Play Dead Space 2 With the Devs This Saturday, Unlock New Viral Suits

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Dead Space 2 MP

I’m happy to announce we will be doing a PlayStation 3 Dead Space 2 Game with Developers session on Saturday, February 12th starting at 3pm PST (RSVP here)! So far, the reaction to Dead Space 2’s multiplayer has been mixed — some people really love it, others have yet to discover how much fun it can be. The best thing I can tell folks is to play as a team and communicate. Dead Space 2’s MP was designed around both cooperation and competition; if you run off like some Space Marine Bozo, you will get TORN UP. Work with your teammates, coordinate as you move towards your objectives, and remember: A team that plays together will generally win.

I’m excited about this weekend since the team and I will be getting a chance to play with people on the PS3. Not only do I hope that we can help people understand the best strategies for success, but we will also have a few cool goodies for those people who are dedicated to playing MP.

The team and I will be wearing two all-new Viral Suits during this Saturday’s session RSVP here: 1. White Tiger Stripe 2. Viral Blue. The idea here is that if people manage to kill the developers they will unlock one or both of these suits. The best part is that after someone gets the suit it goes “viral,” meaning that anyone who kills a person wearing one of the suit will also unlock it. So anyone who gets that suit will have a big bulls-eye on their back!

Dead Space 2 MP

In addition to this weekend’s multiplayer session, the team (as well as myself) hops online from time to time for impromptu game sessions. If you’re interested in keeping up to date on when we may be playing, or to see if we have any other neat tricks up our sleeves, please follow me on Twitter. Leveluptime is also my PSN ID!

If you want to keep fully up to date on all things Dead Space, please follow @DeadSpace on Twitter.

One last thing: if you want to make sure to be a part of the Game with Developers session this Saturday, please RSVP here.

Thanks a ton for supporting the Dead Space 2 team and Visceral Games. I look forward to playing and meeting you all this weekend.

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  • I still have yet to play the multiplayer but I just wanted to take this opportunity say thanks for creating this awesome game. I bought the collector’s edition and I do not regret it one bit.

    I’ll look forward to the upcoming DLC.

    And Steve, I think I was in a match with you once but that was during the closed beta. xD

  • count me in :) and I agree with @1 Yazter – this is one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life!!!

  • I just finished the single player campaign last night and it was fantastic. I am looking fwd to trying out the multiplayer, and what better way to do it than with Visceral :)

  • can u please take out the code redemption reminder in the next update. very annoying.

  • See you Saturday!

  • i confess i havent played dead space yet im a call of duty fan mostly at the moment but would like to ask the programers why after they fix a few things to get things going sort of ok that they leave it at that and then move on to the next game and dont worry about fixing up the previous games problems(for multiplayer)…..i know you guys only care about the money it seems but you could make a bit an effort!!…..i know its a fast paste challenge to get games out but quality would be better then quantity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thanks steve and i do apreciate that !!…….do you know one of the guys personaly that i could talk to from cod ??……also if you have time i do have a great idea for a shooter game that no one else has thought about yet !!

  • only player MP in the beta. Loving the single player game, but I’ll try to get in on this to see that viral suit.

  • This game is probably the biggest disappointment of the year so far, and the multiplayer is easily the worst MP I’ve ever played for a game since the Ps3 came out.

    On top of this the games Hardcore mode is the only thing standing in my way for platinum. This mode is an affront to the intelligence of any normal human gamer. I don’t get 5 hours a day to make it from chapter 1 to chapter 8 just to save for the first time. I work 10+hour days and can’t reasonably play Hardcore mode because I don’t have the time.

    If this game is for grown adults, then Hardcore mode shows some serious irresponsibility issues on Viscerals part. You’re adults too, you should be making games other adults can play and actually finish.

    Dead Space 3 is off my list because of this.

  • Sorry, MadmanV10, but… what the hell are you talking about? Dead Space 2 is a GREAT game. I played on extreme mode and I enjoyed every second of it. In fact, I’m playing a new game+

    The MP, on the other hand, is very fun. I don’t like those MP with biiiiig teams (16 vs 16 or more), I enjoy MP like this or the Uncharted one, with little teams, where you can actually PLAY the game, even if you are not so good.

    Hardcore mode? Yeah, it’s really “impossible”. But, hey, what was the name of the mode again??? Duh!!!

  • I’ll definately be playing, love every last bit of Dead Space 2. Congrats on making such a great game!

  • Love you Dead Space, but really don’t care about the multiplayer.

    Would have rather had a longer single player game. The mutiplayer gets hollow really fast. Got to level 10 and haven’t played since.

    bad@ss single player game though!

