ModNation: A Greatest Hit with Over 2 Million Creations!

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ModNation… Let the celebrations begin!!!

We gave YOU the tools to Race, Create, and Share and you have made over 2 million creations and ModNation Racers has officially achieved Greatest Hits status! That means you can get your hands on a copy of ModNation Racers for only $29.99! Thank you and Congratulations! On top of this we have more great original DLC content releasing this year. Just take a look-

If you download and race one track a day, everyday, it would take you well over one full millennium to finish, and that’s including leap year days!

That’s [too] [mil-yuh n] [kree-ey-shuh nz] since our release in 2010! Did we mention over 2,000,000? We did? Good. We are just so excited around here that we can’t think of anything else..well other than-

ModNation Racers is Officially a Greatest Hit!

Modnation Racers Greatest Hits for PS3

Now only $29.99 to access to over 2 MILLION CREATIONS. Not bad!

In celebration we are releasing ModNation Racers as an official PS3 “Greatest Hits” package! This week ModNation Racers for the PS3 will be available at your local retailer for only $29.99! In case you are snowed in or stuck on the couch, you’re in luck. This week, the game will also be available on the PSN store for the same price, and if you are a PSN+ member you will get a free trial of ModNation Racers. That should put us well on our way to 3 million!

Our Gift to You!
We didn’t know what to get for all of you, i.e. shirt sizes, color preferences, etc… so instead we have planned a ModNation-palooza like celebration starting in March. Look for some cool events and don’t think we forgot about great prizes. We didn’t. You’ll love ‘em. Check next week’s ModNation Monday for more details.

Shouting From The Rooftops…
We want even more creations! If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, be sure to visit us on the official ModNation Community site and who knows?, you might see your hard work on the PlayStation ModNation Monday blog or in-game on the Hot Lap section of the Modspot. Be the envy of your friends the world! Really. The whole world!

A Progressive Society
Hey, ModNation Racers fans! Progressive Insurance is sponsoring a free Parts Pack download. You can use these parts to enter the “Progressive ModNation Gran Prix” contest for a chance to win a 46” Sony Bravia 3D HDTV or PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle. Here’s how to enter…

Check the PlayStation Store this week for this FREE DLC which includes…

Scene Props:

  • Office Building
  • House
  • Billboard
  • Semi Truck
  • Jump Through Hoop
  • Inflatable Overpass
  • Ramp
  • Balloon 1 & 2
  • Hot Air Balloon 1 & 2
  • Blimp 1 & 2

Dynamic Prop:

  • Ramp 2

Track Props:

  • Ad Board
  • Box 1, 2 & 3


ModNation Racers: top

Each week we will choose a “Spotlight Track of the Week” (see below) which is the best-of-the best of the past weeks’ creation submissions. This “Spotlight Track of the Week” will be added to “Top Tracks” billboard for your racing enjoyment. Each week a new track will rotate in and one track will rotate out. This will give each of the winning tracks’ creators some much deserved exposure and possibly a lot more xp!


Battle of Port Duisburg by prob_alex

ModNation Racers: duls1

ModNation Racers: duls2ModNation Racers: duls3

prob_alex says: “This my most challenging track to date… many, many, many hours spent on it so I really hope u enjoy it. The final lap the track route completely changes and will probably catch a few people out but thats part of the fun”

Tecnoboy1 says: “Looks like a real battlefield, nice job”

Laidbackcat says: “totally epic .. another classic from wales”

atheistsw says: “Ah, that looks epic, the boat is immense”

Mark drools: “Lets put it this way, I looked up the definition of the word “epic” in the dictionary and that falls way, way short. prob_alex can create a track with UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE structures (fly / drive over a battleship and more), but he doesn’t just rely on this. He somehow finds the time and talent to create a fun and unique track to go with it”. Do yourself a favor, drive this track. It comes with a money-back guarantee! If you don’t like it you’ll get 100% of your money back!… oh that’s right, tracks like this are free! GOTTA LOVE MNR!”

