Get the Truth in ‘The Tester 2’ Reunion Show

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Ever since ‘Gaymer’ (Matthew Brown) was crowned the winner of “The Tester 2”, just seven weeks ago, we’ve received hundreds of questions from fans about this past season. From these submissions, we invited your favorite cast members back for a bonus episode. Today, we’re excited to announce “The Tester 2 – Reunion Special” will premiere next Tuesday, February 15. Here’s a sneak peek…

As you can see, top finalists Cheska, Gaymer and Scooter, fan-favorites Mo Chocolate and Tripplethreat, as well as special guest Big Fazeek, return to tell us more about what really happened in the PlayStation loft. With questions coming straight from the fans, this reunion special revisits key moments of Season 2 and reveals some never-before-seen footage from the exciting season finale. Don’t miss this entertaining reunion set to debut on PlayStation Network and Crackle next week.

The Tester 2 - Episode 8 Prizes

We also wanted to congratulate Danny T. from San Diego, CA who brought home the grand prize of our Download and Win sweepstakes. He is now the owner of a brand new Sony Bravia 3D TV and ‘The Tester’ limited edition PS3 system signed by all the panelists.

We hope you enjoy this bonus Reunion Special next week and thanks to all the fans who supported another successful season.

To learn more about The Tester, produced exclusively for PlayStation Network, click here.

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2 Author Replies

  • After what they pulled on Mo Chocolate I’ve lost most respect I’ve had for these three.

    • You might be interested in what Mo Chocolate thinks about what happened in Episode 7. Don’t miss his perspective in next week’s Reunion Show.

  • Special guest Big Fazeek, LMFAO – the emphasis is definitely on ‘special’ in this case…

  • it look staged when he came in

  • The Tester is a waste of time and money.

  • You know, I didn’t like BigFazeek on The Tester at all. However, after watching his videos on youtube, he is the man. The most down to earth dude I’ve seen. Definitely check him out.

  • @yazter

    I agree with you completely man after what they did to Mo, I couldn’t care less for all three.

  • I’m sorry…what is this? is this USA only or something I’ve never seen or heard of this before in my life until today when it pops up on my facebook…

  • mo was alright but he lost control at the end and crashed and burned

  • congrats to the winner!
    anyways, from the little that i saw of the show. it seemed to me that cheska was a better fit to be the winner than the rest. because to me she knew more about games than anybody else there :0

    • She killed it in Episode 1. And, in this Reunion Show, we’ve got a never-before-seen clip of her from the finals as she’s riding back to the loft and interviewed by Meredith over the phone.

  • Guys, if you watched they have all respect in the world for Mo, but remember that this is a competition and he had the chances to redeem himself everytime he was challenged. In the end the strongest competitors won and eventually ‘Gay-Mer’ is now the next Tester. I sought it was fair and no ones feelings got hurt. Now this being a reality / game show I feel Big Fazeek might have been scripted to be the [DELETED], because heaven forbid this country produce a show without an antagonist.

    All in all, the season was awesome.

  • The tester 2 ended and that’s it. This big reunion is just to put more drama in the show…

    This was supposed to be a Next Video Game Tester, focused on games and attitude to do that task…

    Now appears like i’m watching Grey’s Anatomy on my PS3.

  • Scooter should slap the crap out off Big Fazeek for talking to his girl like that

  • No War Princess? Booo

  • Protip: Instead of doing another Tester show you should put that money into a show about games. I’m talking about where games are actually played and maybe they’ll give you tips. Remember those old Playstation Underground demo discs and the “Cool Moves” section? Bring back Seoul Vilegas to do a show or something.

  • Define what success was for the show. I can claim a lot of stuff too without backing it up. And Vogue!

  • Dam i think i could seriously kill these guys haha

  • @12 Im with you.

  • BigFazeek was the best
    i wish he had won

  • Best day ever was Big Fazeek expulsion day.

    They kicked that bastard out no matter the inmunity, LOL.

