Spring Fever Heats Up With PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Award Winners

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PlayStation Network is feeling the fever…Spring Fever! That’s right, just like in past years, PlayStation Network will celebrate exceptional games during Spring Fever — one of our biggest annual events. Starting next Tuesday, March 8, you’ll be able to find hot PS3 and PSP games at deep discounts and new featured PS3 releases, all downloadable on the PlayStation Store.

Spring Fever 2011

This year, however, we’ve added a new twist. As you know, we just concluded voting for our first-ever PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards, which gave you the chance to vote for your favorite game in four different categories. We’re still in the midst of tallying the final scores, but we’ll be back here on March 7 to announce the winners and kick-off the first week of Spring Fever featuring the winning games on sale at a 30% discount in the PlayStation Store and available for a 50% discount to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

And remember, it doesn’t stop there. Following the one-week sale of our Gamers’ Choice Award winners, we will bring you one new major PS3 release along with a pair of great discounted games each week. Come back here next week to get the full run-down of Spring Fever and find out which games in each category were crowned PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Award winners.

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  • This is the most illegal thing in the history of PSN sales!

  • I’d rather see “deep discounts” on the New PS3 releases, tbh. :p

  • I love being a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

  • sweeeeeet! can’t wait for next week!

  • @3 I will 2nd that

  • …i need money

  • put silent hill of psx on sale please :P

  • I’d rather see free games.

  • Please get Ms. Splosion man on PSN!

  • Gotta love the Playstation Blog commenters…its a who’s who of cheap people and free loaders. They get discounted games…they whine they want free. LOL @ whining about already cheap games being too much. I guess it’s hard to pay rent and buy new games on a McDonalds payrate huh?

  • any NGP GDC news ? arent you guys doing an NGP keynote today ? if so where can i watch it live?

  • Are plus members getting an actual psn game this month or is Sonic our free psn game ? If so that’s a load of bs . This is Playstation plus not Sega Genesis plus .

    Now if Sonic is a bonus on top of our usual content then it’s ok .

  • @CaptainDarin79 so crabby today everyone loves a free ride, that said I agree we get allot of value, now if I had only voted for the ones I wanted to buy and not the best ones!

  • Comment #10 has no place or business passing on generalizations on others.

    everyone here is entitled to an opinion, and those opinions should be respected. you don’t like it then keep it to yourself please, and post relevant and related comments to the thread’s topic without flaming anyone.

    i for one am curious to which psx games will be discounted, but do agree that for plus members, discount should be better than 50% for an event like spring fever.

    i am looking forward to seeing the new games and appreciate the fact that spring fever exists for plus and non-plus members of the network.

    thank you playstation.

  • Akfu_TheOriginal

    PS Plus is definitely worth the money.

  • I love being a PlayStation Plus subscriber too. Its shown me so many great games for free or discounted that I would never have purchased.

  • I honestly feel like out of all the subscriptions I pay for (Hulu Plus, Netflix, Rdio, etc) that I get the biggest payoff from PlayStation Plus. My Tuesdays are always a little brighter than other weekdays.

  • @1 how so??

  • Wait this doesnt make sense to me. We get a discount for the games we voted for as being our favorite. Why would we need a discount for purchase of a game we already own. The game wouldnt be our favorites if we didnt vote for it. What a joke LOL!

  • was just about to purchase some games from the store earlier,good thing i checked the blog first xD

    eagerly awaiting the sale ^_^

  • @14 perhaps #10 has no business posting that perhaps he does, not for me to argue. What I will voice here is that people do complain a lot. I have had no issue supporting playstations bank account. I love the sales and discounts, I also love PlayStation Plus. To those of you who want free games and such find a website the offers free games and play those, then you will appreciate what you pay for. Badmamajamma out.

  • I hate PSN Plus. This is the biggest scam, and totally unfair as a customer.