Honorable Mention: D.C. Drift! By atheistsw

ModNation Racers: dc1ModNation Racers: dc2

atheistsw says: “Take a picturesque drive through the capitol city, marveling at the sights while staying one step ahead of the opposition. With plenty of opportunities for big air and huge drifts this is a track to suit novices and experts alike. Remember to wave to Obama as you drive-by.”

Mark: Bucket list. Washington D.C. Check.

Tracks of the Week
Monday: Battle of Port Duisburg by prob_alex
Tuesday: D.C. Drift by atheistsw
Wednesday: Mod Venezia by Yika
Thursday: Aloha Isle by dane9261
Friday: Crocodile Pit Raceway by Funkee_Monkee4
Saturday: Minecart Madness by MXCoriginal (chosen by )
Sunday: Phanto’s Revenge by JEFFTMBG (chosen by

Starting this week we are adding “Celebrity’s Choice” tracks to Hot Lap. Now tracks on Saturdays and Sundays will be hand chosen by members of the MNR family at large. These will include choices from,,, ModNation development team, as well as many of the Elite track designers from the MNR community.

It’s fun to see people making use of the recent Lovebug and Swan kart DLC.
Mod Name: anti-love bug
Creator: jph10

ModNation Racers: bugModNation Racers: bug2

Kart Name: Swan Ice Sculpture
Creator: DarkValentine_-

ModNation Racers: swanModNation Racers: swan2

Floating Islands by prob_alex

ModNation Racers: island

Mark (in a paranoid voice): “prob_alex, have you planted a listening device in my home? This weekend I was showing friends MNR (they looooved it) and to a person (including myself) exclaimed “how did they make those islands float!”. The next day I log on to the forums at work and I see a tutorial (want more) about just this same exact thing (goosebumps). prob_alex, you are my hero (and soon to be other’s hero after they see this!).”

Check this out: Island Tutorial
Wow…we’re not worthy!, we’re not worthy!
Let the mind-blowing creations begin!

Thank You!
On behalf of the ModNation Racers family at UFG, Sony and San Diego Studio, we are so appreciative and humbled by your enthusiasm and passion for this game we all love.

Our sincere thank you. You rock! (1..2..3.. big Nation hug!)

Well that’s it for this week. I’ve gotta start racing a bunch of tracks or I’m never going to get any “work” done.

Have a great week!



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27 Author Replies

  • Everybody loves free DLC. Can’t wait to see what else you have planned for March.

  • ModNation Racers is easily one of the best games released in 2010. It’s hard to argue with a game where you can make your own racer, his own ride, and even your own tracks.

    Totally looking forward to whatever follows the Far East track pack!

  • That is good news!
    Free DLC is the way it should be.

  • Upcoming DLC in the video looks really good!

  • Oh, wow. As someone who’s been pessimestic about the future of MNR I’ve got to say that video is really reassuring. I’d really like to get my hands on that construction-yard esque set for an upcoming track from a continuing series of mine…

  • Hey Mark Wilson // Community Specialist, San Diego Studios, is this just a reoccurring pattern or are all PLaystation Greatest Hits going to the PSN? That would be awesome, especially sense ModNation Racer is such a great PS exclusive…

  • Aw man, that video was awesome, recognized a fair few of the tracks in there too! :) Hmm, DLC, one word: YAY! The much teased snow theme, looking better than ever, Wild West, Pirates, Construction? and much more, really great stuff to look forward to over the coming months in MNR!

    Now for my weekly nag lol. Is there any progress on changing the speed of the Top Tracks to Elite to get more people playing the 5 race series as intended? Also, any word on whether UFG will add the ability to sort tracks in online mode? At the VERY LEAST make our favourites appear at the TOP of the list like they do in offline mode.

    Finally, thanks for the honourable mention, I did put a lot of work into that one but, lets be honest, there was no way ANYTHING was going to compete with a giant battleship, you’re right, the word “epic” really isn’t big enough to describe it!

    Keep up the good work!

  • i did have m.n.r but i sold it now it looks even more fun online from the vidoes and pic’s i might have to get it.

  • It’s amazing how this company is still adding to this game!! So happy I bought this game day 1! Keep up the awesome work, and congratulations! The next game you guys release on PS3, I will for sure buy since you have done an excellent job with this game!

