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A Sunday with no football. So… what are you playing this weekend? I’m trying to beat Mass Effect 2 – 30 hours in at this point.
Got any good links we missed? Send ’em over.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 7, 2011)

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  • good stuff jeff!

  • holy crap thats alot =]

  • Enjoy Mass Effect 2 Jeff, the “suicide mission” is epic!

  • Dude, when are we getting an inFamous 2 release date?!

    • Could be as soon as late this week.
      In related news, Sid got to play through the karma missions we had on the blog a few days ago, and the game is looking great.

  • Jeff i hope you remember but last week on Sunday on Around The Web i posted about Tales of Graces F and how it needs a blog post on here so more people know that its coming to PS3 since Namco announced it to be coming to NA you replied saying you’ll quickly email Namco. anything new??

  • Jeff,

    Did you see my response to you in the DA 2 topic? The games that are missing from My Trophies are mostly older titles. Can you get the .com team to white list these or something?

    • After I contacted the team this week, I noticed stuff like Mass Effect 2 and Black Ops appear, but looks like most of your list is still accurate. Will keep on it.

  • Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together has been getting great reviews all over the place, but will it be available on the PSN for us PSP Go owners?

  • @ Jeff
    If you finish all the DLC and all the missions then you have another 10 hours to go Jeff. Honestly if you don’t do the Shadow Broker mission I’m gonna have to give you a hard time. Shouldn’t be to much trouble for you to be “pop’n caps” on that mission :-P

  • @Jeff
    lol np, Let us know how things fair on the suicide mission. This is one of my favorite games this generation, so much so I bought it a second time on PS3 (own the PC version).

  • The Killzone 3 3D and 2D SP demos are amazing!

    Also Jeff, with MWC going on today in Barcelona, will the Blog be covering anything about the Xperia Play? Like how it feels and handles from the experts.

  • Jeff there were some rumors about Twisted Metal’s release date this week. First it was spring, then someone at Sony said it was the fall, then Jaffe said on his Twitter that neither one of those are right. I’m confused. When can we expect a release date. I’m anticipating this game more than any other this year. I need TM back in my life! Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  • any chance that dissidia 012 and I doubt it, The 3rd Bday will get a PSN release. And Final Fantasy 1 and 2 Anniversary editions are getting released on the European PSN, any chance for a US PSN release.

  • Hey Jeff have you encountered any of the glitches/bugs/freezes in ME2? Because I know there’s a patch coming and I’m patiently waiting for it…

    Sad to know that a group of people had their save files corrupted from a game that is supposed to be the “definitive version”…

    • The only glitch I encountered was at the end of the last Firewalker mission – there’s an issue where I can’t hack the computer. Other than that, been smooth sailing. I know there’s a patch incoming, but I don’t know exactly when.

  • @11 twistedfloyd
    Always believe what Jaffe has to say about his games release date lol. If one hasn’t been given yet and Jaffe didn’t give one it only means one of two things:

    1) The games development isn’t far enough along to set a release date in stone.

    2) Either Jaffe or Sony are not ready to announce a release date to dedicate themselves too.

  • @12 Sonicfan

    Dissidia Duodecim is a title that started development after the PSP title on PSN initiative started so Sony likely requires this title be on PSN now.

    3rd Birthday on the other hand was first shown off in 2008 I believe before the PSP Go was released and was likely in development a full year before that. So the answer is pretty much up in the air and completely dependent on whether not square will allow it. Given what has gone down with Dissidia, they may try to bring it to the store, but don’t hold your breath if the game isn’t already available on the Japanese store on release day already.

    If Europe is getting the 20th anniversary editions of FF1 and FF2 then we’ll likely get it eventually too. I see square getting all their releases on the store before the PSP2/NGP is released.

  • Just wanted to ask if there is any news for the playstation mobile app. Any news or potential release time frame?

    • It’s being readied for a North American release, and we’re working with SCEE to localize it now. Turns out that it’s more complicated than you’d think. Either way, I’m expecting it by the end of March at the latest.

  • Hey JR,

    Is Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together 100% confirmed for a PSN release?

    First I’m hearing of this. So, forgive me for be a bit skeptical.

  • Oh my God, the new back and forth between Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada was insanely hilarious. Missed that one Jeff, thanks for the head’s up.

    Also, about 30 hours into Mass Effect 2 as well, incredible game right? Though, I’ve been a little scared to play it since I heard about the savedata corruption glitch going around. Any word on when we’ll get that patch? It’s been like 18 days since it’s been announced :[

  • Jeff, you asked and here you are. The Engadget link for the Xperia Play:

  • If The 3rd Birthday and Dissidia 012 have a PSN release, will people who get them off PSN get the DLC codes for the Aya costume and Tifa costume? Also, is Dissidia 012 Prologus coming out soon?

