PlayStation Move Heroes: Built for Precision

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Today we’re excited to release a developer diary for the soon-to-be-released PlayStation Move Heroes. For those of you that haven’t heard about the game yet, PlayStation Move Heroes brings together three classic PlayStation franchises – Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and Sly Cooper – into one PlayStation Move controlled game.

Join us as we explore how PlayStation Move Heroes was built from the ground up, specifically for the PlayStation Move. We’re excited to give fans an opportunity to experience some of their favorite PlayStation characters in a whole new way through the precision and accuracy of the PlayStation Move system.

We’ve blended some of the familiar weapons, abilities, and character movements from the original games with a fresh new set of motion-controlled mechanics that you’ll only be able to find on the PlayStation Move. For example, one of our favorites in the buzzsaw disc, a new weapon that the heroes fling into space to collect crystals, powers-up and more. But it’s up to the player to steer and navigate the disc while in flight. It’s a joy to fly with the extreme 1:1 precision of the motion controller.

And if you can’t wait until March 22 to get your hands on PlayStation Move Heroes, be sure to keep your eyes out for a single player demo early next month in the PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus members will have access starting March 1.

For more information about the title’s intergalactic storyline, be sure to check out our recently released story trailer here.

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  • March 1st aka my birthday just keeps on getting better and better. Pixeljunk Shooter 2, Sonic, and now this. Woot!

  • I got a download code yesterday. Will have to try it out this weekend.

  • Looks to be a lot of fun. Hope the Move feels natural and not “in the way.”

  • If only the Move had two joysticks (1 on Nav/DS3, and 1 on the Move itself) then you could control the camera freely and have a much more unique experience instead of having the point pointer control the pointer AND camera.

    Didn’t you learn from the PSP, Sony?! Two sticks are a MUST!!

  • I’ve tried the demo and so far its better than I thought it would be, but not worth buying at least for me

  • I’m looking forward to this one.

    If any PS3 exclusives don’t sell that well this year, it’s because there’s just too many good exclusives, and we’re all going broke :D

    Maybe we need to start working harder to afford PlayStation 2011 :D

  • This is the game that’s really making me tempted to buy Playstation Move for my PS3.
    I really like my Dual Shock controller.

    Some games I’ll be trying Move on will be the following.
    -Playstation Move Heroes (Obviously.)
    -Heavy Rain
    -Killzone 3 (Pretty sure I’ll use the DS3 more.)
    -Time Crisis: Razing Storm


  • just tried the subway contest for both the game and the move thingy and to make the story short. i didnt won jack XD

  • I’m sure someone on this blog has already mentioned this but I will risk the redundancy. Will there be a Move Sharpshooter bundle? I already have a PlayStation Eye. I think a Sharpshooter, Killzone 3, and Move bundle, with some sort of discount, would rock everyone’s socks off. Just sayin’.

  • Already made my preorder!

  • Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Can’t wait to give this one a try! It looks fantastic, and I personally hope this does well so we can see more Sony character cross-overs from you guys.

    Shooter with Nathan Drake, Solid Snake, Sev and Nathan Hale anyone?
    Or maybe Action/Adventure/Beat ’em Up with Kratos, Cole MacGrath and Cloud Strife? This would set up a perfect possible Kratos vs Sephiroth scenario, Cloud and Cole vs Zues. Perfect bad guys, a man who wants to be a god, Sephiroth, working WITH a god, Zues.

    A gamer can dream. :)

  • Got one of the 5000 demos available through Facebook, played through it, immediately decided not to purchase.

    The game is just another motion-controlled gimmick in a PlayStation mascot wrapper. The majority of the “games” are fun for a few minutes, and the one with the most potential (the whip-based action game) feels more like a tech demo. It’s sad to see yet another spineless cash-in to try and sell more Move units. The Move is an awesome piece of tech, so why does SONY refuse to provide real, exclusive content for it?

    This game is a “buyer-beware” title, and I advise consumers to stick with Wii Sports: it’s a better overall package and you most likely already own it.

    SONY: the Move deserves much better than this!

  • Bought a “Move” today. I gotta say, it’s pretty lame. I know you guys said there isn’t an analog stick on it because it was too hard to hold, but not having one ruined the product. Moving to the edge of the screen to shift your sight is god-awfully slow. I’ll try it out again in the morning, but I’m pretty sure this one’s going to the “used” stack at Game Stop.

