PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards 2011 – Voting Opens Today!

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Last week, we announced the new PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards, complete with a great line up of nominees in four different categories. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to peruse the nominated games because today we open up the voting to all of you! We’re looking for your opinions on which games are truly the best.

PlayStation Network Gamers’ Choice Awards 2011

Make your way over to the PlayStation Store today and cast your vote for the best games – Best PS3 Downloadable Game, Best PSP Downloadable Game, Best PS3/PSP Mini, and Best PSN Exclusive Game. Each time you vote you’ll download a new PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards XMB theme, but be aware that you are limited to one vote per category—so make it count!

When the voting ends on March 1, we’ll start tallying up the scores and announce the winners here on March 7. The next day, we’ll kick off the annual Spring Fever sale with the PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2011 winners, where you’ll have the chance to buy the winning games at a discount.

You’re still here?! The PlayStation Store is waiting– get over there and cast your votes.

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  • I don’t think the winners will actually be what we think are the best games, they will be the ones that we haven’t played yet because we want it discounted.

  • Sweet, votes come with themes…..Great idea.

  • at 1 , yeap i will vote for a game that i havent played lol

  • I agree with Tom.. i think they shouldnt have let that cat out of the bag just yet. Oh well.

  • crashcommando

  • Please vote for Dead Nation!

  • Is this just in the states or something? ‘Im at the store and live in Canada and don’t see anything about voting.

  • Vote for games you don’t own. If you don’t guess who wins . . . nobody.

  • This is ours! Gamers choice!! Let us do with it what we want!!! In the end SCE will have the final word. You think they didn’t think of every situation around this event? Cmon! This is promo and more promo and a way to sell and sell… Plus it gives the community discounts and free stuff not to mention something to participate in… So! Lets VOTE!

  • I already got Dead Nation, and guess what? I’m voting for it!! I want the theme and I want others that don’t have it to get it with the discount!! Everyone should have Dead Nation!!

  • Did they use a template from Rock Band for that picture above? Complete with 5 stars and everything!

    Anyway, I don’t know how these games were nominated, but how can Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker not be in the running for best downloadable PSP game? It’s only the best PSP game released in 2010!

  • I can’t seem to find the “voting booth”.

  • Will we be able to vote for this on the PSP’s PlayStation Store?

    Also, will new themes be released today for this contest for games that already have themes, like PSPo2 and P3P?

  • What time will the psn update be up? 8pm?? Oh! And @soundandvision77, Your right!! Why isn’t the MGS PW in there? I guess it doesnt need the promo! This is more promo for sales! MGS PW needs no promo… I mean, I’m just saying… xP

  • To have an opinion on the game is to already own it, making a sale on said item personally worthless.

    The smart man will vote on the game he wants to buy at a discount, and enough smart men will vote in this manner that the winner’s merit will be questionable.

    Please resolve this massive error for next year, thanks. (I recommend removing the discount incentive.)

  • Will the other themes be released after the votes have been tallied?

    I may want to vote for a game, but desire the theme of another.

    • No worries KazeEternal, each Theme is specific to each category and displays keyart of all the nominees for that category. Each theme has been created exclusively for this event. You are not missing out on any theme.

  • Can I vote from the PSP store? If so, can you only vote for PSP games, or also for PS3 ones?

    Even if people vote for games they haven´t bought yet to get the discount, I think it´s likely that the people who own none of the games, the people who own all of the games and the people who are really honest will average out to make the best games win. Oh and the people who won´t get back from vacation in time for the sale
    :´( so aren´t biased.

  • Yeah you guys really shouldnt have let it known that the “winners” would be on sale at a discount. Almost EVERYONE will vote for the game that they want to be on sale.

    Also how did you guys even come up with these “nominees”?

  • Voting for Scot Pilgrim, and Dead Nation!

  • I haven’t played like any of these… But, I have seen reviews and know which ones I would like to try out.

  • Dead Nation all the way.

  • I already bought Dead Nation. Vote for Sam and Max!