  • Hey Jeff, will Square Enix be putting up older PSP games on the PSN like FFVII: Crisis Core, FFI, and FFII?

    I do know Europe are getting FFI and FFII PSP-PSN rereleases. :p

  • Nice stuff. :)

  • Killzone 3 leaked on torrent sites. Deal with it with a mandatory firmware update to play the game.

  • Hey Jeff, can we excpect a Blog post soon about the Xperia Play?

  • Jeff, Do you if there will be an demo for De Blob 2? Too me it looks like an must have playstation move title. I’ll be geting along side with Killzone 3.

  • Jeff, would you please (if possible) inform Guerrilla that their servers are still horrible. It goes to the multiplayer menu, then I always get error code 8001, 20000, or 20001. Its getting ridiculous. I hope its just a beta thing.

    • The beta is only set for a limited amount of people. This will not be the case for the final retail version of the game.

  • Hello Jeff ^_^ Just wondering when will Mass Effect 2 digital DL be available on U.S. PSstore. Noticed the full game DL already available in Euro PSNstore. Will we be able to DL it here soon? The Full Game. Just tryed the demo and very interested to say the least! =)

  • @24
    I hope it’s a beta thing as well but with the recent news of the final game being leaked online, I doubt it. I just hope Guerilla and Sony are able to catch those playing the final version before release.

  • Hey Jeff, good luck with the suicide mission by the way. I was lucky enough to have saved my entire crew as well as survive the mission. Can’t wait for Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. Second only to Uncharted 2.

  • @25
    Mass Effect 2 has been available on the US PlayStation Store since the Day to Date release of the Bluray. It should even still be in the new releases section under Mass Effect 2 along side all of the DLC.

  • @28 its not.. no content available when you click on the link.. it has been removed apparently ;/

  • Guess i’ll just have to buy it on disc, will be cheaper at least, but would have payed extra to have it all on HDD and cut-down on loading time while playing.

  • will Capcom come to the blog and talk about Marvel vs Capcom 3? only a couple more days!

  • The Xperia Play was finally officially revealed! It’s going to be exclusive to Verizon in the States first…I’m wondering when it’ll go to AT&T. I’ll be free to move to Verizon, but AT&T gave me a free Microcell that really does wonders for reception at home, so I’m tempted to stay with this network.

  • i’m really excited about ar tonelico qoga.played the previous two itinerations of the game and just got hooked to it all.specially the music which is pretty awesome in my book! :0

  • @Kaze Eternal.

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, probably true, I’m just so anxious for this, I’m jumping out of my skin.

  • kratos in every game is awesome

  • How about the fact that you corporate pigs are not allowing us to use our PS3s the way we would like? How about the idea that we can not use our near-supercomputer to it’s full potential?

  • Um.. have looked for it on the store Jeff.. about 8 times today… when you click on link in store nothing comes up cept’ a messeage saying “No content available”. Game has been removed from store. Would like to know why. =/

  • Thanks for clearing that up Jeff. I cant wait for KILLZONE 3! To think, the only reason I ever played KILLZONE was when my dad asked if I would like it while we were browsing at GameStop.

  • Is Sony going to start advertising its exclusives like KZ 3? The ps3 had almost closed the gap on 360 yet its game do not sell near what Gears, halo do, reason? MS really markets, advertises them. Killzone struggles to get 2 million, gears will sell 6-8 million. Its time to start marketing sony.

  • Hi, i really hope there will soon be an article about that xperia thing with detail which could explain the diff between getting ngp or this (cause I am kinda confused, sorry xD) :)

  • Don’t mean to blow sunshine up your keester Jeff, but I really dig the Drop. Thanks for this weekly information. It really keeps me in the know about a lot of titles I’d miss thru my regular web-browsing practises.

  • ..whoops. Didn’t mean to say “the Drop”…although I dig the Drop too.

    I meant to spread my love all over your “What we read” postings.

    Love’ em! And look forward to them every week.

  • Dear Jeff,

    I read one thing on the web today that put me in a bad mood for the rest of the evening [here in HK, GMT +8 ;) ]

    According to GameSpot, Nathan Vautier, managing director for Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland, said that we would have to re-purchase PSOne Classics for the Xperia Play, even if we already own them on PSN.

    I was wondering if you could check with some people at SCE to see if this is true. Maybe he was confusing the PS Store, set to launch later this year, with the Xperia Play exclusives on the Android Market.

    I really hope this isn’t true. If you check my posts here and on the PS Forum you’ll see that I’ve been hyping PlayStation on mobiles since it was just a rumour, but being asked to re-purchase digital content is, for want of a better word, a little insulting.

    Many people are commenting on other sites that the news has put them off buying the phone, and I completely understand their feeling… and I’m a big Sony supporter.

    Being able to play games that we got on PSN or PS+ would have been a great selling point for the device to loyal customers… so I really hope that you can confirm that it’s not true.

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