ModNation Monday: Happy Presidents’ Day!

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Modnation Racers: Obama Modnation Racers: Bush

If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, be sure to visit us on the official ModNation Community site and who knows?, you might see your hard work on the PlayStation ModNation Monday blog post or in-game on the Hot Lap section of the Modspot. REMEMBER… ask not what ModNation can do for you, but what can you do for ModNation!

Modnation Racers: George Modnation Racers: Abe

(I wonder if President Obama would be the first president to play MNR? I’ll bet ya he’d be all over it. I’ll send him an email and find out! No really, I will.)

NEXT WEEK: FREE DLC – Progressive Props Pack
Our friends at Progressive Insurance gave us a free Mod and a free Kart. Guess what’s next? That’s right!, we will be giving you the FREE Progressive Props Pack which includes

Scene Props:

  • Office Building
  • House
  • Billboard
  • Semi Truck
  • Jump Through Hoop
  • Inflatable Overpass
  • Ramp
  • Balloon 1 & 2
  • Hot Air Balloon 1 & 2
  • Blimp 1 & 2

Dynamic Prop:

  • Ramp 2

Track Props:

  • Ad Board
  • Box 1, 2 & 3

NEXT WEEK: Hot Laps 24/7
Starting next week we will be adding “celebrity’s choice” tracks to Hot Lap. Now tracks on Saturdays and Sundays will be hand chosen by members of the MNR family at large. These will include choices from,, PS Nation Podcast, the ModNation development team, as well as many of the Elite track designers from the MNR community. This ought to be fun!


Modnation Racers: Hotlap

Let the ModNation celebrations begin! On your next visit to the Modspot take another look at the Top Tracks billboard. What?… no “Tiku Tik Mountain”, no “Unlimited Drift” or “Famous Flying Camel”? They are gone from Top Tracks but not forgotten, now gems in the ModNation crown.

Now each week we will choose a “Spotlight Track of the Week” (see below) which is the best-of-the best of the past weeks’ creation submissions. This “Spotlight Track of the Week” will be added to “Top Tracks” billboard for your racing enjoyment. Each week a new track will rotate in and one track will rotate out. This will give each of the winning tracks’ creators some much deserved exposure and possibly a lot more xp!



A Jurassic Nation by prob_alex

Modnation Racers: Jurassic

Modnation Racers: Jurassic2 Modnation Racers: Jurassic3

prob_alex says: “There are various alternate routes. but I won’t tell u the quickest… I’ll let you find out for yourselves!”

Smbradley (MNR community member) says: “Been looking forward to this since I saw the first pic of the T-Rex. That Pterodactyl looks absolutely brilliant. Awesome wooden bridge as well.”

Funkee_Monkee4 (MNR community member) says: “One of the best tracks I’ve played! This and a Whale’s Tale are some of your best offerings yet! I found the part with the terradactyl my favorite section”.

Mark’s Review: This is prob_alex’s third “Track of the Week” selection. Congratulations!
I knew right from the start as my heart was pounding in fearful anticipation that this track was going to be something special. Even after multiple laps I still feared a creature jumping out of the brush to take a bite out of my kart. Did it happen?, No. Was I still concerned?, Yes. I loved the fact that prob_alex made me drive through brush to collect item pods, not knowing what creature (if any) was in there. That’s good track design! I enjoy tracks that not only offer a great racing experience or great racing lines, but those that take me someplace I’ve never been OR always wanted to go. As far as dinosaur lands are concerned I’ll stick to this track and maybe a fairly popular series of Jurassic period movies that I hear are pretty good.

Honorable Mention: Valentine by BongSoldier.
What a great idea for a Valentines track. Diving through a heart shaped ring of red roses… awesome! (I tried to re-edit the track and give it to my wife as a Valentines gift but she didn’t like that). #nightonthecouch

Tracks of the Week

Monday: A Jurassic Nation by prob_alex
Tuesday: Eastern Escapade by moshbag
Wednesday: Valentine by Bongsoldier
Thursday: The Widows Lair by Sherris
Friday: Vera Valley by maverick—07–

Mod Name: Ka-Boom
Creator: villain29

Modnation Racers: Kaboom Modnation Racers: Kaboom2

Kart Name: Ka-Boom Kart
Creator: villain29

Modnation Racers: Kart Modnation Racers: Kart2

villain29: “He’s the mod that just loves to be blown up! He has a fast kart but an even faster fuse”
Mark: I love it! I think you might have a comic book character in the making! Write us his story. We’d love to see it. btw… the suspenders was a nice touch. Made me laugh out loud!

RECENT DLC Lovebug Mod and Swan Kart

ModNation Racers - LoveBug

Love is still in the air around the office with the recent Lovebug Mod and Kart release. We received lots of comments on the Lovebug mod. What did you think??

The Lovebug and Swan Kart are on sale this week on the PSN for only $.99 each or as $1.75 pack.

