World Premiere Alert: inFAMOUS 2, SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3 DLC reveals on GTTV tonight!

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On tonight’s GameTrailers TV episode #404, PlayStation fans *will* find what they’re looking for. (That’s some web coding humor right there; I hope you didn’t do a spit take on your keyboard from that zinger.)

GTTV visited Sucker Punch recently to interview the minds behind inFAMOUS 2, and will exclusively host the brand new Karma Trailer. The inimitable Geoff Keighley also stopped by Zipper to interview one of the lead designers of SOCOM 4 and uncover covert missions, and more.

All that, and a first look at DLC pack 2 of Killzone 3 (you did pick up the Retro Map Pack on Tuesday, right?) Here’s a quick peek at the show, and feel free to ignore everything in between SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED:

So set your DVRs, grab a quick nap now or start shotgunning 5-Hour Energy, the weekend starts tonight!

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  • Sounds hot to me. Loving KZ3, cant wait for Socom 4 and inFAMOUS 2, so this should be a fun show! All out SCE show tonight? I like the sound of that! =p I’ll definitely be watching!

  • Jeff,
    Is it possible to confirm if the new dlc for Killzone 3 will have trophies. I’m assuming it will but I just want to know for sure. Also, is it going to be $5 like the Retro Map Pack?

  • Wow, DLC for all three of those games being announced? GTTV must be in good standing with the big boys at SCE! :)

    Anyhow, I’ll be watching for sure since I’m VERY curious as to how GG plan on keeping Killzone 3 fresh. Hopefully we’ll hear something later down the line in regards to weapons, vehicles and more maps/modes.

    And I also hope they eventually open up all the maps to work with every mode (although I’m hoping this happens through a patch and not paid DLC).

  • Put the Jeep from KZ3’s SP (cutscene with jammer and the earth digger) and KZ2 (Garza and Sev’s ride) in MP already, or just let us drive it finally! Please…

  • Oh gosh here comes more map packs for killzone 3 sheesh! How about some dlc for the single player campaign to.

  • Nice #TeamBON

  • hoping for weapons in KZ3 Map Pack 2, something reminiscent of Napalm and Cordite Map Pack for KZ2 maybe?

  • does inFAMOUS support move??

  • I do wonder who chose the time slot for this show? A prime time if there ever was one! Almost as if they want people not to watch. Like when you search G4 for a relevant show, but instead you find Cops on…all the time! Cops is a great show don’t get me wrong, but where are the other shows for tech information? And why don’t they replay appropriately? I suppose some things are better left unsaid?

  • I’ll be to busy playing Killzone 3 bother with this. Just post on the Blog this information when you guys are done [DELETED] around with Television. lol

  • Awesome, thanks for the heads up Jeff!

  • Cant wait for Killzone 3 DLC

  • I hope they announce move support for Infamous 2 ….. now wth is with DLC coming out soo fast… not cool

  • I hope there are some more trophies for KZ3’s DLC. I’m just one trophy away from a Platinum on KZ3, Which is beat the game on Elite. And I’m on the last mission. This game is so Legendary and hard!

  • The game has been out for a 3 days, and 1 day in Europe, and we already have our second batch of DLC for Killzone 3 coming, does anyone else find this a bit odd?

  • Yeah, Kz 3 is good, but 2 dlc packs already reeks of fleecing the consumer, Retro pack should have come with the game.

  • Infamous 2 will be June’s dynamo. I base monthly winners, and Infamous 2 is June’s landmark.

  • @ Link01 Move support has already been confirmed for Infamous 2… Just waiting for the release day to finally arrive so we can start enjoying it ^.^

  • Thats a lot of DLC haha, but the more maps, the better! IT is odd that there is all ready that much DLC since the game JUST came out…

    I wish they just put them on the disk, but Kz3 is all ready worth way over 60 dollars, your getting a lot of content (HIGH quality content for 60 bucks)
    So I can understand why they decided to save these maps for map packs, more profit that way!

  • Got my dvr set cant wait to watch!!!!


  • Infamous 2 demo please!!!

  • Isn’t the GTTV like a 30Min show? I’m hoping this won’t be like a short two minute interview with little gameplay scenes like they did when they had Jaffe & Twisted Metal on the show.

    Jeff, are you guys gonna be posting like the uncut interviews & the new trailers later tonight?

    And GDC next week, right? Can we expect more interviews?
    Can we get one from NamcoBandai with the progress of Tales of Graces F. That would be greatly appreciated. It would also be pretty cool to hear some of the developers on their impression on NGP too.