  • subadictos…there is no extreme mode. So maybe you should learn the game better before you try and stick up for this disappointing sequel.

    Hardcore mode is flat out irresponsible, and not something that should be expected of any ADULT gamer…especially hardcore ADULT gamers. This isn’t an opinion, it’s a statement of fact. Adults have jobs…teenagers don’t. Teenagers can play Hardcore mode…but teenagers shouldn’t be playing the game. This dilemma is clear cut and has only one objective interpretation.

    Visceral failed.

  • Can’t wait

  • I love Dead Space 2! I picked up the CE at the midnight launch. I beat the game on normal, currently been playing on Zealot (been busy) and I plan on giving Hard Core mode a few tries. I’ve played multiplayer a bunch of times to mix things up and enjoyed it each time.

    I would join in on the session but I’m on midnights so I’ll be sleeping. Hopefully the viral suits spread, so I can jump on and kill someone that has it. Thanks again everyone at Visceral Games for making a great game, that I will continue to recommend and looking forward to Severed.

  • Hopefully I’ll get on. Unfortunately Dead Space 2’s multiplayer isn’t exactly high on my priorities list. It’s not the part of the game I cared about. I did buy the limited edition so I could have Extraction and Dead Space 2, my two big draws. Unfortunately I haven’t completed either due to Mass Effect 2 and will likely continue to be derailed due to Killzone 3 next week.

    I’d like to say that this game seems to hold up rather well in that mix. I’m loving the single player so far (thank you for the ability to use the environment to defeat necromorphs), the changes to presentation including giving issac a voice which is helping to keep me drawn in, and the story has me hooked.

    I wish you luck with the multiplayer though, I don’t think many people really walked into Dead Space 2 thinking the game should even have that ability in the first place. Maybe an independent project built on co-op, but nothing like what DS2 ended up with. Anyway I’ll wait till I give it a try before I make any judgments. Just keep in mind not every game is meant to pull this off like Uncharted 2 did (btw they also play with their community from time to time).

  • This sounds really fun! I just got dead space 2 and started it last night. Its awesome. Will try the

  • Opps missed the last half..

    Anyways, will try the MP tonight to get warmed up

  • MP is surprisingly fun. It’s nice to have a side story that ties into the main game/universe.

    • Glad you enjoy that part of it. We worked hard to make sure there was a connection between 1p and MP. Thanks.

  • The multiplayer is absolutely amazing and addicting and I don’t know how anyone would say otherwise. I, too bought the collectors edition and I gotta say, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to beat the story mode on zealot on my first attempt without the zealot force gun! that thing must have saved me dozens of times!

  • btw since your answering questions, can you confirm or at least hint at any possibility of any MP dlc like maps/modes?

  • @9 Ok, so you hate the game and it’s a disappointment, yet you have every single trophy except 1. Hmm. Ok.

    Anyway, I think the game is amazing and I want to thank you guys for creating such an awesome game. Hopefully I can play with you guys and get these suits on Sat.

  • MP DS2 Rox!!! Looking forward to tearing you all new “all-kinds-of-new-holes!!”

  • The Dead Space team deserves a ton more credit that they are getting I haven’t even started Dead Space 2 yet. I’m still going through Extraction and racking up trophies and I just finished ignition and I plan to play the iphone game WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE PSP but I’ll let it slide. you guys have created an amazing universe in terms of gaming but also in terms of video content. I loved the original animated comic prior to the launch of Dead Space and the Blu-ray released along side it. I’m waiting for Aftermath to be delivered from amazon and will be starting Dead Space 2 hopefully Sunday, but it’s killing me to not be playing it now. I do hope that you release a sequel to extraction for the PSN using the Dead Space 2 assets that game is amazing. Keep up the good work! Much Support to you and your team.

  • MadMan… uf, I’m chilean, so I play the game in SPANISH and in spanish the harder mode (besides hardcore) is “EXTREMO”, or “extreme” in english. I don’t know what is the english name…

    By the way, adults don’t work seven days a week and, lastly… nobody force you to play hardcore mode! I won’t for the difficult, but I’m OK with that.

  • -Bought DS1 on release day and to this day has been my all time favorite game out of my 40+ PS3 titles. I’ve beaten the game 6 times and it’s my only platinum. bought all the DLC.

    -Bought both Aftermath and Downfall Blurays on release.

    -Bought Extraction to play on my brother in laws wii that I borrowed. Now I have it on PS3 with Ignition that I’ve beaten as well.

    -Currently reading Dead Space Martyr

    -On 2nd playthru for DS2 and will be tackling hardcore next. I intend to make DS2 my 2nd platinum.

