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This weekend is all about the simple pleasures in life: Stomping through Necromorph in Dead Space 2’s New Game Plus mode (I highly advise maxing out the Javelin gun) and mowing down Helghast in Killzone 3’s Campaign Demo. I’m also infatuated with the charm and whimsy of Stacking, the adorable new adventure game from the minds of Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and Lee Petty. If you’re a PlayStation Plus user, you have no excuse — it’s free for a limited time.

I’m also hoping to sink my teeth into two PSN exclusives this weekend: Explodemon and Tales From Space: About a Blob. Oh, and I’ve got to see how Plants vs Zombies translates to the DualShock 3. Guess I shouldn’t plan to leave the house…

What are you playing this weekend?

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  • Killzone 3 Gets a Perfect 10 in PlayStation: The Official Magazine — PTOM Editor-in-Chief Gary Steinman shows off the latest issue and answers reader questions in the comments.
  • Fire, Fistfights and £20 Bills: Brand New Uncharted 3 Interview — Fun fact: Once lit on fire, UNCHARTED 3’s environments will eventually burn to the ground.
  • MLB 11 The Show “Yankee Killer” Trailer Turns Up The Heat — Joe Mauer faces long odds in this new episode.
  • Killzone 3 Midnight launch at Walmart on Feb. 21 — Select stores will hold Killzone 3 tournaments where you can win collectible prizes.
  • Qore Episode 33 features Killzone 3, MLB 11 The Show, Fight Night, and the Greatest PS3 Villains — Veronica exposes Sev and Rico, epic bad guys, the sweet science and more.
  • ModNation Racers: The Road Ahead Is Lookin’ Good! — Killzone Mod and Kart, the Lovebug, and the top user-created PS3 Mod and Kart of the week
  • Zipper Community Day 2011 Recap — Stereoscopic 3D and a new “Classic” game mode that uses old-school rules.
  • PULSE 2/8 Edition Featuring: Helghast, a Blob, and Pre-Order News — Check out the Killzone 3 beta plus pre-order bonuses for MotorStorm Apocalypse and MLB 11 The Show.
  • Explodemon Blasts onto PSN TODAY! — Curve Studios’ vision is finally made reality and it’s only on PSN.
  • MotorStorm Apocalypse Video Interview — A closer look at the online multiplayer and urban settings of this cataclysmic 3D racer.
  • Sony’s “Filmy” Application for High-Definition Videos, Exclusively on PSN — Connect your Sony camera to your PS3 with this advanced A/V app.
  • Tales From Space: About a Blob Hits PSN Today, is Growing, and Growing, and Growing… — Absorb the free PSN demo and let me know what you think.
  • Get the Truth in ‘The Tester 2’ Reunion Show — Cast members answer long-standing fan questions next Tuesday, February 15th on this special episode.
  • Plants vs Zombies hits PSN Today With All The Trimmings — Get it? Trimmings! LIKE LAWN TRIMMINGS!!!1!1
  • DC Universe Online: Watch Blur’s New “Fractured Future” — Blur Studio never disappoints.
  • PlayStation Move Heroes: Watch the Story Trailer! — See how Ratchet, Sly and Jack united for this PlayStation Move action crossover.
  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta update, new chance to win a Limited Helghast Edition for US and Canada — Guerrilla Games is using the Beta to finetune Killzone 3’s multiplayer mode. See the list of fixes!
  • Magic: The Gathering Comes to PlayStation Home + Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Mansion Update & More! — A smattering of diverse updates this week, everything from the kitchen sink to a Thing in a Box.
  • Digital Comics Store Update — Deus Ex #1, Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun #1, New Avengers, and a heap of assorted new comics.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Coming to PS3 March 3rd — Confirmed: New multiplayer and Zombie maps are coming soon to the PS3.
  • In the Trenches with Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 and the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter — The nuts and bolts of the sharp shooter, from multi-fire options to a full button breakdown.
  • Killzone 3 Trophies and Strategy Guide Unveiled — No spoilers! Secret Trophies aren’t shown.
  • MLB 11 The Show: Stadium Realism and Ambiance — Two-and-a-half words: Authentic JumboTrons.
  • PixelJunk Shooter 2 Will Be Released March 1st! — Dylan Cuthbert and Q-Games deliver the news we’ve all been waiting for.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Paranormal Activity 2, Sports Illustrated’s Making of the Swimsuit Issue videos, and a host of Valentine’s specials.
  • LittleBigPlanet Community Update – Hansel & Gretelbot!!! — This community-developed episode looks polished enough to be in the Story mode.
  • What Goes Around Comes Around: More on the inFAMOUS 2 Karma System — Mission structure and objectives vary wildly depending on your moral choices.
  • Killzone 3: MAWLR Graveyard and Meet the Medic — Meet the Crusher, a new threat in this very special multiplayer map.
  • Play Dead Space 2 With the Devs This Saturday, Unlock New Viral Suits — Dead Space 2’s executive producer spreads the contagion with PSN players.
  • Dragon Age II Looks Better, Hits Harder — Didn’t care for Dragon Age: Origins? Dragon Age II may change your mind.
  • MLB 11 The Show: Watch “Torture” — Giants vs. Phillies, bases are loaded…
  • Uncharted 3 banner

