Declassified: SOCOM 4’s Online Co-Op

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As the April 19th release date for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs quickly approaches we’re happy to go into detail about everything the game has to offer, which is quite a lot! In addition to its cinematic single-player campaign and highly addictive online competitive multiplayer,  SOCOM 4 also features a cooperative multiplayer mode where up to five people can play through a number of dynamic missions set up specifically for co-op play.

SOCOM 4’s cooperative mode features two main game types: “Takedown” and “Espionage.” Takedown charges your team with scouring an enemy-filled location in search of opposing VIPs that you must neutralize however you can. Espionage turns the focus to intelligence gathering, where you must use teamwork to track down enemy data and sabotage their local operations.

SOCOM 4: Co-opSOCOM 4: Co-op

Before each co-op mission begins, you’re able to adjust both the overall difficulty and the density of the enemy soldiers positioned on the map. But even at its easiest, SOCOM 4’s cooperative mode has been designed to be challenging – as you progress, you’ll need to use teamwork by calling out enemies and objectives to your squadmates.

SOCOM 4: Co-op

Today’s co-op unveil isn’t the last you’ll hear of SOCOM 4 this week. Tune in to GameTrailers TV tonight and learn how stealth plays a big part in the game’s campaign in addition to another special announcement fans won’t want to miss!

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  • Is this local and online?

  • This looks awesome!Is it possible that MAG’s secret sauce will be used in SOCOM 4? Will there be tons of players in MP? Thank you Zipper for your great games!

    • 32-player maximum in competitive MP
      5-player maximum in cooperative MP

      SOCOM 4 has its own original sauce; I liken it to a smokey BBQ

  • one question Socom 4 is only multiplayer or have campaing and multiplayer?

  • i want kevin butler on my team

  • Me and my Bros is SOCOM, eff ya!

  • doesnt look like a socom game at all.

  • Obligatory Beyond! Thanks for the Great Update.

  • Looks alright.

  • Looks pretty epic.

  • I never got into to co op not even with socom combine assulat, I alwasy seem to find players who just goof around. It does look intersting and hopefully you can heal your teammates just like in combine assualt

  • OTS view is garbage. Why is there no option for a the normal classic view?

  • #1 just online sadly i would prolly rush to purchase it if it was co-op 5 player local that would be so awesome D:

  • Socom 4 is not only multiplayer right?

    This game have multiplayer and Campaing right?

  • oh sorry i not read the post lol this have campaing right?

  • We are gun shy of you zipper.Next time please explain why a game you made will not be able to have maps.Not meaning like RDR…meaning its 5 o clock in mag all the time.Everything looks the same time of day.

  • erick it has Campaing, This is not Slant Six Games, This is Zipper, experts in Third Person Shooters , this is going to be Epic, Im waiting a KB comercial of SOCOM xD

  • @erick_34

    yes sir.. both.

    On topic, online coop objective is always very fun.

  • yes it coop and single player, hey zipper it would be great when socom comes out that you did dev night, where you guys show us how you would do the coop mission and do it with us!!!!

  • I wasn’t sure if I wanted the new socom, but i’ve made up my mind. Looks smoother than other first person shooters, and i’m eager to see how it looks in 3D. I really hope all playing features, campaign, coop, etx are all 3D capable.

  • I don’t get how people can watch the video and still ask if it has campaign mode??? It has campaign, multiplayer and co-op, pay attention.

  • Looking pretty good…warming my sharp shooter up on Kill Zone right now…Headshot coming your way April 19th!

  • @REDSOX1383 because not all see the video and others do not know how to speak very good the English and if asked was because I had not seen the video or read the post

  • I was hoping Co-Op would be for the campaign, too. I’ll mostly stick to MP rather than A.I. opponents. I’m so glad another SOCOM game is coming though! No other game has the fixed TP camera, hip fire/scope accuracy system, and movement speed that SOCOM has.

