MLB 11 The Show Co-op Mode Detailed: Demo Available Now!

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MLB 11 The Show Co-op Mode Detailed: Demo Available Now!

MLB 11 The Show: Co-op Play

Before I introduce MLB 11 The Show’s new co-op mode, I want to remind everyone that the MLB 11 The Show demo is now available for download on the PlayStation Store! Play four innings in beautiful AT&T Park in this World Series rematch as the San Francisco Giants take on the Texas Rangers. I hope you enjoy.

Now on to co-op! For those of you that follow us closely, you know that we spend a lot of time reading feedback from all of our fans out there. One of the features that many of you have been pushing for is the desire to play The Show with someone as a teammate, instead of just as an opponent. So, this year we created a co-op mode that gives you and a buddy the ability to play on the same team against the CPU, against 1 player, or against 2 other players.

MLB 11 The Show: Co-op Play

Here’s how it works…you’re able to customize who will be responsible for the different offensive and defensive areas of the game. When you’re at bat, you can choose to allow one person to do all of the batting or choose to alternate batters. The base running works in the opposite way so if you’re batting, your teammate will be responsible for the base running allowing you to work together for sacrifices and hit and runs. I promise you, if you’re playing a 2v2 co-op offline, you’ll start to develop hand signals with your teammate for these situations. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but it’s going to happen.

When you’re in the field, there are four different controllable areas—pitcher, catcher, infield, and outfield. Again, you have the ability to customize who is responsible for different areas. The pitcher, like the batter, can alternate between the teammates (per inning).

MLB 11 The Show: Co-op Play

To help avoid the confusion of who is doing what, we created some graphics that use your player’s color to indicate what responsibilities you have at any given moment. You’ll see the description as you load into a co-op game, and the dynamic icons will drop down from the scorebar at the beginning of each at bat.

Co-op is also available online allowing two systems and four players maximum (two users per team) to play a head-to-head game. The PlayStation Network user logged in will receive the game stats and points on their profile. The other user is their copilot, so to speak. Users can also play an unranked co-op game—two users, on two different systems, on the same team, versus the CPU.

Now, typically when you think of sports video games, you think of the competitiveness (and trash talking) that comes with trying to beat down your buddy, humiliating him, and making him cry, which is always fun. With that said, the first reaction to playing as a teammate might be that you would lose some of that enjoyment, at least that was always my impression. Boy was I wrong. While playing with another member of the team here in San Diego, by the second inning into our first game you started hearing…”You are killing me,” “I’m going to have to do all of this myself, aren’t I?,” “Man, you’re awful,” etc…(quotes edited and censored of course). Co-op brings a whole new way to enjoy MLB 11 The Show so we hope you have as much fun with it as we do, and that you don’t lose too many friends from the experience. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to pre-order your copy MLB 11 The Show on PS3 to get 30 days FREE MLB.TV! We were able to get a few test codes to check out last year’s games and this really is a cool app. Follow your favorite team home or away on your PS3 with MLB.TV.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • I wish the NFL license with EA would expire already so Sony could make an awesome exclusive NFL game.

  • Awesome! Love the demo,definitely a learning curve though with the new controls. Can’t wait for co op ( online especially ) as this is the biggest selling point for me .

    Thanks and keep up the good work .You’ve already got my money paid in full for the game :)

  • I really wish this was available in franchise mode. I would love to play through a franchise with my buddy from the comfort of our own couches. Is there anyway of adding this via a patch or possibly be tabled for next years game?

  • Will we be able to carry our RTTS guy over from MLB 10 on either the psp, ps3, or both?

    I’m 6 seasons into the game on my PSP and am just now to free agency.

  • Is this game going work with the PS move?

  • The new controls are impossible to use!
    I managed only 4 hits in 9 innings (game was tied 0-0).
    Had to intentionally hit the batters just so the game would end.

    • Did you think they would be easy? If you just picked up the game and started hitting .358 you would be complaining its to easy.

  • @Eddy Cramm Y’all gotta put Roberson Cano on the cover of MLB The Show 2012.

    Lets go Yankees….

  • I’m loving this demo on my 3D TV,along with the analog swing control! As far as the analog pitch control,not so much…

  • I totally intend on starting a cycle of steroids gearing up for MLB 11 The Show.

