Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime for PSN Gets New Friends, New Fiends

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Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime for PS3

Let’s say you hear strange noises in the dark, or spot a mysterious figure roaming your house. Who you gonna call? Exactly! But don’t be surprised when a new team of Ghostbusters rings your bell. The old crew is tired of lugging their proton packs all over NYC, so they’ve decided to hire a group of rookies to help out – especially with a huge wave of paranormal activity hitting the city.

Introducing Allan, Bridget, Samuel and Gabriel – the new ghost bustin’ team here to clear the overwhelmed city of New York from an ectoplasmic infestation. They packing a new arsenal of cool prototype weapons that Egon has been designing over the past decade. Egon’s and Ray’s studies on paranormal entities have revealed that ectoplasm can be charged with different sub-atomic charges, making ghosts weaker to different energy frequencies. To keep it simple, there are three different weapons, each stronger against a particular kind of enemy. You can identify them by their color. Match the color of the weapon’s beam with the color of the enemy and you’ll get a sure bust. These new weapons, together with the enhanced Proton Stream, completely disintegrate minor entities so you don’t have to worry about tossing your trap every two minutes. However, when facing larger menaces, the trap will be your only surefire solution.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime for PS3

Disintegrated ghosts will usually leave a small trail of ectoplasmic residue that can be absorbed by the team’s proton pack built-in Energy Syphon. In some situations, the energy left behind by the ghosts will be so powerful that they can power up some of the other energy consuming features of the Proton Pack, like the Ectoplasmic Shield, the Power Enhancer or Nano-massage Health Recovery system.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime for PS3

Now it’s time for you to jump in and take control of one of these rookies and start clearing New York from these hideous ghosts and horrific specters. Face the threats by yourself with the help of an A.I. controlled squad, or team up with up to three friends to blast your way on either local or on-line multiplayer.

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