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Fellow Americans, I hope you’re enjoying your long President’s Day weekend. I ran into a Canadian colleague earlier this week at our Motorstorm Apocalypse event (video upcoming), and while she was unable to explain “Family Day” to me, I’m glad you’ll likely have time off as well.

Tuesday’s a holiday in its own right around the PlayStation offices: Killzone 3 launch day. I’m currently playing through the campaign utilizing the PlayStation Move. As a longtime console shooting fan, I was a bit hesitant to try out the new controls, but they’re accurate enough to earn me the “Eagle Eye – Every Sniper Rifle bullet is a kill” Trophy the very first time I picked up a sniper rifle. And I do enjoy stabbing the Move controller forward to engage a brutal melee.

I expect a lively debate about what settings are the best with Move controls post release. If you want my suggestion, I go with a max vertical dead zone, and zero horizontal, turning the sensitivity all the way down, and the rotation speed at about 40%. Been working well for me so far!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 14, 2011)

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  • Jeff i been wondering, you have any information or news regarding White Knight Chronicles 2?? is Sony working on bringing it over? i really would love to see it releasing this year

  • What difficulty are you playing KZ3 on? I’m just about done with the campaign on Veteran, myself.

    • Just ‘normal’, I forget what it’s called. I remember reading at one point that the most playtesting for the best experience happens on the default difficulty. Maybe that’s just an excuse :)

  • Great list, Jeff. I’m starting at the bottom :)

    Do you guys know much about Xperia Play and the PlayStation Suite.

    There were articles online that said, according to someone at Sony Ericsson, that we will have to re-purchase our PSOne Classics if we want to play them on the Xperia Play.

    Is that how PlayStation Suite works? Or is it just that way on the Xperia Play at first until the PlayStation Store itself opens officially later this year?

    I hope someone at Sony can clarify this, as re-purchasing kind of ruins a great-looking device.

    • I only know what’s been announced, really. I’m sure more details will become available closer to the launch of the service, and I’ll see that they’re made clear here.

  • I heard from that Ridge Racer Type 4 is coming to PS Classics in March.

  • I’m using almost the same settings as you, Jeff.

    Increasing vertical feels a lot better for aiming, but there’s absolutely no need for a horizontal deadzone for me.

    I also found that flicking the Move controller to turn is actually quite fast.

    Anyway, GG obviously worked hard on the Move controls, and I think it’s great

  • yes to what destiny89 said

  • Jeff:

    Any updated on the My Trophies issue? I noticed this week two more hidden games appeared on my page – Castlevania LoS and Enslaved. Also, two other things:

    1) I updated my list to show Marvel vs Capcom 3 is hidden.

    2) Both BlazBlue games, which are visibile, have the Japanese Trophy descriptions and are not in English. Can the .com fix this?

    • I followed back up with the team (they’re not in my building, so I can’t pay a personal visit), and hadn’t heard back. Staying on it…

  • Hey Jeff,

    How come none of the Killzone commercials mention that it’s “free” with a new PS3 ($299 Killzone bundle)?

    That sounds like a pretty big deal to me, but it doesn’t seem to be mentioned much… Almost like getting a 160gig PS3 for 250 bucks

  • Not all Canadians get a Family Day. No holiday in Halifax Nova Scotia :(

  • Shout out to Family Day…nice!

    Any news on Patapon 3?

    • I’ve got an interview in the queue with Kotani-san. Look for that to hit the week of GDC. Don’t have a final release date yet.

  • finally more Motorstorm Apocalypse videos soon , hey Jeff what about MSA second dev video ? i think Matt said in the next video they will talk about online , i hope its coming soon real soon , any news on the multiplayer demo ? and yes im with comment # 1 , do you have any info on White Knight Chronicles 2 ? i think now its the best time for the game to be released here , not in the holidays , any news on NGP games ? is Evolution Studios working on the system or just Big Big ? thanks for the Killzone 3 move control tips , 2 more days !!!! cant wait !!

  • no killzone 3 countdown ? weird

    • We’re busy working on the Blog’s redesign. Didn’t wanna pull resources from that. Near-daily blog posts have probably hammered home the release date!

  • YES! Thanks for the Xperia Play info…..can’t wait to get it in my hands!

  • Tsk. Family Day is meaningless for me since they decided to cram it squarely at the beginning of Reading Week. Weaksauce.

  • @Jeff
    sooooo Jeff…. How’d that Suicide Mission go? Ready to fight the Helghast now that you have that out of the way?

    Anyway a little bird told me (the internet) that FF5 was coming to PSOne classics in Japan, (though I’d prefer a total revision of this title for my PSP) is there a chance we’ll be getting this too? I heard they were releasing it due to FF Dissidia Duo Decim.