    “Baseball was so much better when everyone used steroids. People lead the league now with 13 homeruns. Back in the day of Sammy Sosa that was a slow weekend.”

  • I’ve played the demo and it looks great the analog controls are good it takes awhile to learn but it’s great. Overall very good. I can’t wait to get the full game on March 8th. Great job SCEA.

  • I’m a huge fan of MLB The Show believe it’s the best sports game ever but I have to agree with Trix they’re horrible. I thought you guys tighten up on the hitting last year but these new controls kills it and let’s not talk about pitching because that is a nightmare. Being a veteran I will be switching to classic but I how do I tell a friend buy The Show but switch to classic mode because the new hitting system blows?

  • looks good! Thinking about getting this! More games should have split-screen, co-op, ect.

  • Can you play co-op in franchise mode? even if you can’t this game is gonna be great. Go Braves

  • baseball game of forever

  • @Ramone Russell. Thanks for the honest and truthful reply. Maybe people will stop complaining.

    The new controls are impossible to use!
    I managed only 4 hits in 9 innings (game was tied 0-0).
    Had to intentionally hit the batters just so the game would end.

    Eddy Cramm’s Avatar

    Ramone Russell | February 23rd, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Did you think they would be easy? If you just picked up the game and started hitting .358 you would be complaining its to easy.

  • omg…i love this….baseball n hockey rulz…..wooot

  • Please answer, can you co op the season mode? what modes can you play it?

  • What a load of garbage.

    No offense but if you’d been listening to your customers then why did it take you 10 years to finally implement this? All Star Baseball (which was terrible) had this in 2001.

    Additionally thanks for leaving it out of franchise/season, it’s not like playing pointless exhibitions against the computer will ever get old. (Definitely sarcastic)

  • This does look cool but I agree, why is there no option to play a Franchise co-op? That would be the perfect time to use it. My buddy and I did our own co-op last year by passing the controller back and forth but this would’ve been great to do a draft with my buddy and play thru a full season co-op style

  • To Strut:

    They won’t admit it but I’ll bet they’re saving features for next years game because they’re running low on ideas and need to warrant a purchase for what is otherwise essentially a roster update. I think if more people realized this was for exhibition/online only they’d be pretty upset.

    Most of my friends who usually buy the Show were loving this feature until they read the sad truth that Sony’s holding out. You won’t see their outrage because they don’t post on message boards but I think lots of people are in for a rude awakening on March 8th if they’re looking forward to Co-op.

  • After playing this demo, I went back and played MLB 10 (full version) to compare graphics.

    San Diego Studios definitely removed the textures on player’s uniforms and equipment. Cloth textures are in 10 but not in 11 resulting in a flat look. And in 11, they made the colors more vivid and blacks more bold resulting in more cartoonish/arcade game look. Definitely a step backwards in the looks of the players. I think they also removed the texture from the stadium, too. The faces looks better, though, and the helmets are shinier.

    Anyone else see this?

  • You don’t change a shooting game controls from r1 to the analog just like you don’t change a baseball games hitting and pitching from X to the analog. I’m really disappointed in this year demo and hopefully word of mouth can give this game some legs because this demo will not.

  • Finally, some father and son baseball moments! :)

  • After practicing with the new analog controls, I really started to like them and found them to be much more satisfying(especially homeruns). Good job Sand Diego Studios!

  • Ramone Russell’s replies to those comments felt really rude. I hardly ever comment on here but I felt the need to say something. Ugh, very hostile to say the least…

  • When I looked at the first picture I thought he wasn’t holding a bat.

  • @26 Agreed. Maybe it’s job burnout…

  • The new controls are fine, god forbid you can’t master a game in 1 hour, please. after a few games it gets easier. Hitting is not easy, the Show is a SIM, it takes a bit of practice, thats what makes the show so great.

  • You cannot use Move in a game. You can only use Move in the Home run Derby. If i wanted that I would just play the wii. This is why I will pass on MLB The Show 11. I want to be able to pitch with the Move controller….

    Hopefully in 2012.

  • @22 yes i agree doesnt look half as good as 10…dissapointed with that unless its because its a demo…they might “polish” it before release

  • This is the first time I haven’t been impressed by the yearly “The Show” demo. It seems like the team is running out of ideas and the new pitching system is awful. It seems like every sports franchise has a bad year in video games, hopefully 2012 will get things back on track.

