Experience MLB 11’s New Pure Analog Hitting System

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MLB 11 The Show is proud to present our groundbreaking hitting controls with the ALL NEW Pure Analog Hitting System. One of our biggest goals this year for MLB 11 The Show was to give the fans a new way to play. Feel the rush of an incredibly realistic batting experience based on precise mechanics, anticipation, and pure instinct. As you can see in this video, the Pure Hitting controls let you stride, swing, and bunt using the Right Analog Stick. Have a look…

To use the new Pure Analog Hitting system, simply pull back on the R-stick to stride and push forward in the direction of the incoming pitch to drive through the ball. Be sure to time your stride just as the pitcher releases the ball, a poorly timed stride will result in a less powerful swing. Don’t try to hold your stride back just waiting for the pitch — you’ll lose power! Time it like a real swing and begin your stride as the pitcher’s getting ready to deliver.

With a little practice, you’ll be piling up the RBIs in no time! And don’t forget, there’s only a few days left to pre-order MLB 11 The Show on PlayStation 3 for a FREE 30 day trial of Premium MLB.TV.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • It’s a shame that SCEA San Diego Studios doesn’t have the NFL license to it’s name. MLB11: The Show looks so amazingly detailed and real.

  • No wonder why i couldnt bunt in the demo, i was doing it wrong! thanks for the video, that helped

  • the demo is great…fantastic game…

  • Dude, trophy list?

  • wait, it has move support…i wanna see that in action

  • Why is this feature just showing up now?

    Where is Move Support?

    Paper or Plastic?

  • indeed, so that’s how you bunt! And what’s up with the haters low rating on this blog post? I just don’t see the problem anywhere with the title.. just me maybe. but it’s improved everything since it’s inception a in 07. this is the realization of a great studio. nice job sony SD.

    @5 move support for the home run derby.. it was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week..should be on youtube.. looks sick.

    And go LOs Doyers!

  • I feel like it’s just the same thing over and over with news about this game. Ya just like posting something for people to read huh?

  • Adding a 30 day trial for MLB.TV is a good idea, Lets you get a small taste of the service.

    Random question:

    Baseball players sometimes get a specific song that plays when they come up to bat. If you could have a song play anytime you would enter a room for the first time, what would it be?

  • Sounds a lot easier than it is. I’ve been loyal to the show since ’08, and the new demo was pretty frustrating…

  • how about move support ?

  • This is how we hit it . . . wait, what?

  • I know you’re reading this.

    Can you comment on Move support?

  • @5,6,11,13 Move support can/will only be used in HR Derby mode ONLY, like #7 said. that was a feature announced in January.

  • Sweet! Gonna try the demo!

  • Do you also have to adjust for balls in and away? So like push up and out for a pitch outside?

    And Russell…if you guys have any free time coming up and I can come video tape you guys talking about math, that would be awesome. (Asked you a LOOONG time ago…not sure if you remember.) Would be so cool to show my algebra students a bunch of game designers talking about the equations and stuff they use in the game.


  • @Ramone Russell

    I’m very disappointed in the lack of Move support for actual game. Games like MLB The Show were the reason I’d buy the device in the first place.

    Won’t be picking up The Show this year

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