Bulletstorm: Play Like a Pro in Echoes

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BulletStorm for PS3

Bulletstorm is out now on PS3! Its Echoes mode challenges you to complete levels using the most creative kills possible. Here’s a head start to a high score!

Layering Skillshots

Try and execute as many different Skillshots as possible on every single enemy. A lot of the Skillshots can be stacked with other ones. For example, you can get more skillpoints out of any enemy if he’s on fire when you finish him off – this will give you +50sp for the “Afterburner” skillshot.

You could also do this while affected by Nom Juice, giving you another +50sp for the “Intoxicated” skillshot, and another +50sp if the enemy is also being affected by Puffball gas at the same time (the “Antidote” skillshot) – there are a ton of different possibilities. Experiment!

New Bonus

Every time you perform a new skillshot for the first time in an Echo, the skillpoints you earn for it will be multiplied x5. Execute as many different Skillshots as you possibly can to take advantage of this!

BulletStorm for PS3

Master the Peacemaker Carbine

The trusty PMC is well worth mastering early on, as you will always be carrying this weapon with you. Not only do you want to learn all the Skillshots for it, but you should also think long and hard about how you can combine them with other weapons. It’s also the perfect weapon to shoot running enemies in the legs with, to make them fall over.

Love the Toxic

Always make use of the Berserkers (the green charging melee enemies) and their Puffball masks. If you shoot their head the mask will explode, poisoning you if you’re standing close enough. While in this state, you get extra points (+50sp) for every enemy you kill, thanks to the “Toxic Love” Skillshot.
It’s often a good idea to wait a little before killing them, to be able to maximize your kills afterwards. Remember that if their masks are intact, you can still shoot dead Berserkers in the head to get the toxic effect – sneaky!

Time is of the Essence

The faster you finish an Echo, the more Time Bonus points you will get. Every second is worth 20sp, so try to find the perfect balance between spending an extra second or two to set up the perfect Skillshot, versus earning points for being quick. If the extra points you’ll receive for the Skillshot are worth more than the time it takes, then go ahead and do it.

BulletStorm for PS3

Plan your Charge Shots and Thumpers

Using the Leash’s Thumper and all the weapons’ Charge Shots enables a lot of Skillshots that you can’t do otherwise, so make sure to utilize them. Keep in mind that it costs nothing to refill at the Dropkits – but you only have three of each between each Dropkit, so learn the Echoes well to know where to use them for optimal Skillpoints.

Change Weaponry for New Skillshots

Since every weapon has unique skillshots to perform with it, and you get a huge bonus for doing new Skillshots, switching between your equipped weapons is a must. When playing longer Echoes that offer a lot of weapons, make sure to equip new ones and replace the old when you reach the Dropkits, to make the most of the New Skillshot bonus!

With this in mind, it’s good to learn which weapons work best in which parts of the Echo. For example, maybe it’s better to equip the Flailgun in the later parts of a map with big groups of enemies, instead of using it at the beginning?

Nom Juice

In some Echoes you can find bottles of Nom Juice that will intoxicate you if you drink it, rewarding every kill you perform during this time with the “Intoxicated” Skillshot. Try and make the most of this time, but remember that your vision will blur and your balance is affected, increasing the challenge.

If you’re having a hard time doing Skillshots while intoxicated, or if you can’t reach the bottle, you can still shoot and break it for +200 points.

Check your Skillshot Database

At times it can become tricky remembering which Skillshots you’ve executed in this round, and what all the different Skillshots for each weapon are. Bring up the Skillshot Database and take a look, to see all the Skillshots you’ve discovered and executed so far.

The Echo timer stops while you’re browsing the Skillshot Database, so take your time – it may very well be the tool you need to get those extra 200sp needed to beat your friend’s high score!

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  • Sweet, looks great.

  • If I could actually play the game this would be helpful.
    Launched the game 2 times, got into the game once, entered my online unlock code and couldn’t get back into the game again launching the game 2 more times after. Game just hangs when launched.

  • Any relation to Zoidberg?

    Will pick this up soon!

  • Is it sharp-shooter compatible? That would be a major selling point for me as I’m loving this new peripheral…


    “The real reason Bulletstorm was built was because Gears of War wasn’t ready for this spring and we needed a product to f**k with Killzone.”

  • @ TUSTIN1
    Not compatible. You know, it doesn’t take much to just google it!

    @ esko
    He never said that. But nice try? You shouldn’t speak about a game that you’ve never played, which btw, has a higher rating than Killzone 3.

  • No thanks. Trailer looked so generic, trying to hard to be a manly man’s game.
    Not big on FPS games, but I’d rather (I did) spend my money on Killzone 3 instead.

  • @6 Salacion – took even less to type it here and it also shows my interest in the feature to the game developer which googling wouldn’t do.

