ModNation Racers: The Road Ahead Is Lookin’ Good!

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ModNation Mondays

Who Are You? Who? Who?

Hi all, In case you missed last week’s blog, I’m Mark Wilson aka “the new guy” aka “mdub” here on Team ModNation. Thank you for all the nice introductions this past week on the forums.

I am stoked to work with the ModNation Racers team here in San Diego, the awesome team at United Front Games in Vancouver, and with you, the guy (or girl) with the PS3 controller in one hand and a highly caffeinated beverage in the other, working day and night on your masterpiece of a Track, Mod, or Kart. I look forward to doing what I can to encourage and develop new creators into the family.

Killzone Kart and Mod!

Only a couple more weeks ‘til Killzone 3 hits the shelves.

ModNation Racers_10 ModNation Racers_16

The Helghast- Invading Your Space

You can get your hands on this Helghast Mod and Kart for $1.99 in the PSN store.

Let the invasion begin!

Get Bit By the Love Bug!

As you probably know, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and as a show of love for all of you, we’ll be giving you something special next week.

ModNation Racers - LoveBug

Tune in next week for details!

New Addition To ModNation Mondays
Next week I will be introducing a new feature that I think you’ll enjoy. I can’t tell you about it just yet, but if I was you I would bust out my PSP and get it charged. I’m just sayin’.

ModNation Creations of the Week – BRING IT!
Whether you have created one track or one hundred tracks (has anybody done 100+?) we want to see them all. That’s what this game is all about Play Create Share. Give it your best shot. Who knows, you just might see your creation featured in this weekly blog or your track may make it to the Hot Lap section of the game. Remember these key few points to help you get your creations noticed. No Intellectual Property – IP or inappropriate content in the creation OR in the title of the creation. Many times we have to exclude creations from Hot Lap status based on creation titles alone. So sad. To submit your creation CLICK HERE.

Hopefully with the new unlock key and new parts packs we will be receiving a flood of new creations. We are expecting you to keep us up all night too, liters of eye drops at our side, playing, laughing, ooo-ing and awe-ing, crying and hugging (appropriately) over your newest efforts.

PS3 Mod and Kart of the Week

Mod Name: alien fighter pilot
Creator: sjm101

Stunning! Screen shots in no way give this mod the justice it deserves. I’m not sure what unknown universe this mod is from or what mysterious planet sjm101 may have visited but let us in on it! You must download this mod to believe it (available in five designer colors). sjm101… Please build a story around him. Note – no parties involved in building this game can be held responsible for the content of the subliminal messages emanating from the “thingamajigy” on alien fighter pilot’s back. Too cool! (btw… Merriam Webster defines thingamajigy as – something that is hard to classify or whose name is unknown or forgotten). Cool “thingamajigy” sjm101!

Kart Name: MNR Mods Racing
Creator: Freshwick

Tag and the ModNation team in San Diego thank you for the love. Great kart!

ModNation Racers - Mod ModNation Racers - Mod2

ModNation Racers - Kart ModNation Racers - Kart2

Spotlight Track Of The Week

Track Name: The River of the Sun
Track Creator: Funkee_Monkee4

ModNation Racers - River ModNation Racers - River2

Funkee_Monkee4 says: race through a luscious river valley with multiple shortcuts.

Mark says: Now that’s an understatement! Funkee_Monkee4 seemingly designed this course intentionally linking many unique aspects of ModNation gameplay. After many play troughs I could not choose just one route as my favorite. That ‘s good design in my opinion. This forces you to make in-race decisions at that very moment based on your track position, available boost, etc… Funkee_Monkee4 has built a track that may not solicit a lot of initial WOW’s the first few times around (those get old anyway) but with repeated play I was still smiling out loud… Nice!, Nice! Niiiice!

Funkee_Monkee4… You created a fun, well designed, competitive yet fair racing environment. Nice!

Hot Lap Roster for this week
Monday: The River of the Sun by Funkee_Monkee4
Tuesday: Fortress by SergioChileno
Wednesday: Harbour Side by Smbradley
Thursday: Eastern Delight by supersonicsjm
Friday: JungleTwirl by NikiVv
Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

Well there we have it. Week one under my belt and I’m looking forward to week two. Lots more to come (trust me) but we need your help. I’d love to see lots more tracks submitted to choose from. Lots more…, don’t make me beg,… ok, … please,… pretty please!

Have a great week everyone!


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10 Author Replies

  • I’m guessing Love Bug is new DLC for next week???
    We keep hearing “lots more to come” yet no word on the much anticipated Snow Theme… any word?

    Thanks Mark for the update and welcome to the ModNation

  • uhm,could be me, but the killzone was already released last week wasnt it?

    ps: any news on new themes/gamemodes for ps3?:D
    and welcome to the modnation team

  • When is the next Double XP weekend?

  • any chance of a double xp week any time soon? it’s been a while … also, any word at all on the release date of the snow theme would be awesome.

  • How can you see all my 100+ tracks if you limit us to only about 70 slots if you get enough XP points! Make uploads limitless!

    Also, please give us the ability to race against our own creations!

  • That bug’s nose looks… wrong.

