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In an incredibly true story, James Franco tackles a role of a lifetime as mountain climber Aron Ralston in 127 Hours. What should have been a fun, adventurous weekend in the Utah backcountry turns into the ultimate test of survival. Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle weaves an engaging story of Ralston’s past through his gut-wrenching ordeal. Be sure to check it out in beautiful HD. The film is available in both the US and Canada!

Now you can find all the great films of one of Hollywood’s leading indie studios in one place. Be sure to check out the Fox Searchlight Collection under our Featured Collections section to find films like Bend it Like Beckham, Juno, Garden State, Little Miss Sunshine, Sideways and Best Picture Academy Award Winner Slumdog Millionaire.

The release of Jackass 3 is just a week away, so catch all the crazy antics of the crew in our special Jackass sale. You’ll find Jackass, Jackass Number Two, Jackass 2.5, Jackass: The Lost Tapes and Volume 3 of the Jackass television series all are great low prices.

The ladies kick it into high gear with hot action and smooth moves with our Deal of the Week. Catch great films like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Aeon Flux and Le Femme Nikita at super low prices. And get ready for next week’s party films in honor of Mardi Gras!

Toyota Highlander continues to bring you a free rental this week with Stranger Than Fiction. Next week, be sure to check out Ghost Rider! Plus, new releases Love and Other Drugs, Burlesque and the Diamond Edition of Bambi hit the store. And Faster comes at a great price!

New movies and fresh TV episodes hit the Store each week. Here’s a glimpse of what’s new this week…

Just In TV

US Store: Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Season 7, WWE: Royal Rumble 2011, Greek: Seasons 1-3, Canaan: Season 1, Sanctuary: Season 1, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Season 4, Corpse Princess: Season 1, Bikini Destinations: Season 4, Dilbert: Seasons 1-2, and more.

Canada Store: Family Guy: Season 7, 24: Season 5-6, The X-Files: Season 4, Primeval: Season 1-2, Luther: Season 1,  Bikini Destinations: Season 4, and more.

New Release Movies

US Store: 127 Hours, Love and Other Drugs, Burlesque, Memento, Eye See You, Fighting, The Little Traitor, Violent Tendencies, Howard the Duck, and more.

Canada Store: 127 Hours, Love and Other Drugs, Burlesque, Faster, S.W.A.T.: Firefight, Across the Line, Alien vs. Ninja, The Blues Brothers, and more.

Top TV Downloads


  1. Smallville | Season 10 – Masquerade
  2. Smallville | Season 10 – Fortune
  3. Supernatural | Season 6 – The French Mistake
  4. Family Guy | Season 9 – German Guy
  5. Supernatural | Season 6 – Mannequin 3: The Reckoning
  6. Archer | Season 2 – The Double Deuce
  7. Young Justice | Season 1 – Denial
  8. Jersey Shore | Season Back to the Shore – Kissing Cousins
  9. Justified | Season 2 – The I of the Storm
  10. Fringe | Season 3 – 6 B


  1. STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS | Season 3 – The Citadel
  2. STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS | Season 3 – Ghosts of Mortis
  3. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Days Gone Bye
  4. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – Guts
  5. The Walking Dead | Season 1 – TS-19
  6. Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story | Season Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story – Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story
  7. Weeds | Season 6 – Thwack
  8. Ancient Aliens | Season 1 – The Evidence
  9. Being Human (US Version) | Season 1 – It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong
  10. Family Guy | Season 8 – The Splendid Source

Top Movie Downloads

US Purchases:

  1. Megamind
  2. Due Date (HD plus Bonus Features)
  3. Due Date
  4. Faster
  5. All-Star Superman
  6. Unstoppable
  7. Inception
  8. 127 Hours
  9. Sports Illustrated on Location: Peter Island, BVI
  10. Sports Illustrated on Location: Boracay Island, Philippines

US Rentals:

  1. Due Date
  2. Unstoppable
  3. Faster
  4. All-Star Superman
  5. 127 Hours
  6. Life As We Know It
  7. The Social Network
  8. Love and Other Drugs
  9. Paranormal Activity 2
  10. RED


  1. Due Date
  2. Unstoppable
  3. Life As We Know It
  4. The Social Network
  5. RED
  6. Paranormal Activity 2
  7. You Again
  8. All-Star Superman
  9. Ong Bak 3: The Final Battle
  10. Megamind

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  • Movies and junk, my fav.

  • Good lord, only idiots buy videos off the PS Store. Who likes paying 15 dollars for a movie and then having it disappear from your recent downloads. It’s like renting a movie for 15 dollars.

  • cool want 2 watch 127 hours

  • Contents for Quebec store… thank you or at least give us access to canadian video store…

  • Any updates on new futures for the PSN ? Like any of these ?

    Voice messaging
    ability to change your PSN ID without losing anything.
    chatroom with mics.

    Please make it happen!

  • Please bring us more 3D movies, and i don’t me those awful Canadian film association ones I mean good ones.

    Resident Evil 3D was awesome!

  • WOW, Howard the Duck. Haven’t been this excited since you released Last Dragon.

  • totally off topic but when is Daxter is gonna be $9.99 on the playstation store ? since you guys announced NGP im only buying DD games but Daxter is still at $15.99 on the store

  • Don’t bother asking Grace Chen Senior Manager, PlayStation Store any questions because this person NEVER REPLIES :(
    I give up!
    At least jeff replies even though some of his replies may be funny.

  • “Toyota Highlander continues to bring you a free rental this week with Stranger Than Fiction. Next week, be sure to check out Ghost Rider!”

    Unless somebody fixed it since yesterday the big Toyota Highlander add on the PS Store lists: (week 3) Ghost Rider (week 4) Stranger than Fiction.

  • I don’t quite understand how it works on the Canadian movie side. Once in a while I get a movie with French language but it is not said in the movie description. How do you spot the movies that are dubbed in French? When you download them, are they in French too?

  • Still no news about Disney Channel/XD shows for sale on PSN? come on! please expand.

  • those are sites to look into

  • Normally, I could care less about video offerings on PSN, but I feel obligated to shout: Stranger Than Fiction is an outstanding movie. If you haven’t seen it, do so at once.

  • Needs:

    1) More catalog videos like Martin and Married with Children on TV Shows
    2) Ability to buy whole TV Season for a little cheaper price like on itunes
    3) Ability to gift tv shows and movies like you’re able to do on itunes
    4) Sub title options
    5) More foreign content
    6) DRM tied to your account, not your machine

  • Hey Grace,

    When in the hell are you going to put 90210 on the PS Store? You Already have the majority of shows in the CW section. Why not put the only other TV show I watch (besides Gossip Girl)?

  • You forgot to mention when you were mentioning “127 Hours” that Amber Tamblyn and Kate Mara Co-star with Franco in the movie. I know they’re not Leading-role type actresses but they’re hardly Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed.

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