PlayStation Home Update: Urgent Fury Joins Community Theater, New Items + More

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This Thursday, February 17th marks the launch of the newest member of the PlayStation Home Community Theater program: Urgent Fury! Urgent Fury is a gaming community focused mainly on FPS games, most notably the SOCOM franchise and will be sharing exclusive videos with the Home community beginning this Thursday. Patrick “Commander Fury” Gross of UF has this to say:

“Our goal in Urgent Fury has always been to create a ‘central hub’ for tactical gamers everywhere – a place where they can congregate and compete in a friendly environment. We believe that Urgent Frequency Television is an extension of that philosophy and allows us to reach a whole new audience. We can’t wait to bring our videos directly to the PlayStation Home community.”

Also playing this week in the Community Theater is the newest edition of the HomeCast Rewind series and the latest episode of Replay with Doc, which includes an interview with the winner of The Tester Season 2 (SPOILER!), Gaymer.

The PlayStation Home Mall receives an update this week with new furniture, clothing, and active items – including new lighting options for the party-minded. Check out this video that highlights some of this week’s virtual item offerings.

Speaking of virtual items, nDreams is bringing horror fans a variety of new decorations from the upcoming film Monsters. Visit the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to pick up yours.

Home: Monsters by nDreams

VeeMee’s London Pub Radio – included in the London Pub personal space – gets new tunes this week. So Timeless blends the classic soul sounds of the 70’s with 90’s lyricism and today’s swagger while Pierre Massé showcases singer/songwriter stylings in “Give the World.” Electric Sugar Children’s sparkly and shiny “Lead Singer Syndrome” leads to Electroverse’s busy space-jams and Order 66’s bouncy pop-punk. Visit your London Pub personal space (available from the Estates store) this Thursday to check out the new music and then submit your own original material for potential inclusion in future updates at

Home: London Pub Radio

Your friendly neighborhood Home Community Volunteers will be offering tours of the Home Mansion’s Second Floor with Game Room. Sign up for a tour come this Thursday at Note the playable pool table and dart board!

Home Mansion: Pool table

Home Mansion: BathroomHome Mansion: Library

With the launch of Killzone 3 right around the corner (2.22) now is the time to log in to PlayStation Home and take part in our special Killzone 3 event where you can unlock exclusive rewards including a voucher good for three Unlock Points that can be redeemed for new weapons and abilities in the Killzone 3 multiplayer. Be sure to take advantage of our special pre-order offer (available from the kiosk in Central Plaza to receive a limited edition jetpack for your avatar along with extra Unlock Points and the Retro Map Pack).

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  • Got my 3 unlock points and enjoyed the event, thanks!

  • Woot…2nd!

  • HELLO GLASS, THIS IS ERICKA (again) just want to ask, why when guys buy the poolside Mansion, they get a female bathing suit?

    • Everyone who purchases the Infinity Pool gets the female bathing suit. That said, we’re addressing the lack of a male offering and owners will receive it when it arrives.

  • Hello Glasswalls, Happy Belated Valentines, Love Singstar Floating Hearts, is there a way we can get a Radio like the Playground one , with hit songs of today, much like Itunes but the songs you purchase , you can play it in your active radio, that would be nice, but a radio you can take everywhere, much like a companion pet, Please Pretty please….Also when you change clothes and come back the HDD takes FOREVER to stop spinning before you can type soemthing, and can you please tell the person that makes GIRLS HATS to make it with pretty hair, all of the hats makes you look bold or with an enormous FOREHEAD. THANK YOU …. Meeeaaawww .

    • We’re always working on providing more media items, however signed artists are still something we’re striving for, which would include the hit songs you may seek.

      As for changing clothes in the Wardrobe, the HDD light spinning means it may be still downloading the data for that particular clothing. That’s mostly dependent upon the broadband connection.

      As for hats with cuter hair, I recommend dropping your idea in the Home Suggestions forum, found here:

  • Decent update. Hopefully the tours of the Game Room means it will be out next week. Still trying to figure out the Easter Egg for the Pool. Oh well.

  • the jetpack is for both hig and reg edtion right just wanted to make sure hate to miss out on it due to buying hig edtion

  • Im from San Juan,Puerto Rico i not speak the english very good but i have a question I reserve Killzone 3 at Gamestop and play the mini game in playstation home but i complete all the challenges and my question is can i use the code that i won in Playstation Home even though i reserved it in GameStop????

    I hope you can answer the question… ^_^

    and can’t wait for Killzone 3 + Sharp Shooter + Controller Jungle Green and The Navigation Controller

    • Yes, the voucher code for the Killzone 3 Unlock Points that you earned in Home will still work no matter where you get the game. Enjoy!

    • You can use the code for the Unlock Points that you receive for completing the accuracy challenge towards in-game upgrades regardless of where you ordered Killzone 3 from. However, if you want the code for the Helghast Jetpack for your Home avatar and the Unlock and Load pack, then you must preorder Killzone 3 from Amazon via Home.

  • Just wondering about the Tour for the 2nd part of the mansion.