  • @Salacion ahh yes he did say that on his twitter do your homework boy and yes I have played the game I played at E3 and I played the Demo

  • @ esko
    The irony is that he actually twittered about picking up his copy of Killzone 3. So no, you’re absolutely wrong. If you aren’t, link me to his tweet. I bet you can’t! And, playing the Demo is NOWHERE near playing the full game.

    The sad part is that you did a poor job at being a fanboy. I expect more out of you.

    @ Tustin1
    Show your interest? The game is already developed though? It would be different if you said, “please support Move”, which they won’t, because it wouldn’t work for this kind of game. I don’t think you provided a valid excuse for your indolence.

  • @5 @esko Lolllllllllllllllllllllll

  • @ Salacion – Not sure where your misplaced impudence comes from but there is this fabulous new thing that developers are doing these days called patching.

    Also, “The game is already developed though?”, is what we refer to in the english language as a statement, not a question. I also do not think that you speak for the developer in regards to what they will or will not support.

  • i really liked the demo and the vibe of the game but i just got a bunch of games and there wasn’t a reason for me to pre order for launch. i do plan to pick it up, not used, in the future though.

  • This game is just too foul-mouthed for my taste. I saw some gameplay of it and they really abuse the language too often. It seemed fun though.

  • @ TUSTIN1

    But I have a better grasp on what they will and won’t do, than you.

    Also, supporting the Move is a little more complicated than simply submitting a patch. Actually, it requires some serious coding and implementation, which in the case of Killzone 3, was done as the game was developed. Implementing Move at this point, would require the Devs to go back through the original codes, implement the proper lines, test this hardware, calibrate it, etc., all for what, some patch, because a minority want Move?

    As I said, the game just wouldn’t work for it. I recommend you play it first, before you even ask for Move support. Also, thank you so very much for that grammar lesson.

  • @Salacion Check your psn messages and if you think the photo is photoshope go to twitter and look for “therealcliffyb” and go down until Feb 10

  • @ Salacion – Someone’s certainly full of themselves, aren’t they? I’m glad you enjoyed the grammar lesson, you should also note that sentences do not begin with the word ‘and’.

    Expect people to pick your posts apart, especially when you to try to appear more important/intelligent than you really are.

  • @5

    cliffy b. wrote on his twitter today that he got himself a copy of killzone 3 so i’m guessing that’s sony’s way to say thanks

  • I know he did I saw that, that still don’t mean anything to me I”m still not buying his game

  • I’ll so get this game … at some point .. but I have to give KZ3 some love , and DA2 and many more I haven’t had time to play of late. I don’t want to forget bout this the demo was fun and it sounds great.

  • @ TUSTIN1
    I appreciate how kind you are for correcting my grammar and overall deriding my persona. But I am not full of myself, I’m just stating facts. It’s obvious you know bare minimum about this game, while I followed its development from the get-go.

    As for the picking my posts apart; I expected you to do that? Instead, you have nothing to say against what I stated, which is in fact, truth. *AND* because you know that, you defer to insults. It’s the only satisfaction you can achieve.

    I’m actually trying to be stupid for your benefit too! I would like you to be mildly intelligent for moi however. ;)

    @ esko
    You do realize that was a joke, right?

  • @ Salacion – The only ‘fact’ you’re stating is that you feel they will not support move – that, my ignorant friend is not a fact, it is your opinion.

    I have no interest in your opinions or in furthering the stupidity that is this dialogue. My original question was posed to the author of this blog post. If he chooses to answer, great, otherwise I couldn’t care less what YOU think.

  • At least this game has good movement controls. Besides Killzone 3 is just a technical showcase. 2 more months everyone will be back to playing CoD, Well at least on the 360 because that version is not broke.

  • @ TUSTIN1
    Has this ever been about what either of us think? Nope.

    Sorry if I attacked you, but you must pardon me for this detest I have towards ignorance, which you obviously have towards this game. You ask a stupid question, only stupid answers follow.

  • @5 @esko Killzone 3 is the best game and is awesome

  • No Move support and no 3-D support and no co-op support= Epic Fail Epic Games. And to top it off it has a combo system like street fighter. LOL:0)

  • @erick_34 I agree I bought the HELGHAST EDITION with the SharpShooter

  • Please do not Advertise the posers that are EPIC games, or anything to do with Cliffy B on the PS blog. thise sellouts are one of the most overrated posers in the biz.

    The unreal engine is the worst thing that ever happened this gen, thank god for Ps3 exclusives to go beyond that trash.

  • @23, ifs its just a technical showcase then why is the gameplay better then any 360 exclusive? Xbox has no games, so you have to post on the PS blog? Or got RROD again?

  • What’s a Bulletstorm? Is it a Killzone 3? I want the one with the bigger GBs

  • @6, he actually DID say that, but lets face it, it was a joke, but learn some facts. Bulletstorm wont have any impact on KZ3 on Ps3.

