MLB 11 The Show: Pure Analog Throwing System

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Sports fans –

One of our biggest goals this year for MLB 11 The Show was to give the fans a new way to play. MLB 11 The Show is proud to present our breakthrough in fielding controls with the ALL NEW Pure Analog Throwing System. The 3rd in our series of tutorial videos each highlighting the Pure Analog Control System, check it out and learn how to play D like an All-Star!

Pure Analog Throwing offers a new way to experience fielding as you can now control both the accuracy and power behind your throws. Push the analog stick towards any base to release your throw, or hold L1 while pushing the stick in any direction to throw the ball from the outfield to the cutoff man. Holding the stick longer will put a little extra mustard on the ball, but make sure to keep your throws accurate by pushing the analog stick in a straight line. Keep in mind that you can adjust Analog Throwing difficulty to make your experience more enjoyable.

Remember that all errors are user-controlled this year, meaning play on the field is no longer left to chance. As MLB 11 The Show boasts a dynamic error system, error margins are determined by individual player stats, so accuracy is a must! MLB 11 The Show is the most realistic baseball game ever because your team’s defensive performance is entirely in your hands!

With a little practice, you’ll be filling up your trophy cabinet with Gold Gloves in no time!

There’s 1 week left to pre-order MLB 11 The Show on PlayStation 3 for a FREE 30 day trial of Premium MLB.TV.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • Will I be able to play the retail version at a Best Buy soon or not?

  • Does the 30 day trial start as soon as the season starts or can you choose when to begin it?

  • please tell me you all have improved the franchise mode at all.

    move a team to different city
    edit/build own stadium
    set prices for everything like ps2 days
    have a much better more interested offseason
    AI when making trades needs to be smarter

    I love playing franchise mode and it would be nice to have a GM mode where you get to live a GM’s job not just trade jeter at 37 for pujols so hopefully somethings improved

    MLB the show has the 3rd best franchise mode

    EA’s NHL #1
    NBA 2k11 #2
    mlb the show #3

    but MLB the show gameplay wise is #1 hopefully other features will get better

  • Ship it early! Ship it early!!

  • I just might buy this game.

  • @SHOWTIME FOLKS, you have no idea what you are talking about, the show’s franchise is considerably deeper then nhl or nba 2k, the wealth of transaction rules and how deep the management goes is way beyond what those 2 games offer. moving a team is a minor feature at best. MLB THe show has the most real to life franchise mode with the entire MLB transaction handbook.

  • PS: If you research you would know you can already set prices. Ai for franchise has been redone.

  • I see that it will be a learning curve in order to pull if off. I might have to use practice mode alot to get good at this game. Gotta see how the Analog stick will play out in this year’s game.
    Looking forward to it. The Demo looked great.

  • The narrator sounds just like Aram Jabbari, the PR guy from Atlus Co., lol.

  • Honestly i thought this analog feature has been done before,but not being a sports fan, i have not been paying too much attention. Moving teams is a small feature, but it sounds like we do it in real life…

  • Why can’t the universal baseball buttons be the standard and analog as choice. If they made it mandatory for online I am only renting it this season.

  • I despise analog controls in sports games. Please don’t make it standard, and always keep the options for both control schemes in future games.

  • Finally!! This is EXACTLY the kind of feature I was looking for in a MLB game and here it is. An athletic sport game MUST feature some form of athletic control.

  • I always have a little trouble figuring out sports games, but I gotta say, this year’s edition was probably the least user-friendly sports game I’ve ever played. After several minutes of getting nowhere and pitching feebly every BUT in the strike zone, I just gave up. And usually I’m a master locksmith of control schemes. Sure, I could probably have deciphered it all eventually, but it was almost immediately a chore.

    And if I can’t get it, the three or so people in my extended family that WOULD like this aren’t going to bother even trying. Bottom line: I just hope your goal isn’t to widen your audience, ’cause then I can’t say you’re doing a very good job.

  • Sony why doesn’t this ever release in Australia i would love to this game.

  • Like the idea, absolutely no tutorial in the demo, made it a steep learning curve. Got used to pitching, but hitting I had to switch to the “timing” option.

  • tried the demo, after giving up 9 runs in the first trying to learn this throwing method, started getting the hang of it…
    as for the hitting, well, lets just say i couldnt get a single hit in the 4 inning demo… game looks and feels great, but lets just say it was the right way to showcase my lack of skills…

  • Hey sony I love The Show series and I will never switch. With that said you should foucus on the small things now Tim Lincecum has hair stuck to his head like a ken doll. make each player come to life like realistic 5 o’clock shadows and hair that blows in the wind. You might want to merge with the with the weather channel to produce accurate forecast via the internet.

    I give you a 7.5 out of 10 just because it is too much of the same.

  • Looks great.

  • thank god now its 4 players!

  • I was disappointed in last years MLB The Show. Judging from this demo…the disappointment will continue. I agree with xKOROSHIYAX. My catcher dropped pitches directly to him a handful of times for strike 3 and then would throw wild to first. I realize I put to much power behind the throw or whatever but why’s this professional catcher dropping the ball this much to begin with? Not to mention the rediculous random fielding blunders that jus’ seem added for effect. lol @ Oaklandmarines. I noticed Lincecums hair too. Very funny. I never thought I’d say this but it may be time to switch to MLB 2k11. At least I could hit on that demo. kk QQ session over XD

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