MLB 11 The Show: Watch “Torture”

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Sports Fans –

MLB 11 The Show is about bringing the biggest, most dramatic moments in baseball directly to your living room. Ever wonder what it’s like to be on the mound with the big game all on the line? The entire stadium awaiting your next move? Then “Torture” by MLB 11 The Show was made for you. San Francisco Giants Ace Tim Lincecum is in a jam. It’s late in the game with the bases loaded and Phillies Super Slugger Ryan Howard is coming to the plate. Worse yet, with two outs and a full count, he’s got the greenlight to swing for the fences. One pitch is about to change the momentum of the game and the season for both teams.

MLB 11 The Show continues to showcase the real-life intensity and drama of Major League Baseball. Check back soon for more MLB 11 The Show announcements. And don’t forget: Reserve and Purchase MLB 11 The Show and receive 30 FREE days of MLB.TV on your PS3!

Welcome to The Show!

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  • Torture IS being a Mets fan.

  • *Correction

    Torture is being a Pirates fan, if there are any survivors that is.

  • i think everyone knew the outcome of this sequence before even clicking on the trailer.

  • Whoever made that trailer needs a raise. I am super hype for the game once again!

    @1 @2 Also I’m sure Cubs fans have both the Mets and Pirates beat in the torture division.

  • awe he didnt hit it :(

    Also if this was such an important moment, why were there still team mates playing catch on the side? Wouldn’t they be more into the game at that point?

  • Awesome job, guys.

    I’m itching for baseball!

  • Sorta bothers me that a Giant isnt on the cover.

  • Umm…. when will you guys show some Dodgers love? I haven’t seen anything Dodgers in any of the trailers!

  • Go Padres!

  • Padres choked down the stretch…and bud black still got MOY…rippoff

  • “Torture IS being a Mets fan.”

    You’re right, i gave up being a Mets Fan my self :(

  • As someone who works in the Beer Vending Department at the Rogers Centre, I am eagerly looking forward to how incredibly real it looks!!!

    Twitter: @Stinger_Inc

  • Typical of him to strike out when the Phillies need a hit. I love the Phillies but I think Howard is grossly overpaid (not a bad player though, he’s great, but overpaid)

  • WOW!

    The detail has been stepped up more than I thought possible.

    Best. Baseball. Game. Ever.

  • @ #5 starBlinky01

    They aren’t playing catch. That’s the bullpen. They are warming up.

  • Please.. I’m a Cleveland fan so I don’t even want to hear about tourture… -_-‘

  • *Correction
    Torture is being a indians fan, who has not seen a world series winner in my lifetime.

  • Great work on the game so far SCEA can’t wait to get this game on March 8th.

  • @ #16 Ftwrthtx

    lol, well I don’t know.

    Looks like catch to me.

    At any rate, you’d think they’d be more excited about the game at that point, but nope, they rather warm up in the bullpen.

  • I’m not a fan of baseball at all, but I have to say that game is looking VERY good graphically. I think Sony needs to start teaching EA how to make stable sports games.

    Maybe even send some guys over to EA Sports to help them make their games more pretty and stable for the PS3 versions.

  • This is when I know something is good , your not a fan of the sport but you want to buy it ,didn’t see that strike out coming

  • This is how you know somethingis good ,your not a baseball f

  • I miss when baseball was a game you actually played in a field with other people.

  • #8

    Same here. Hopefully San Diego Studio gives us an option to print out a cover with the Giants. Just Like they gave us an option to download the European Cover of Heavy Rain and second cover to Resisitence 2.

  • Im so want to import this to the EU! Looks so amazing!

  • Good job. guys!

  • Great footage! I agree with @15, nobody can touch ‘mlb the show’.

  • So why is there no MOVE support for a Baseball game.. are you kidding me? Why the Heck wouldn’t you Give us the option of sucking in real time? Might make kids better baseball players if they actually swung something.. or pitched it! If there is Move support, well then maybe I would pick it up.. cause baseball with joysticks, is like every other SHOW.. give u something new.. or don’t be afraid to make a WII baseball game that waaaaaaaaaay better.. ya? ya.


  • graphics look great but I’m a little worried about this analog play. MVP baseball 2006 done this and it sucked.

  • @20

    When you’re told to warm up as a relief pitcher in the bullpen, you get up and warm up. That’s the players job, to be ready if called on. You don’t get to go “Ooooh! This is a big at bat! I gotta watch this!” and drop what you’re doing.

    If the manager gave you the call and you waltzed out there and told him “Oh I’m not warmed up yet, I was watching that at bat.” you would be absolutely yelled at, shelved, and (depending on age/skill) possibly demoted.

  • @29, LMAo, are you serious? The Show is a sim, move would make it a kids arcade game and ruin the series, the devs know this, if you want an arcade game with gimmicky motion controls, play Wii sports baseball. The move would never do anything to help people be better baseball players, get real, its too limited in game to be effective, thus it being HR durby only. Move is a gimmick, doesnt work well with serious games that require pin point control and realism.

  • Real torture is being a Mariners fan … never won an alcs nor been to the world series … EVER!


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