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Another GDC in the can! We saw an avalanche of announcements including inFAMOUS 2‘s new user-generated missions, Resistance 3’s muscular new multiplayer offering, SOCOM 4‘s tense new Bomb Squad mode, the announcement of, the announcement of PSN title Rochard, (aimed at amateur game developers and researchers), and the launch of PSN exclusive PixelJunk Shooter 2.

Oh, and we played a ton of the new Mortal Kombat in stereoscopic 3D — look for the exclusive PlayStation Plus demo this Tuesday. I’ll definitely be brushing up on my Scorpion skills this weekend!

What was your favorite GDC announcement?

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  • GDC 2011 – Day One — Our GDC panel was called “Microtalks 2011: One Hour, Ten Speakers, Hundreds of Fun New Ideas,” and collected a diverse group of industry notables.
  • GDC 2011 – Day Two — Some of you were able to attend the absolutely packed GDC Microtalks session yesterday. Here are several sessions we recommended for Naughty Dog fans.

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  • I’m Bi-Winning on MvC3 and Uncharted 2 MP

  • I still need to see 127 Hours. I was only missing 3 of the Oscar Best Picture Noms and it was one of them.

    In the meantime, SLY 3!

  • Super jealous of all of you! I think the one GDC announcement that blew me away was inFAMOUS 2’s user-generated missions. It’s now become LittleBiginFAMOUS. I hope Naughty Dog takes note of this for UNCHARTED 3, as well as the rest of SCE WWS. Play, Create, Share is definitely the future of video games IMO and I’m glad that Sony is innovating once again.

    Resistance 3 multiplayer looks great and really detailed, can’t wait to play in the beta whenever it gets released.

    Mortal Kombat on Tuesday!

    I’m playing: Heavy Rain, Pixeljunk Shooter 2, Dead Nation.

    I’m watching: Nikita episode 16 “Echoes” INTENSE mid-season finale and Inception.

    I’m reading: The Dresden Files “Changes” and “Side Jobs.”

  • sid plzz tell da ps community that we usa ppl want vidzone aswell plzzzz

  • Thats what’s up can’t wait til Resistance 3 & Mortal Kombat come out #TeamBON

  • Great week Sid and PS blog! The inFamous 2 announcement was my favorite announcement of the week, and the Resistance 3 multiplayer looks awesome!

    Playing: Uncharted 2, Twisted Metal: Black, Sly Collection (Sly 2), Stacking, Batman Arkham Asylum, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet 2

    Watching: Duke Vs UNC tonight! Go Heels! The Departed, old Spongebob reruns on Netflix

    Reading: This blog, IGN PS3, Joystiq PS, PSU, Push Square, PSX News

    I know I must be a broken record, but for the love of human existence, I must hear more on Twisted Metal. I’m so glad ESP and Sony are taking their time on the game, the longer the better to polish and expand, but ah, I want some more info soon! TM is the reason I got my PS3, and I am on the edge of my seat for a release date/new trailers, info, etc.

    The GTTV interview was great, and the game looks insane. So much progress has been made since E3. It’s been a great year for PS so far! Keep up the great work PS blog, Sony and everyone else who makes this great entertainment!

    • There will be more Twisted Metal information in the coming months, obviously, so try to be patient! Thanks for the kind words, too.

  • Unless you’ve already completed it, you should really play Pixel Junk Shooter 2. Its amazingly fun and the multiplayer has me hooked…..I’m almost to Venus!!

  • Playing: MVC3
    Watching: American Dad re-runs, The Beast hunter ong NatGeo

    One question though, why do you do this recap?

    • Why do we do the Recap? In case you missed a big news post or announcement, now you can get a second chance to read it.

  • What was announced at GDC…? Was the inFamous 2 reveal part of that? If so, then that :P I’ve so not been keeping up with gaming news these past few weeks. Heck, I didn’t even know of PixelJunk Shooter 2 releasing until an hour before it hit the store! But…

    I’m playing: PixelJunk Shooter 2! :D And also Radiant Historia for the non Sony fans (AMAZING by the way).

    I’m watching: Um… Book of Eli again? Will I actually watch it this time?

    I’m reading: Nothing :(

  • Good stuff this week!

  • I heard revealed most of next week’s NA PSN update, 9 PSone classics, 8 of them being Disney classics with 4 of them the ones that were removed from the PS store last year and the other being Ridge Racer Type 4.