    • Very kind words. The team at UFG and San Diego Studio really love and “own” this game and I am honroed to be working on their team!

  • I hope to someday see custom control layouts in this game.

  • Mark Wilson I just want to say this post has convinced me to pick up Modnation Racers. When this was first announced I was pretty skeptical and thought it would be a throw away game but looking at how much it has grown with all the dlc and tracks has proven me wrong. Now that Modnation Racers has achieved Greatest Hits status I will be picking it up ASAP. I can’t wait to pick it up and play but more importantly create :D

  • Is Modnation Racers 2 in development yet???

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m excited! The snow tracks in the video look AWESOME and ontop of that there’s mini themes? AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! The wait is really worth the wait, and I’m definately coming back to Modnation stronger than ever so look out for my creations everybody!!!!

  • So with the PSN version…are load times better than with the disk version? If so, will there be any sort of trade-in program?

    Not that I expect it, but it can’t hurt to ask, right?

  • Create Share and Play, Who crreated that is right now Happy with the results
    Over two million in less than a year thats great lets see which LBP or MNR reach the five million

  • Waaaaaaaaaaa omg!!!

    That dragon kart is amazing!! I want it now!! lol, amazing stuff is coming! and that’s all what we all need for this game, that’s just great.. that keeps this game alive, hope it get’s soon :D

    Congratulations for the Greatest Hits title!, and let’s keep this game growing and growing up, is very fun

    Oh hey Mark, I have been creating new stuff, I will start to publish them as soon as I finish them in the mods and karts of the week topic

    Great post!

  • Dang I can’t put this game away for good, it’s impossible lol. Very much looking forward to the new content!

  • I don’t suppose you guys will port this to PSP2/NGP and allow for it to play nice with the PS3 version?

  • I’m excited that a new contest is coming up but am discouraged from participating due to the winner will very likely glitch tilt the props to create an “epic” piece of eye candy.

    So again, can we please have an official prop tilting feature, because until we do, we can expect to see a lot of stuff from the same few creators (the ones glitching like mad).

    • Hi Perish_Song,

      I will try my best to be fair to community at large when choosing Top Tracks. It has to race good, look good, be fair and be fun no matter what amazing “jedi mind tricks” the creators can harness. … even though they are stinkin’ impressive!

  • I’m very excited about the upcoming DLC.

    Battle of Port Duisburg is pretty but without much of a physical track to drive on it’s easy to mess up. My kart got stuck in the battleship’s cannon since it wasn’t level with the inside deck of the ship. My kart was stuck trying to go at an angle that wouldn’t let me onto the boost ramp or back into the red boost pad. I ran into an exploding barrel (my bad) and when the kart reset, I was caught between two blocks used to make the top deck. With such a great tutorial, I was expecting the battleship portion to be a smoother ride.

    Well, I might make an attempt at a floating platform track, but I can’t promise it will be as pretty as Battle of Port Duisburg.

  • @19, nobody is “glitching”, yika_mnr made the angled props remix available to all, just go and download and you too can create epic pieces of eye candy! But yes, clearly the glitch shows it’s not only possible but AWESOME so why won’t they patch this fundamental function into the editor?

  • @20, it’s not the creators fault that section isn’t smoother, if UFG re-programmed the basic blocks to allow them to be driven on smoothly (like you can with the far east theme platform) then we’d ALL be a lot happier!

    I guess this is what happens when innovation occurs and people try and push beyond the limitations of the software! :p

  • What’s up with the contest? I click the link and it isn’t there, is it only open to the USA?

  • OMG OMG Mark!!!! You took my advice for a firefighter mod/kart plus the mideival (can’t spell) one. Plus a pirate theme!! WOW!!! So awesome!!!!!!!! Was that a new truck or SUV kart I seen with the dude with the tilted hat? WOW!!

  • WoW – This DLC looks AWESOME! Definitely buying all this good stuff. The snow theme especially – wow!

    Looking for more details on these mini track themes Mark – how will these work with the 3 theme limit? Will these count as one of your three themes per track? How do they differ from the parts packs? Just more content per mini theme compared to the parts packs?

