Dead Space 2: Severed Hits PSN Tomorrow, Hands-On Details

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Dead Space 2: Severed for PS3

Dead Space 2 gets an afterlife tomorrow with the PSN release of Dead Space 2: Severed. This downloadable expansion picks up where PlayStation Move-enabled shooter Dead Space: Extraction left off, with (spoiler!) the escape of security officer Gabe Weller and surveyor Lexine Murdoch from the doomed colony of Aegis VII. Fate ultimately brings the pair to another very bad place: the Sprawl, otherwise known as the source of Dead Space 2’s Necromorph outbreak. While Issac Clarke is busy tracking down the Marker and battling his inner demons, Gabe is pursuing a more personal objective – locating Lexine, who’s been abandoned somewhere in the dark recesses of the station. Played through Gabe’s eyes, Severed brings a different perspective to the events of Dead Space 2 and fleshes out the backstory of both characters, complete with a few twists and turns for good measure.

I went hands-on with the first chapter of Severed in a guided tour narrated by Dead Space 2 Producer Scott Probst and Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis. Decked out in high-tech armor and packing a suped-up pulse rifle and ultra-precise Seeker Rifle, Gabe Weller is a bit more battle-ready than series everyman Issac Clarke. “We tailored the level layout and combat design around the fact that Gabe is a security officer,” Producer Scott Probst explains, “which makes Severed somewhat more action-focused.” Severed’s faster, more aggressive pacing is noted in its hair-raising battle sequences, and accelerated even further with the addition of a new Necromorph breed: the Twitcher.

Dead Space 2: Severed for PS3Dead Space 2: Severed for PS3

Twitchers were introduced in the original Dead Space, and their blistering speed and spastic movements quickly made them among the game’s most-feared enemies. “Twitchers became fused with a Stasis module and it had an adverse effect,” Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis recalls. “Rather than slowing them down, it sped them up.” Though Twitchers were conspicuously absent in Dead Space 2, Severed drags these terrors back into the spotlight. The Twitchers in Severed live up to their name, bobbing and weaving around shots with unnerving ease. Combined with the brisker combat pacing, the Twitchers help give Severed a steeper difficulty that will keep Dead Space 2 veterans on their toes. “You’re getting a challenge, but you’re also getting a different experience,” Probst adds. “We wanted to offer something new and cool from a gameplay perspective.”

Dead Space 2: Severed for PS3

While the stronger action hook is a welcome change of pace, I suspect many players will ultimately play Severed to learn what happened to Gabe and Lexine after the events of Dead Space: Extraction. “It’s definitely worth playing Extraction before playing Severed,” Papoutsis notes. “But it’s not required. This story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.” Of course, PS3 owners have no excuses – Extraction is included with the limited edition of Dead Space 2. Whether Dead Space 2 will see further downloadable episodes that will expand the Dead Space fiction in other ways remains an open question. “We’ll see what people want,” Papoutsis says. “It depends on people’s appetite.”

Dead Space 2: Severed hits the PlayStation Store tomorrow for $6.99 with two new single-player chapters and new Trophies.

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  • does this game play the same as extraction, or does it play like Dead Space 2? (I couldn’t tell from the trailer.)

    Either way, it looks nice! (Way better than extraction!) I’ll probably download this!


  • Hey EA,
    THIS is how you get me to pay for DLC. Don’t release it on launch and actually make it feel like an addition to the game not something that should’ve come with it that I’m being coerced into paying extra for. I loved DS2 and I’ll be picking this up, keep up the good work :)

  • I like how this looks, instead of issac the only survivor that knows what he is doing, this makes it a little better.

  • good job guys this i will be buying tomorrow i hope the store update early

  • Wish I was getting this tomorrow, but unfortunately between Mass Effect 2 (Platinum Trophy run on Elite), Killzone 3, and Bulletstorm…. I’m having a hell of a time keeping focused on this game long enough to finish it and DS Extraction in order to truly enjoy the DLC. Things don’t look to be improving with Dragon Age 2 releasing on the 8th.

  • BTW

    Thanks for the Spoiler on Dead Space Extraction. Considering this will be the first time I’ve completed the game ever as I was waiting for the PS3 version to play it.

  • Look fantastic, but I will be late playing this one. Just got Bulletstorm and am saving for F3AR and Crysis 2! I’ll definitely give this a look later on!

  • wow more DLC might just wait for GOTY eddition sounds like a head ach to me. LOL:)

  • Does this add on have trophies? That would be sweet!!!!!!!

  • Just beat DS2 last night actually. LOVED it.

    Now should i beat extraction first or just grab the DLC… decisions decisions…

  • It be nice if they could pull off an horror co-op.. But im still getting this DLC xD

  • What happened to Nate? You know, the cop from Extraction that really was the main character, not Gabe. Has he been forgotten?


    Please, don´t tell me this means LESS playtime on both chapters…

  • !!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!

    but didn’t gabe lose an arm sooo whats up with him having two in the trailer?! maybe they explain.

