Magic: The Gathering Comes to PlayStation Home + Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Mansion Update & More!

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This Thursday, February 10th marks the introduction of one of the most popular games of all time into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. The Magic: The Gathering game space is a modern castle filled with six mini-games that unlock various rewards. This visually-dazzling location is packed with Magic: The Gathering content – from Duels of the Planeswalkers’ leaderboards to battling holograms and more. Starting at 4:00pm PST (7:00pm EST) on launch day, the Wizards of the Coast team will be on-site to answer your questions, so be sure to log in this Thursday to experience this awesome new space and meet the guys and gals behind the Magic: The Gathering franchise.

Magic: The Gathering in PlayStationHome

The PlayStation Home elite will get an opportunity to expand their territory when the newest addition to the mega-popular Mansion personal space releases this Thursday. Available from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall, this expansion pack includes an infinity pool, a million dollar view, and six exclusive clothing and furniture rewards for owners and visitors alike. Check out this video for a guided tour courtesy of our resident business guru, Magnus Keynes.

What’s in that box? Who knows – but one thing is for sure: it has some truly unique moves. The “Thing in a Box” is amongst the coolest companions to be released in PlayStation Home. Watch the video and let us know what you think lives in the box in the comments section. Then be sure to pick yours up from the Exclusives store in the PlayStation Home Mall when it releases this Thursday.

The courageous and the mighty can add the Silver Warrior and Claudia costume sets to their collection come this Thursday when the latest batch of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow items release in PlayStation Home. That’s not all – this week Konami also releases a line of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow furniture items including Lycan, Vampire and Pan figurines. Check ’em out!

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in PlayStation HomeCastlevania: Lords of Shadow in PlayStation Home

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another update this week with the latest edition of GamerIndepth’s “ShoutOuts” videocast, which features an interview with Jet Set Games (the developers behind the PlayStation Home-exclusive action/espionage game Conspiracy). To celebrate the premier of this episode, the Jet Set Games team will be on-hand in the Community Theater for a live Q&A session. The party starts at 6:00pm PST (9:00pm EST) and will last until 8:00pm PST (11:00pm EST) so mark your calendars and set your alarms, because this is one event you won’t want to miss.

Speaking of the Community Theater, we’d like to take this moment to welcome our newest addition to the line of regular contributors – the one and only LittleBigPodcast!

Also releasing this week are a slew of Valentine’s Day items for the Lockwood Gift Machine (including jewelry and furniture items), male and female versions of the Dead Space 2 Advanced Prototype Protective Suit, a slew of new active items (everything from indoor waterfalls to Tesla coils), tons of new furniture items for the Loot Amaterasu yacht, new costumes, and enormous chess pieces to decorate your personal space.

See you in Home!

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  • I am so getting those Castlevania outfits. Nice update.

  • Hello Locust and Home staff , looks like a nice update however , how many companions are we gonna have? i mean there are a lot now,while the DIESEL STORE hasnt had an update in YEARS. Is there a way you guys can fix the HDD thing, when you change clothes and can back, it takes FOREVEEEEEER for the HDD to stop spinning. Any idea as when Home member are gonna be able to watch full length movies in our TVs, and not just trailers, also we need a trash can , like a laptop computer has, so we can send to the trash can all the items we dont want , not even in storage. THANK YOU

    • Hi Ericka,

      Even though we recognize that you and others would like more Diesel clothing options in Home, we are not able to create those items ourselves, as we do not own the rights to Diesel’s designs. So the Diesel store will be updated only when/if Diesel decides to create more items for their store. In the meantime, I can assure you that GlassWalls and I will continue to pass your feedback along. And I can also assure you that our team and select partners will continue to create casual clothing items that will hopefully suit your taste.

      Load times are something that will continue to be optimized in the future. I promise that the devs are always looking for ways to make Home load faster and am confident that the experience will only continue to get quicker and smoother in the future.

      There is no news that I can share at this time regarding full-length movies in Home. But I can assure you that we hear you loud and clear and that work is continually being done to bring you more media options.

      As for the “trash can” – we have received many suggestions like yours in recent weeks and months. We have passed the request along to the dev team.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!



  • Nice !!! I love Home I wish they let us play our own music tho #TeamBON

  • I’ll be the first to bring it up… the Subway Codes were supposed to be activated last Thursday.. what happened?

  • I love the companions…i just wish my bunny was a little less…half dead? I can already see Home being overrun by an army of silver Warriors though. ^^

    • Personally, I think the current companions are among the coolest items in Home and can assure you that more are coming (though I do have to say that the Robotic Canine, which is an active item, is my favorite pet).

    • I love my undead little Nipper, and don’t care if he’s a little zombie or not. ;-)

      Yes, the companions are a fun and welcome addition to Home, and the selection keeps getting variety. Doesn’t every mastermind need a little henchman? Nipper is mine.

