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It’s been a busy week of GDC festivities, and the media’s take on our announcements this week can be found in the many links below.

Now that the conference is over, I’m happy to actually have a chance to play some games (Killzone 3, PixelJunk Shooter 2, and Dead Space 2 specifically). However, the respite is all too brief, as we’re out to both Austin and Boston for SXSW and PAX East, respectively. (There’s a Road Trip joke in there somewhere)

Look for news on a Texas-sized meetup soon!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 28, 2011)

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  • I already know the majority of what’s being revealed in THE DROP later tonight at 7 PM EST, 9 PSone classics, 8 of them Disney with 4 of them once been on the PSN but was removed and the other is Ridge Racer Type 4, also more capcom related avatars and some MLB 2011 stuff. I heard it from, the PSone classics are shown to have a release date of March 8 in the PS3 PSN section of

  • inFamous 2 takes the crown. With 6 entries on the list this title is everywhere. ONLY ON PLAYSTATION!

    Sony 2011 is in full swing.

  • For those that are curious as to what the Disney PSone games are:
    -Toy Story Racer
    -A Bug’s Life
    -The Emperor’s New Groove
    These were the ones that were removed last year off of the PSN in the US.
    -Lilo and Stitch
    -Monster’s Inc
    -Toy Story 2
    -Peter Pan

  • also just to let everyone whom missed out on Phantasy Star Portable 2 for $16 back in that sale some time ago, it’s that price on for a digital download, So is Valkyrie Chronicles 2 as well.

  • The NGP has me drooling to get my hands on it. InFAMOUS 2 and Resistance 3 are the ones that really blow my mind. Awesome reading list Jeff, I love GDC!

  • The NGP also has two high-frame-rate cameras that will be able to detect human faces and have head tracking. The cameras will be capable of a passive camera mode that will let players take pictures of themselves that can be used as an avatar that will reflect damage. The NGP will also be capable of an active camera mode, which will be able to capture real-life textures for use in a game like the NGP version of Little Big Planet.
    how true is that Jeff? NGP had a keynote at GDC and you guys dont even had a post this week , are we getting new info soon ? i mean you could show the new augmented reality video and more info con flash cards too , anyways hope to see new NGP info soon and a holidays 2011 release date

  • Too many good games!…….oh..wait,you can never have too many good games…

  • Big thanks for hosting the blog lounge Jeff. Being able to get hands on with games like Slam Bolt Scrappers and Where’s My Heart, with the developers right there, really went a long way into understanding not only the technical aspect of these games, but also what they were trying to accomplish.

    Big thanks to Sid, Rey, and the entire PS Blog team for giving those of us in attendance somewhere to cool our heels, and feed our face, when we were in between meetings.

    p.s. Infamous 2, Socom 4, Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3D, and Mortal Kombat in 3D all looked AWESOME!

  • Also, can you please share my Killzone 3 review

  • Jeff,

    Any update from the .com team on the My Trophies issue?

  • Hey jeff, Engadget has also posted that all models of NGP will also have Skyhook built right into them. How cool is that eh?

  • Jeff is there going to be any updates coming up about new features for the PSN ?

  • superb Jeff , that will do !!!! listen is there gonna be another pre E3 playstation blog meet up again? with the chance to get into E3 sony press conference and E3 ? let me know because i really want be part of it again , hope you say yes and you guys have NGPs all over the floor !!

  • I love Road Trips! I don’t get the chance to have them often enough. Have a great time. Live the dream!

  • I’m disappointed in that the people who bought Killzone 3 don’t even get first access to the SOCOM 4 beta, and in case, my code is useless because I have PS+.

  • So what happened to Herc’s Adventures? That was on ESRB months ago.

  • So when are you going to have Eutechnyx and EA on here about NASCAR The Game 2011 and NFS Shift 2: Unleashed, Respectably? I would really love to hear more about those games, as those are the two of the three games I’m most looking forward to in 2011 (The other, of course, being DiRT 3).

  • Few things:

    Can we get info on the Pax East plans asap?

    Twisted Metal info?

    Can we get a video showing the Steam features on PS3 with Portal 2?

    Can you guys make the log-in to the site secure? “https://….”

  • Hey Jeff, how come there were no KZ3 Quests for the Rewards beta?

  • Jeff, Will Aram Jabbari or somebody else from ATLUS will be on the blog this week to talk about Catherine?

  • parasite eve 1 & 2…when ????? please??????

  • Hey is dead nation going on sale?

  • @20 Parasite Eve 2 has not been rated by the ESRB but the 1st one has and I’m guessing it will be up on PSN by the timt The 3rd Birthday releases on March 29th (A Tuesday)

  • Jeff, PLEASE, PLEASE… PLEASE BRING CATHERINE TEAM on this blog! To talk about their game! I mean I imported that version from Japan and I can see why it is unique – only if you’d consider it as a “hidden gem”… Also, to have this team confirmed whether Edition (i.e. – Alternative, Collector, Special or Ultimate) Edition is in the work for this game? I hope that we will receive similar treatment that was given to Japanese players/importers alike… Screw political and religious perspectives or reasons! Bring it on!

    Also, will there be more of “JRPG” in the work for Playstation 3? How about let us know Valkyria Chronicles 3’s release date for Western??? Thanx.

    • I’ve already fired off an email to Atlus tonight to see if they’ve got anything to share.
      If VC3 gets announced in the US – I’ll make sure you’ll read it here first. Fingers crossed!

  • @sonicfan11589 damn that sucks. thanks

  • @17

    Heard from Sid that we will be getting Twisted Metal news “in the coming months” hopefully that’s sooner rather than later.

    Great week, Jeff! Keep it up!

  • Do you think PlayStation will market Trophies in the future as merchandise? I would love to buy a Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum trophy to put on display in my room. Just a though Jeff, Sid, and rey :)

  • infamous 2 has apparently garnered more media attention than it’s predacessor . I myself havent even played the first , didnt even know it existed as a retail game until it got released as a PSN title . just one of those games that seems to have gotten lost amongst the others … but NOW …. infamous 2 seems to be making everyone rubber neck in their direction .

  • Hey Jeff, I personally can’t wait for inFAMOUS 2 (now I just gotta quit stalling and finish it…..).

    Also, um, did you say “Austin” as in “Austin, Massachusetts?”

    P.S., Please don’t kill any cheetahs. ;-)

  • Will there ever be events in Chicago? Man all these cool events make me regret living in this awesome city.

  • Thanks for the reply Jeff. I’m gonna hit that up on the Blog.Share to see if anyone shares my idea. I personally think people would like it and it would bring in extra cash for SCEA.

  • Parasite Eve on PSN? Woohoo!

  • Question ignored once again. *sigh*

  • Loota good content coming this years with the PS3 exclusive games. Just cant wai to play em all.

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