Explodemon Blasts onto PSN TODAY!

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Hello again, readers! I can’t believe this day has come, but it has: Explodemon is out TODAY, exclusively on the wonderful PlayStation Network! To celebrate the launch we’ve got a brand-spanking new trailer, carefully designed to amaze you so much that you can’t resist buying a copy:

So, what do you get for your low-low $9.99? An epic story spanning three diverse worlds jam-packed with funny one-liners, comic situations and deeply heartwrenching pathos (maybe). You get 12 massive, sprawling levels filled with secret areas, devilish puzzles and perilous traps. You get tons of unlockable abilities and permanent character upgrades, all crucial in evolving Explodemon into the ultimate badass exploder-dude. You get a finely nuanced control system designed to make speed-running a graceful and compulsive experience. AND – most of all – you get the undying love of an indie developer that believed in its vision too stubbornly to give up.

Everyone here at Curve is “double rainbow” -levels of excitedness about the fact that you’ll soon be getting your mitts on our labour of love, so make sure you let us know what you think!

If you haven’t yet read about the long development history of Explodemon, check out our previous post here, and there’s lots more information about the game and an early trailer in our very first post here – see if you can spot how much has changed between then and now!

Oh, and if you’re a little light on money this month, fear not: we’re giving away THREE copies of Explodemon RIGHT NOW! If you want to know more, make sure you follow @curvestudios on Twitter!

I’ll be hanging around in the comments section if you’ve got any questions (related to the game, of course – still having nightmares after last time). Otherwise, I’ll see you on the leaderboards, chump!

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  • Hey Ed how about this

    3 excellent PSN games are due today
    -Stacking, from Double Fine
    -About a Blob, from Drinkbox
    -Explodemon, from you.

    Which do you recommend most?

    • Oh! Tough question!

      Well, I recommend them all, as they’re all fine games. I know I’ll be getting all three! But I really hope that people also check out About a Blob, which is another brilliant indie game that’s been brought to PSN. It’s really, really tough for us indies to get games out there when we’re funding it ourselves, so I really really hope people look at that one too. Drinkbox deserve a lot of support too! :)

  • Will there be a demo?

    • There won’t be a demo at launch unfortunately but we are planning to have one out there next month. Stay tuned to our Twitter feed if you’d like to know when that happens!

  • This game looks amazing, day 1 buy for me.

  • ^ forgot to say thanks xD

  • Explodemon looks pretty cool and very fun, but I hope to see a demo first. Great video for it to!

  • Will there be a demo?

  • Oh woops, I didn’t see someone else asking about a demo hahaha.

  • Well, you can’t have Explodemon! without the word demo! :D

  • I smell a ripoff of ‘Splosion Man here, but I think I’ll bite regardless.

  • Thank goodness at least one of the 4 games coming out today that I’m purchasing is only going to be $9.99.

    Game looks absolutely fantastic and have been waiting a very long time to get a chance to finally play this.

  • @1 Why not buy all 3? Each looks to be an amazing title, and looks to provide their own strengths.

    Also question for ed that I forgot to ask. Trophies. We looking at like a lowbie list with like 12 trophies or an actual full fledged list with a platinum? Either way I’m still pumped just curious about this.

    • All of the trophies are bronzes, but there’s a lot of them! I think some sites have already got the trophy information so do a Google search if you want to find out more :)

  • Yea, it’s a rip-off of Splosion Man, but then again sure is MAXsplosion. Hey if something is fun I guess you can’t compare right. That’s like comparing the million Romeo & Juliets or Dances with Wolves storylines.

  • @9 and @12. If you would maybe take a whole 3 minutes to read previous articles, I know that’s asking a lot. You would see that this has been in development since before splosion man.

  • does someone remember legend of the dragoon?? se this, http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?LOD2&1 26685 signs already, maybe if we push further can get something

  • 3 free copies? I only need one =]

  • This game looks like a blast (HA!). Hope there’s a demo to give it a shot first.

  • Well, I have been following the game, and I already said it was a day 1 purchase for me. But fluff, if I can get it free, even better! I need to save money! Too many games coming out D;

    Good thing I was already following you guys on Twitter from before =p. Great stuff guys! Cant wait to play.

  • WHEN IS PLANTS vs ZOMBIES coming out??

  • Game looks great. How has Sony been treating the indie devs these days?

    • To answer your question: amazingly. Everybody at SCEA and SCEE has really been behind us all the way and, personally, I’ve felt that there’s a real atmosphere of wanting to nurture PSN as a great environment for indie games and small developers.

      I mean, just look at this blog for instance – it’s such a great way for us to get in touch with you guys and directly show awesome stuff to you, and then be able to have a conversation like this. I thought that it might be really hard for a small company like us to get a post on this blog, what with all the big boys posting on it too, but the brilliant teams behind it have gone out of their way to help us.

      So yes, it’s been really, really wonderful. And I’m not just saying that! :)

  • Looks like TerraAshura and Darklurkr23 get to share the Moron of the Week Award!

  • @13

    God forbid someone missed a previous article on a blog (see, i can use sarcasm too. Aren’t i cool?).

    I, like most people that have played and enjoyed sploshion man, also thought the game was a blatant rip off to get a similar game on PSN. I just read the article linked in the comment above yours and stand corrected. But you being sarcastic doesn’t help people who weren’t “in the know” find the truth.

    Thanks to Ed for providing the link, and good luck. I’ll be picking it up later. Gotta show love to the indies!

  • I’m really mulling this one over, the thing I really enjoy about this game is that it reminds me a lot of Mega Man and even though it might not play like it, might be the look of it. Might just give in :)

    • I think it’s fair to say that Mega Man is one of the big influences behind the game – we’re big, big fans, and that one series is kind of a shorthand for those brilliant action-packed platformers that we wanted to try and ‘rejuvinate’. So I’m pretty sure that if you like Mega Man, you’ll like Explodemon!