  • So since I’m going to be voting for Scott Pilgrim, that means that I get a Scott Pilgrim theme no?

    I will probably cast my votes first, and then download all of the themes XD

  • How do you vote

  • I was going to vote Pacman and Hustle Kings, because I don’t have those and do want – but you know what, they’ll make it onto a sale on their own eventually – so I’ve changed my mind and decided to be honest. Scott Pilgrim and Dead Nation will be getting my votes, love both of these.

  • Who really plays dead nation anymore :P Who plays Crash Commando? Well, hell, there’s a damn fansite:

  • I’m voting for my personal favorite: Costume Quest.

    For one thing, they deserve it. For another, I want that XMB theme :)

  • What was the measure(s) you used to come up with this list? A metric of sales volume to user rating from the five-star system you have in place in the PSN? Contractual obligation with the development companies that have games in the contest?

    Why have ‘gamers’ vote on their favorite games, then put the winning games on sale? Are you telling us that you don’t want people to buy their favorite games at a discount (or profit loss, however you choose to look at it)? How can someone determine their favorite game if they don’t own it already? I fail to see the point other than Sprint funded a marketing campaign.

  • *Edit* Are you telling us that people should buy the games that they very likely already own, considering it is their favorite, at a discount?

  • I want Castle Crashers on sale.

  • arg lunar or persona why do you have to put both together. whaaaaa. well i better decide good.

  • P0wd3rd You need to lighten up man…. all of this stuff there doing isnt forcing you to do anything you dont want to do. If you don’t enjoy it then walk away from the crowd of people that are enjoying themselves and seek out what you enjoy somewhere else. Stop complaining about what a company does with there own promotions. If ya dont like whats on the plate dont eat it, but you didnt pay for it, sprint did. Relax. ^_^

  • what were you in a frat or something omega?


  • Dead nation, costume quest, GOWGoS & Monster (probably) stole my princess (This last two are the only ones that i have played)

  • I can’t find any place to vote either.


  • Do we just search for the theme ourselves and download it? I didn’t see a place to vote for this in the PSN store. Will we have to wait for the store to update first?

  • I agree with 10. I also have Dead Nation and I’m voting for it. Everyone should own it :)

  • Why did you leave out God of War Collection?

    …and Socom Fire Team Bravo was huge for PSP at the start of last year, why leave it out as well?

  • @p0wd3rd

    The idea is probably to get more people to buy said games and thus getting more money to the developers. I’ve been trying to talk friends into buying some of the games on that list and a discount would definitely make that happen. We also get free themes out of the deal ;)

  • Sweet deal! I will be voting shortly. :)

  • My votes go towards…

    PSN Exclusive: Dead Nation
    PS3 Games: Pac-Man CE DX
    PSP Games: Persona 3 Portable (I don’t own it, I played P3 on PS2, awesome game and I don’t have time to replay the entire thing :( )
    Minis: Vector TD?

    I could vote for a discount, but more than likely I’m not planning on getting any of these titles.

  • Spelunker HD!! Love it and hopefully we’ll see the Black version one day!~

  • Yeah this sale doesn’t make any sense at all. People are just going to vote for the discount and not the best game.

  • Where do I vote?

  • Wait, we can only choose one from each category? So this means the PS Store can support choosing from a selection and disabling the others once a choice is made?

    In that case, why can’t we get choices for PS Plus? Let us choose from a couple different PSN games.

  • Weres the DLC for new vegas???

  • Hey guys, vote for Death Spank, Valkyria Chronicles II, Age of Zombies, and Dead Nation. I want a discount on those!! :P

    Is it not possible to vote from the PSP Store? I’m too lazy to boot up my PS3…

  • i own all these so the discount doesnt matter. all except psp games cause handheld games suck.

  • Phantasy Star 4Life <o/ PSP2 already has my vote….I just hope we get Infinity soon enough

    And hmmm…Castle Crashers, Scott Pilgrim, Pac-man…DAMN U XD this one is too hard….
    Castle Crashers gave me more time of fun I guess =D

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