  • I just don’t care for the second season of the tester. I’ll watch the third season IF AND I MEAN IF Kevin butler is in the panel!!!!

  • wat is it

  • @15 sorry but that’s just insane.
    @16 agree
    @17 that would be epic
    @18 and everyone who doesn’t know what it is: it’s a USA only PSN exclusive FREE reality show where people compete to have a job as a, well, a Playstation Tester (testing video games for $$$) and a $5,000 signing bonus plus a PS3

  • @19 not USA only, i watched it perfectly fine on my Canadian account – perhaps NA only?

  • Worst update ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops.. bit early… carry on. ._.

  • that was one lame trailer

    really? big fatso is back to insult a girl, what a piece of trash this reunion is

  • The title “The Biggest Loser” was already taken, so instead we have “The Tester.”

    Honestly Sony, out of the universe of possible improvements or enhancements that you could conceivably bring to the PSN experience, “The Tester” is what you’re going with? Amateur hour all the way… :(

  • the title for this post confuses me. get the “truth”…but isnt this all scripted?

    Seriously Sony can we stop with these fake reality shows and just concentrate on getting games on the psn? we still have a ton of games for Psp and Ps1 still not on the psn. and you waste your time and money on this?

  • I want to see more Meredith in Season 3 please. She is HOT!!!

  • Loved this show, can’t wait for season 3.

  • Im sorry but this show puts down what real game testers do.

  • “special guest Big Fazeek”

    just keep feeding the troll…

  • Any “excuse” to see Meredith Molinari (excuse my spelling) again, is ALWAYS welcomed. I love that woman!

    ***** Please read Playstation Gods *****

    If there is a Season 3, REHIRE MEREDITH PLEASE….!

    ***** Please read Playstation Gods *****

  • yes…the next season of the tester should at the very least have a multi-part olympics of playstation gaming… 1,2 and 3

  • Can’t wait to see this reunion! I also can’t wait for my mom to bring the lemons…I mean for Season 3!

  • A shame season 1 cast didn’t get a reunion show but glad they had Naucious and Cyrus back for season 2 cameos. Would love to see mystery guests more often; like Roni and Barmy!!

  • Everything was just fine until Big Fazeak showed up. He was such a mean person.

  • Big Fazeek was an actor


  • when will playstation start taking video submissions for the tester season 3?

  • and war princess was freakin sexy!!

  • Samurai should have won. Mo got team destroyed like Star. This is madness I say.


  • i loved the show. i just hope big fazeek can take the loss as a lesson because i’ve seen some of his videos and he doesn’t seem all bad

  • i want war princess!! :P

  • Love the tester!!! reunion? OMG that’s going to be crazy!! apart from the HOT sexy Women, i want to see the trouble Big Fazeak may cause lol. THIS SHOULD BE FUN TO WATCH, LOVE IT.
    can’t wait for season 3, 4, 5, 6 etc..

  • Mo Chocolate was king! Nuff said.

  • @1 yazter & @6kamino153.
    Mo Chocolate seemed a bit juvenile at times, but he was good-natured. In the quiz I was disgusted to see how the other 3 finalist including the winner Gaymer ganged up on him to eliminate him. It could be argued that they were going for the weakest link, but only one person could win yet they thought it was a good idea to eliminate him – for what reason? Personally I felt it was IMPLICIT RACISM.

    The developer of Pain, an African-American, was on the panel and even he felt something was not right. He asked the 3 ‘Do you not like chocolate?’

    I’m sure the final three would hate to be labelled as prejudice in any way, however they differenciated themselves from Mo Chocolate, and I believe it was because of his ethnicity.

  • not a fan of the fact that war princess seems to have been uninvited and yet big fazeek is included in this.

  • @47. Actually every competitor should have been invited back. What was the point of leaving some out. It’s like a school reunion without some of the best love characters.

  • I took a day off work just to watch this! Cant WAIT!!!!

  • This will be good. The trailer is only 1/4th the fun. Or was it 1/16ths?

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