  • Making Crash Bandicoot by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin — The six-part series providees an uncensored look at the inaugural Crash Bandicoot game, as well as game development during the mid-1990s.
  • “The Lab” – February 2011 Schedule — For February, one of the very first “The Lab” gametype variations, Shotguns Only, returns for a standalone weekend.
  • REMINDER: The Lab – Shotguns Only — Here’s some trivia: Shotguns Only was the favorite gametype of nearly 45% in our poll, beating out Sniper Extermination and 2 vs 2 Team Deathmatch
  • Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 30 — SOCOM 4′s Travis Steiner and Kevin Schmitt return to discuss the feedback that we’ve received since its multiplayer debut.
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    14 Author Replies

    • I’m playing Stacking (and loving it), God of War II, Little Big Planet 2, and as much Killzone 3 online beta as I can connect to.

    • I’m playing Harvest Moon on my psp; it’s the perfect game for a handheld.

    • Playing… GT5, Red Dead Redemption, NBA2k11, God of War 3, and MLB 10 the show, and many demo’s including Killzone 3, and Killzone beta…

      I’m watching… Fringe, Spartacus, The Cape-trying to get into it,

      I’m reading… Many forums lol

      Regrets… not getting Mass Effect 2 on release date, never played one before…

    • I earned my 1,000th trophy today! Booyah!
      Got Stacking all downloaded, but haven’t played it yet. And Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in a few days-I feel so rushed!

      I’m playing: LBP2 (just got 160 Yays/Boos trophy!), [gonna get back to] God of War 3, Prince of Persia [2008], [gotta get to] Stacking, Resident Evil 5
      I’m watching: TV
      I’m reading: My awesome post here, The Alchemyst

    • Playing Stacking, Second playthrough of DS2, and Spyro 2. Hey, it was free with Playstation Plus and let’s be honest, it’s still awesome.

    • Playing Dead Space 2 and Stacking. Any word on that release date for Infamous 2?

    • @5: You know it. Spyro rules, and free with PS Plus makes it great. Awesome for travel!

    • can anyone tell me if anything about FRANCHISE MODE has changed in mlb the show 2011

      ea’s nhl series has the best franchise mode followed by nba 2k11

      in mlb the show i can trade a old players for 22 year old stud i mean make the ai a little smarter

      move a team to different city
      make your own stadium or edit your stadium
      set prices for everything
      sponsorships deals should be a big deal not just click here and done

    • Love the whimsy. Do you listen to Weekend Confirmed SID?

    • DS2 and kz3 beta/demos plus stacking. Busy!

    • Hey Sid,

      Any word on Sorcery? We haven’t heard anything since E3 last year.

    • Good Killzone stuff! :) Looking forward to the release soon.

    • Trying to plat Dead Space 2 – reckon that Hardcore mode is going to stop me in my tracks though!

      Are you playing Killzone 3 with Move? If not, do it – it’s wonderful!

    • Sid, Just got finished with the school in Dead Space 2. The stage fight was awesome! Stacking is really good as well.

    • why are there so little comments. im usually late and there would be like 536 comments before me. i kinda feel special :D

    • I’m also currently playing Dead Space 2 on Zealot with Game+. It really is an amazing game, the Stalker Necromorphs were a great addition to the universe. I’m also working my through Yakuza 3 again in anticipation for Yakuza 4….cannot wait :)

      I’m watching a bit of Bones, White Collar and Fringe and some of my fav episodes of The West Wing. Just got back from seeing Black Swan and True Grit at the cinemas.

      Currently reading World War Z by Max Brooks, The Road by Cormac McCarthy and some articles on ARG’s by Jane McGonigal.

      Yep, a real busy and geeked out weekend for me :)

      • Ahh, I love The West Wing. Really enjoyed True Grit, what did you think? And I[m dying to see Black Swan — I’m a big Aronovsky fan.

    • It’s 2011 where is Sorcery? :3

      I love the beta, I just need to find a way to get $60 by the 22nd. Got 58 kills and over 15000XP in a match in Warzone. Is that good? Everyone else only had 30 or less kills.

    • does killzone 3 require the latest firmware to play??? helps deal with piracy on the ps3.

