NEW Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset in “Urban Camouflage” Available Soon

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Hi Everyone! With awesome multi-player games such as Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs on the way, the new Bluetooth Headset is sure to be your go-to communication device. The Headset already comes in a sleek, high-gloss black finish. However, we’ve also heard some of your requests for a militaristic color and are now offering the headset in a new “urban camouflage” color. For the same great price of $49.99 (MSRP), the urban camouflage Bluetooth Headset will be available at GameStop locations nationwide, to coincide with the highly-anticipated launch of SOCOM 4 on April 19 – making it a must have for SOCOM 4’s unbridled 32-player online multiplayer mayhem.

PS3 Bluetooth Headset in “Urban Camouflage”

As most of you know, our Bluetooth Headsets offer a number of great features, making it perfect for gaming. It starts with built-in noise cancellation and our proprietary High Quality (HQ) mode enabling us to deliver the best quality PS3 voice chat. An in-game headset status indicator, easily accessible microphone mute button, and charging cradle which also functions as a desktop microphone adds unparalleled functionality.

We’re very excited about the newest addition to our Bluetooth headset line. Let us know your thoughts and enjoy!

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2 Author Replies

  • Camouflage? But then I won’t be able to find it…

  • Sounds cool. How about making a bundle with that Jungle Green Dualshock 3? Or better yet a super bundle with the green DS3 and SOCOM 4? That would be sweeet

  • Any chance a “PlayCreateShare” themed mic?

    If so I’ll be a happy gamer

  • I got the “old” one, it is good. However, after some hours playing, my ear hurts a lot. I guess the ones like Turtle Beach Px21 are better for the job. IMHO.

  • Will they bundle this with the new Socom like the last one?

  • Cool that’s what’s up #TeamBON

  • I don’t like the camo pattern. The black one looks nicer IMO.

  • It would be even better if we could choose “skins” or faces for the headset…

  • For those times when your are actually out in the field Trigg, so nobody sees you talking about them when you have you. Especially helpful with ghillie suit on, durrr!

  • when you when you have the camo on*

  • While US gets a 2nd model of the 2.0 headset, EUrope is still waiting for a

  • single one… Why so much despise toward European market ?

  • Pretty cool. I totally promote the 2.0 headset. I got mine around black friday and I’ve been loving it. Love how it reports like a controller and tells me when I mute it and what not on screen as well as telling me the battery life.

    Out of curiosity, why are Europeans posting on the US blog when they have their own PS blog? lol

  • This is just a clever scheme to get us to sit our microphones down for a minute and not be able to find them again so we have to buy new ones.

    So I’m totally in.

  • Looks pretty neat but I’m actually more into the Turtle Beach style headsets (chat + audio in one)

  • that is one ugly headset good day:)

  • Same crappy headset, different coat of paint.

  • that will match great with my camo outfit that i wear everytime i play socom….. how dumb can you be to make a mic camo. who are you hiding from?

  • that has to be the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen.

  • Excuse my french but I would feel like a total [DELETED] wearing one of these. Good thing I don’t care what anyone thinks!

  • Very cool! I’ll stick to my TRITTON’s though :P

  • Nice idea, but the camo pattern isn’t great to look at. I’m also wondering how a bright blue LED ring affects the effectiveness of camouflage ;)

    I’m still loving this second generation headset though… but I think I’ll keep the black one for now.

    Gunmetal grey… that’d look nice
    Or even Xperia Play White

  • I can only imagine a buch of chinese boys putting stickers on all those headsets that were left over from the socom confrontation pack.

  • I want the new head-set because apparently the older version didn’t have that charging feature while on dock and still on mic feature that the new one has. Now I want the DS3 Jungle Green since I need a second controller.

  • dang i just bought the new headset last week should have waited.

  • SOCOM 4 could use a bundle with the Jungle Green controller and this new headset.

  • I read the title and for a second thought this was gonna be a MGS themed headset, but then I read the first line of the article and saw the picture. Left me dissapointed and it doesnt look that good either so w/e

  • Hmmm, it looks alright, I guess. Personally, I liked the green that you guys used on the Dualshock 2 controller (the transparent one). In fact, I wish you guys would do a transparent line of Dualshock 3s (and before anyone says it, I’ve already posted that idea on the Share Blog)

  • You guys should package this with a PSN Socom PS3 bundle…. maybe throw the move in for good measure.

    though I feel that while functionality is great, comfort and volume could certainly be improved on this device. Just a thought. Still a good product, but still very much as big a pain as the original headset design.

  • Cool it looks like my psp :)

  • Hey Richard!…any insight into if we are getting a matching PS3 DualShock controller??

  • U.G.L.Y.
    You ain’t got no alibi you ugly
    Eh! Hey! You ugly
    You ain’t got no alibi you ugly
    Eh! Hey! You ugly

  • Has the ear-piece been redesign for this headset from the 1st gen one? Like someone else said, it’s not very comfortable. I use skull candy buds for listening to music and with the gel inserts, they’re comfortable for hours.

    • The ear piece has been re-designed in this second generation headset. The ear piece is a little smaller and the overall headset is significantly lighter which makes it comfortable for hours of gameplay or use with a cell phone.

  • You should really make a white version as well, to match white Xperia phones.

  • Jeez bunch of whiny babies. its way better than the xbox headsets so stop complaining.

  • If it’s “camouflaged”, it should be either clear or the print of a department store, shouldn’t it?

  • now that’s sexy hot, headset :)

  • Speaking socom, who’s the genius that thought having socom 4 and portal 2 release on the same day was a good idea?

    Fire that person.

  • Isn’t urban supposed to be blue an gray, not green?

  • LOL @ guitarded77

  • How is it different from the original PS Headset besides color?

    • Here are a few great reasons to get the new headset:
      -the profile is 30% smaller and lighter than the original headset making it very comfortable.
      -it has fantastic noise cancellation which works well while gaming or during use with a cell phone
      -If you want to chat while playing online but you don’t want to wear the headset, just put the headset in the cradle and you can continue to chat. Your friends will be able to hear you talk and you will be able to hear your friends through the audio coming from your television speakers.

  • I’m not sure why Sony figured bluetooth headsets would be great for gaming, or why they continue to push them at people. With the bluetooth and PS3, you get constant buzzing from your own or other people’s headsets, they pick up everything from arguing couples to children screaming to random bathroom functions to being forced to listen to someone else’s television because they’re currently deaf… none of it I want to hear. Add to that, most gamers won’t use the Sony headset with the mute feature, so you’re forced to listen to the above sounds multiplied by how many people have a headset.

    I’ll take a USB powered headset any day over bluetooth. The sound quality is so much better and with independent controls to silence the above offenders (since game developers make it difficult to mute individuals and survive in an online environment), I don’t have to listen to most of that random noise. With the location of an easy to access mute switch for myself, I’m certain not to offend every gamer I come in contact with.

    I wish Sony would take more effort to develop and market QUALITY USB headsets for use with the PlayStation 3.

  • i have the first and the new black 2.0 headsets im good but this is nice none the less. im waiting for the grean military controllerDS3

  • i have the old 1

  • Getting cursed out and hearing about peoples genitals has never sound so clear. I love it!

  • @Cobra1 I’m not sure about the earlier bluetooth headsets, but I’ve got nothing bad to say about the 2nd gen headset that was released.

    So far, no buzzing issues, and very little background noise.

  • Ugly headset and there’s No cross-game voice chat. Enough said.

  • nice.. It would be good to more color of this headset out..

  • This one looks pretty cool, you should try to make a white one.

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