    Is there any reward for entering/going to the place like with the poolside mansion?

    • Yes, the Second Floor with Game Room does offer another set of gifts that the owner of the space can give to visitors.

  • “Urgent Fury is a gaming community focused mainly on FPS games, most notably the SOCOM franchise” Socom is a TPS game….

    How can a Sony spokesperson not know this..

  • sweet update this week fellas.any other hidden goodies we maybe getting? what all for clothing items are comming out? this is all i ask this week Glass and LS :) kudos on the nice contents. keep it comming :P

    • Hey Buzz,

      As far as hidden goodies go, you’ll find that PixelJunk Shooter 2 unlocks Home rewards when it releases in March.

  • Yah good catch DeathAwaits we focus on both TPS and FPS games alike… and we are extremely excited and look forward to bringing some great contect to the Community Theater.

    Many of our staff will be present tomorrow starting at around 7pm cst to answer questions and say Hi. :)

    Shane Bell
    Urgent Fury

  • Overpriced items as usual. If that second floor game room doesn’t have a bowling lane then I’m going to be really disappointed.

    • The Second Floor does not have a bowling alley, but that’s not to say that future additions to the Mansion won’t ;)

  • Hey Glass! 2nd floor of the mansion looks great! When’s it going to be available? By the way, just wanted to say thanks for letting me be in the HCV program. I really enjoyed it.

  • Yea congrats, since you did something in home you’ll have an edge of people who are better, just because you did something unrelated to the game and get experience points. I love developers these days. Here you played the game for over 100 hours and is an ultimate gun with damage of 8/10, here you go since your just starting use a gun with 2/10 damage so you can have a higher shot percentage and still lose.
    Thank God Killzone only has 2 guns in every category most of them being the same gun with a silencer. I can’t wait until this xp fad is over and people can actually get rewarded for skill and not have skill given to them for playing longer.

  • Can’t say I’m real impressed by the offerings this week I’m kind of let down by the game room since I already have pool tables maybe a nice poker table would have been better.. VS the one that is for sale in the mall

    • The cool bonus you will discover is that since the pool table and dart board is “baked in” to the Second Floor’s Game Room, that you will still be able to place two more “active items” in there, including other games you might own. This could very well has the potential to be the ultimate personal game room to have in all of Home.

  • look a good update today!
    Time to give you an Panda Cake! :3

  • Oh yea i forgot to ask you, does Home volunteers/tour guides get their items for FREE, i was arguing with this guy about that, he said he got told by a volunteer that he gets all his stuff for FREE, and i said “if that was the case then everybody would be a volunteer ” however i would like to hear it from you.

  • Thanks for the answer GlassWalls and Locust_Star

  • Very cool thanks for the reply ill try and see if i have time tomorrow for a tour. hopefully it isnt too pack tomorrow!

  • OMG the second floor looks awesome… ive been waiting for it since the First Floor was released… im getting it for sure.. it will be a long wait but it will be worth it :)

  • woot sounds cool btw any news on what clotheing item the guys are gonna get for the infinity pool :P only got one for the female avatar.


  • Wait…can someone explain this to me?

    “Urgent Fury is a gaming community focused mainly on FPS games, most notably the SOCOM franchise”

    SOCOM is a third person shooting game franchise! Did GlassWalls mean “Urgent Fury is a gaming community focused mainly on shooting games?” Or maybe he accidently said Socom and meant like Killzone or Call of Duty or something?

  • I was just wondering, will the next mansion space have
    gold rewards as well? By the way, nice update.

  • Hey Mr. GlassWalls, Up for a challenge? Game of billiards in the game room? Sorry about the tiger bite last week. Cuddles my tiger was just curious.. Feeling better?

    Hi guys! be sure to hit up an HCV Vet and get your tours on thursday!

  • Soooo are we going to get a NEW Socom 4 space, that slant six junk space needs to be taken down and forgotten forever.

  • also cant you have some of these events at eastern time, doing the whole pacific time zone start means a 4.5 hour difference for me and I have classes that start at 8am so I miss everything good. how about you do it at the farthest east timezone, Mine. It is where each day truly begins….

  • So, maybe I’ll have some better luck on the blog since forum questions seem to be negated quite a bit…

    When ordering the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition last Wednesday through Home, I had multiple freezes occure while trying to get to the kiosk. However after pushing, I finally got through and started my preorder. During the timeframe of entering in my information for Amazon and getting everything set, Home went down for maintenance.

    Will this effect me getting the jetpack that’s a Home preorder incentive?

    • As long as you were able to complete a purchase through Home, you will have fulfilled the requirement to receive the Helghast Jet Pack. Amazon will be sending out the codes for the Jet Pack on or around the release date of Killzone 3, February 22nd.

  • and Sony Playstation Home working together?!! Can gaming life get any better?!!

    Can’t wait for what the future will bring now these two gaming power houses are teaming up!!!!

    • I think I can safely say that we are proud to partner up with Urgent Fury, and it will be truly interesting to see the amazing content they bring the Home community.

