Sony’s “Filmy” Application for High-Definition Videos, Exclusively on PSN

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PlayStation Network users will be excited to hear that we have just introduced a new movie viewing application from Sony Corporation exclusively on PSN. The new application, called Filmy, allows easy organization and viewing of AVCHD video recorded with Sony cameras on PlayStation 3. With Filmy, you can enjoy smooth operability and easy video playback of your AVCHD videos. Simply connect an AVCHD-recordable camera to your PS3 with the USB cable, and you can view those high-definition AVCHD videos right on your TV.

PlayStation Network - Filmy Application

PlayStation Network - Filmy Application PlayStation Network - Filmy Application

The Filmy application is available in the media category within the PlayStation Store as a free trial version that allows you to operate full features for 15 minutes and also as a paid version that unlocks all content functionality for $5 USD. Once downloaded, Filmy will install under the Video icon of your XMB.

PlayStation Network - Filmy Application PlayStation Network - Filmy Application

The Filmy application is yet another innovative offering on PSN as we continue to expand your entertainment options, including games, movies, TV shows, sports and content that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Check out the free trial, and you’ll see for yourself just how enjoyable it can be to watch high definition movies on PSN.

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  • Probably don’t expect this to get a lot of responses, but for those of us with Alpha 55s, we salute you. I also like the Playmemories for those 3D photos.

    Hopefully this app will also work with the upcoming 3D Bloggie.

  • SWEEEEET, you guys rock, thank you!!! 8)

  • MKV please..

  • Wow! more apps please! i wanna record tv shows on my hdd, please make it happen! glad to see the ps3 grow, awesome to be a ps3 launch owner.

  • Great, another reason for my PS3 to sit around and do nothing…

  • Or you could take said videos and put them on your PC, then stream them to your PS3. For free.

  • Cross Game Chat!

  • Awwwwwww……..even these apps are not free anymore….
    sony “please dont be like microsoft”

  • The name sounds kind of weird. I hate to be that person but if you say it out loud, it sounds kind of…dirty

    should probably thought about a better name than that…

  • yea, you guys should focus on other applications than this minor stuff. Just inform us of the next update please.

  • Can we get some MKV support? It’d be nice to get a REAL firmware update that actually does something.
    It’d be nice to make the PS3 a real HD media center.

  • You shouldn’t limit these things to only sony devices… If the PS3 is truly a media center, it should be compatible with everything, instead of insisting upon only sony devices. Devices like the ipod after all didn’t become popular because it only allowed apple programs and accessories… it was successful because it was an open pallet to anything…

  • Just like photo gallery no one is going to touch this app.

  • @8, lets be real, not everything can be free on PSn, i swear some of you think Sony is a charity. We get a lot already for free.

  • @5, maybe get a 360 where they have 2 exclusives, a console that breaks and pay just to play online.

  • @11 – Erm, I think the iPod became popular despite the fact that it was pretty limited when it came to the software you had to use with it.

  • how about you guys make apps or incorpate features that we need, like Cross Game Chat? i mean, [DELETED]? We’ve been asking for this for a while already…

  • Thanks again!

  • sooooooo…..when r u guys gonna enable cross game chat?

  • Who cares? I take my Sony Memory stick Pro duo, plug it into a pro duo stick thingy, and plug that directly into the ps3.

    But considering that I have an original PS3 with all those bells and whistles that you removed from your system.

    Speaking of the great past, wheres my money for you people removing my “Other OS” feature? ….

  • Seems like a somewhat redundant feature, we already have video editor/uploader. And this is something that should be free to PS+ members. It’s also not something that the community is really clamoring for. It is a neat addition nonetheless, but there are things that you would think are higher priority.

  • Removing features that we like and adding features that no one wants. Well at least this app costs $five dollars, so we can truly find out how many people actually want this waste of money, resources, and time.

  • YAY Another update only a small percentage of people will ever use.
    Why not focus some attention on fixing the broken stuff everyone can use like the web browser?

  • You guys shouldn’t waste time and resources on junk like this and actually work on giving us features we actually want.

    Like cross game chat, auto-syncing trophies in background, fixing the completely broken Rewards program, y’know, things like that.

  • cool! but those applications should be free, and i´m with etc860 “Another update only a small percentage of people will ever use.”

  • Love the interface. Wish you’d transfer some of that over to the XMB.

  • I wouldn’t say no one wants, seeing as how some folks are interested in it. I think more “no ones” actually care about the Linux OS that you are complaining about losing.