  • also revealed more psn avatars such as I think more capcom related avatars. and mlb 2011 related stuff

  • Sid have you played PixelJunk Shooter 2 yet?

    • Not yet! I loved the first one though, so I’ll probably be getting to it this week. The levels I saw looked insanely varied and diverse, which is a big plus.

  • Hey? Are you planning to bring Catherine team on this blog to talk about Catherine game that they announced they are going to localize for here… ? This game is truly phenomenal in Japan and I can see why because I imported it and played it. I truly enjoyed this game and I still do! Please have them to be on this blog to talk about it!!! Also, we need to know if Alternative, Collector, Limited, Special or Ultimate Edition are in the work for this game??? Please SAY YES!!!

  • I am most excited for Socom 4, only cause it’s the closest game I gonna be buying. The news of user created missions for inFamous 2 is another ground-breaking development for us creationists.
    I’m playing Dantes Inferno, LBP2, Killzone 3, GT5, and Worms 2.
    I’m watching Family Guy reruns, Robot Chicken, and the rest of adult swim.
    I’m reading Star Wars Death Troopers, again, while I wait for Red Harvest.

  • Sid is there going to be any updates on new features for the PSN coming soon ?

    • I don’t know about anything specifically, though of course it’s evolved over time and I’m sure will continue to do so.

  • Sid can you let us Plus members know whether or not Sega Genesis games are going to be our free psn games for the next few months? If so why? Why is our psn game being reduced to $4.99 20 year old games ? We’ve been trying to get answers on this for a couple weeks know and Grace,Ro and Kristi have been dodging the questions left and right .

    Also how can we go about getting someone else to do the store update blog posts? Somebody who will answer at least a few questions . Cause I can’t for the life of me figure out why Grace Chen is still allowed to do them. I know if I constantly ignored questions and concerns from customers at my job,I would have been fired long ago .

    Thanks for your time Sid .

  • @11 and 12. Where do they show it on amazon?

  • personally I’m anticipating the infamous 2 public beta , but has anybody else been noticing that the PS3 clock is not just a little fast , but alot fast . i just synced through internet not more than a week ago and it’s almost gained a minute already .

  • After the big inFAMOUS 2 announcement of user-created missions, I’m even more excited for this Play, Create, Share, and Electrify-Mercilessly experience! Actually, after seeing the GDC demo of Alice: Madness Returns, I feel the need to anticipate it! Anyone else with me? Overall, inFAMOUS 2 is top on my list :).

    I’m playing: LittleBigPlanet 2, Plants vs. Zombies [iPad version], Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (I challenge you to a fight Sid!), Batman Arkham Asylum (replaying on Hard now, got that 40x combo, will give hints ;))
    I’m watching: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (yes, I haven’t seen it yet :P), Survivor: Redemption Island
    I’m reading: Books and such ;)

  • Great Week!!

    I’m Playing: Killzone 3, Cod Bo, Costume Quest.
    I’m Watching: Soul Eater.
    I’m Reading: Nothing as of now.

  • @18 it’s in the PS3 PSN games section, I first heard it from gamekicker on twitter whom heard it from I think it was

  • looking forward to the release of Beyond Good&Evil HD and Hard Corps!


  • Im Playing: Marvel vs Capcom 3 (as Deadpool), Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

    Im Watching: The Walking Dead, some Deadpool videos on Youtube

  • I’m Playing: DCUO, MvC3, KZ3, NFS: Hot Pursuit

    I’m Watching: 127 Hours, Megamind, Kill Bill Vol. 1

    I’m Reading: Batman Knightfall pt2: Who Rules The Night, Red Pyramid


    ps. geez sid, you’ve been reading the hunger games for like 2 months, that’s a weeklong read at most. You gettin stumped with that difficult YA fiction? haha jkjk, sweet series though, keep reading. my sister made me check it out, and it ended up being pretty excellent, even an english major like me can get past the low language for a good story.

    • Hah, I just finished it actually. I was reading a chapter or two at a time — I enjoyed it. It’s been slow going on the reading side due to crazy GDC planning, so I’m hoping to catch up with new books this week.

  • why dont naughty dog make a jak and daxter for the ps3 that was the best game series they ever made next to crash so come on no more uncharted after the 3rd oone plz make jak and daxter live again on the ps3 plz and plz make and add on for playstation move heroes to where people can use there ds3 controlers to cause i dont have a the move yet

  • I’m mad dashing through DA: Origins to have a complete endgame save..CURSE YOU LOCKED SAVE!!
    I’m reading..topics that would put most people to sleep..
    I’m watching Ghost Adventures. (I know, but it is interesting.)