  • @Basindo You are correct, our TacMap Tournaments and Episodes will focus on Shooters. We founded our site and still hold dear to our heart, Socom.

  • Wait, if the HCV wave has ended, but the next one (which I’m hoping to be part of! Already applied and all!) hasn’t begun, whos giving the tours of the 2nd Floor?

  • some items seem a bit high priced…..

  • @WaveLightning777 | February 16th, 2011 at 3:18 pm
    Wait, if the HCV wave has ended, but the next one (which I’m hoping to be part of! Already applied and all!) hasn’t begun, whos giving the tours of the 2nd Floor?

    A few of the HCV Vets

  • Great Update! But I would like more original shows from Sony itself, such as an informative show that would address the news on PS Home, or something near GTTV (and free).

    • Among the Home Community Theater partners, one is so perfectly right on with what you want, I’m surprised you haven’t heard of them. Gamer Indepth has a few series of shows that cover various aspects of the Home community. For timely news that cover Home’s hottest content updates, be sure to check out the HomeCast Rewind episodes. For community goings-on, ShoutOuts is sure to keep you kept up to date. Lastly, Replay with Doc and FxyMxy has been recently bringing us interviews with most of The Tester 2 folks—this week interviewing Gaymer.

  • The Killzone 3 offerings, and total take over got me back into home for a bit. I would really enjoy seeing something like this for every Exclusive released. I think it would help expand the community and turn PS Home into something greater.

  • Home seriously need a way to play your music directly into it, i thought the Mansion with such a price was to help cover issues for “rights management” to bring some sort of streaming.. my fav place in Home is Amesteau* Yacht.. alot of tv shows and mini shows to watch an its updated offten… i be there watching tv playing checkers!

  • Earned my 3 unlock points for Killzone 3’s multiplayer! Can’t wait to check out the community theater!

  • Suprised Locust didn’t post this blog today. :p

  • DRAGONS…statues! Aww, cool but I want dragon COSTUMES!

    I also wanted to be a Home Guide, but when I asked a guide, they said it`s only available in the US. So again, Canadians get shunted to the side. How is this even a NA server? It`s ALL US.

    And are the broken/missing costume issues gonna get fixed, or are we gonna get our money back?

  • @22 Did you look in your storage ??? last night was the first night i logged in to home since my 40 gig died (6 months ago ) i was expecting atleast a large dl and missing items , however , i was pleasantly surprised to see that downloading home did not take long , but it remembered my purchased personal space and even free items , although i had to retrieve items from storage , i was just amazed at the lack of hassle … i also noticed home is MUCH quicker and smoother than it used to be . great job home team .

  • @36 there is no price that can guarantee permission … everything streamed needs to be authorized by the copyright holder . and there is no way of doing that “on the fly ” with peoples personal collections on HDD .

  • I haven’t been in home since beta I hope going in tomorrow is worth it, looking toward to update.

  • Can someone answer a question? Are these new rooms/sections of the Home mansion free once you buy it or do you pay for each individual room?

  • It’s probably been said a million times but I love the virtual item showcase. I like getting to see stuff in action before I buy.

  • @ 40 fuzzyclutter

    That the first thing I did, Even deleted home and re-installed it. Didn’t help.

    I was on home 2 night before I realized it was gone, and for some weird reason, my avatar whent to back to the defult white shirt,by itself. this was right after i had just came out of wardrobe from charging t-shirts. at first, thought nothing of it, thouhgt maybe it was just a “hicup glitch” so i logged out and logged back in, my avatar was still wearing the deful white tee. so I deleted home and re-installed it, fixed the waredrobe issue. 2 night later, after reading on here about people missing their “mini” light, I go to my Darla’s Den to see if i still have mine, lone and behold, Mine is gone too. So i emailed sony for help, didn’t get any at all, At first they had no idea what i was talking about, i had to send them a picture. then, only thing i got was 2 bs links & them thinking i must be dumb as hell & some noob on home. Which i’m not

    My son also has a account on home, And I’m sure his light is gone too.

  • @4 There is def a prob with wardrobe,my broadband runs between 5-6mb download speed seems it was since an update we had a while back you have to wait when you enter wardrobe for the items to appear and when you exit it takes forever before you can type everyone has been saying the same thing.It’s so annoying also ps3 freezing on a more regular basis than before.

  • Also how about giving rockstarbadboy a free jetpack code the guy has hit 10,000 assists,congrats to him.


  • i luv the new costumes that came out today ^_^
    iv been a long time supporter of home, i think iv been on here for about 2 yrs now. its keeps changing and great things keep coming from u guys ^_^ 1 think most girls , such as me, h8 alot is the group chat option to pm or group invite u when ur not even close to them. its annoying and creepy. it was bad enough having guys pm u then run. now they can creep and pm O_O. 1 last thing , when u block some1 whos bothering u on home, it doesnt block them completely.. i set ppl to ignore or block them, bt they get mad and game launch me . i thought locking meant u block them , but the game launching still gets through. please fix that.

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