    NUFF SAID!!!

  • Ah there was a Kinect commercial before the video played…Fail

  • all that in 2011

    sweet lord thanks for the PS brand!!!

    *by lord i mean no one :)

  • i Have Killzone 3 Helghast edition and Sharp Shooter, now my next games are: Motorstorm Apocalypse, Socom 4, InFamous hero Edition, Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3

  • Looks great!

    But where is the dead nation DLC?

  • Hoo boy, a 404 joke. Good to see you aren’t saving all your A-game material for the PS blog get-togethers :P

  • Just saw the Evil Cole’s Ionic Vortex,My god it’s going to be Epic!
    Beast i’m coming to get u!

  • So about 10 pm for PST.

  • Now, I’m all for DLC coming out shortly after a games release. i think the 2weeks to 1month time zone is perfect, cuz i tend to get burnt on games (shooters specifically) before their map packs come out 6-8 weeks later. That said, I completely disagree with DLC being available the same day a game releases. Well, I disagree with it if it costs money (lookin at you, retro pack), I’m 10000% for it if its free. Thats an excellent sign of good faith if theres free DLC on day 1. But I for one, won’t be buying the retro pack any time soon.

  • from what i saw of the kz3 maps it looked pretty good

    This something I would love to do in Home sit down with my friends in my apt. and watch stuff like this.

  • “and feel free to ignore everything in between SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3.”

    Lol will do

    Sony doesn’t even want me to watch Xbox stuff lol!

    Hey you don’t have to tell me, I already know I don’t wanna play Halo and Gears cus I wanna play a ton of playstation exclusives! If I wanted to play Cod all year I’d be on 360!

  • Give me some SOCOM action!

  • Shouldn’t it say Friday morning at 1:10am, since this news is suppose to be new, and Thursday 1:10am is now the past?

  • New single player dlc? oh wait, it’s multiplayer as usual :P

  • It’s been 2 days since the game has come out and there’s already talks about KZ3 DLC? I’m sorry but that’s a joke.

  • is this why KZ3 only had 8 maps?
    because the rest is DLC?
    Im returning this game just for that

  • you’re ALREADY announcing more paid DLC for KZ3?

    Holy ****, talk about ****ing milking your game dry. I thought Activision is bad.

    Protip, if you already have DLC to show, you could have included it in the game for free.

  • Why is everyone freaking out over KZ3 already having new DLC? Between the time when a game goes gold and is actually released there is usually a month or two. You can’t expect a developer to sit there and do nothing and get paid for it. Creating new DLC while the game gets made at the factories makes logical sense… unless of course you would like the game to be delayed for another couple months for two extra maps.

  • @16
    Retro Pack technically did come with the game. If you pre-ordered through Amazon you got the Retro Pack. If you get the Helghast Edition you got the Retro Pack. I think even Best Buy’s came with the Retro Pack. Not so sure about Gamestop.

  • @40 I wasn’t one of the people complaining but comon that’s just BS. And even IF the DLC was made in its entirety after the game turned gold they should hold onto it until at least like April or late March. Medal of Honor released DLC on November 2nd and it came out October 12th and people were FLIPPING OUT.

    Sony is probably worried about Homefront and Crysis 2 coming up so they’re releasing DLC REAL early and then they battle with themselves in April with Socom, June with Infamous 2, and of course everyone who calls themselves gamers should be getting uncharted 3 unless they’re a xbox fanboy.

    Still…kinda pathetic. I mean TWO days after release? As long as it’s free but if it’s not then oh man sales of it aren’t going to be that high

  • I’d like to watch it but I will never give GTTV any ratings. I don’t care for Gametrailers either so hopefully the good stuff gets put on PSN (and I don’t mean the whole episode).

  • Hooray

  • killzone steel map pack looks ready to be in the actual launch disc of killzone 3. not good u held it back for dlc $. noooooo

  • @42 Might suck, but that DLC will still sell like pancakes and I would almost guarantee that 98% of the people freaking out here will buy it day 1.

    It’s like PC games and DRM for example. Everytime Ubisoft releases a new game, you have people whining about it’s DRM on day one, and saying they will never buy their products again.. until they release a new game, you have these very same people saying the very same thing on day 1 of release.

  • whys loading this article asking for a gametrailers password pop-up?

    anyhow, not really looking for those 3 games… i am, however, looking for Destruction derby 3… anyone???

  • Wow it really does have a kinect commercial before the vid…thats horrible. If I was Sony I’d be mad.

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