  • I’m a bit bummed by the theme I downloaded. I thought it would be game related but All I got was a Sprint advertisement. Did I do this wrong, or was that the giveaway for voting?


  • @22 I don’t think you have it lol

  • Put Resident Evil 1 and 3 on sale as well! :D

  • @14 Yojimbo-Ratchet

    It’s not an opinion it is just whining

  • @24 Please Release the Games he said.

  • Thanks Sony, I will definately be making a purchase next week if the games I voted for won.

  • yay for spring fever. got to make sure i have enough points. all i ask though is that you dont make majority of the games that are discounted for this games that had been discounted like crazy in the past. make it worth the time and money.

    thanks playstation

  • one more thing on comment 10 – that’s kind of an ignorant assumption that people who are thrifty must also be poor and hold down minimum wage jobs. i’m an application developer at a leading online homework/testing provider, and i’m always looking for the best value from my dollar. just because you have money doesn’t mean you should be wasteful with it, which is what you seem to imply.

  • “one new major PS3 release… each week”

    Holy crap does this mean we might be getting Retro/Grade?!!?

    I am expecting Slam Bolt Scrappers, Sideway… and what else? Rochard?

  • this is awesome, but i already have all the games I voted on :( lol.

  • Thank you Sony, you rock!

  • Sadly if you vote on a game to win … that probably means you already own the game, so a sale on the game is kind of meaningless.

  • I’d love to check out flower/flow, but don’t want to pay full price for them, since they’re kinda not really games. Maybe theyll be on sale.

    hoping for some good sales!


    That is all.

  • im unemployed and still cant find a job. they all say im not experienced but i still find a way to buy the games. and ps plus sucks cause its every 2 weeks something new is free which is games that are no good. and i voted for games i thought were the best

  • “Following the one-week sale of our Gamers’ Choice Award winners, we will bring you one new major PS3 release along with a pair of great discounted games each week.”

    i just hope this means little extra ps+ love for after spring fever..

  • @38

    I happen to have gotten more in free games with PS+ than the $50 I paid for it. In games alone we have receive 11 PSN games, 10 PSOne games, 20 minis, 96 discount opportunities and 33 themes. This equates to about $16.36 of free items per update or $40.90 per month (based upon the 10 months updates occurred in, even though PS+ is just over 9 months old). So even with there being some games you might hate, it shouldn’t be hard at all to recoup your $3.33 monthly investment.

    As for the sale, I voted for the game that I wanted, not the one that I truly thought was the best just so I could get the discount. I almost wonder if they will just offer all of the games at a discount, one each week maybe?

  • Sweet can’t wait.

  • thatgamecompany’s Journey is obviously planned as part of this event. Just like Flower was two years ago.


  • Can’t wait. Thanks, Sony. :)


  • @5: I will third that.
    @45: I agree: Where’s Beyond Good and Evil HD?

  • give us sploshion man pleaseee

  • After doing 2 3mo subscriptions to trial PS+, I do declare that I’ve upgraded to the full year. With my PS3’s HDD getting more and more cluttered with great games and other free content, the Playstation Plus experience has really exceeded my expectations.

    Compared with PS+, the other HD console’s subscription service is looking more and more like extortion than anything else!

    Really looking forward to what this year’s Spring Fever will yield!

  • I think what # 10 meant was AN ECONOMY doesnt run on free , or to put it in a recent bloggers perspective . in an ideal world EVERYTHING would be free and everybody would be dancing naked to the grateful dead . unfortunatly … this is not that ideal world… bills/payroll has to met and money has to be made .

  • I want Hard Corps: Uprising. I’ve been saying that in every comment I post, and will continue to do so. I’m on the verge of boycotting PSN til it comes. I don’t have a 360, and even if I did I wouldn’t buy it on there because their D-Pad sucks.

    Aanyways.. I thought the themes were gonna be related to the game too, was super bummed when I realized what it was and deleted it immediately. Lookin forward to some new releases and some baller discounts. Thx for kickin ass, PSN.


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