MLB 11 The Show: Pure Analog Pitching Exposed

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Sports fans –

One of our biggest goals this year for MLB 11 The Show was to give the fans a new way to play. MLB 11 The Show is proud to present our breakthrough in pitching controls with the ALL NEW Pure Analog Pitching System. Pitching with pin-point accuracy and devastating control will bring you closer to the game of baseball than ever before. Check out the 1st in our series of 3 tutorial videos each highlighting the Pure Analog Control System.

Pure Analog Pitching allows you to control pitch height, location, and velocity with the right analog stick. To start, pull down on the right analog stick to begin the pitcher’s delivery as a ball icon moves gradually downward towards a yellow line. That line represents your ideal pitch height. Time it such that you push the stick upward at precisely the time the ball icon hits this yellow line. Inside-outside pitch location is a result of the direction you push the right analog stick up. If it’s an 0-2 count and you know your buddy will stick at anything, you might want to throw outside a foot out of the zone to make sure you strike him out. How hard you flick the right stick up will determine how much effort the pitcher will put into the throw. If you really want to throw some gas, flick the right analog stick up quickly to add a few miles per hour to your pitch. Just be careful. Too many high octane pitches could tire your pitcher out in a hurry. Overall, your timing, accuracy, and speed are all taken into account when delivering a pitch with Pure Analog Pitching.

I’ll admit I that usually enjoy hitting more than pitching, but I had just as much fun striking out my coworkers than hitting Home Runs off them.

Check back soon for a sneak peeks at Pure Analog Hitting and Pure Analog Fielding.

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Welcome to The Show!

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5 Author Replies

  • C’mon, man this blog is redundant and can be found at gamestop, operation sports and elsewhere for over a week. This didn’t even need to be posted as a blog because it will ship with the game. Weak, weak, weak blog ZzzzZZZZzzzz

  • Also just so you know the Camera Editor tutorial is out as well, so don’t post that either.

  • Everytime I see anything about MLB 11 The Show I tinkle a little bit. So excited, oops, tinkled again.

  • Why can’t we have an option to use the Move controller?

  • Any word on a demo? Pay no mind to backbreaker65… seems to be having a bad day.

  • wow that is impressive

  • Can’t wait for release day. I’d love to hear more about how ‘move’ is being used in the game. thx.

  • When are we going to have some new features ? Sony your already doing well with the games but we need new features. Please do this for your customers make PSN a better network.

  • Doesn’t MLB 10 THe Show already have “Move” Implementation? I thought it was in a vid at E3. Well I hope ’11 has move controls.

  • When Joe Mauer was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, they had Jimmy’s face mapped into the game and onto his player, presumably with the EyeToy camera that comes with the Move. Do you think this was just for this one appearance, or will there be a feature letting you put your face on a player when creating a guy? I haven’t seen this mentioned in any previews, so I’m guessing it was just a special copy of the game they made for that one promotional appearance.

    • No Jimmy’s face was created by one of our artists in the studio. No there isn’t a feature that lets you use the eye toy to put your face in the game.

  • It’s about time you guys got smart and copied MLB2k11’s pitching controls. That was the only spot where they were better.

  • I’ll stick with the classic controls although I give you props for adding this in as I know there are a few people who like the analog better because of the MLB 2K series…by the way…Giants are World Series Champs!!! ;-)

  • Is the new scoreboard in right field at Target Field going to make it into the game this year?

  • Cool I will definitely pick this up.

  • baseball games are always the same, they get so boring after the first 10 min.

  • i’m skeptical, but intrigued. i’m STILL playing mlb 10 the show. no other video game with an annual sequel has that honor, for me. i play all sports games from nba to fifa to madden, and mlb the show is the pinnacle of sports gaming realism in a video game. i commmented last year on how high and low pitches was relative to how soon or late u hit the “x” button was more relative to pitch location, than ever before. the attention to detail u guys give to this game is unmatched, and i’m sure i will switch to analog control. i appreciate the effort to advance the franchise, and i’m sold… day one. i’m 40 years old and i used to roll dice in my basement to simulate a major league baseball game. my friends adapted and we have never waivered from our love for the game… to be able to share the intricacies of baseball with my 13 and 14 year old boys… captured best by your team… is awesome! keep up the great work! every addition warrants another “WOW” from me… thanks, guys! keep bringin’ it! my 13 year old throws 80 mph and is a lefty. i hope i’m still playin’ “the show” when he’s in the game! ha!

  • bit of a run-on there in about the 4th sentence, but i hope my love for “the show” came across… yeah! 3 weeks baby and i’ll be good till the holidays! did i mention i’m a pirates fan? HAHA

  • netcode fixed?

  • any news on Move support ?
    Swinging your move controller to bat would be epic

  • @Lasani

    It has Move support in Home Run Derby mode.

  • Please tell me the Phillies’ new scoreboard made it in to the game. Sony played a big part in its creation so it better be in the game!

  • Why should I try MLB 11? I like Baseball and all, but I find that of all the Sports in video games (to me) this game does not seem easy for a willing to learn novice to pick up and play (next to Madden). It also seems to be a bit complex. I have admired the MLB/Show series from afar, simply because I am not sure that I would eventually learn how to play. Are you implementing a MLB 11 for dummies mode or something? #DERP

    I am thinking about getting a Baseball game for the 1st time in YEARS! Why should I get MLB 11 The Show

  • @BigFreezy1975,

    Just get it bro, it’s worth it. You see how much I still play ’10. They will have tutorials on the disc tho. And I can teach you some tricks before I thoroughly crack your head online, LOL. Seriously, this franchise is creme de la creme…

  • I’m glad that MLB 11’s approach to analog pitching is similar to what was offered in MVP 07 rather than the unintuitive analog pitching in the MLB 2K series.

  • Very happy to see more realistic baseball controls for this awesome game, it’s just what The Show needed to bring the timing of pitching and hitting into the mix. Thanks san diego studios, I look forward to playing this one.

  • @11, learn some facts, they did not COPY 2k’s analog, its more like EA’s NCAA baseball rock and fire, 2k baseball has NOTHING worth copying.

  • That controller was awesome! While i’ve grown out of baseball games – this looks like a ton of fun to play.

  • All this time I thought you could play with the Move. After getting this from 06-10, this update I will not get. But don’t worry, I will get Killzone 3.

  • I’ll wait for a full move support

  • I was playing the demo and I think it is ridiculous that when I miss a low fastball that the swing analysis can say I was “over” the pitch when they are adjusting the height for your swings. There needs to be full control from the player so that I know for a fact I swung over, not just random luck because the game adjusts the height. That part is messed up that should not be how swing with the analog stick is.

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