PSP “Spotlight” Creations:
Track: Deadly Rac3 by dlvb33000
Mod: Uncle Sam by battelingvinod
Kart: Royal by battelingvinod

I hope you like some of the new features we are adding to the ModNation Racers community. Stay tuned, more to come!


btw…Look for me out on the raceway (PSN ID ModnationSD). I’ll be the kart with the license plate you’ll be reading! Kidding, kidding, kidding (or am I?)

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  • cool

  • Pics of the track pack please. Also, when are we going to get add-ons to the psp ver.?

  • As Progressive Insurance is a U.S company i guess Europe won’t be getting the free props pack?

  • How many times can we submit a track for hotlap? How many different tracks can we submit per week? Can we submit tracks that have already been submitted? When will we see some new paid DLC, aka the snow theme?

    • How many times can we submit a track for hotlap? AS MANY AS YOU’D LIKE

      How many different tracks can we submit per week? AS MANY AS YOU’D LIKE BUT I’D SPREAD THEM OUT

      Can we submit tracks that have already been submitted? SURE

      When will we see some new paid DLC, aka the snow theme? NEW DLC SOON!

  • @3, if we DON’T get the Progressive stuff in Europe then that is BS, not having a worthless kart or mod is one thing, but track DLC for free? That would be very poor on UFG’s part if we missed out :(

  • Mark, I’m going to make you a deal.

    If I can beat you in a race or races (Best out of 5?), you have to promise me you’ll put my track up in next weeks hotlap. I know you’ve raced on it, because I saw your ghost drive around on a time trial. =)

    I quote: “I’ll be the kart with the license plate you’ll be reading! Kidding, kidding, kidding (or am I?)”

    You can pick any track that you want, UFG or user-created. Do we have a deal? =)

    On a side note, a couple of questions so brace yourself.

    1. What’s the status of Boardwalk, Flaming Jumps, etc making a return to the XP series? A couple of weeks ago it was said that they’ll be making a return “in the coming weeks” and it’s been a month now so any update on that?

    2. Like others, snow theme! It’s about a month until Spring and all the snow will have pretty much melted, making the snow theme (almost) useless. I’m trying to hold off from purchasing the Fallout New Vegas DLC for this wonderful upcoming Snow Theme, so make it happen very soon! Or give us another hint perhaps? Piglatin language again perhaps? =)

    Nonetheless, keep up the great work! =)

    • hmmmmm. Let me think about that challenge. I would submit something soon just in case I chicken out.

      I will check on the status of the XP tracks and let you know.

      nowse hemete? hatwe nowse hemete? Just kidding. As soon as I hear anything regarding this “nowse hemete” I will let you know.


    • btw.. I like the way you think!

  • If Europe Doesn’t get progressive insurance packs, maybe you could “Re-Skin” Them into something different for us?

  • @7

    I asked that before about the Flo mod & kart, never did get an answer!

  • abe looks like a crack head :T

  • Happy Family Day!!!

  • Very Progressive. Well played Mark.

    I’ve got a couple VERY pressing questions that us long time MNRers have asked in the past but never got addressed. I mean these are game breaking questions that have gone a long time unanswered. You might need some high security clearance or go to the president himself to find the answer to these:

    1. What’s the tie breaking factor at the end of a XP series if two or more people have the same score? There are SO many theories on this one but it has never solidified.

    2. What’s up with the blue ribbon next to your name at the end of some races? It’s a consensus that it’s your personal best lap time but how often does it reset? Everyday?

  • Long overdue Top Tracks rework, glad to see it finally here.

  • Nice, I am liking the free DLC lately. Also, when we are in the track studio could you think about removing the three theme mixing limit, because things like this new progressive DLC are taken as separate themes, and Is there any chance of seeing night time enter Modnation, with street lights ect.

  • Mark, make a Day with Obama playing Mod Nation, and bring KB to the presentation that will be cool

  • lol, looks pretty cool!

  • think i’ll try it.

  • hmmm, you do realise that top tracks has reverted back to its usual rubbish self, right?

  • Over here in Canada, we call it Family Day… In any case, it’s time and a half day for nations eh??

    Twitter: Stinger_Inc

  • Just outta curiousity how many themes do you guys have to dish out for us? You don’t have to give out the actual number but a rought estimate. Something to get our eyes bulging out [p_q]

  • Happy Family Day!!!! How can I show my creations to the PS Blog’s Modnation Mondays? (I never done this before)Plus can you give us more XP points to XP races?(I always get less XPs when I finished 3 or less)

  • hey mark, i have a question regarding bugs,

    first off, I want to ask why fixed bugs aren’t announced or emailed or anything. I stopped playing Modnation because of all the bugs that are still there. so i would appreciate if you could maybe announce any updates that may fix certain bugs coming soon.

    second, if you could see what the devs are doing to fix any problems in the game. I really like the game, but the bugs are just frustrating. I will not play the game, nor will I publish my masterpiece track until the bug I’m frustrated with most is fixed. Sorry for the rant-ish comment, but when I raise the water level in the track editor, I want it to stay that way. My track needs to be submerged a little bit(by the way, the starting point is on top of a volcano).

    again, so sorry about this comment, but I need someone to confirm to me that the MNR devs are addressing the problems that have existed since MNR’s release.

