SingStar Update: 50 New Songs, Kings of Leon, and a Valentine’s Twist

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It’s time for another monster SingStore update! But first, since today is Valentine’s Day, the SingStar team put together a playlist of songs perfectly suited for celebrating the holiday. Be sure to check it out on Did we miss any good SingStore Valentine hits? Or any good power singles if you’re feeling a little anti-Valentine? Let us know.

Singstar: Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire

Okay, now on to this week’s SingStore update! We’ve got over 50 new tunes from a wide variety of genres and eras. We’d like to think there’s a little something for everyone. In the mood to rock out to some awesome 80’s hair metal? Then you’ll want to download Poison’s 1988 hit Nothin’ But A Good Time. Or if you’re into that more soulful modern sound, check out Florence and The Machine’s chart climbing hit Dog Days Are Over. Not to forget, all the Bon Jovi ballads and the Kings of Leon song packs are now available to purchase as singles.

Singstar: Florence and the machine: Dog days are overSingstar: Poison: Nothin But A Good Time

For all you dancers out there, we’ve added some more dance enabled tracks for the PlayStation Move, including Survivor’s hit Eye of the Tiger from the Rocky III soundtrack, and Kelly Clarkson’s first debut single Since You’ve Been Gone.

Want to find out more about SingStar and view the latest community videos on the web? Head over to And be sure to follow the SingStar development team at Twitter @SingStarHQ.


New SingStar Tracks – $1.49 Each:

  • ABC, The Look Of Love
  • Aqua, Cartoon Heroes
  • Bon Jovi, Always
  • Bon Jovi, Bed Of Roses
  • Bon Jovi, Blaze Of Glory
  • Bon Jovi, I’ll Be There For You
  • Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Busted, Air Hostess
  • D’Angelo, Untitled (How Does It Feel)
  • David Fonseca, Superstars II
  • Delphic, Halcyon
  • Duffy, Warwick Avenue
  • Eels, Novocaine For The Soul
  • Ellie Goulding, Your Song
  • Florence and the Machine, Dog Days Are Over
  • James, Sit Down
  • Keane, Crystal Ball
  • Kim Herold, Social Butterfly
  • Kings of Leon, Charmer
  • Kings of Leon, Molly’s Chambers
  • Kings of Leon, On Call
  • Kings of Leon, Sex On Fire
  • Kings of Leon, Use Somebody
  • Kisschasy, Spray On Pants
  • Kool And The Gang, Ladies Night
  • Los Bravos, Black Is Black
  • Marvin Gaye, I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  • McFly, All About You
  • Mel & Kim, F.L.M.
  • Morrissey, Irish Blood, English Heart
  • N-Dubz, I Need You
  • N-Dubz, Wouldn’t You
  • No Doubt, Spiderwebs
  • Orson, Bright Idea
  • Poison, Nothin’ But A Good Time
  • Ronan Keating featuring Yusuf, Father And Son
  • Smokey Robinson, Being With You
  • Sugababes, Push The Button
  • Texas Lightning, No No Never
  • The Cardigans, Erase / Rewind
  • The Fratellis, Whistle For The Choir
  • The Hives, Walk Idiot Walk
  • The Jackson 5, Who’s Loving You
  • The Pussycat Dolls, Don’t Cha
  • The Saturdays, Chasing Lights
  • The Saturdays, Fall
  • The Saturdays, Issues
  • The Saturdays, Set Me Off
  • The Saturdays, Up
  • Tinchy Stryder feat Amelle, Never Leave You,
  • Vanessa Amorosi, Perfect
  • Wolfmother, Love Train
  • PlayStation Move /Dance Add-Ons – $0.49 to Upgrade:
  • Blu Cantrell, Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)
  • Fairground Attraction, Perfect
  • Kelly Clarkson, Since U Been Gone
  • Scissor Sisters, Take Your Mama
  • Survivor, Eye Of The Tiger

The Saturdays Song Pack- $6.99:

  • Love Train
  • Chasing Lights
  • Up
  • Set Me Off
  • Fall
  • Issues

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  • Why do you continue to ignore the community’s request for information regarding the Wireless Microphones in North America?

    Have some respect for your customers and give us some information. Even if it’s: “They’re never coming”…so people know to just import them.

    A blog is a two-way street. Not a hit-and-run environment for spamming your ads.

  • …and in an effort to balance my criticism with some positivity: Really loving the flood of updates lately.

    It’s been a long time coming, but SingStar is finally getting the love it deserves.

    Just wish it had a bigger install base in North America.

    But you can sure find some great deals on the Blu-Ray compilations, so maybe it’ll catch fire someday…

  • Well, there are a few among those I’d buy if I was allowed to update past 3.15 while keeping OtherOS. :/

  • Where is the Depeche Mode release for the US? If they will never make it over that is fine, but at least reply, to let us know.
    Every release I ask, and every release I am ignored.

    I love how on the UK side, the Singstar team reply to their customers instead of ignoring them.

  • Dear SingStar,

    When will the SingStar Store and online services be available in Hong Kong? We already have SingStar discs available here, but no online functionality

  • I bet you get wireless mics in Hong Kong.