  • I’m still getting use to the new analog controls but I feel a lot more satisfaction when i get a hit than i did by just hitting x. The new controls may take time to get use to but its definitely an improvement. If you don’t like it you can always revert back to the old settings, right?

  • For those who can’t hit…patience = key. Just like in real baseball.

  • @32, are you serious, the pitching with analog is the best thing on the demo, not only is your speed of your analog movement effect speed of pitches, the accuracy of your movement effects the placement. It’s not hard to use, please. Real baseball is not easy the first time you play, neither is the show, as its a realistic sim. Almost all hardcore baseball fans on operation sports loved the demo and the new controls, especially pitching. Not to mention they added co-op, new commentary, redid franchise AI, redid Road to the Show, added weather, Move for HR derby, updated online play. get real.

  • @35

    Obviously you would accept whatever they do as revolutionary. Also OS is the lamest website the only way they don’t ban you is if only post positive comments at all times. That site is an absolute joke.

    The co-op you reference is a fraud (online and exhibition only), new commentary w/ a new announcer reading the same lines is not a selling point, redone RTTS and franchise AI were long overdue fixes (not getting benched for failing to hit and run on a pitchout should never have been an issue; so fixing that is absolutely expected), added weather will make no difference in gameplay whatsoever, and last years online play was unplayable…so once again updating that was the least they could do.

    As someone who used to love this franchise and bought it since Cal Ripken Jr. was on the cover I can say that this years so called “innovations” and upgrades are beyond disappointing.

    I mean for crying out loud if you’re going to tout coop as a selling point than make it legitimate instead of for use in pointless exhibitions.

  • @36

    Your name says it all.

    Go play elsewhere sad little Troll.

  • I was waiting for someone to point out the name; that being said who cares?

    Anyway I’m not hip to message board lingo but isn’t a troll someone who simply seeks to annoy and disrupt message boards to ruin them for everyone?

    Read my last 3 posts and tell me where I’m wrong.

  • please tell me you uall have made some changes to franchise

  • @36

    How much can you expect a baseball game to change in 1 year? name 1 game that is as good as the show on a yearly basis.

    OS sports is a bad site because they dont put up with trolls like you? LMAO, kind shows you area troll, they are by far the most dedicated sport gaming site on the web, they know sports game. The show is about realism, not wimps like you.

  • When you have perfected the baseball sim, how can you expect drastic gameplay changes? Umm, baseball will always play like baseball, explain how they could drastically make baseball any different troll?

  • When we are going to get news about RTTS??like Picture.or.Videos

  • PS, show me anywhere I said the word revolutionary? COOP is bad because you say so? Coop with a friend is a highly requested feature, I know many who will be suing it. Online only? LMAO, thats what most people want.

  • Ok mastorofpuppetz or @ 40, 41, and 43

    Your posts read like a Sony press release if they didn’t know how to proof read. Nice Sackboy icon btw.

    It’s about realism not wimps like me? Why don’t you figure out your argument and then frame it; otherwise it’s pointless to respond. Your posts are an absolute trainwreck.

    Finally read OS’s coverage of the Show. It was essentially an advertisement for the game w/ no objective reporting done. What is a troll anyway? Someone who disagrees with you?

  • OS last review of the show was not good, so there goes your argument.

  • Your posts were a trainwreck on crack, so I posted to your level. You never had points, just stating dillusional biased opinion as fact. One person saying on a blog doesn’t make it so. the show outsells a multiplat game for a reason,and is the HIGHEST rated sports game series this gen for a reason.

  • Still waiting for you to answwer any of my questions, your avoidance speaks volumes. How can a ga,e that already plays amazingly realistic change? how can they make baseball play not like baseball, LMAO.

  • What questions? Learn to spell.

  • LMAO, learn to read, I asked several questions, again, you ignore them because you don’t have a clue. How can they make baseball play any different? They already have the gameplay down better then any sports game. How can they make baseball play different then baseball? Name 1 game that releases yearly that is as consistently good? Thats what i thought.

    There is a reason the show is the highest rated sports game this gen by a wide margin.

  • PS: Learn the difference between typo and spelling. With your atrocious grammar, you have no right to talk.

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