Slam Bolt Scrappers: Brawling and Building Mash-up Coming to the PSN Store March 15th!

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GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Slam Bolt Scrappers is coming to the PlayStation Network on March 15th! That’s right, in mere days you will be able to experience the greatest experience of all experiences.

After centuries of laboring over our sweet, scrappilicious, love child of brawling and building, we are proud to present the perfect genre mash-up: Slam Bolt Scrappers. Behold its glory and embrace its chaos, but most of all, be ready for some serious multiplayer trash talking. On March 15th.

March 15: Slam Bolt Scrappers

What is Slam Bolt Scrappers, you say? Thanks to what could only be psychic powers, you already know that it’s a game that combines a beat-em-up feel with building and tower defense. Players control flying heroes that beat up baddies to get colored building blocks. Stacking these blocks into squares of the same color builds weapons. Most battles give players a specific tower that they need to build on – the weapons built on this tower will automatically attack a tower controlled by their opponent. The goal is simple: use your weapons to destroy your opponent’s tower to win. Players can play with up to 4 towers, and the game is 4 player, so there are plenty of different battles to be had: multiple players can work together to build one tower, battling it out against friends or computer opponents, a single player can control multiple towers, or each player can man their own tower in free for all mode. And it’s really sweet!

Slambolt Scrappers3

I said most battles give you a single tower to build on, but with our Skyscraper level, we took that literally. Players get a giant skyscraper with different stories that they can build in – sort of like a vertical sidescroller. Starting at the bottom of the skyscraper, players stack blocks into weapons in each level with the goal of destroying an onslaught of baddies and working their way up to the next level.

Slambolt Scrappers4

Once all the stories have been completed, the boss soars down from the sky, flying to different areas of the Skyscraper and bringing the player along with him. The player then needs to rely on weapons that they’ve placed throughout the tower to help destroy the boss. And, we’ve given players a special new weapon to get the job done – THE LIGHTNING BLASTER. Observe:

Slambolt Scrappers5

The lightning blaster is an awesome weapon that not only attacks flying baddies and bosses, but also attacks opponents’ weapons, doing serious damage and sometimes stunning them, preventing them from firing. Once players master this weapon, they not only become a serious force in SBS, but also a better looking person.

Slam Bolt Scrappers

That’s all for now PS fans! Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to release – we’ll be showing off more sweet weapons and crazy levels. If you make it to PAX, stop by booth 1133 to check out the game. Be sure to follow us on twitter (@FireHoseGames) and swing by our Facebook fan page ( for more behind the scenes goodness. And don’t forget to get the game when it comes out on March 15th! (EUROPEAN FRIENDS, DISPAIR! You’ll have to wait until March 16th!)

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3 Author Replies

  • Will there be a demo released for this game?

    • A demo, you say? It just so happens that it’s in the works! Check back in the store when the game comes out and get your try-before-you-buy on.

  • “After centuries of laboring…” lol

    But I’m glad we have a date. I’ll get this game for sure. It’s too bad it comes out on the same day as several other games I plan on purchasing, like Yakuza 4. More money for us to spend and make us more broke. Yay….

  • gameplay video please!

  • I guess I should reflect most other early comments on blog posts when I say… price?

    I guess it’s not that big of a deal though. The game looks great.

  • Eitan, is it true that you totally guested on a podcast recently, revealing that you are in fact the secret alternate identity for a staggeringly wonderful british person?

    Also, hooray for release dates!

    Ben Jones

    (PSNStores :P )

  • Looks very interesting…..You can see the character of Creative Director aka Fire Chief embedded in this game based off of his goofy/zany writing. I’ll have to get this seeing as how it says it will make me better looking…lol.

  • This one has been on my radar for a long time.

    But where did the post about Rochard go…?

  • I don’t know what to say, words cannot express how I feel when I see the screens. Abso-pose-terrific. This is gonna be the most insane type of fun to be had for the ages to come. Day one purchase.

  • Looks like fun! Will there be anything special for plus members? Either way, I’ll probably still check it out.

  • No online, no buy. Sorry. This games looks very good though.

  • Price?

  • I’m not a big fan of tower defense games, but this game does sound interesting, I’ll give the demo a try

  • I’m very interested in the game. The only problem is the lack of online play. Since the game is a new IP with brand new gameplay mechanics, it might be hard to find someone to actually play against.

    But I love the idea of 4 players offline play. I just sure hope we can patch that online mode later, maybe?

  • looks boring

  • Fantastic! We have a release date! This is the PSN title I’ve been wanting and following since it was announced. Also, I love that first pic in the article with all the characters, I’d so love to have a poster of that to hang up.

  • The game looks amazing, however I have to agree with some of the other posters that the lack of online multiplayer somewhat diminishes my interest.

  • Even though there’s no online multiplayer, I appreciate you guys supporting local co-op play. I’ll give the demo a try, liked the video. I can imagine this being a game that my friends and I could get into.

  • Please, PLEASE flesh out all the online stuff (aka. leaderboards, friend invites, voice chat, etc.) before the game comes out–SOE has a terrible history of publishing incomplete and feature-lacking titles.

    Don’t let this share the same fate as Fat Princess, which was basically dead on arrival b/c of all the networking problems and balancing issues.

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