  • I’m so getting this love anything dead space been waiting for it since it been announced

  • @9, read the last line…

  • So I would need Dead Space 2 obviously, to play this then?

  • Hey Sid! I want to challenge to a tekken 6 match at the meet-up later today.

  • i like Extraction ad i probably get this depending on price (im on a savings bid for NGP 3G).. i didnt see a price because once i saw spoiler alert i skimmed the wy for just numbers but saw no price lol, how much is it Sid? thanks!

  • Oh you must have Dead Space 2 to play it which i havent gotten yet, im too back-logged on games atm to buy it… Gran Turismo % Collectoers Ed and KZ3 was my last big titles for a bit…

    Thisgame deffinitly rocks though forreal and i dont even like EA becuase of their busniess modo’s

  • A buy for sure :)
    Side question Sid, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for the PlayStation 3 can you give us any info?

  • I will download this, but after I platinum this and the extraction game :p … looks good though.

  • Got the plat for Extraction, so definitely interested in continuing the story with Severed.

    I REALLY hope the chapters have a decent length and it doesn’t end too quick though. 2 chapters doesn’t seem very meaty.

    regardless, love me some Dead Space, and will be picking it up tomorrow.


    @14 – Nate lost the arm, not Gabe.

  • Can’t wait for this! I loved everything about Dead Space 2. I’m one trophy (Hard Core) away from having a platinum. The game was amazing and the marketing was wonderful. I’ll happily purchase this.

  • Just beat Extraction so I still have to play through the main game. Got 100% in the original game so I guess I have to do it with 2 and this dlc :)

  • I just had to post my opinion about this game I mean come how can a person not comment and to add my two cents … This game was amazing from beginning , middle , all the way to the point where Issac made his way to the battered and beaten star fighter jet or whatever it was and the game ended I sad that I had actually beaten a game I was hoping it would just keep going but as the saying goes .. All great and awesome wonderful games must come to an end … Ha but alas u guys have brought some DLC that adds to this awesomeness that is Dead Space 2 I can now stop weeping well until I beat this DLC in which case let there be DLC until Dead Space 3 .. U guys did a wonderful job thank u for this game

  • I sometimes scan the blog and randomly click on videos labeled “trailer”. I will not be doing that anymore. Thanks.

  • Do you need the ps move to play this?

  • Seriously, you guys are awesome. Dead Space 2 was amazing, incredible and awesome. I think I didn’t said DS2 was awesome, didn’t I? All we could expect is another single-player chapters add-on and, if possible, new multiplayer maps and skins. That would be awesome. Please Visceral, pleaaaaaseee!

  • Will the disc have to be in the PS3 to play this dlc?

  • Discount for PS Plus members? All I have is $4.99 in my wallet.

  • Hey look! DLC that should have been included on the disc, but wasn’t – for the sole purpose of gouging consumers.

    You want to to buy your game new? Don’t try to continually rip us off.

  • Speaking of releases on PSN are we gonna get Arcana Heart 3 as a PSN release? It was released in Japan on disc but read somewhere that NA would be getting a digital release? Is there any official news on this game?

  • What is the reason for not including this on a disk?

  • @14 it Was Nate.
    Plus it’s the future….orl ong time ago in the past where they inventded synthetic limbs :P

    Hmm….I oculd get it…but I have yet to beat DS2 on Hardcore and finally getting the Platinum…but I do have baout 38$ on PS3…so just maybe if there isn;t anything else, I’ll pick this up!

  • Is this standalone DLC?

  • Does it work with Sharpshooter like Extraction does? I bought it and have trouble with KZ3 but arail shooter like extraction works easily.

  • i will rob a store to get this, i WANT THIS GAWD ITS SO BAD ASS

  • SPOILER!!!!!!

    Don’t read unless you’ve passed Dead Space Extraction!

    … Nate turned into a Necromorph!… Your welcome :)

  • Okay, so it comes to the PSN Store tomorrow but… at what TIME does this DLC pack come out?
    Because I’m gonna stay up very late.

  • Okay, so it comes to the PSN Store tomorrow but… at what TIME does this DLC pack come out?
    Because I’m gonna stay up very late.

  • Do I have to have Dead Space 2 to play this? I have Dead Space 2 for the 360….Wish I had it on PS3 instead :/

  • Sweet thanks Visceral Games and EA!

    I can’t wait to play this. I really like both Gabe and Lexine!! If they both survive “Severed” can we possibly have them in future Dead Space content? Maybe Dead Space 3?

  • Why isn’t Severed available yet???? : (

  • Can’t wait! Just finished up my platinum on DS2 last week and need me more DS2!

  • Loved DS, DS:E, and DS2, very much looking forward to this.

  • Dead Space Baby!!

  • Sounds interesting! I really enjoyed Extraction with Move.

  • come on. its about 4 oclock and still no severed. whats the hold up?

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