  • Looking good.

    Will the Subway sub outfit codes be active this week? Last week it was stated they would be but weren’t…

    • We apologize for these codes not working and are investigating when the content associated with these codes will be published. I’ll update everyone with a new date soon.

  • Hello Locust I was wondering if you could tell when we’ll see a Sodium update. (or at least a hint on when Sodium 2 will be out)?

    • Sorry – I can’t discuss release dates for Sodium 2 yet. As for SodiumOne updates, there are some coming very soon. Stay tuned for more details.

  • Awesome update Locust! Can’t wait to get that Pool for my mansion xD

    OMG those new active furniture items looks sooo cool! I may have to get them all!!!

  • Looks like a great update! Can’t wait to check out Home Thursday!

  • Riggggggghhhhttttt on LS and staff :) i wish i had more hands… so i could hive this update 4 thumbs up LOL.. didnt see that comming did ja ^_~ only 1 thing this week mah man,or any 1who wants 2 reply.. are we getting the lockwood items, the 1s i seen on the uk blog there called fool throttle? let me know if u can again kudos and hats of to u

  • I’m glad to see new items are coming out for the Lockwood Gift Machine, as it hasn’t gotten much use from me since it first came out. I have two questions about the Lockwood Gift update, though:

    1) Are you planning on hiding/removing any of the older seasonal items? There were one or two I wanted to give someone but I haven’t gotten around to buying yet.

    2) Is there any way to buy gift machine tokens in bulk yet? I’m annoyed that some of the items cost more then a dollar, yet I have to make three or four $0.99 PSN transactions just to build up enough tokens for a single item.

    • Hey,

      We tend to pull down the seasonal items we create internally after a period of time and then reintroduce the next year. That said, our partners (like Lockwood) retain the right to leave stuff on their shelves as long as they like. So unfortunately I can’t give you a solid answer – it really depends on the item.

      There is no way to buy gift machine tokens in bulk yet, but I will let Lockwood know that they should investigate the possibility.



  • Best..update…ever…
    If im a fan of LittleBigPlanet; I can watch LittleBigPodcast! Do i?

    • You may do that as well as check out the fresh content LittleBigPodcast creates just for you guys, the Home community. I recommend both.

  • The Thing in a Box has me totally stumped. Im guessing its a mini Solid Snake.

  • Waterfall for your personal space where’s the preview?

  • Thank you for the reply Locust. Keep us updated please, we love the communication ;)

  • damn seems this update is gonna burn my pocket deep…

  • gran turismo 5 gran turismo 5 gran turismo 5 gran turismo 5 public game space ahhhhhh!!!! call of duty call of duty game space!! battlefield battlefield game space!! grand theft auto 4 grand theft auto 4 grand theft auto 4 game space!!!! noooooooneee! how about metal gear solid 4??? nooppppee. it doesnt even have trophies!!! PSN and Home have super inconsistency in their service offerings.

  • Any word on our Paid and Reward Missing item’s yet? Are they going to be fixed and get them Back?

    I miss my stuff.

    Let us know.

    By: DCS

    • Hey DCS,

      Our dev team has been notified and are looking into fixes. Thanks for your patience – I hope to have some good news for you soon.



  • Hey Locust. I’m glad to see that Konami continues to pour on the support for PSHome. I’ll definitely get the new figurines and the Silver Warrior Costume tomorrow. Since its pretty apparent by now that Konami likes the Home business model, can you please ask them to add more low level prizes to the Konami Penthouse Space. Like others, I visit that place quite often but other than a Pyramid Head, I need other stuff to work for, Preferably that Garbriel Belemont Statue and the Solid Eye that was previously shown. Also, with all of these Castlevania themed items, could you suggest that they make the castle from Lords of Shadow as a Personal Space so we have a spot to store all of these cool items?

    Also, its great to see MTG in Home as well. I played that a lot back in the 90s. Maybe I’ll just have to pick up Duels of the Planeswalkers. I’ll check out the new space tomorrow. Have a good one folks. Keep up the good work.

  • You know what. The Thing in a Box almost seems like the EyePet.

  • Indeen, Viper.

  • Irem Update?

    Sorry for asking hehe :)

  • I absolutely love Chairman Meow, but this “Thing in a Box” reminds me so much of Solid Snake, I think Chairman Meow might have some competition! Honestly, these companions are one of the best things to come to Home!

    Speaking of Solid Snake… Konami is putting too much emphasis on Castlevania, and not enough MGS!

  • OK thanks for the update Locust. It be great to get my item’s back. I miss them.

    Also does that include the Broken Paid item for Seth (Male) Capcom SFIV ABEL GI TOP.