    I really love the multiplayer and I honestly wasnt looking forward to it when it was announced. Great job. I’d love to have a shot to play against you guys. I know I’m at least gonna score that suit. Do you have a release date for the Severed DLC?

  • I’ll be working during the specified time, but I JUST picked up my copy of Dead Space 2 Ltd Ed. I’m thrilled to start my campaign and to challenge the new MP, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE patch in Move support, even if it’s single-player only. Already love the franchise and am stoked to play Extraction.

  • Very good game, even better than the first one in my opinion. I’m not really into multiplayer modes of games, I tried it and it looks fun but i prefer single player games

  • Dead space 2 MP is awesome fun. Your with a partner and only through team work can u progress. Must thank the Dead space 2 team for making such a fun game and for bringing Dead space extraction to the ps3. Awesome just like everything Dead space

  • Any plans to add some trophies to the multiplayer? I know some people aren’t fans of multiplayer trophies, but I get the feeling that’s generally just for people who are shootin’ for that Platinum trophy. Uncharted 2 added new multiplayer trophies with each DLC pack they did, which encourages people like me to dedicate more time to the game. And I know there’re multiplayer DLC packs incoming — you guys are notorious for your DLC! ;-) Love the game, though. I’d pre-order Dead Space 3, 4, and 5 right now if I could.

  • Please don’t add any multiplayer trophies. I find the multiplayer mode a lot more fun than I thought I would’ve, but I don’t want to, say, have to play 500 matches to get a Gold trophy or something.

    Anyway, really loved Dead Space 2, although I must admit I would have preferred to see the Sprawl somewhat normal before all Hell broke loose. Hopefully, the Severed DLC can have a little of that. I think showing it as a viable, working community before the people become Necromorphs would make the horror a little more…well, horrible. lol

    And for the guy complaining about Hardcore mode, well, that’s why it’s called Hardcore. I work a full time job too, as well as being in a band that tours and being an author. Can I spend all day playing the game? Of course not, but I can put aside an evening after work to play part of it and then another part and then another. That’s how it should work for an adult.

    Finally, count me in on your multiplayer mode thingy today. I’ll be on.

  • I think it is cool that a Dev team takes time to play with their fans.

  • aha makes me wish I hadn’t lent my friend my mic. Just a few hours away aha better get to my first hardcore save quick status =)

  • MadmanV10, quit you’re whining.
    Try the Demon’s Souls platinum.
    If that’s the reason you won’t get Dead Space 3, then maybe you shouldn’t even play video games.

    Love the game guys, keep doing you’re thing. Don’t listen to anyone but you for what’s gonna make a great Dead Space 3, because you obviously know what you are doing.

  • “if you run off like some Space Marine Bozo”
    Bah, if it wasn’t for us Space Marines most matches would be hopeless. Besides I don’t leave my squad members to die if I can help it, but I still have to get to the objective under a time limit. Stay within my sights and we will both survive, but if you fall behind and become useless you will die younge. I will make sure victory comes or a lot of necromorphs die, or perhaps both.

    I got the Solid Viral White Suit, now to get the other! Was kind of expecting it to look cooler. Hmm… this talk of Space Marines makes me want a Dead Space 2 suit based on a Blood Ravens armor.
    Dead Space 2 + Dawn of War 40k = AWESOME! Plus a chainsaw sword.

  • I got infected! Today was a fun day online you guys should do more dev days.

  • is possible to for video game companys to start adding bots to their mulitplayer bots so this way people can alway play online for their nich games it ashame that every game comes out has a multiplayer but dies out in a coulpe of weeksm so late comers to the game can never play onlen because their no rooms to be found

  • Amazing game. didn’t get a chance to play till 12 but amazing game. btw what are the next DLC’s coming like anything new like maps, or a little prequal to what happened at the sprawl. i mean i have the game on my ipod too, but it just starts, either that or i must’ve not paid attention, to busy crapping my pants.

  • I bought the collectors edition day 1. I havent played it yet, finishing up a few others so I can devote my time solely to this game. Everything Ive heard sounds great, considering Dead Space is one of my favorite games, thats no suprise. I am very excited to play multiplayer too. It looks to have a very Left 4 Dead vibe, which is also a great thing. So thanks to you, Mr. Papoutsis and the rest of the dev team, for not putting out a rushed mediocre sequel.

  • This game is a MASSIVE upgrade from Dead Space 1 even though I loved the 1st game but being in a space city makes the game have more variety instead of being in a ship backtracking to areas you been already but Great Job on this game Visceral Games.

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