    One other question… is there any plans on the dev side to make some enhancements/bug fixes with the track editor? (such as adding in X axis rotations to props)

    • More cool things in store but I don’t have any details as of yet.
      X axis… hmmmm, interesting. I’ll pass that on.

  • If I had those excavators on my dig site track it would be perfect!!! I might hold on to my current track to get those pirate ships too. Man, i wish i had all of the dlc at once!

  • Hi all,

    Look for the Progressive Insurance Contest to start Tuesday, March 1st. The website for the contest will be live at that time. Can’t wait to see what you create!

  • @athiest #20 Looks like we have to wait for the PSN website to update. It links to a prodmodprix.html page but then it redirects to the generic events page. Probably will update tomorrow when the store does. I’m in the U.S. so the international thing doesn’t seem to be the issue.

  • Nevermind, Mark ninja’d me! Thanks for the clarification Mr. Wilson.

  • The Greatest Hit boxart looks like a darker red than usual…
    Gotta finish the Career…

  • i’m so tempted to download this tomorrow, even though i have the disk.

  • Knight Mod and Dragon Kart….MUST HAVE!!! DLC….DLC!!

    srsly thought the knight was castle crasher DLC at first, was like 0.0

    Cant wait for it.

  • Has there been any more issues with clock conflict with patch 1.08 cause I’m asking as my friend just got this game and I’m really interested in getting back at playing this game.

  • I really want to like Modnation Racers, I love the aesthetics and creation elements, but the actual single player campaign is brutal and AI is insanely cheap even on casual. It would be different if the AI wasn’t always trying to gun you down or bump you off your racing line, but the races are just too chaotic. You can never truly feel like your learning the course and getting a handle on improving your mistakes.

    Please consider patching your game, it’s difficulty is a true deterrent to having a good time with the title.(at least in my and many of my friends cases)

  • Snow? Alright, I’m going to buy the game now.

  • I want the red packaging. That is all…

  • @35 – If you think it’s hard now you should have played it before they patched in the “casual” difficulty! :D

  • @36 – I did, I preordered the game actually. I played through some of the game and then put it down after getting frustrated with the AI. I can brute force my way through the single player now but it takes away a lot of the fun factor to the game, feeling like the computer hates my life and wants it to end.

  • @35 Hey if you’re having trouble with the career? Relax, just buy the “unlock all” key from the psn. Problem solved my friend.

  • Awesome news. Modnation Racers is a great game.

    I am still hoping and praying that someday the game gets an update that allows for local split-screen “circuit” or a “series” option. Being able to pick 3-5 tracks that can be raced back-to-back for points (like the online XP series) would catapult this game into CLASSIC status–a game you can keep coming back to. I so wish this would happen!

  • I can’t find it on the psn store. When will it be available for download?

  • @ MiniBlitz You Won’t Be Able To Find It On The Store Today… Thats Because Its Not Available On PSN Store Till After The Weekly Update, Which Is Tomorrow Evening. ^.^

  • Looking Forward To My Free Trial! =)

  • OMGoodness, I love modnation racers and it has been the game i have played the most for the last 7 months. It is easely one of the best games of 2010 for lots of reasons, mainly the play, create, share concept. Watching the video I went high over heels cause it shows one of my original creations! My Neon Goblin! yay! I loved it! :)

  • Just wondering, but how good of a track creator would you consider me, if you have seen any of my work?

    And by the way, that video……………..YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!

  • I agree with #40’s suggestion, wholeheartedly. Maybe also have the same option for solo racing, so that when I download a bunch of new tracks, I don’t need to load into one race, finish, return to Modspot, select new race, load into it, finish, return to Modspot, etc.

    What I got from that trailer is…”you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Color me STOKED (because I really love the Winter and Pirate themes and totally want that dragon kart body)!

  • Finally the SNOW and ICE THEME is coming!!!
    Thank you UFG.

  • It’s gonna be all slippery right?

  • Awesome! Looking forward to it coming to Europe.. I’m guessing after ice it’ll be fire? Volcanic theme? :p

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