    I have my receipt for it. But it’s gone from my Wardrobe and not in Storage either. And i went to the Capcom SIN space and it shows the item Unmarked like i never Bought it. And it won’t let me readd it to the cart to get it back.


    I do have my receipt and i called Support and they told me a home Mod would have to Fix it. They couldn’t Help me.

    HELP Home Mod.


    By: DCS

  • Are the new Slurpee items getting added in Home tomorrow? Meaning the LBP2 backpack and Slurpee machine?

    How about seeing some games come into Home? Ya know, like the exclusive LBP2 with game launching that the first title had? How about Killzone 3 outside of just redecorating Central Plaza for a limited time? Dead Space 2? A late Eyepet? You all want to push companions but no Sackboy or Eyepet companions?

    If the Slurpee items come into Home tomorrow I might actually waste five minutes or so to load up Home then go back to big triple A titles that the PS3 has to offer. Otherwise Home’s turning into nothing more than a glorified virtual mall which really is losing all it’s glory. If users of Home have to beg developers of major first party titles to get things going in Home related to those games, there’s obviously something wrong and to some extent shows a lack of confidence from developers in the future of Home and what it can do for gaming.

  • cool

  • Noooo, not lycan, vampire and pan FIGURINES! I want them as COSTUMES! Please pass that along to Konami, and make sure girls can get the cool costumes too.

    Nice that there`s a Magic the Gathering space, is there a dragon costume anywhere in there? What are the rewards?

  • I love the little werewolves in the new Castlevania game, I want that costume on Home so bad :(

  • Here’s something I’ve submitted to PlayStation Share, though it hasn’t “stuck” yet:

    New Sodium 2 content is confusing. Sodium One is location in Home; tank game is called Salt Shooter. Sodium 2 content looks like great game, but sounds like new location. Maybe name it Salt Racer?

    If I’m mistaken, please correct me.

  • Hey Locust, will you be able to have the Ford space soon and will Sega game space come to PS Home (maybe a Sonic the Hedgehog game space)?

  • @19 Thanks Locust. Its highly appreciated and I thank you for listening.

  • better than a trash can , allow us to gift friends or even strangers with our unwanted things (: HOMELINGS ROCK!!!

  • hey L_S or GW, is the Silver Warrior outfit one piece? (plz tell me no) >_<

  • AwesomeSauce Gentlemen! Marvel vs Capcom3 is coming, I want Wolverine claws. Make it happen.

  • home sucks, I want my money back

  • make a mogwai mini pet that follows you. it will sell like hot cakes

  • Great Updates so far, I’m Impressed!

  • oh and the new pet is a Crab…Can tell just by how it walks, either that or a hexapod.

  • Ok, I going to give you the best idea ever for Home, and ways to monetize the endeavor also.

    Make a game inside of home where we can take our avatars into the game. This game will be like a modern take on Jade Cocoon, but we the players are the protagonist trying to heal the world or just for fighting each other in tournaments. Also it is an MMO style game where we can socialize with people and duel them and their monsters. Make the towns and cities in the game hubs for this type of play and make the other zones into themed areas like Pokemon. Just really think Pokemon in design for this game; just built with the home engine.

    To make money from this game which will be a free game. Just let us accessorize the pets that we tame. Also, ads can be placed in the game in creative ways too.

  • What’s in that box? GREMLINS? LOL!!

  • **** in a box! Uh, let me try that again. Crab in a box!
    One suggestion for the devs:
    Make it rain candy. Seriously. Yes irl ! I wants partly cloudy with scattered snacks. What? Oh :(

  • love the pool! why no men’s swimsuit? and no interactivity? we need some pool games like pool volleyball or marco polo. how about an evening sunset option so I can have a luau with torchlight! I’m looking forward to the second floor so I have a place for my games and game cabinets! great job everyone!

  • Excellent rundown this week! Extreme amounts of nonsense abound! LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very cool update! although it would be nice to have my companion out all the time. it just seems weird every time i move to a different location i have to reactive it, or when i play games (mainly DDR) it cant be out.

  • Ok update is great and all but there are many players that can’t get on Home which is weird it informs of a server lost. they tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still nothing did the update do anything to stop some people to get on?

  • Any words on when is PSHome going to be available to Mexican accounts?

    We’re missing all the cool contents that Home has to offer =(

  • @Chronosviper:

    That thing in a box reminds me of Metal Gear Solid….

  • Are the servers for Killzone Plaza Defense down? I’ve been trying to play for the past week now and it wont let me past Wave 1!!!!! I wanna try to get the 3 bonus points for the game before the time runs out to play this and I can’t play. The leader boards where the dance station use to be are doing the same thing they say connecting to server and i’ve waited a half an hour before and still doesn’t connect plz help

  • Can you guys encourage other devs to host their video/podcasts in their Home spaces as well? It’d be a great way to get the latest Critereon or Insomniac video blogs.

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