  • Singstar would be popular in the US if they released current songs. Since you’ve been gone by Kelly clarkson is how old yet you don’t have any of her newer stuff? To be honest if they wanted singstar to get big here they would check to see what’s charting on iTunes granted not everyone will agree with those songs, that’s the only way I can see them expanding their instal base. The music videos and songs are always soooooo old.

  • Which ones are dance enabled songs? You didn’t list them :(

  • bon jovi and poison is a great update. the rest dont interest me. if they add some metal like avenged sevenfold, all that remains. anything like that id definitly buy more songs. until then im sticking with my guitar hero.

  • ya seriously where are the wireless mics for the us a i just recently became a singstar fan last year during december america wants wireless mics so where they bring them sony please!!!!!!!!!!

  • I had to replace my old PS3 with a new one, and when I went to re-download the tracks in Singstar that I’d purchased previously, it claims I cannot download them because they’re from another edition.

    I can’t even re-purchase the same songs (tried just to see), it tells me to re-download them from the previously purchased list.

    No more song downloads for me if re-downloading them isn’t possible.

  • I’d love to jam some power ballads!! But being tethered to the PS3 is unacceptable. Please quit ignoring us.

    **Release SingStar wireless mics in North America**
    **Release SingStar wireless mics in North America**
    **Release SingStar wireless mics in North America**

  • @SalMoriarty Nope… nasty USB mics here in the Far East too :D

  • Would be nice if Sony could release a “kid’s song pack” for the little ones. A Disney collection would be great(I know there was a PS2 Disney Singstar game, but they songs are not downloadble :-( )

    A good chunk of the songs/videos on SingStar Dance are really not age appropriate to pre-teens and I’d rather have selections that we can enjoy with the whole family.

  • Agreed, @ElCapitanAmerica … my 9yr old loves the game, but scrolling through the song list is a pain sometimes. It would be very nice to have parental control locks for children’s sub-accounts in Singstar. Its a great game for the kids to play with their friends.

  • Yes! the US store is starting to rival the European store with it’s selection. Looks like I wont have to use my UK account to buy songs anymore. Keep up the good work guys and keep those songs coming.

    @SmooshyKing I didn’t care about waiting for them to say that they are bringing the wireless mics here I just imported them anyway from The money conversion worked out to be about $10 more which I attributed to shipping and handling.

    Ray “WrekGar”
    AKA The PS Blog Stalker

  • Nice catalog additions. Too little to late?

    Post has been front page for 3 hours now, and there is 15 posts. 50 % of which are about wireless mics.

    Sony took to long to support a 1st party game and accessories.

    I know the sales for music based games are down YOY, but there still is a market. So maybe a little insight as to why no mics? Patent, little demand, etc?

  • Morrissey – English Blood, Irish Heart….sold!

  • @ #10, Maluraq you need to call Sony’s support services and ask them to transfer your license over from the old PS3 to the new one. It might take a couple weeks time for them to do it, but they have done it for me when mine died. Also be warned that not all the customer services reps know about this so either ask to speak to a manager/someone else, or try calling again (I know that option is a pain, but better then losing your songs).

    As for the update it is great for North American Singstars that didn’t use the Euro store, but for a Euro store update it is pretty weak in my opinion.

  • Two reason why I don’t play SingStar anymore:

    I own the first version on PS3.

    1. Lowsy, horrible play list… Do what KR does TOP 40 then go and add your old song etc…

    2. No wireless mics!!!!!

    That’s all it would take Sony for me to buy songs from the Singstore but without that I will not be playing SingStar.


  • I think they’re well aware that people hate the idea of wired mics, no redownloading, and old songs. That being said, i think it’s awesome that they stil support their game this much. This is a lot of DLC. Of course, i won’t be buying any of it due to the dumb no-redownloading rule (sorry, i travel between my house and my dad’s house a lot and have a PS3 at both houses.)
    BUT STILL. I think it’s awesome that they keep supporting their game >.>

    It also wouldn’t hurt to add guitar gameplay or something to it. :E I’d buy all of them it it offered the same idea as Rock Band or even the first two guitar hero games. Adding guitar and bass would be pretty sweet. You’re already competing with Rock Band anyway. :@

  • For those of you wanting the wireless mics, order them from

    I’ve had mine for over a year here in California that way.

  • Where’s the DEPECHE MODE?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No Spanish or Portuguese songs?

    Luis miguel, juanes,shakira,carlos vives etc!

  • Sadly…haven’t played this in over a year as I was so put off by lack of support…tell me…have they bothered to atleast put the videos in HD yet?

  • Love all the songs your updating. Waayyy better than what it used to be. Also what Chicalinda said more Latin American songs like Juanes, Shakira, Mana, Jaguares, Reik, and so many more. Thanks you for your time.

  • Freaking sad that after i have spent over $40 on downloads and i sold my ps3 i can’t ever download the songs again.

    This is called stealing, if i paid for something it’s mine! you can’t deny me the right that i can’t redownload it.

    Never again will i support your games. YOU a big company steals from the people that buys your games and gives you money. It’s incredible.

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