    BTW PLEASE TELL THEM TO GET RID OF THE MOVE INSTRUCTION SCREEN BEFORE A GAME STARTS. At the very least let us turn the warning off. Removing the PlayStation 3 logo at game boot for faster boot up is kind of self defeating if I have to wait through 2 move instructional screens.

    • They all survived! But since I took a bit of time before heading through the Omega Relay, some of the NPC crew didn’t make it, including the yeoman that Shepard was wooing :(

  • Good stuff! I’m excited for Killzone 3! :)

  • The Xperia Play has got me all excited. I can’t wait to try it out for myself.

  • @Jeff
    Nice Job, sucks about the crew. A friend of mine was just asking about the crew the other day and if there was anything he could do to save them. He was a bit shocked by the IFF missions activating a timer on saving them. Not sure if there is any way to save the colonists though. Guess I’ll find out at the end of my Insanity run, which is proving to be a lot of fun… and occasionally frustrating.

    • I’ve been told that if you go straight away (afterbdoing the one loyalty mission that is now an option), they’ll survive. I made some other stops…

  • Hey Jeff, do you know if Sucker Punch have the NA boxart for inFAMOUS 2 completely set in stone as the official one? Because a LOT of us NA inFAMOUS fans would prefer the great boxart that they chose for Europe. Take a look at the poll IGN did

    Yeah, so if Sucker Punch changed back Cole for inFAMOUS fans maybe they can give us fans in NA the better boxart too?

  • thanks for the update jeff!
    just wondering if Hard Corps Uprising will ever reach PSN!


  • Dear Playstation,
    Please confirm/deny if the Xperia Play is a timed exclusive with Verizon.

  • Any updates on the PS Podcast?

  • @Jeff

    Blog re-design?

    Please tell me that it’s different designers to whoever did the forum :)

    No offence intended, forum designers

    Are we going to get Plus logos and little flags on our Blog posts like EU?

    • WE designed the Blog, so hopefully you’ll be pleased. The flags are unlikely, but the Plus integration is being worked on!

  • i can hardly wait for KZ3 game to come out on this tuesday and planning to buy it first thing in the morning on tuesday for sure. by the way, i wonder if sony probably would add more features like 12 digits or higher for passwords instead of 6 digits passwords. it would be nice for higher digit passwords as part of security protection for everybody’s accounts on PS3 systems as whenever more future firmware updates comes as well.

  • Kchow23 | February 20th, 2011 at 10:55 am
    Any updates on the PS Podcast?

    pitythefool852 | February 20th, 2011 at 11:03 am
    Blog re-design?
    Please tell me that it’s different designers to whoever did the forum :)
    No offence intended, forum designers.
    Are we going to get Plus logos and little flags on our Blog posts like EU?

    Was wondering about that stuff as well.

    Are we going to get Plus logos and little flags on our Blog posts like EU?

  • @KazeEternal

    The easy way to skip past the Move warning screen is to repeatedly press “X” (or “O” in East Asia) when the screen appears.

    You’ll fly through the warning screens three times faster, as demonstrated in this video:

    Please tell your friends, family and pets, as not many people know this.

  • blog redesign O_o

  • We get “Islander Day” here in PEI rather than Family Day for some odd reason…..

  • PSone classics needed:

    Die Hard Trilogy
    Return Fire
    Soul Blade

    Make it happen

  • Maybe Canadians have it right… Family Day… America needs a Family Day… no school… no work… all the museums and parks open for free… so families can spend it together doing something interesting without so much worrying about costs… American family values have gone downhill fast… as has respect for the presidents…

    and its not a long weekend for me… back to work tonite… just watching movies and waiting for Uncharted 3 to come out…

  • Have you ever considered posting fan sites in the “what you are reading?” I have one over at that I’d love for you to check out.

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Playstation brand since day one. I finally decided to do something in order to try and get more people to buy a PS3 and see why it’s the only system worth having.


  • In the News there is this thing about hackers being able to unban and ban people from the PSN. If it is true, I hope Sony is working really fast on this issue in order to avoid a really big problem where we all might find ourselves unable to sign into our PSN account.

  • @26
    I’m well aware of the X Pressing on those screens. However I still feel that I shouldn’t have to be subjected to pressing X to do anything other than play the game. Still wait time involved and I still have to baby sit the screen. If I can go to the kitchen and come back with a drink in the time it takes to boot to the game, then it takes to long.

    It’s not a huge deal, but I don’t like dealing with it. While it is a small sacrifice to play such wonderful game, it’s a concession I’m hoping they won’t ask me to continue making.

  • :o

    Where can I get those Killzone Army Men?