  • online coop just sold me into definitely buying this game, awesome addition to the game Zipper!

  • great job zipper. just let us know when the beta is coming out. really eager to try it out…

  • This game comes out the same day as Mortal Kombat!
    Looks like I have some saving up to do.

  • Is there going to be a demo on PSN?

  • How’s campaign? When do we get to see details on that? I haven’t played any other Socom games so yea, very interested if this game has a good story.

  • My prayers, and those of my 4 closest friends, have been answered. This really is what we have been waiting for.

    Does the sharpshooter come with stickers for killzone 3 or socom 4? Ive seen pics that have different stickers. Regardless, me want NOW! Will the sharpshooter be usable in the beta?

    • The sharp shooter comes with stickers for both Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 actually.

      Unfortunately, we’re not talking about the beta and what it does/ doesn’t do until next week.

  • Looks Pretty, but I still don’t get that SOCOM feeling from anything I have seen…

    …waiting to try it out for myself.

  • I will get it, if SP gets positive reviews.

  • Any hints on how when the beta will start or how long it will last?

  • I think it looks too much like MAG. And MAG wasn’t like SOCOM.

  • It looks a lot more like MAG visually than I expected. We all know that MAG was actually Socom first but I thought there would be a bigger distinction graphically between the two. I’m still hype though just not as much

  • @ Jeremy Dunham
    i think you guys should try and allow us to be able to have the option of custom camo. Also what about the controller presets for the sharpshooter? i have KZ# and i dislike using the sharpshooter on there because the controller presets and setting never can equal to a balanced settings for the move.

  • hope this one redeems the series from the joke slant 6 turned it into

  • Anything smaller than 32 vs 32 feels super small these days.

    But it’s great to see Valor made it into another game. :D

  • Please make resistance have move control, I am loving killzone 3 & I cannot wait for this to come out aswell.

    Well done sony you have the last laugh

  • Uh can you play with like one other person or does it only allow you to start when there are 5 ppl ready?
    PS this game just went to the top of the list again :)

  • This is sweet news!

  • Hi Jeremy, I picked up KZ3 ( yes,i know Imagine Me buying a GG’s game) yesterday just to get a Socom 4 Beta Code and there’s only 6 number/letters for the code. I just got the Sharpshooter today as well. How’s about Hooking up this Die Hard Canadian Socom Player. I’ve played em all and been in betas since the psp versions….. Have been waiting for this game since the first announcement 5 years ago….

  • I meant to say, MY Beta code doesn’t work…..I have Socom4 prepaid for, I just gotta wait….

  • This game looks awful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a series go from acclaimed to ruined faster than Socom has. Keep copying COD boys. Its not like you guys have a fan base for this game anymore anyways.

  • Add hot gun, grenade arc, leaning, lobbies, jump to climb, classic view and real classic mode. Also remove (Uncharted) cover system, radar and E-Tags, then it will be a Socom game. Until then this game is not Socom.

  • Lets hope SOCOM returns to its roots.

    I would love to try the beta.


  • I bought Killzone 3 and it came wit a code for the socom 4 beta but it wont let me redeem it yet. when will the code be available for retrieval for the beta???

  • socom 4 is going to be the game of the year

  • Finally! The true Socom is back!

  • yo roper /dunham. wassup. 1 question.. WHen it says you can adjust the diffuculty b4 the mission. How many levels of diffulty are there,.? Most socoms had 4or5.

    Willthe towning down have a effect of what you take on.. or mission objectives.La ftb series.?

    mcbuttz78-vp of psn legionaires group

    • Co-op has three available levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard), while the single-player campaign has four (Easy, Normal, Hard, Elite).

  • So awesome! Already paid off my order at Gamestop. This game is going to be so sick. Thanks for the awesome addition of co-op multiplayer. I love it already.
    I’m in gaming heaven right now btw, Killzone 3 is the SHIZNITZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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