Zipper Community Day 2011 Recap

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Zipper Community Day 2011 Recap

Last week was big for everyone here at Zipper Interactive as we finally revealed details about SOCOM 4 and its extensive competitive multiplayer modes. To help us celebrate the occasion, we flew in a group of diehard SOCOM community members to our headquarters in Redmond, WA to try out SOCOM 4’s multiplayer firsthand, while also giving them the opportunity to grill us with their burning questions.

The day began with “The 18” — as the SOCOM community has since begun to call them – being led on a tour of the entire Zipper Interactive studio. They met artists and sound people, QA testers and producers, and even had the opportunity to say hello to our executive staff and our designers.

Community Day 2011 Panel

Following the tour was a brief presentation that included a look at one of SOCOM 4‘s never-before-seen single-player levels, Onslaught, which they were also able to play for themselves later on during the event. We also formally announced 3D support and the game’s official North American release date of April 19th!

Of course, what the community really came to get were the first details about the game’s multiplayer features, as well as some personal time on the controller. We had four maps to try out, including the classic map Abandoned that you can receive free for pre-ordering SOCOM 4 from GameStop, and two (of four) different modes for play, Suppression and the brand-new Last Defense. As an added bonus, we also let everyone get a taste of SOCOM 4’s “Classic” game-type which melds an old-school rule set (no respawn, no health regeneration, etc.) with all of our current maps and game mechanics.

Community Day 2011

At the end of our event, a number of SOCOM 4 development leaders sat down for a one-hour roundtable where the fans could ask them questions and provide feedback regarding what they just played. This was important to us not only because we wanted to be able to give something back to the community, but because their feedback is incredibly valuable in making SOCOM 4 everything it can be.

Want to try out SOCOM 4 for yourself? We recently announced that a beta is on its way with specially-marked copies of Killzone 3 (your first of many ways in). We’ll have more details on other ways to access the beta soon, but in the meantime, check out the official SOCOM 4 website for the latest info and don’t forget to download the February 11 episode of the official Zipper Interactive podcast, Zipline, when we sit down with Lead Designer Travis Steiner and Multiplayer Lead Designer Kevin Schmitt – it’ll be a good one!

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  • First. SOCOM 4 is on my nice, long list of games to get this year! :)

  • I’m a SOCOM fan, but I just no faith in the series anymore. Not after Confrontation and not after MAG, which suffered from countless glitches and bugs and poor game design choices that had to be rectified time and time again with patches.

    Zipper has had a tendency to deliver half finished products, with too little too late.

    It would be entirely surprising to see SOCOM 4 come about with high praise and innovative gameplay. And considering the team now has 2 IGN rejects working with them (now with Chris Roper, the guitar hero king of note skipping!), no one should expect anything better than average-at-best from here on out.

  • SOCOM 4 is defiantly on my list this year! Any chance it will make it’s way into Playstation Home?

  • SOCOM is dead to me. SOCOM II will forever be the pinnacle of the series. Thanks for selling out, Zipper.

  • Hey Roper!

  • BEYOND!!! ROPER!!!

  • I seriously don’t know if to get this or not. Well, I think I seriously need to dust off my Move controller…but I already pre-ordered Killzone 3 so…I’ll play the beta and then I will decide.

  • No pistols,Killzone beta before the community and other things..I was looking forward to this game but I’m not all that interested in this game anymore really…

  • NICE! Cant wait for April 19th, this is gona be the best game this year for me, seeing as im a HUGE MAG and SOCOM fan!

  • Man I wish I was there. I’m a Socom fanboy I guess you could say. Have all the PS2 and PSP games and even confrontation and loved them all. At least I’ll get the beta through KZ 3. Day 1 purchase for me.

  • How about that, my head made it on to the Playstation Blog. I’m the guy in the very first picture on the very left in the green and black checkered shirt.

    Some improvements are needed (which hints suggest they are already working on) but overall I thought the game was really fun, and I think people are going to be surprised when they play the beta. This is not just a game for the SOCOM hardcore, I think a lot of people who have never touched a SOCOM game before are going to have a really good time with it.

  • Very cool of Zipper to have a Community Day and have a round table Q&A with some of their most devoted fans.

    Kudos to Zipper

    • Thanks. When we first thought of having this event one of the main things we wanted to do was to be able to set up an open dialog between the attendees and our designers so that their feedback would be well-heard, and I think you’ll see the results of that in the finished game.

  • Here were my thoughts of the event for those that might be interested,

  • basically 90% of the socom forums think its trash since its now a respawn thirdperson mag/cod(since mag was made to be like cod) game.

  • @13, how in the hell was MAG made to be like COD? Have you played either before? Because it honestly sounds like you haven’t. Think before you speak next time.

  • Socom 4 Beta trail for PS+ (not buying Killzone 3 for Socom4, I did not like the beta trial so much) If Zipper wants my money for Socom4. I enjoyed MAG beta and bought it,

    The main reason I got PS+ for Beta’s Sony/Zipper. Make it happen.

    • We’ll have other ways to get into the beta, but we haven’t announced anything other than the Killzone 3 pack-in code as of yet.

  • Way to many people live in the past with the socom series. I loved it as much as the next guy but if things didn’t progress in life we would live in a messed up world. Especially when it comes to video games!

  • Pretty cool to see myself on the official playstation blog ( grey hoodie second picture ).

    Thanks again to Zipper for a great time. The feedback we gave I feel could be very valuable to SOCOM 4, was great to be able to communicate and discuss the game in a live environment.

  • Socom is looking awesome, the only thing stopping me from buying this, among other games, is lack of cash.

