Qore Episode 33 features Killzone 3, MLB 11 The Show, Fight Night, and the Greatest PS3 Villains

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This month’s episode features Sev and Rico, epic bad guys, the sweet science, and the new ‘The Show.’ This month’s Qore provides several more reasons to be grateful for your PS3.

Killzone 3

While most of us have been counting down to the 02.22.11 release date of Killzone 3, the Qore team got their hands on the game early. Veronica Belmont provides an in-depth look at the jetpacks, mechs, and brutal melees of this stunning sequel. She also checks out the PlayStation Move motion controller compatibility (which everybody here is talking about) of this hellacious Helgan counter-attack. This episode also includes an art gallery of the new weapons that you’ll definitely enjoy in the game.

MLB 11 The Show

With pitchers and catchers reporting next week to spring training, it’s time to preview MLB 11 The Show. Audrey Cleo’s visits the San Diego Studio team for a preview of the new analog control system. Along with brand new player models and a revamped Road to The Show, this game franchise is again swinging for the fences.

Fight Night Champions

Another sports game that’s coming out swinging is EA’s Fight Night Champions. Qore covers the flurry of new punches and combinations now available in the game to equip gamers for a darker and more intense style of play. The sweet science is looking pretty, well, sweet.

Greatest Villains on the PS3

The Qore team along with the editors of PlayStation: The Official Magazine put together a collection of the best bad guys on the PS3 system. It’s a fun look at the how the most memorable villains make for great games. Who’s your fave? Maybe they made the Qore cut?

The Download

Qore annual subscribers have access to the Killzone 3 single player demo and the PSone Classic ‘JetMoto.’ Single episode purchasers of this episode (and those of you who bought January’s episode) have access to the Qore exclusive Killzone 3 theme.

Enjoy February Qore Episode 33 when it hits PlayStation Store tomorrow.

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  • I want a helgast suit LOL

  • You had me at MLB 11 The Show.

  • Demo time. Woot!

  • Thx for the long awaited release of the KZ3 theme… I was bummed out on the last episode. :'( This ep looks like its gonna make up BIG TIME! /:-)

    • Sorry for the confusion about the theme last month. It should also be accessible tomorrow in the January – Episode 33 Download Center in Qore.

  • I’m a Plus member; does that count as having the annual subscription (so I can get the demo)?

  • @Nick36542 the answer is yes as I am a Plus member we get the same treatment as if we payed for the annual subscription.

    And we where going to get the Qore exclusive Killzone 3 theme last month because I got a email and didn’t get it last month.

    What happened??

  • Hmmmmm, good content but doesn’t make up for the last 2 months -.-

  • @skater_ricky…..that is actually incorrect….I used to be an annual qore subscriber until I got psn plus and there was a game just for annual subscribers and I was not able to access it…..if you look each month it has the new qore episode in the plus section of the store and not in your download list like when you are an annual subscriber to core.

    I don’t believe we were told officially, but ever since anything that was for qore subscribers is not available for psn+ subscribers.

    bummer I know

  • @6 PS+ has not had full access to the D/L section for several months. Seemed to happen after the TerRover demo.

    @5 I’m pretty sure this means that you don’t get the demo, but I hope I am wrong.

    Could someone once and for all let us know if there is a fragmentation in the Download center between PS+ subscribers and Qore subscribers?

    I only have downloaded Qore for the downloads as the loud marketing annoys me. Usually, I see 1 of the promised downloads.

  • Fight Night Champion really surprised me, I never thought I would be into bozing games but I played the demo and boy was I wrong.

  • @5 no, being a PS+ member isn’t the same as an annual Qore subscriber. However, they’ve already mentioned that PS+ members will be getting their own demo that can only be gotten with membership, so I’m assuming it will be the same demo with a different way of downloading it.

  • How about Veronica interview the Team of web programmers here at PlayStation, and ask the hard questions, like why they can’t get the trophy page working right in a over a year?

    /sarcasm off

    But seriously who do we have to sleep with to get this page fixed? Despite numerous forum posts, and trouble tickets it’s still broken.

  • Fail, fail, and more fail. Why doesn’t Qore just get discontinued? Its junk. Info you could find anywhere, bland and late interviews, promised content never gotten, same junk content game for month after months; year after year.

  • I’m both annual quore subscriber and ps+ the reason why is that I renew my subscription to quore a week before they announce ps+ I was pissed I could have use that money to buy a game oh well

  • I had a feeling getting plus was going to pay off:) MLB and killzone!!! Being unemployed has sucked till now.

  • can’t wait for killzone3 hope that they get all the online beta bugs fixed. otherwise they will be letting down alot of us.

  • thats cool i wish i had a subscription

  • Aww, nothing on the LittleBigWorldRecord event last month? :[

  • I have the same question as number five. I am a PS+ member for a year and I get Qu\ore for a year with it as wewll, so that makes me an annual subscriber doesn’t it?

  • if im a plus customer will i have access to the kz3 single player demo?

  • anyone know if the demo is still coming out for free on the 15th??? Or do you have to be a Ps+ member or qore sub.??? some let me know!! thanks

  • My comment has been awaiting moderation for about 18 hours. I believe I answered two legitimate questions. I asked questions whose responses are begged for by those who posted after me.

    Please let us know if there will be continual fragmentation in the Qore download section between PS+ subscribers and Qore subscribers.

    Thank you.

  • Strange.. JetMoto isn’t in my Qore downloads section. Maybe it’ll be available tomorrow?

  • It looks like qore subscribers get the jetmoto download but the PS+ only get the theme. That’s kinda crappy.

  • So i’m downloading Qore Episode 33 (single), how do I get the exclusive theme, though?
    I’ve looked all around and cannot find it :(

    Help would be GRREEAATLY appreciated~

  • i saw the helgast suit and jizzed my pants

  • The theme is under downloads at the bottom

  • Odd: PS+ subscriber, but the PS Store shows no content listed for a Qore 33 search. The header for the episode is there, but nothing available for download. Nothing in the January-edition Qore Subscription program. So, as far as my account is concerned, the episode does not seem to exist. What am I missing here?

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