    • I’m Playing Dead space and killzone3 Demo and call of duty black ops

    • Any words on a release date for the Metal Gear Solid Rising demo? Or how about some new ps move demos/games coming?

      I’m currently playing Black Ops, Killzone 3 Beta, and Sports champion. Downloading dead space 2.

    • Got two chapters of Dead Space 2 done today, and I’ll be putting some more time into it tomorrow. Little Big Planet 2 got completed for the first time; but of course, that game deserves a platinum. Also, I can’t get enough of the Killzone MP Beta.

      Going to be getting PLUS for the first time tonight or tomorrow, so I will definitely check out Stacking.

    • I’m playing: LittleBigPlanet 2 (my newest level is called Prius_Test Drive), the Stacking demo, the Hoard Demo, and the Killzone 3 beta. Stacking is so great. I can’t wait to get the full game! (but I’m going to have to wait. *sigh* )

      I’m watching: Farscape, Pushing Daises, and Stargate SG-1 all on Netflix.

      I’m reading: Still haven’t found a good new book to read.

      This was an excellent week for the PS3. Tons of great demos (Stacking, Hoard, Tales From Space, etc), plus lots of great LBP2 and Killzone 3 beta goodness.

      Can’t wait to play the Hanzel & Gretlebot LBP2 levels. Also hoping that this coming week will bring us a demo of the new Back to the Future game! And hopefully some other cool ones too (Killzone 3 single player demo?). :)

    • Since I’ve downloaded the Killzone 3 beta, I have not played any of my other games except Black Ops. However I immediately quit because it just was not as fun as gouging Helgast’s eyes into their skulls! So, Sid are you enjoying the beta and if so what is your favorite class and weapon?

      • In multiplayer, I like playing as a Medic and using an SMG (if I’m using Move) or a shotgun if I’m using the DualShock. I’m also partial to the turret Engineer with an LMG.

    • Need to try Hardcore on Dead Space 2 Sid, it’s not as bad as it sounds
      I beat Hardcore so trust me XD

      Can’t say I used the Javelin much, it was a fun gun but, I prefer the Plasma Cutter, just classic and always useful.

      • I upgraded the Javelin all the way to the purple special mode — it makes the electrocuting javelins explode. Very useful!

    • Hey Sid
      How is that Ape Escape HD collection coming along?
      really excited any word on estimated release date?
      or is it still far off

    • also a little more then a month left for PlayStation Reward beta to become official… Hope to see the program live in Canada too..

    • I wonder if GG care about not having a 90+ game. Think they tried to do the right thing but fell flat by going too far into formulaic CoD territory losing their own identity and from what I’ve heard adding a pretty average B grade action story. Is it that difficult to add some depth and humanity to an FPS game, something that tells a hard hitting powerful story and creates empathy for characters?

    • waiting till this tuesday. this week wasnt all that great so i spent my money on some guitar hero song downloads. even though theres no more guitar hero i still love it. hope they have more downloadable songs to come out.

    • Gooday Mr. Sid

      What’s going on with the announced music store for PSN, as well as rumored remakes to MGS & DMC franchises, any updates?

      btw, I think “link” is a great title for the New PSP.

      psL for short. I came up with the name since Everything about Sony’s philosophy with the new PSP revolves around gathering ideas and input from a broad range of people. developers are involved, getting 3rd parties involved, even listening to fans (two analogs), broadening appeal to casuals, Sony is trying to link up with everyone, make new friends, and have that expressed in the console. Not a bad idea, if everyone’s happy with a platform, and even had input in it’s design, you are more likely to get outstanding software made. I’m thinking about sending it to PS blog or sutin.(so i did) Anyone besides me think its cool? o_O

    • @29 That’s a great name, way better than the NGP. It would still be best if the just called it the PSP2 though.

    • @Sid@me4: Dunno. With some download-game trophies, rentals, and retail, I really don’t know.

    • Is there still no word on a release for the dissidia duodecim prologus demo for the psp? The game itself is almost out, and the demo is close to becoming redundant.

    • I beat Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, Dead Space Extraction (for 2nd or 3rd time wit my wife), and Mind Jack.I’ve lately been playin’ Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and LBP2! Thanx Drivenout for help gettin’ 100% bubbles

    • PLEAZE EVERYONE PLAY MY SILENT HILL level on LBP2 community. I need only 2 trophies to platinum and it is 50 unique players play my level and spend 24hours actively in create mode. So pleaze play my level I just started, but be warned every1 dat has played says it hurts their eyez lol! God bless you all!

    • Also any word on release date for new Silent Hill game on Ps3 comin’ out sometime dis year Sid?

    • any word on the remakes being made?
      I’m interested in what Square Enix is cooking up.
      Please be FF or KH

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