  • I love my move. The videos for this make me weary though. It doesnt look like true 1:1 movement at all. After playing disc golf on move champions, the ‘throwing star’ or whatever it is just looks absurdly ‘delayed’. The control looks fun enough, but the throw. It’s part of Move Champions already, would it have been so hard to just implement that for the throw?

    And the whip? Reminds me of the ‘swing any way you want, but it will only make 2 actually different moves on screen’ stuff we get on the Wii. I bought Move because it had potential to be better than that.

    I hope the videos or myself are wrong, and the result gives true 1:1, but I’m not hopeful if it keeps showing up in promo videos like this.

    I usually am a sucker for the ‘combine characters from multiple sources’ gimmick too, so I’m sad I might miss out on this…

  • By all accounts of those who played the FB demo this game is terrible. A lot of poorly designed mini games that badly represent Move’s possibilities and make a mockery of the IPs used. You guys should delay the game, test it outside the studio and get feedback, listen to the constructive criticism and do some tweaks and make some changes. This should be standard for all SCEA published games.

  • I was so excited for this game. I had it preordered and everything. Then I played the demo. I don’t think ive been so disappointed in a while. To say it is a showcase for Move is ludicrous. The graphics are good, gameplay isn’t buggy, but its so much wasted potential. Most of us know that Move is superior to Wii Motion Plus, yet this game could have easily been made using that technology. Its actually really sad because it could’ve been really good.

    And it doesn’t help that you don’t reply to comments on here. Shows how much you care.

  • Kinda Scared Reading The Reviews On The Demo. I Was Going To Pre-Order The Move Bundle.
    IDK NOW. If I Pre-Order The Toys R Us Bundle Do I Get The Costumes?

  • I have to agree with #12:

    “It’s sad to see yet another spineless cash-in to try and sell more Move units. The Move is an awesome piece of tech, so why does SONY refuse to provide real, exclusive content for it?”

    Let’s see a 1st person game that lets us wield medieval weaponry akin to Elder Scrolls, but made exclusively for Move.

  • Woah woah woah, Playstation Move Heroes is a minigame collection? And here I thought it was a full-fledged platformer that does away with the motion controller stereotype.

    If so, count me the heck out.

  • *If it is the former, rather (a shameless minigame collection).

  • how long is the game gonna be? 5-8-11 hrs or so single player? co-op? online multiplayer? splitscreen co-op? dualshock 3 compatible?

  • Wow, to be honest, it looks really fun xD

  • This is the first I’ve heard of it being a collection of mini games…they even had a story trailer?

  • Ok..for real..I am not trying to sound like an as*hole….but “PlayStation Move Heroes: Built for Precision”??? Really? Why would it not be? Should I not purchase any games that are not posted on the PS Blog specifically stating “[insert game name here] was built from the ground up, specifically for the PlayStation Move”????!?! This is just ridiculous.

  • This is like Mcdonalds saying “Hey everyone! We made our Big Mac using meat!! Give us a pat on the back for doing our JOBS”.

  • Built for precision – and spying on customers.

  • I dunno, this looks like some kind of silly mini-game collection in the wrapper of “Hey look, characters from two awesome Playstation franchises (and sadly that Sly Cooper rubbish) are on an adventure BUY IT NOW!”

    I’ll check out the demo (free is awesome), but I’m not really expecting to be impressed. I’d rather wait for Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One and hope we see a real Jak and Daxter game for PS3 than pick up some mini-game collection with licensed characters instead Mii-like things or random characters like in Sports Champions.

  • Was I the only one that noticed the PSEye at the bottom of the TV? Can somebody from Sony please tell me where they got an attachment to do this, this is exactly what I need for my wall mounted flat screen!!!

  • Why did you guys make Sly and Jak that ugly ??? Is there a possibility that you change their faces ? I’m not sure i’m gonna get this game because of this :'( Everytime I watch a video of PMH, I cannot stop focusing on how ugly the faces are !!!

  • #2 how can you try it out dis weekend? You got a code, how? I’d like to try it out dis weekend then.

  • why can’t you play as Daxter in the demo?

  • This looks like the game that will convenes me to buy the Move. Happy March to me!!

  • how does one get a download code for this game ?

    i have been hearing about this game for a long time now, and will believe it when it actually does get released.

  • well the demo ever be available to toughs who don’t have PlayStation Plus? if anyone knows a answer would be nice.

  • Too bad the demo isn’t out in australia :(

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