MLB 11 The Show: Road to The Show Returns With New Player Performance Evaluator

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MLB 11 The Show: Road to The Show Returns With New Player Performance Evaluator

Brand new to MLB 11 The Show this year, and to Road to The Show, is the Player Performance Evaluator. This new system analyzes your approach at the plate (or to batters faced) to then grade you, and in turn, provide training points. There are a number of factors that determine if the at bat was good or not, which include things like the amount of pitches during the at bat, the type of contact of the hit, and the overall result of the play. In general, the more pitches you see during the at bat, the better your chances are to receive a good result regardless if the at bat ended in a hit or not. However, ripping a first pitch strike for a home run will always be considered a good result. This result scale holds true for pitchers as well, although the system is the opposite so what a batter does that’s considered a success will likely be a bad result for the pitcher. We then take the result of each at bat and reward you with training points. The scale is vast in what levels of points you can achieve so for example, a one pitch single resulting in a good at bat will likely net you fewer points than an eight pitch single would.

LB 11 The Show: Road to The Show: Player Performance Evaluator

Not only do we summarize your at bats, but the system also evaluates several things during each at bat to determine areas you excel in or fall short in. For batters, we evaluate your swing timing, contact quality, plate discipline, pitch recognition, and finally your overall at bat results. This data is tracked for your most recent 100 plate appearances and is displayed in the locker room screen, under the Player Performance Evaluator tab.

LB 11 The Show: Road to The Show: Player Performance Evaluator

For pitchers, we keep track of your strikes versus balls thrown, percentage of first pitch strikes, percentage you work ahead in the count, a breakdown of your pitch type tendencies, and finally your overall batter’s faced results. The same holds true with batters in that the data is tracked for your most recent 100 batters faced.

LB 11 The Show: Road to The Show: Player Performance Evaluator

After we’ve tracked enough data to establish your play style tendencies, we then determine the areas you need to improve on and trigger the training session that best suits that area. The training modes have been overhauled for batting and pitching this year to now focus on specific areas for each. The new batting training modes include timing training, contact training, discipline training, recognition training, and good at bat training. The new pitching training modes include knockout training, pitch location training, pitch type training, and sim game training.

LB 11 The Show: Road to The Show: Player Performance Evaluator

Each of these trainings have their own specific purpose. For instance, in timing training your goal is to hit the ball fair with well-timed swings – swings that are too early or too late will count against you. For pitch type training, you will be told what pitch to throw and given a target for the location. Hitting the target with a different pitch or missing the target will not reward you. Each of these trainings also have levels of difficulty ranging from 1 to 5. In Road to The Show, you’ll start at level 1 and once you achieve the target success for that level, you’ll unlock the next level. Each level brings a new set of challenges so for example, level 1 timing training will require you to have 7 successes, whereas level 4 will require 10.

LB 11 The Show: Road to The Show: Player Performance Evaluator

We’re very excited about this year’s new Performance Evaluator and training mode additions and hope you are as well. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to pre-order your copy MLB 11 The Show on PS3 to get 30 days FREE MLB.TV! We were able to get a few test codes to check out last year’s games and this really is a cool app. Follow your favorite team home or away on your PS3 with MLB.TV.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • Insane, make the awesome stop, I am losing my mind.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait to play. 2 more weeks!!

  • Oh god I can’t wait to get back into RTTS.
    I took my pitcher into 2020 before I stopped playing because there was nothing left for me to accomplish with him.

  • Will any retail store Demo the whole game soon? I really want to try to retail version of the game at a Best Buy or a Sony Style Store? I always say I will buy the Show next year, and I don’t I think I finally might!

  • Hey can you guys make “Hugo” a default name.
    That’s be awesome!
    Getting this game day 1.

  • So does the Show support Move or not?

  • Oh and BTW does the free 3o-day MLB.TV trial start when the season starts or can you choose when to start it?

  • You guys going to put out the trophy list anytime soon?


  • The next innovation in sports games needs to be the marriage of sport simulation with cinematic excitement.

    Those recent MLB 11 trailers are awesome: a vital turning point in the game, exciting music, slow-motion video, tense over-the-top play-by-play. Absolute brilliance.

    But where is that drama in the actual game?

    Somehow, NextGen games need to recognize vital moments, and then make them exciting to participate in. Maybe something like bullet-time: the moment the computer recognizes that a homerun (or a near homerun) has been hit (just as the ball hits the bat), switch into a slow-motion heightened scensory mode. Everything is still controllable, but the announcers are more excited. The crowd is more excited. And when that ball edges over the far fence: pandamonia. Or if it gets snagged by a leaping outfielder: pandamonia.

