Patapon 3 Hits April 12th for $19.99 on UMD and PSN

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Patapon 3 Hits April 12th for $19.99 on UMD and PSN

Starting today, we can begin the long-awaited countdown to Patapon 3’s launch on April 12!! It’s been a little over a year since the Patapons forces, led by the masked Hero Patapon engaged in an all-out blitz offensive against the Karmen forces. Many an eye was lost, but the brave mono-ocular warriors pushed through courageously… until they reached the most evil demon warrior this side of Patapolis. So what happened after that intense, life-changing battle at the end of Patapon 2?

To paraphrase, some seriously epic stuff went down. Mind blowing… with a cherry on top.

Victorious and jubilant from their conquests, the Patapon pushed on until they came across an gigantic vessel, locked with ancient magic and scribed up it an ominous message:

Heed this warning mortal beings

Destruction and darkness locked within

Run away and don’t look back

Lest you wish for seven evils to attack!

Patapon 3 for PSP (PSN and UMD)Patapon 3 for PSP (PSN and UMD)

But, to their misfortune, the Patapon tribe’s newfound arrogance got the best of them. Together they stabbed, poked and kicked until the lock gave way in a thunderous explosion. Before the Patapon could gather the severity of their actions, they were all turned to the hardest of stones. .. all but one lone brave Patapon, Hatapon, the flag bearer.

This is where we rejoin the Patapon saga, on a dark and desolate battle field, surrounded by a sea of stone soldiers and a new evil threatening the very existence of the Patapon world. As there are no troops left, you the Mighty One, will fuse your essence with a fallen soldier and create a brand new hero, the Uberhero Patapon!

Patapon 3 for PSP (PSN and UMD)

Some of you got to experience a small portion of this adventure last summer with the open multiplayer beta. Since then, we’ve been furiously implementing some of the changes requested – and we are very sure that you will enjoy the results of this joint effort.

Available as both UMD disc and PSP PSN download, this fantastic new adventure with new weapons, new levels, new characters and new online multiplayer adventures can go home with you for the pocket friendly price of $19.99 USD.

April 12, your PSP will sing the hypnotizing battle cry we’ve all grown to love: Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon!

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  • first i can’t wait to play

  • You guys make games too quickly! I’m still not finished with patapon 1 and I haven’t even touched the second one yet. Too many games too little time. I guess that is a good problem to have.

  • Day One, Day One, Day One, Day One

  • $20 you say? HA!

  • As usual PS3 never gets a Patapon game.

  • So, when are you going to announce the NGP version of Locoroco with tilt and rear touch controls you’re undoubtedly working on? :p

  • Add another psp game to my collection!

  • Wow, finally! We definitely need more games with Infrastructure multiplayer modes.

  • Sooooo can’t wait for this game!!! I wish we would get an English demo before then!

  • pon pon pata pon!

  • Wish this was playable without a PSP!

  • If I buy this on PSN, will I be able to play it on the NGP? Or are you guys gonna have a special version for NGP with bonus stuff like trophies or touch controls, etc. It’s okay if you can’t answer though.

    Also I think it would be more awesome if you guys sold the UMD with the Downloadable copy for free much like how studios are selling the first print of Blu-rays with a free Downloadable copy. But with the $20 price tag, I Can’t pass that up, I shall buy it and add it to my PSP collection. :)

  • I think i may cry i’m so happy, have been waiting for who knows how long for a release date! now to get a PSN Card, so i can buy it when the store updates on the 12th of April :D

  • I love Patapons. I think you should make some refrigerator magnets and sell them. Would be nice to make an epic battle on my fridge.

  • will buy at that ridiculous price. increasing my downloadable game library in anticipation for “NGP” [DELETED]

  • I was under the impression the entire campaign was co-op.

    No dice?

  • Why would I buy this on UMD when the new PSP 2 wont support it?

  • Any news on how large the game size will be? I’d like to pick it up digitally if it’s under 1 GB.

  • Finally… I’ve been waiting for this… forever…

  • This series has always looked interesting to me, as has Locoroco (whose PS3 title I *love*), but I’m not buying a PSP to play it.