    And last, I will check out the Progressive props and will definitely start playing again when the Snow Theme comes out(don’t deny it, we all saw it on that video in December, or whenever it was here). I just hope more than 2 themes are being developed(a night theme could be cool)

    • Hi,

      In the recent case of Patch 1.08 we placed a thread in the forums to report the solution. Check the forums regularly to keep up on any of these types of issues.

  • Mark Wilson: “Europe too. Just had to check to make sure.


    Okay so Europe is getting the props pack, but what about the progressive mod and kart we missed out on? Can we get them for free next week too? :)

  • Great news about Europe getting the props pack! Thanks mark.

  • Two questions about the DLC:

    1. With the progressive pack, it seems that the props are basically extra race props with progressive posters all over them.Why not replace advertisements with the basic MNR logo for europe?

    2. Since the far east (Hot) pack was released in winter (Cold), perhaps the Polar pack (Cold) will be released in summer (Hot)?
    How ironic!

  • Awesome just seen that Ka-Boom was chosen for mod of the week :) Whilst i’m here is anyone else having problems with MNR at the mo? For the past few days i have been unable to race as when i search for a gameroom i always loose connection, i have no problems on any other games just MNR its so frustrating.

  • @25, i’ve noticed the servers have been more unreliable than usual yesterday in casual racing my game froze 4 times (as it did for everyone) and the game searches have been yielding poor results. Also it’s been saying people have still been in race rooms when they clearly are not, so when you go to join them it just puts you right back to the modspot!

  • Also, i’m glad the Progressive Insurance props are available to Europe as well, but as the comment above said, does that mean we can get the kart we were denied last year as well? Can we get some pictures of the new free DLC, I particularly like the sound of the hot air balloons, let’s hope they float!

  • What does the blue ribbon mean?

  • I thought creations of the week had to be submitted for that week. I am so confused now.

    • We always look at the recent weeks submissions. The blog is written and finished on the Tuesday prior to the following ModNation Monday. If there are not enough quality tracks we may look back a few weeks. So far, so good though.

      Does that help clarify?

  • Yep, I had looked at the mod of the week submissions and noticed the latest ones were pretty old. Thanks for the clarification.

  • hmmmm perhaps that “polar theme” comes out in late spring. “getting warmer” means that dude was close.

  • I want to congratulate prob_alex again for all the time and effort that went into his masterpiece, and want to know can we please have a prop tilt feature patched into the game to compete with this level of detail?

    It’s obvious with this track that the right tilt and placement can make a world of difference in appearance, but not everyone wants to bother with the workaround to tilting by glitching out the course and objects.

    (since there is no bold I’ll put it in caps) PLEASE ADD PROP TILTING SO WE CAN STOP GLITCHING OUT THE GAME.

  • Nice job!, Free stuff is always welcomed.. so thanks a lot to Progressive Insurances…

    About the top tracks!, awesome job there Mark, combining the best tracks post in the best modnation forums it’s a sweet idea, and certainly we will find amazing works now there and not just in the forums…

    Well, about the Mods and Karts of the week, I must confess I haven’t played too much lately, and I guess a lot of people is like that, but hey.. I still want to make new creations :P, I promise I will be back here as mod and kart of the week

  • Question, when it’s gonna be available the Free Progressive props pack DLC?? tomorrow??

    by the way, for mods an karts of the week, you can check them out all of them who it’s been posted in previous pages, there are a lot there to chose as well and they didn’t get picked as Mod or Kart of the week in their time… just an #idea wait.. this is not twitter.. lol XD

  • I have been a fan of this game for almost a year now but I was hearing that there was a problem with Patch 1.08 that was released not too long ago so has the patch been fixed by the company yet or should I wait a little longer to play?.
    Plus I love the Swan kart so I’m going to try to get it once I get playing this game again.

  • @32, SECONDED! :)

  • so…is the pack in the psn yet?

  • @37

    it’ going to be there on March 1st, as it was replied to me in post #34

  • Hey Mark! I have a few tracks if you wanna check them out. I just haven’t had time yet to make another one. Been getting ides for when them new props come out. I’m gonna make a jungle speedway with it :)

    Just outta curiousity, would you ever make a hearse kart for us? Im really digging 6feet under to make a killer hearse kart. The Wagon just suit it all the way.
    a SUV type kart would be rad too.

    Perhaps a nightlife casino ish theme? Light up buildings, neon glow signs. Night sky with a bright glowing moon.

  • To Mark

    With what you said with clock conflict what do you mean if you mind me asking?.
    Do you mean if you have your clock turned off as I don’t plus I always login to my PSN account just before playing the game Modnation Racers so would I be around with the update?.

  • You know it would be be cool if we had a “fantasy” track theme. Something you would see off of a anime like..for example “final fantasy” how everything is all futuristic yet “imaginary”. something just awesome.

  • Mark!

    I hope you can post some pics for the upcoming free progressive props pack in this Monday’s “Modnation Monday”.

  • I have several tracks mark. check them out dude

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