  • Killzone movements controls are fine, they are retard proof.

  • Might pick up Bulletstorm at some point down the line. Just too many games to be played at the moment.

    If the competitive nature of the game was more than just score hunting I would have probably bought it already. Score/time runs in shooters just don’t excite me at all.

  • @27 @esko I bought Killzone 3 Helghast Edition, Sharp Shooter and Navigation Controller

  • @erick_34 funny I bought the same things I already had the move Controller

  • Got my copy yesterday. The game is great stuff. A wonderful 80’s sci-fi pulp action adventure with a sense of wonderfully juvenile humor.

  • It was such a mistake to release this on the same day as Killzone 3. I have a copy of bulletstorm sitting waiting for the eclipse caused by Killzone 3 to end. The fact that I have the Sharp Shooter to go with this there will likely be multiple throughs double that had I just owned the Dual Shock 3.

    though Killzone 3 isn’t perfect, feels like something is missing from Killzone 2 and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I also hate how they changed Narvel.

  • Dont get this the wrong way but when Epic learn to use their engine in the ps3 i will support their them. I cant believe rocksteady and bioware were able to get better results than them. Hell they could not even get volumetric lighting and effects on the ps3 version of this game, cliffy beloved god rays are not on our system. They just favor the xbox so much. Maybe next time guys.

  • @39, epic are terrible, their engine is designed for the weak 360, no AA, low res textures, terrible overblown bloom. They are xbox lackies, many better games/engines around then EPIC’s FAIL. Anytime i see a game using unreal I no longer want to buy it. bioware were able to get it working pretty well on PS3, EPIC are incompetent.

  • @40 I wouldnt buy any epic game too if I only had a PS3. They look like crap on ps3, but what can you say? most multiplat games look inferior on ps3. BTW on the 360 all games get AA by default making the Unreal Engine look great on it. Multi console owner FTW!

  • @41 On a side note, for a 6 year old engine (Unreal Engine) I’d say its still pushing some of the best visuals in the industry to date. I feel bad that people limit themselves becasue of the hardware they have.

  • I have a 360, and a gaming PC very few games have AA on either (360 has A on everything? LMAO, blatant lie), and no, most multi-plats lookk the same on BOTH, this is not 2007 anymore when PS3 was still new and devs were learning the hardware with a few exceptions (BAyonetta), there are as many multi-plats look better on PS3, (Dragon Age, batman, Assassins creed, FF 13, etc…)

    Your a troll and a bad one at that.

    Gears of war 2 is the best looking 360 game, it would be hard pressed to make the top the on Ps3 behind kz 2 and 3, uncharted 1 and 2, God of War 3, heavy Rain, gt5.

    PS: Bulletstorm, Unreal look identical on PS3. Mass Effect 2 an unreal engine game looks better on PS3, the engine is destroyed by most Ps3 exclusives. Its an engine designed for a weaker console.

  • The unreal engine does NOT support AA on ANY CONSOLE, directly from EPIC’s site, LMAO. Only Dx 10 PC’s can run unreal with AA. It’s a crap engine designed for the weakest HD console.


    UE3 is not a deferred renderer. Some smart people say, that UE3 uses some funky render targets, that make MSAA under DX9 impossible.

    But yes: DX9 doesn’t allow to use MSAA on MRTs.

  • I don’t know why people are getting so crazy about this post.
    If you’re a gamer, you play all games and enjoy them. BulletStorm is a quality game that I personally think the industry needs more of. Games that diversify the industry, and leave the range of “every game needs to be Call of Duty”, or serious.

    Games are meant to be fun, stop arguing about them and enjoy them.

  • Sony, please get this low profile multiplat garbage off the blog.

    I’d rather hear more about the fantastic Killzone 3, like for example if Guerrilla Games will be providing single player DLC this time round.

    If i wanted to hear about xbox games i’d read a biased videogaming website like Kotaku.

  • This game seems up my alley, though maybe I’ll wait for a discount instead of immediately going full price.

    Now that I mention it, I should probably get Killzone 2, seeing that it’s $20-30 as of now.

  • Well, my comment may be hidden between or buried by all kinds of arguments about Epic, the Unreal engine and what does what better, but I just wanted to say that…

    Personally, I’m really digging Bulletstorm. I didn’t know too much about the game but I played the demo and was completely sold. I did managed to rack up a score of over 19,000 in the demo and considering my hand-eye coordination isn’t quite as good as other gamers I didn’t think that was too shabby.

    I started the full game last night and I really like the fact that it’s different from the standard fare of first person shooters and that it’s just flat out fun to play . Good work People Can Fly and Epic!

  • Meh. Seen videos and wasn’t impressed. Played the demo and wasn’t impressed. Painkiller is way better than this game. Very disappointed in People Can fly.

  • had no luck with online last night kept saying error lobby closed when using quick match feature

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