MLB 11 The Show: Camera Editor Tour

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Sports fans –

Do the developers of MLB 11 The Show think you need the freedom to customize batting and pitching cameras as you see fit? Is giving you the ability to pitch or bat from the same perspective you see watching your favorite MLB team on TV important to us? Does MLB 11 The Show offer a Camera Editor and have all 30 MLB home broadcast views at the ready? Yes to all of the above…

MLB 11 The Show is pleased to introduce the Camera Editor. This new feature gives you the ability to customize any pitching or batting camera to your own personal specifications. You can not only view the action your own way by customizing the camera’s angle and zoom, but you can modify each pitch meter’s placement and size as well.

Love your own favorite team’s home broadcast view best? Not to worry. We’ve replicated the pitching/batting home broadcast view for all 30 MLB teams as closely as possible. If you’re playing in your home ballpark, you can use these cameras by simply choosing Cameras from the pause menu and selecting “Broadcast” for Batting View or Pitching View. You can also take your favorite team’s home broadcast view on the road and use it in any stadium by saving it as one of your custom cameras with the new Camera Editor. One last thing: you can use Camera Editor to customize the size of the pitch meter altogether!

Have fun playing MLB 11 The Show using the new home broadcast views and your own camera creations.

Remember: You get 30 FREE days of Premium MLB.TV when you reserve and purchase MLB 11 The Show for the PlayStation 3.

Welcome to The Show!

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