  • @5 lol I see what you mean ahahahaha

  • @4
    I asked that weeks ago, the more publishing slots it’s in the “wishlist” but they have things to resolve with the programming and limited space of memory per user, so, it will take a while..

    and about racing against our creations or even main UFG characters, Jason Cocker it won’t be possible for now because of the structure of the game, something like that.. so it’s a shame, I wished that since the release of the game…

    Welcome to Modnation Mondays Mark, good luck

  • I was just about to make a comment about the bugs nose! It looks VERY wrong XD

    I’m not trying to be nasty either, it just looks WAY too much like that…

  • ^^ We all know what’s on their mind… but anywho.
    The Bug looks cool but um what about the themes?

  • I want more DLC to race on and unlock trophies. Better than mods and karts.

  • boneyardweller89

    “That bug’s nose looks… wrong.”

    Ha! ha! ha!… Maybe it’s to accentuate the theme of love. LOL!!!

  • cool link to “who are you” gotta love the who. MODS FOREVER!!

  • I REALLY need to buy this game….

  • That one’s going to be hard to unsee.

  • The bee’s nose look like a d*ck :P

  • guess one day I’ll pick this game up. One day

  • cool i really want that killzone mod

  • lol… i downloaded a user created helghast character that looked better than this premium one.

  • Oh man, Love Bug looked awesome until I saw that the antennae had giant hearts on the end, making them useless in anything that isn’t using silly heart dilly-bobbed antennae. :(

    We coulda made some great bugs, but it’s back to the old tricks. Viva la A.N.T.

  • Also: LoL @ ur Noze

  • Please add customizable controls to this game.

  • so that nose pretty blatantly has a phallic resemblance.

  • Wow, thank you very much for making my Harbour Side track a Hot Lap, I’ve been trying so hard to make it so thank you again! :D Made me very happy. lol.

    That bug looks cool, and looking forward to the next Double XP week.

    • Glad it made you happy!
      Your video to go with it was unbelievable!
      We cant post it due to copyright on the music but EVERYONE should see it!

  • I have a new track that I will be posting to the Hotlap and Top Tracks forums not today, but next Monday. If anyone notices any problems with the track please tell me, and that includes you Mark, XD. The track is called Ninja Campus, if anyone has a different name for the track please tell me your suggestions.

    Just for the name reference the track is based off of a secret ninja school up high in the snowy mountains above a town in the far east. Where the best of the best ninjas get trained by their masters. Enjoy, and don’t miss the shortcuts at the top of the mountain

    Thanks for a great Modnation Monday Mark. Welcome to Modnation!

  • The bug is cool but his nose…. looks rather phallic… Was that intentional?

  • If the love bug is DLC, then something needs to be done about his nose…

  • Yeah, and if you fix its nose, it’d be awesome if someone also revised those antennae so that they’re useful on other bugs and aliens and stuff that people would love to make with fancy antennae that don’t have hearts at the ends of them.

    The antennae selection in MNR is pretty sad. Especially for cars – not a single one of them is a ‘serious’ antenna! Fishing poles, mailboxes, satellite dishes that jut out at odd, useless angles, a single flag covered in UFG (like we didn’t have enough tires with UFG stuff on them!) … but we don’t have a single plain ol’ antenna. I’d love a plain, straight antenna. And an old beat up antenna.

  • Hey mdub,

    I can’t believe my kart was featured on this blog dude !!! I spent allot of time tinkering on that kart… so I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.

    You guys in San Diego made my day !

    Thanks again,

  • I think this might be the first Modnation Monday without having “Modnation Monday” in the title.

  • Yeah guys, bring the double XP weekend !!!! I’m level 23 and it doesn’t move more than a pixel even with first place :D

    Don’t be ruuuuude :)

    I love you guys, and MNR is one of my best PS3 games.

  • @29: you don’t even know true pain yet. just wait.

  • Hi, I’m somewhat new to ModNation Racers. Just wondering, is there an easier way to download the Track of the Week than just searching for it within the game? (eg, doing a search and typing in the track name). I’d like to download all the Track of the Week since they’ve been posted on this blog as they seem really really good. A one button download would be cool!


  • Mark Wilson | February 8th, 2011 at 10:25 am

    “Hi MiiAmigo,
    Did you get the recent Far East pack? There are some really cool tracks from that!”

    Yeah I got that, beat it and got all the trophies. Good stuff btw.

  • Just got this game, so I’m glad is still receiving support and recognition around. :)

  • Hey Mark – what’s in patch 1.08? – downloading right now…

    on that note can you guys start posting patch notes so we know what’s changing?

  • YAY! My track made Hotlap AND Track of the Week. :D

  • I’m happy for the updates but when are new themes coming & stop with the “soon” answers. As paying customers to this game & DLC, we have the right to know more than “soon”.
    Can you at least just confirm some of the themes coming? Don’t say you cant’ cuz you’re one of the head dudes. You have the power to say & we have the desire to know.

  • @shredder110 What planet have you been living on? “we have the right to know”… come on! This is just a game!

    Any hoo… United Front Games has bigger fish to fry now that their second game, True Crimes Hong Kong, has just been cancelled by their publisher, Activision. Some hard financial times are upon them. I hope these talented people can get back on their feet quickly. Us fans are thinking of you.

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