    A lot of cameras (not only Sony brand) are starting to shoot in AVCHD, and editing software like Adobe Premier are starting to support it, so having an organized way to watch these videos on your HDTV is more valuable than an OS that no one I know cares about.

  • Cross-game voice chat PLEASE?!

  • Can’t wait imma stay using it on my iPhone 4 #TeamBON

  • Not sure where you people are coming up with the idea that this is somehow an ‘update’ – it’s a standalone application like Netflix for example. Not interested in it? Then move along, there’s nothing to see here. My only question is who the hell came up with ‘filmy’? If you haven’t done so already, fire them.

  • I hate to complain like everyone else, but I have to agree with a lot of their points. Efforts should be focused elsewhere, on things that the community actually wants. After that, then release little niche stuff like this.

  • Video viewing software? I agree with JonJonXD on this.

  • Wow, this is beautiful ! Just got a crazy Sony HD camcorder and this little app will be fun to try tonight ! Thank you Sony.

  • Boring.

  • Thanks for the strong feedback and thoughts! Please know that we’re listening (reading) and appreciate that there must be a balance between broadly appealing and deeper features. Thanks again for being so passionate about PSN. We’ll keep striving to live up to your high expectations of us. Thanks again!

  • I will definitely use this with my new Sony Alpha NEX-5 and A55, world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera and world’s best transluscent camera and I have at least 25-years worth of Minolta lens legacy (with use of the A-mount adapter for the NEX of couse)SWEET!!!!! Sony’s the best

  • What’s AVCHD and any chance it’ll work with my Flip HD?

    Probably not but since that’s all I film with thought I’ld ask.

  • How much is a sony HD Camera? wow that and a 3-D TV Sony must think I’m made of money. Oh wait my butler is call me:)

  • So when you say ‘on Sony camcorders’ does that mean it will ONLY work on Sony camcorders, or what?? There are plenty of other brands using the AVCHD format, so there should be no reason to limit the app to Sony camcorders only.

    Besides, playing AVCHD videos from my Canon camcorder would be a nice feature, but charging for an app just to play videos? Nah, I don’t want it that much…

  • all i want is games. tv shows and movies id rather just buy on dvd. sports i dont care for. im only after the games.

  • I see people asking in this post and I haven’t asked in a long time.

    Where is Party/Cross Game Chat?

    Can you guys give us a detailed answer please. Yes, I don’t work for Sony so maybe I’m not that huge of importance to you guys but I am a fan of the Playstation, I advertise Sony products to my friends and 95% of the time they buy what I inform them about because I know what they would like and what they wouldn’t. Being a fan and a consumer is as much important as working for Sony is.

    Please answer this question with a detailed reason. Not just, “We’re working on it”. That could be a lie. How do I know? Explain to me how are you working on it even if you have to speak in codes and be discreet about what you say.


  • If I had a compatible camera, I’d be all over this. As is, I hope those that can use it, enjoy it.

  • how about adding a damn codec already for MKV playback?

  • Sweet!!! This will be put to good use!!! I used to play using the memory stick in my launch PS3 until it YLOD. I haven’t played videos on the PS3 since. The family will be happy.

  • I’ll try it out.

  • Sorry but this seems totally redundant. Just give us what we really want. A web Browser that actually works without freezing your ps3, how about the 3+ year promise of cross game chat? Huh what happened to that. Also can we get Skype ported to the ps3, that is something everyone pretty much uses, not some proprietary app that only works with one type of hardware. It should have been optimized for any hd input. Hire me Sony, I have great ideas and great ways of implementing them. The ps3 with me behind the wheel would be the all around console, not what it is trying to be as of late.

    Too many media apps.

  • The ps3 already plays AVCHD (.MTS) files for drives connected to the usb port. Only get this new app if you want bells and whistle too.

    As for cross-chat: My guess is that Sony will license and adapt Valve’s cross-talk technology to psn after Value’s Portal 2 game is released.

  • nice feature! i would love for that to be free but i understand that you guys gotta make some money.this will undoubtely will excite all the film buffs…

    my only hope is that this fee will be exception rather than the rule when it comes to upcoming apps/services.

    anyways,my only wish is that the browser gets improved or redone.cuz right now its not that great

  • Yeah instead of useful firmware updates like Party/Cross Game Chat, you release “Minor Security Updates” (We all know why) and paid apps. GJ there.

  • This is great. Does this have additional features for streaming video content from a media server? It’s annoying that it won’t load like an internet video, cacheing the video as it plays, instead it insists on streaming causing it to pause all the time.

    If this application fixes that, I’m sold.

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