Tales From Space: About a Blob Hits PSN Today, is Growing, and Growing, and Growing…

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Hello humanoids! I’m happy to be sending you a message from across the Internets. It’s a very proud day for the team here in Toronto, because today marks the general release of our first game, Tales from Space: About a Blob. PSN users in North America can pick up the game today exclusively, and European users will see the game released tomorrow. If you haven’t heard of our title yet, allow me to tickle your brain. About a Blob is a game where you play as a little blob that grows and grows until he consumes the world. We like to think of it as a puzzle-platforming game set in a 1950’s monster-movie. Your goal is to get from the beginning to the end of every level by eating and growing, and along the way jumping, running, and squishing through puzzles and bosses.

Tales From Space: About a Blob (Biggish Blob)Tales From Space: About a Blob (Bigger Blob)

In the beginning of the game the blob has only his wits, his ability to spit objects, and his infinite appetite at his disposal. As the game progresses the blob also attains the powers of magnetism and electricity.

Since we haven’t focused on it on before, in this post I want to touch on the kind of size changes the blob undergoes in the game. At the start the blob is around the size of a marble, but by the end he’s absolutely huge. As the blob gets bigger he can eat bigger things, jump higher and move faster, and as a result previous threats suddenly become inconsequential. Above, for example, you can see the blob as he starts in one of the levels. He’s about the size of the people nearby, and while he would certainly intimidate me, he’s not monstrous. A little while later however, you can see the blob is able to make things much less comfortable for the people around him.

Tales From Space: About a Blob (Large size)

The blob’s size is potentially limitless, and below I’ve provided a preview of some of the scales you play at. In the game the blob goes from threatening cockroaches, to people, to buildings, to cities, to the Earth itself.

Tales From Space: About a Blob (Large size)

Tales From Space: About a Blob (Huge size)

We certainly hope everyone enjoys the game, and you should all know that DLC is forthcoming. There are Home Rewards in the game already, and additional items should appear in PlayStation Home soon. A free theme will be provided to PlayStation Plus users, and of course we’ll have a Dynamic Theme, Avatars, and Wallpapers. Most importantly, there will also be in-game DLC, both free and for-purchase, which we’ll start revealing over the next few weeks. Finally, if you’re interested, every week for the next while we’ll be talking about the process of building the game on our development blog at http://www.aboutablob.com/.

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