  • Humm why does it remind me of megaman but he explodes? what eva still looks like some fun.

  • I’ve been waiting for forever for this. Totally buying when i get home (hoping my night class cuts out early :D)

  • So excited to buy this today! Quick question, about how long does it take for an average person to finish it? Both as first time, and replaying.

    • Good question! I’d put a first time playthrough at about 5-6 hours, but if you want to collect everything you’ll need to go back and replay the stages with the new abilities and upgrades that you’ve purchased along the way. If you really wanted to go for it and S-Rank all of the levels you’d be looking at 10+ hours.

  • Can’t wait to grab this, congrats on the release you guys! Hope to see much more from Curve in the future!

  • Gorgeous looking game, will definitely be grabbing this off of PSN before the end of the week. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Cant wait! even bought the avatar in anticipation!


  • indie? 9.99? sounds good to me! i love helping out indie studios, especially if they’re not trying to gouge their would-be supporters. lol at splosion-man rip off comments, i’ve seen news about this game before splosionman news was heard of. to me, splosionman was a complete rip-off of this idea. you guys should be the one suing capcom lol

  • As a developper from a small studio who loves those small next gen game with a old school feeling, I’ll be sure to get this one as soon as the update is live!

    It’s a shame that you guys had so much problems to get your games out. The game looks awesome!

  • Gah, but I don’t have monies? What am I to do?

  • Dude, I’m feeling like triple rainbow excited. The day is finally here.

  • Now i Have to Get Explodemon,Stacking And About a Blob

  • Fortunately PLUS is giving me Stacking free, so I can afford this exploding fella.

  • Evil doers! Be prepared to please be of annihilate! Explodemon is here, and your number of days!

  • Wow this guy makes MegaMan look like a joke. oh I want to play this today

  • Awesome, Will this game be as difficult and challenging as Megaman 9&10? I’ll check it out as soon as PSN store is updated.

    • Some of the later levels are pretty intense and will definitely test your skills to the max, yes! But overall I’d say it’s not as difficult as MM9 & 10. I’m awful at those, but I’m pretty good at Explodemon! :)

  • I only need to watch the trailer about 500 more times till the update goes through.

  • make your avatar available on PSN and you got yourself a sale

    • Haha, will do!

      Funny story: this avatar wasn’t actually picked by me. I forgot to send an avatar to the blog team, so they got a screenshot from an old trailer – and everyone really loves it! Awesome, huh?

  • @29

    Wow, the games were announced on the same day (as per the link provided in an earlier reply) yet you heard news about this game before splosion man was even heard of…must be nice to live in the future.

    And why would they be suing Capcom? Splosion man was developed and published by Twisted Pixel, another indie studio.

  • Being a PS+ Member I get Stacking for free today! So dropping $10 for this is pretty much a no brainer. Thanks Guys!!

  • Looks cool. Makes me wish they would put some Mega Man X games on the PSN, or make a new one for said network. Good luck with sales!

  • @Juelz345 sorry, i dont live in front the of the internet to read all gaming websites and see that they were both announced at the same day. sucks to have a life i guess.

  • I know I’m gonna buy this game today. If there is ever a dynamic Explodemon theme then I will buy that too.

    • Hey DNAgent, no dynamic theme yet but I really want to do one, so I’ll add it to our list of things to do.

      We’ve been so focused on getting the game out and reviewed and everything that we only managed to get wallpapers and avatars made and up on the store pre-launch. But now that things are going to calm down a bit, we can start looking at other things we want to do. So if anyone has things they’d like to see, please do let us know!

  • I don’t know if you had any say in the pricing of the game, but if you did: THANK YOU. It bothers me that $14.99 is slowly becoming the new standard on PSN and Explodemon’s price tag is just one of the many reasons that I will be purchasing it today. Can’t wait. Thanks Ed!

    • You are so very welcome!

      Can’t say much on the pricing front, but everyone seems to love the $10 price point so I’m really glad we went with it! It’s definitely very, very good value.

      (It does mean that we need to sell more copies though, so make sure you tell all your friends! Heh-heh-heh.)

  • @AguilarX

    I didn’t know until today either, as per my earlier post.

    That doesn’t change the fact that your comment made no sense.

    You get on here and “lol” at people for making comments, when your comment was the one that was silly.

    And then you come with the “sucks to have a life” cliche, that again is just silly.

    And still doesn’t explain why they would be suing Capcom.

    It just goes to show that you know nothing on the subject, but you come on here and laugh at and insult other people as opposed to contributing something worth while to the post.

    So yeah, you should be sorry.

  • EXPLODEMON!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting on this game for quite some time, I have to say much love to you guys for not giving up on bringing this game to the masses indie devs really need to get more props for the games they create! I can’t wait to finally play this one and for $9.99 awesome looks like I’ll be getting the avatar pack and wallpapers as well! Curve studios ROCKS!!!!!!

    • Thanks TONS for the kind words, it really means a lot!

      And yes, indie devs really do need more props – now that we’ve been through this we’ve seen quite how much work it is and how nerve-wracking it is funding a game out of our own pockets. So a massive thanks to everyone who supports us indies – you keep us in business! And you get awesome games from it – sounds like win-win to me! :D

  • hey ed did you guys sent review copies of the game? sending you an email

  • thanks to Juelz345 for monitoring the playstation blog for silly comments. im glad you kept me in check back there. what would we do without you!

  • This game is a definite buy for me, always looked awesome! Looking forward to reviewing it on my game site! :)

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