft confirmed there would be a new major installment for the AC franchise, most probably ACIII released this year. They promised more details for May. They have stated that every numbered installment will bring new assassins and rumors state that the new assassin might be a woman this time around. If you plan on buying a 3DS, an AC game starring Ezio visiting the place where Altair lived (I forgot the game’s name) is coming soon.

  • So excited I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Once I beat the game I wanted more. Thank you soooo much!


  • *CREED!!!

  • I agree with morph147. I have 100% on AC and AC2 (the only games I have 100% on), but I’m not at all interested in MP. Knowing I’ll never get 100% has made me less inclined to put a lot of time/effort effort into the SP trophies I don’t have.

    It would have been nice to just buy the SP and not have money and drive space going into MP stuff no one in the house will ever touch. Still, the SP looks good, and I’ll probably buy it later this week.

  • YAAAY !!! Good thing I got my money ;)

  • So is this DLC being released today? Ubisoft says Xbox’s release is today and PS store availability is March 9.

  • @ninjavet SUPERSUCKFEST!

  • love this game.since ranked 79,000 in the world.brag brag :).hope to c everyone playing tonight.its killing time!!!!!

  • I love how it says achievements even though PS3 doesn’t have them!
    Regardless, this is a DLC worth paying for. The quantity of content is huge, the quality of content is spectacular and the price is simply sexy. I can’t say any of those things about another certain DLC. One that involves the number one, and a strike.

  • has it kom out now ??

  • I wish you guys announced this DLC a bit earlier. I traded the excellent AC:B in for Killzone 3 a while ago

  • i’ve finished the main story line of the DLC. Seriously speaking, it’s rather short. retrieving lost paintings, figuring out a not-so-hard puzzle, locating Da Vinci. Basically, that’s all. with this DLC, i think what they’re trying to do is to connect the story of ACB to that of the next AC game. as for the multiplayer, i have only tried one new mode, ESCORT, pretty fun.

  • omg im geting that !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sweet i love gettin back into the assassins creed universe

  • So excited to get back into Brotherhood, but I’m never gonna play the open Assassination mode. I think it tarnishes the uniqueness that the Multplayer has by making it like everything else.

    Can always get into new story stuff.


  • Awesome, I need to get back to this game.

  • getting this game on april 1st cant wait

  • Sweet! Any chance I can can win a promo code?

  • Sooooo, what’s this about free DLC codes? I’ll take one without a bit of argument, thank you very much!

  • Any chance on that Free DLC?

  • Yeah, where is that free DLC anyways? :c

  • Where’s the free DLC codes the Assassin’s Creed twitter was talking about?

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