Bulletstorm: Play Like a Pro in Echoes

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BulletStorm for PS3

Bulletstorm is out now on PS3! Its Echoes mode challenges you to complete levels using the most creative kills possible. Here’s a head start to a high score!

Layering Skillshots

Try and execute as many different Skillshots as possible on every single enemy. A lot of the Skillshots can be stacked with other ones. For example, you can get more skillpoints out of any enemy if he’s on fire when you finish him off – this will give you +50sp for the “Afterburner” skillshot.

You could also do this while affected by Nom Juice, giving you another +50sp for the “Intoxicated” skillshot, and another +50sp if the enemy is also being affected by Puffball gas at the same time (the “Antidote” skillshot) – there are a ton of different possibilities. Experiment!

New Bonus

Every time you perform a new skillshot for the first time in an Echo, the skillpoints you earn for it will be multiplied x5. Execute as many different Skillshots as you possibly can to take advantage of this!

BulletStorm for PS3

Master the Peacemaker Carbine

The trusty PMC is well worth mastering early on, as you will always be carrying this weapon with you. Not only do you want to learn all the Skillshots for it, but you should also think long and hard about how you can combine them with other weapons. It’s also the perfect weapon to shoot running enemies in the legs with, to make them fall over.

Love the Toxic

Always make use of the Berserkers (the green charging melee enemies) and their Puffball masks. If you shoot their head the mask will explode, poisoning you if you’re standing close enough. While in this state, you get extra points (+50sp) for every enemy you kill, thanks to the “Toxic Love” Skillshot.
It’s often a good idea to wait a little before killing them, to be able to maximize your kills afterwards. Remember that if their masks are intact, you can still shoot dead Berserkers in the head to get the toxic effect – sneaky!

Time is of the Essence

The faster you finish an Echo, the more Time Bonus points you will get. Every second is worth 20sp, so try to find the perfect balance between spending an extra second or two to set up the perfect Skillshot, versus earning points for being quick. If the extra points you’ll receive for the Skillshot are worth more than the time it takes, then go ahead and do it.

BulletStorm for PS3

Plan your Charge Shots and Thumpers

Using the Leash’s Thumper and all the weapons’ Charge Shots enables a lot of Skillshots that you can’t do otherwise, so make sure to utilize them. Keep in mind that it costs nothing to refill at the Dropkits – but you only have three of each between each Dropkit, so learn the Echoes well to know where to use them for optimal Skillpoints.

Change Weaponry for New Skillshots

Since every weapon has unique skillshots to perform with it, and you get a huge bonus for doing new Skillshots, switching between your equipped weapons is a must. When playing longer Echoes that offer a lot of weapons, make sure to equip new ones and replace the old when you reach the Dropkits, to make the most of the New Skillshot bonus!

With this in mind, it’s good to learn which weapons work best in which parts of the Echo. For example, maybe it’s better to equip the Flailgun in the later parts of a map with big groups of enemies, instead of using it at the beginning?

Nom Juice

In some Echoes you can find bottles of Nom Juice that will intoxicate you if you drink it, rewarding every kill you perform during this time with the “Intoxicated” Skillshot. Try and make the most of this time, but remember that your vision will blur and your balance is affected, increasing the challenge.

If you’re having a hard time doing Skillshots while intoxicated, or if you can’t reach the bottle, you can still shoot and break it for +200 points.

Check your Skillshot Database

At times it can become tricky remembering which Skillshots you’ve executed in this round, and what all the different Skillshots for each weapon are. Bring up the Skillshot Database and take a look, to see all the Skillshots you’ve discovered and executed so far.

The Echo timer stops while you’re browsing the Skillshot Database, so take your time – it may very well be the tool you need to get those extra 200sp needed to beat your friend’s high score!

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