    I need them xD

  • Could you please clear things up for us? The vouchers for killzone pre-order. It starts 24hour after you type the code correct? if so than does the timer still continue when logged off? or is it 24hours of MP gameplay. Secondly if i pre-order a helghast edition i’ll be receiving another 24hour of weapon and skill unlock. Which my helghast edition already has so is it possible to stack the super voucher and the regular voucher that i receive from pre-ordering? making it 48hours unlock and 24hours 2x exp. thanks clear this up i was asking on the other post but no answer i’ll try my luck here :X

    • From what I’m told, it’s 24 hours in real time from when you punch in the code, so get ready for a marathon. I’d use them one at a time to be careful, as I’m not sure if they stack.

  • Any updates on new features ? Something like these.

    1)voice messaging
    2)chatroom (with mics)
    3)ability to change your PSN ID without losing anything.

  • Jeff, a couple questions:
    #1.Why cant sony release more than 1 PS1 classics every week.

    #2.When will sony start releasing PS2 games either on a blu-ray disk or in the PSN store?

    #3.At the current time there is only one MMO, why not port over Final Fantasy XI online Ultimate Edition? There are those of us who would play this game, and seeing sony took out the PS2 compatiablity for the PS3 it would be nice to have another MMO other than DC Online.

    #4.Final when games are put up on PSN for downloads, please insist on quality from the company the game belongs too. I am sick of companies adding games either in PS1 classics or PS3 downloads and there be glitches and issues. The game that comes to mind right off is Sonic adventure. The game is glitchy and has collision errors that should have been fixed before You Sony allowed it to be put on PSN.

    • 1. Look for a few highly requested PSOne Classics to hit over the next 3 weeks or so.
      2. The only PS2 games we’ve seen thus far on BD or PSN have been remasters like the Sly Collection of God of War Collection. Ubisoft has also announced some as well.
      3. I’d imagine that Squre Enix is more focused on bringing out the already-announced FFXIV. FF11 isn’t our game to re-release, of course.
      4. the games are tested by QA, but I always recommend that you rate games on the store, or use them yourself.

  • I have heard troubling news that the PSN network has been hacked and that hackers are unbanning themselves and that they could perhaps ban others. What is sony going to do about this? I don’t like the thought have hackers swarming all the multiplayer games without fear of punishment and the fact that me/other people could be banned.

  • hey what happened to the drop this week? i”m dying to know if vagrant story or legend of mana is coming this week? Also why do i have to use a computer to make a comment? it’s kinda ridiculous how horrible the browser on ps3 is i can’t make comments on youtube either. and are we ever gonna see dragon quest 7 on psn? i”d gladly pay 20 for it considering it’s so expensive on ebay.

  • @39 The Drop appears on the PS Blog 7:00 PM EST, I’ve noticed that for the last few weeks.

  • I hate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3’s online. It does not work properly and takes 4eva 2connect 2anotha person. 1 of my psn friends bought it Tuesday when it came out and already traded it in Thursday.

  • The Xperia Play sounds awesome. I’ll be sure to check on it!
    Am I the only person who enjoyed the Arkham City update? That game looks intense! Tempted to play Arkham Asylum again now…

  • @41:Really? I find the online awesome. Course I choose Player matches, and I win a lot…

  • great to see an article from gamerfitnation on here. Games and health what could be better!

  • any idea when we will see Hard Corps Uprising?

  • Is there going to be a PS3 and PSP price drop soon?

    My suggestion for NA region.

    PS3 160GB = $249
    PS3 250GB = $269
    PS3 320GB = $279
    PS3 320GB = $349 (Move Bundle)

    PSP 3000 Core = $149
    PSP GO = $179

  • Jeff Rubenstein | February 20th, 2011 at 4:51 pm
    “From what I’m told, it’s 24 hours in real time from when you punch in the code, so get ready for a marathon. I’d use them one at a time to be careful, as I’m not sure if they stack.”

    Could you clarify with your colleagues? It would definitely suck if i entered the ebgame pre-order bonus first and unable to retrieve the bonus within the helghast edition. which contains dynamic theme composed music 24hour weapon unlock and exp which is vital would hate to purchase something that does not work and having to give it to someone else >.>

    • I’ve got a note out, but seeing as how it’s a holiday weekend, I don’t know if I’ll hear back before Tuesday. If I do, I’ll update here.

      If not, we’ll have a launchday post from Guerrilla on Tuesday. Ask then, and those that know will be reading and responding.

  • ok thanks a lot take your time i prolly won’t be opening my helghast edition till a week after release again thanks for your reply jeff much appreciate

  • @reply to 15
    Reading week is a week off for university/college students. It’s like spring break without the spring part (In grade school, it’s usually March break). Ostensibly it’s to allow students to catch up on studying, hence the name. Anyway, this year, family day is during reading week, so it’s a bit of a rip off (I demand my money back, this one’s a dud).

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