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Hello everyone! Here is your weekly comic store update with 55 new comics this time.

Digital Comics 3/2

World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen continues with issue #4. Gilneas City erupts into violence as the Worgen attack! During the madness, Halford seeks understanding behind who is friend and who is foe, while also dealing with his own animalistic Worgen urge to kill… If you haven’t done so already, make sure you check out our Q&A with the comic creators here.

Devil’s Due Digital bring us an excellent third series with the adventures of super cool heroine Mercy Sparx, a Devil Girl hired by the big shots in Heaven to secretly take down rogue angels. It’s either succeed and get a free pass through the pearly gates, or fail and risk going somewhere much worse…

Slaughterman’s Creed is a story of the fall and rise of monsters, where an ethical knife-edge is all that separates hero from villain. A human trafficker orders the death of a killer who refuses to breach his professional code. Twelve years later, the trafficker’s world erupts in blood and chaos. Barely surviving and crippled for life, the Slaughterman has returned to put the whole organisation to the blade. With audio commentary from Cy Dethan, one of the creators behind Cancertown and The Indifference Engine!

Missing Archie? He’s back this week with Life with Archie #1-4. The writer of the mega-hit Archie wedding story, Michael Uslan, returns with two new ongoing series, ‘The Married Life: Archie Loves Veronica’ and ‘The Married Life: Archie Loves Betty.’

Invincible Iron Man (2008)’s World Most Haunted story arc also continues this week, with parts 6, 7 and 8. Tony risks it all to say goodbye to a friend. Maria Hill arrives in Texas only to find she’s been beaten to the punch and now is outnumbered, outgunned, and out of luck. And time. And hope. Can War Machine change things round?

Here is the full list:

  • 1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad #0
  • 1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad # 1
  • 2000AD Prog # 1715
  • 2000AD Prog # 9998
  • Azure # 5
  • Batman Beyond Vol. 2 # 3
  • Batman Beyond Vol. 4 # 3
  • The Boy Who Made Silence # 4
  • Celadore # 2
  • DC Universe Online Legends # 3
  • The Dreaming # 17
  • Ex Machina # 32
  • Fables # 48
  • Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1 # 11
  • Grimm Fairy Tales # 4
  • Grimm Fairy Tales # 5
  • I Luv Halloween # 16
  • Infestation # 400
  • Invincible Iron Man (2008) # 11
  • Invincible Iron Man (2008) # 12
  • Invincible Iron Man (2008) # 13
  • JLA # 40
  • Legends of the Dark Crystal # 10
  • Legends of the DC Universe # 6
  • Life with Archie # 1
  • Life with Archie # 2
  • Life with Archie # 3
  • Life with Archie # 4
  • Lily of the Valley # 1
  • Mercy Sparx
  • Mercy Sparx # 1
  • Mercy Sparx # 2
  • Promethea # 4
  • Return to Labyrinth # 6
  • Return to Wonderland
  • Return to Wonderland # 1
  • Sandman # 24
  • Slaughterman’s Creed # 1
  • Star Trek: The Manga # 16
  • Superman/Batman # 51
  • Supernatural: Beginning’s End # 3
  • Tom Strong # 4
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) # 8
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) # 9
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) # 10
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) # 11
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) # 12
  • Undertown # 8
  • Undertown # 9
  • Van Von Hunter # 7
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 3 # 23
  • World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen # 4
  • Y: The Last Man # 30
  • Young Avengers (2005) # 9
  • Young Avengers (2005) # 10

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  • I want Manga on PSstore Comic selection please Sony ;)

  • The Walking Dead needs to be on here. That would be an epic series to buy.

  • Promethea!

  • Hey Bruce Chen, or whoever from the Playstation Development Team is reading this. I am fully aware that this post is out of context, but I have no idea where the proper place is to post something like this.

    What are the chances of Sony releasing a PS2 emulator for the Playstation Store, for the Playstation 3, to achieve backwards compatibility for people that would like to play all their games on one system?

    I don’t know about the masses of people, but I for one, would have no problem paying $99.99 to achieve this, as I really do not want to buy a Playstation 2, then have to buy memory cards on top of the games, when the PS3 does all this on the hard drive.

    Just curious if anything was possibly planned.

  • i hav a question
    can u transfer the comics downloaded from th e ps store to the pc or can i only read them on the psp? also can i transfer comics i hav stored on my pc to the psp?


  • The Walking Dead and Assassins Creed comics, please!

  • Wicked up-date!!!

  • Can us Canadians get these yet?

  • why is Canada NOT getting digital comics yet. Alot of people in Canada are still waiting.write me back .

  • i would buy a lot more if some of them werent costing as much as a real comic….

    …even digital copies of games costs as much as disc copies…someone not get the memo that digital costs less to produce therefore should be MUCH CHEAPER than a hard copy.

  • the iphone app is cheaper :/ like 99c a comic

  • Manga, please. I don’t dig American-style comics.

    Do you guys not realize that a lot of us would probably spend a lot of money if you had manga? Silly.

  • CANADA!! I would love to read some comics on the subway! Please announce it soon!

  • MANGA!!!

    Is there some legal reason no MANGA has shown up?!? Would buy every single one. American-style comics stink!

  • Superstrokey1123

    Hi guys, will you be adding Canada to the list eventually and will you also include support for the comics on the NGP?

  • Needs:

    1) More motion comics like Uncharted Eye of the Indra and Dexter (from showtime website)
    2) 1080p on PS3

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  • hey,please give DIGITAL COMICS to INDIAN users.when i buy the comics there is an error occurred

  • my country is INDIA.

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