MLB 11 The Show: Pure Analog Pitching Exposed

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Sports fans –

One of our biggest goals this year for MLB 11 The Show was to give the fans a new way to play. MLB 11 The Show is proud to present our breakthrough in pitching controls with the ALL NEW Pure Analog Pitching System. Pitching with pin-point accuracy and devastating control will bring you closer to the game of baseball than ever before. Check out the 1st in our series of 3 tutorial videos each highlighting the Pure Analog Control System.

Pure Analog Pitching allows you to control pitch height, location, and velocity with the right analog stick. To start, pull down on the right analog stick to begin the pitcher’s delivery as a ball icon moves gradually downward towards a yellow line. That line represents your ideal pitch height. Time it such that you push the stick upward at precisely the time the ball icon hits this yellow line. Inside-outside pitch location is a result of the direction you push the right analog stick up. If it’s an 0-2 count and you know your buddy will stick at anything, you might want to throw outside a foot out of the zone to make sure you strike him out. How hard you flick the right stick up will determine how much effort the pitcher will put into the throw. If you really want to throw some gas, flick the right analog stick up quickly to add a few miles per hour to your pitch. Just be careful. Too many high octane pitches could tire your pitcher out in a hurry. Overall, your timing, accuracy, and speed are all taken into account when delivering a pitch with Pure Analog Pitching.

I’ll admit I that usually enjoy hitting more than pitching, but I had just as much fun striking out my coworkers than hitting Home Runs off them.

Check back soon for a sneak peeks at Pure Analog Hitting and Pure Analog Fielding.

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Welcome to The Show!

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