    I don’t want every moment of a game to feel exciting and dramatic, but I want dramatic moments to feel exciting and dramatic.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • A two-pitch flyout results in 11 points, whereas a one-pitch hit results in three points? Please explain.

  • SmooshyKing you obviously didn’t play this game last year did you. When you hit a homerun it switches to a different camera and looks pretty sweet

  • cant wait to play this game best baseball game hands down

  • Is the World Series going to be special in The Show 11? I felt like it was just another game in 09. I love the new Performance Evaluator.

  • Love the Show two request. First my best friend’s last name is Hayslip, it’d be cool if I could make him with his real name.

    Finally, can you guys beef up the record books? At leasat give us fuller Career, Single Season and Maybe Game records? I’d LOVE a team records option too for at least season and career. Lastly, a bonus would be an all-time list that shows the top 10 or more in history so you can see how you are climbing the charts? Add those in and I wouldn’t need my computer baseball sim anymore, only the show.

  • Could you guys add the last name Baquero to the commentary for next year? This game is a definite buy for me every year and it would make it more awesome!


  • Someone needs to fire this A-hole that changed the button controls! Same goes for the Dip $h1t over at EA Sports! It started with Fight Night Rd 4 and Now Champion! Analog is not 100% accurate when trying throw a 5 punch combinations. The maker of this game… must have got his ass whooped at Fight Night rd 2… the best punching game of all fight nights. To top it off! If you try to use the buttons to punch… the a- hole made the punches slower forcing you to use the analog! Also Mike Tysons hooks and upper cuts were never blocked with out him moving his apponent 5 feet across the ring. He still hurt them even whe they blocked! Ali blocks his Hooks like Nothing! Ali wouldnt last 2 rounds With Tyson! Watch high light A- hole Tyson Was stronger and faster then Ali! Get Ur $h1t right! Analog Controls are good for some games but not sports! MLB was my Favorite sport game but after playing the demo its just Stupid! Everyone will be good at this game! analog takes the skill out of it. People i whooped 18-0 in mlb10 will be good at mlb11.! garbage game maker!

  • @18. Button controls are still in the game MORON, and analog works fine, you’re just garbage, I call BS on the 18-0 lies. Learn to go into options and change controls. If you cant even figure out hoe to change controls in options, no one can believe your even smart enough to play a game.

    Button or analog the game plays the same.

    how does flicking a stick instead of a button take skill out of it? LMAO, a button press is even easier. Mos comlained analog was too hard, your full of crap.

  • I requested the following names be added via the OS forums multiple times in the “name request” threads over the past year. I would like to confirm that they have been added.

    First name – Ikaika
    Last name – Schallman

    Thank you :)

  • Can next year’s game incorporate your player from the last year’s Road to the Show mode? I’d like to build upon my player but just in the newest game out.

  • Looks good but not my kind of game

  • Is there any possible way you could add “Atchley” (Atch-Lee) for a last name in next year’s game? My last name has made it on one game in the past twenty years… I would love to hear it why playing the Show!

  • @6 The Move is only for the Home Run Derby.

  • I love this game, but I must respectfully disagree with your assessment on why a two-pitch flyout is better than a one-pitch single.

    I don’t mind that a one-pitch single is only worth 3 points, but unless a two-pitch flyout moves a runner over, then it shouldn’t be considered a good at bat. Two pitches is better than one, but it’s hardly making a pitcher work for an out.

    Other than that, I really like the sound of the new player evaluator. Great stuff.

  • Two pitchers *are* better than one

  • My biggest concerns about RTTS 2011 is that it has not changed the thing that irritated me the most about 2010. The thing that killed me was that there is no DH only mode. Meaning I do not want to run the bases nor play the field. I only want to hit.
    Now, there are game play options that allow you to do this but the game still requires you to participate in running/fielding trainings even though I opted not to control this feature. This is ANNOYING! By neglecting these trainings your player is benched and in some instances demoted. This is simply retarded. If you turn off the features in the game play TURN OFF THE TRAININGS!
    Thats my rant.
    Looking forward to the new release.
    Play Ball!

  • Do you see a ‘Expansion Mode’ or ‘Stadium Builder’ anytime soon?

  • can you add the last name preusch to mlb12

  • another cool feature you should add to next years game is the DNA feature they have in the NBA game. it would make the exhibition games much more fun to play later on in the year.
    ive been getting this game since mlb07

  • Any idea if training drills (like in the PS3) will be in RTTS for PSP.

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