    I sincerely hope all these titles get patched/updated for PS3/NGP play at a higher resolution. Almost all PSP games and minis just look distractingly awful when played on my PS3 and 50″ HDTV.

    PS: Please patch Locoroco PS3 with trophies!!! :)

  • Amazing list of PSP games coming almost week after week:
    Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, The 3rd Birthday, Patapon 3, FFIV Complete Collection. My PSP will be very busy.

  • WHY OH WHY won’t they allow the PSP PSN games to be played via PS3?

    Some PS3 games can be played on PS3 via remote play, Minis can be played on ALL systems, PS1 games on all systems….but PS3 can’t handle PSP games??

    There are SO many PSP PSN games I’d get if the PS3 could play them.

  • @22 if the PS3 could play PSP games, there would be no point in having a PSP, except to play the games on the go, which majority of gamers (at least the ones i know) don’t do. making the PSP obsolete would be pointless, as Sony tries hard to make it a good system, and i for one believe they have. Love my PSP, almost more than my PS3, but i think the NGP will take #1 in my heart when it arrives.
    Also @12, if i’m not mistaken, i believe it was said that all PSN games will be able to be played on NGP, meaning Minis and full PSP games, so PSPgo owners should be a little happier with that fact.

  • Please make a PS3 version.

  • Now that the PSP is DEAD (and its successor announced) you come to reason and start pricing games like this appropriately. How nice of you /sarcasm.

  • #26 I really wouldn’t call the PSP dead yet, the way Sony still supports the PS2 you never know how long the PSP will last.

  • Looks awesome…Too bad i don’t have a PSP.
    like patapon 1&2 not on the PS3. D:

  • …wow, hopefully the game date doesn’t change again. Had preorder this last year @ gamestop thinking it be out for Nov 11, then date got changed to March 9. oh well, at least I know it’d be a great game, now just need to have better stuff for pre-ordering for the anticipated wait.

  • So, is this going to feature a data install option, by any chance?

  • Is there any reason to get the UMD since the NGP is coming out?

  • Can’t wait. I have been waiting to hear more about this game for a long time.

  • sweet price, dont have a psp though, althou i have played the first, but seriously developers, i think you should make a patapon for ps3 and incorporate move or sixxaxis controls, doesnt have to be a port of the psp games, it could have an original storyline, or a port, either way i’d be fine, and i’m sure the rest of the community would be as well

  • Best news of the year(For me)so far!! I just recently got into this series last month and love it, I just can’t get enough. Looking forward to the third installment, Pata Pon Don Chaka!! :D

  • pata pata pata pon! Can’t wait, day 1 digital buy for me. PSPgo will be happy :)

  • @ Dragun619: All PSP games purchased through the PSN will be playable on the NGP.

    Or, it’s been announced for the launch version of the NGP anyway. Y’never know, for later iterations of the hardware.

  • Awesome cant wait for it!

  • Daya, Daya, Daya, ONE!!!

  • THIS is the pricepoint all PSP games need to be at. At this price on launch day I WILL be buying this game from the PSN. Just like I bought every other patapon game :D

  • Alright! Been waiting for this too! Was just researching it the other day!

  • Just wanted to log in and say THANK YOU Patapon team for this game. The demo was awesome and the previous games were great. I honestly thought the game already came out, but I am glad that is not the case as I will now have plenty of people to co-op online with once this launches.

  • That’s a great price point. Will definitely look into this! :)

  • More Patapon is always a good thing. Definitely a franchise Sony should be proud of because it’s very very good.

  • Patapon looks cool and all, but until the downloadable version’s price is lower than the physical copy, I’m not interested.

  • Finally, the most epic game on the PSP gets a release date :D Everyone who says that it needs to be cheaper… You obviously haven’t played the demo or Patapon 1 and 2. And everyone who says that it needs to be made on the PS3 as well can get out of my sight.

  • Still waiting on a PS3 version *sighs*

  • Pata pata pata pon!

  • @DZORMAGEN: because some people aren’t getting a PSP2, person who thinks he’s the only gamer in the entire world.

  • November 11th, March 9th. Now April 12th… I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • i played the japan demo for 110 hours.
    im completely ready when it releases on psn.

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