  • The NGP also has two high-frame-rate cameras that will be able to detect human faces and have head tracking. The cameras will be capable of a passive camera mode that will let players take pictures of themselves that can be used as an avatar that will reflect damage. The NGP will also be capable of an active camera mode, which will be able to capture real-life textures for use in a game like the NGP version of Little Big Planet.
    can somebody at the blog confirm this ? NGP even had a keynote at GDC and yet you guys dont have even a post about it ? show at least the new augmented reality video , you know the dinosaur one , anyways im playing :
    PSP : Daxter , Untold Legends Brotherhood of the Blade , Motorstorm Arctic Edge ( online )
    PS3: Killzone 3, LBP 2 , Gran Turismo 5 , Pixeljunk Shooter 2

  • I’m playing: Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) and LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3)

    I’m watching: Life on Mars (US)and Scrubs on Netflix streaming. I also watched the Keanu Reeves movie Chain Reaction on streaming tonight too. Its still a good movie.

    I’m reading: Not much at the moment. Hmm. Isn’t a new Dresden Files coming out soon?

    My favorite PS3 GDC anouncement was the inFamous 2 user created levels revelation. That is a really cool addition to that game! I’m glad Sony is adding another game to the Play, Create, Share series of games. :)

    Also: I download the Call of Duty: Black Ops demo earlier in the week and liked it. Very cool game. I’ll have to try the full game sooner or later.

    Oh and I hear there’s going to be some big LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC news this coming week. Awesome. I hope its not just the Move dlc though (don’t have a move). And here’s hoping, as always, that we’ll get a cool PS3 demo this week too.

  • The hunger games was an awsome series. I’m reading Incarceron by Catherine Fisher no. I like how you put charlie sheen in what you’re watching.

    BTW what’s with all the hate at killzone 3’s ending? I thought it was pretty awsome!

  • Hunger games FTW. All three books were awesome.

  • When do we get the results of the ps awards? I don’t know if this is the right place to ask

  • I’d like to echo what Tank_Baked (comment 17) said. I’ve been asking this for weeks yet haven’t received an answer. I have Plus, and the PSN game is the biggest feature for a lot of us. Since those six Sega games were announced to be coming to PS+ on a monthly basis, and with Sonic 1 being the PSN game for the month, it appears as if those are our PSN games for the next six months.

    These are very old games, and many of us already own Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, or the original Genesis versions. Having games made specifically for PSN and PS3 replaced by 20 year old Genesis games is simply not what I paid $50 a year for, and I’d be very unhappy if that’s what we get in place of original PSN games for nearly half of our subscription length. This is PlayStation Plus, not Genesis Plus.

    Three months in which we get two Sega games in place of a single PSN game would be fine. Six months with a Genesis game in place of a mini would be fine. But just giving us six straight months of Genesis games instead of PSN games is definitely not fine. Slapping trophies into an old Genesis game does not make it a PSN game. I seriously hope you pass this on to whoever is in charge of PS+.

  • The Infamous 2 mission sharing is by far the most exciting news for me. I can’t wait to see this feature! I have also been playing the Subway Fresh Buzz Sweepstakes and was able to win an Infamous 2 game add-on! I will be buying the hero edition (unless I win it from subway)!!

    Currently Playing: Call of Duty: Black Ops (I couldn’t resist and had to buy the map pack), Stacking, Infamous

    Currently Watching: Anything Adult Swim puts on tv….. and White Collar

    Currently Reading: Bathroom Readers, which are strategically planted thoughout my house to incite random acts of reading

  • I’m playing: Dissidia Final Fantasy

    I’m watching: Dragon Ball Z

    I’m reading: The Hobbit

    I’m wanting: Dissidia 012 Duodecim

  • Sid we should play some MvC3 so I can show you how it’s done. lol

    127 Hours was a really good movie.

  • Agree with Tank_Baked, the Store and PS Plus blogs are 99% ignored. It’s not very good for a corporate blog that says they interact with users.

  • Thanks for the response Sid, I’ll do my best to be patient. Coming months, eh… Now I’m predicting a fall or late summer release.

    And of course, I like all the news you bring us. Especially this year, it’s just been an awesome overload!

  • Hey Sid:

    I dare you to put this video as next week’s “I’m watching”

    IDY2: DESTROY ur Xbox 360

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