    Also, BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get on the podcast to talk about Socom soon!

  • I know we probably couldn’t thank you enough, but it was evident that a lot of time and effort was put into the event and it wasn’t just something that was thrown together at the last minute.

    Thanks again to everyone that had a hand in making the Zipper CD a blast for “The 18”. You treated us first class all the way, we couldn’t ask for much more than that.


  • Well being a “SOCOM vet” (played since the very 1st SOCOM on PS2) I and all other “SOCOM vets” really hope you not only listen to us this time but put into action what we suggest, otherwise this will be the official “death” of the series. I understand you want to appeal to more new players and such, but don’t forgot about the “true” fans who supported this series from day 1. I really hope SOCOM 4 can bring me back to loving the game again. A SOCOM 2 HD remake would make a lot of “vets” really happy. Perhaps this will be a reality in the near future and at a great price like $29.99 or less.

  • That sounds very promising, that beta will indeed make it to PS+ as it is just “not” announced yet! Yay

  • Dedicated SOCOM VET from the start living in Australia, can anyone confirm the Beta release for us Aussies? I am really hoping it will be available for PS+ holders and would consider it a complete scam if it is not. So far PS+ has not offered us anything worth while and the majority of Demo’s like Kill Zone 3 (Crap by the way) are available to non subscribers anyway, so I’m starting to feel a bit ripped of.
    Even more so if I am forced to buy a game that I have no intrest in what so ever to gain access to the SOCOM 4 Beta?
    Please post something regarding this before I am forced to waste more money on a game I will never play.


  • yeah i was glad to see we get a invite with the purchase of kz3. confrontation ruined it for alot of us, most of the time you’d always hear people talking about the “good ol days” on socom on the ps2.have to check it out before buying it.

  • BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UUUGGGHHHH….WHY is there health regeneration in this game At All? that’s not SOCOM, that’s not realistic.

  • this is gonna be great cant wait to try beta out because im buying the killzone 3 helghast edition

  • Hey, anybody remember MAG?

    Man, MAG was cool.

  • Looking forward to it :)

    But my real question is, is anyone out there going to fix CONFRONTATION? Just please someone fix it!


  • Sounds like everyone had a great time.

    Thanks for the Roper Report, Chris! :)

  • All we want is SOCOM II HD. Please!

  • I guess its for the Roper Report! TIME FOR SOME NEEEWSSS!!!


    By the way, wheres Jeff Haynes?

  • cant wait

  • does not look good right now. Add lobbies. Or if you guys took off socom you could have made new series.

  • Can’t wait!! Hopefully you guys listened to the 18 and made the appropriate changes needed.

  • @26 hoping 4 MAG2 here. I leaded my copy 2 my friend on Friday n all he said was “MAG is freaking awesome”

  • Why was the title of this post not “Zipper Community Day 2011-The Roper Report”?

  • any MAG NGP news ? i really wish you guys support NGP with either MAG/ Socom or a new IP

  • it needs an offline storyline. i hate only online games cause i dont have access to internet all the time which makes it pointless and i hate playing online so im passing this game up for something else.

  • What a Roper Report.


  • Time for some news!!! BEYOND!!! Can’t wait to get this

  • BEYOND! Really looking forward to Socom 4.

  • Screw off Zipper. You guys are the biggest a-holes to your fans, I will never take on the misfortune of being your customer EVER again. You ruined SOCOM.

    Just release SOCOM II HD, I guarantee you it will get more online players than this garbage.

  • It’s great that you bring fans in to play your game early on, and wish more devs did this.

    How are you certain that your diehard fans aren’t being fans when giving feedback?

    I think it would be cool to invite a few gamers that aren’t diehard fans as well. That way they won’t be somewhat bias. Not to say that the people you had come over were. It’s just an second option to be sure.

  • “This was important to us not only because we wanted to be able to give something back to the community, but because their feedback is incredibly valuable in making SOCOM 4 everything it can be.”

    Really? What happened to the feedback you ignored for the past 8 years Roper? Oh wait, you weren’t there, you were working for IGN so please don’t give us this “give something back to the community” BS. Zipper has screwed the SOCOM community over with SOCOM 4. “Classic” Mode is hardly classic and all so all we’re left with is a MAG/COD clone. No old modes, no UCCR’s, lobbies, and a respawn mode which is now called “Standard Mode”. Respawn was NEVER standard in SOCOM Roper.

    Zipper are sell outs. You ignored your fanbase and now you want to lie about actually caring about the community thinks.

  • …And If anyone wants MAG 2, just buy SOCOM 4, because a SOCOM game it isn’t.

  • Ah man, it’s Roper! BEEEEEYOND, dude!!!!!

  • Congrats on SOMAG 4: U.S. CoD Seals

    So when is SOCOM 4 coming out? I’ll pre-order and buy it day one. Or will SOMAG 4 eventually turn into SOCOM 4 through updates and DLC? Any date on that? Let me know!

  • **** Give us Back ****

    Classic Game Modes (Demo, Extract, Breach, Escort)
    Grenade Arch and pressure sensitivity
    User Created Ranked Rooms (we don’t care about rank ups, gonna happen either way so why punish the legitimate players?)
    Configurable Controls
    D-Pad Lean
    First Person Zoom

    **** Remove for Classic ****

    Enemy Tags that give away position
    Smoke trails from Grenades
    Tags for landmines that give away position
    Run button

    **** Fix ****

    Crosshairs (Lines need to intersect or have a dot in center)
    Classic Camera (Centered and Move it back)

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