The Drop: Week of Feb 7th 2011 New Releases

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“What have you done this time, you meddling milquetoast?” After the success of Costume Quest on PSN, Double Fine productions is hanging up their halloween costumes, dumping their endless supply of candy and busting out their diorama tool-kit with the arrival of Stacking on PSN, which I’m sure you’ve heard is free for PlayStation Plus members. The popular tower defense title by PopCap Games tosses up the PlayStation sign, when the undead sprout a taste for flowers and potpourri in the ever-so-popular Plants vs Zombies. See, zombie vegetarians totally exist.


Maybe you’re a total zombie snob and prefer the tenderness of intergalactic blobs? Arriving from a distant galaxy, a race of alien blobs have landed on a peaceful planet with a hunger for everything and anything. Help the delightfully cute balls of joy navigate through stages avoiding the hostile humans (such vermin) as they consume everything they touch in Tales from Space: About a Blob. See, zombie-like blobs totally exist.

Rounding off this week in new releases is the PS3 and PSone with a triple combo of titles ranging from the unlimited senses of speed to the harvesting of moons. And now, I invite you to hit the jump as I quote another great line from Tim Schafer’s classic Day of the Tentacle, “You know what they say: “To save the world, you have to push a few old ladies down the stairs.”

PSN: Stacking

PlayStation Network

Stacking — Set in a diorama world, Stacking is a third-person adventure puzzle game where you play as Charlie Blackmore, the world tiniest Russian stacking doll. He is all too accustomed to being overlooked and dismissed–too small to be of any consequence. But Charlie’s size turns out to be his greatest strength after all. Read More: Coming to PlayStation Plus: Free Day One Download of Stacking and Exclusive Demos for Killzone 3 and Yakuza 4

ExplodemonExplodemon: Final game

Explodemon — PlayStation exclusive Explodemon is a 2.5D action platform game with an explosive main character. Mixing classic platforming action with the refined contemporary gameplay of more modern action games, it brings old-school gameplay bang up to date. Read More: The Epic Story Behind Explodemon, Hitting PSN on February 8th

Tales From Space: About A Blob — This PlayStation exclusive is “about” a race of alien blobs that land on an Earth-like planet and start eating everything around them. Eating is just what Blobs do — they can’t really help themselves. Although the Blobs aren’t really out to hurt anyone, mistrustful humans greet them with hostility. Players will interact with the game environment using unique growth and absorption-related control mechanics, experiencing the world at vastly different scales as they progress. Both single-player and co-op play will be supported. Read More: Coming to PSN: Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3

Plants vs Zombies — Help! The zombies have invaded! And don’t look now, but they’re coming for you next! You’ll need to think fast and plant faster to fend off this mob of helmet-clad, pole-vaulting zombies. Read More: Plants Vs Zombies Coming Soon to PSN!

PSN Demos

  • The Undergarden
  • Hoard
  • Tales From Space: About A Blob
  • Tetris
  • Stacking

PS3: Test Drive Unlimited

PlayStation 3 retail releases

Test Drive Unlimited 2 — Test Drive Unlimited 2 aims to transform the driving genre, adding the persistence, progression and customization of the latest multi-player games to the racing experience. Players define their online persona through unparalleled customization of their avatars and vehicles, and the acquisition of property, clothing and other accouterments of a luxurious international lifestyle. The challenge comes to life with refinement and balance of the core Test Drive driving experience.

Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll — Trinity is an action RPG set in the world of Zill O’ll. You lead three characters of different types, Aleus, Daguza, and Zelena, through a massive story that features plenty of optional sub quests. The game’s combat system is party-based, with all three characters using swords, magic, and other attacks to defeat the sometimes massive enemies. The fields of play themselves contribute to the action, changing as you cast magic and break down columns. As an example, you can freeze a lake to walk over it, or pick up a column that’s fallen due to your attacks and use it as a weapon.

You Don’t Know Jack — The award-winning You Don’t Know Jack trivia franchise is now playable on your PlayStation 3! The pioneer of the interactive game show format, You Don’t Know Jack returns with all-new questions and classic features such as Screw Your Neighbor and commercial parodies. Filled with more than 15 hours of game play, You Don’t Know Jack offers multiplayer action and online challenges via PSN. Along with classic quiz modes such as the DisOrDat and the Jack Attack, You Don’t Know Jack offers features like the Wrong Answer of the Game and collectible prizes, with more than 70 full episodes of trivia quiz show.

PSone Classic: Puzzle Fighter

PSone Classics

Pocket Fighter — Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix plays up the fan frenzy for Capcom’s best-loved characters in the fighting franchise with miniature versions of popular Capcom fighters engaged in fierce battles. Combatants vie to collect power-up gems as they perform an array of special attacks and powerful combos.

Reel Fishing II — The great outdoors serve as the perfect backdrop for such realistic fishing fare. This installment of the popular angling series puts its emphasis on a wider variety of fish and lures, improved graphics, and options galore.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature — In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, you have just inherited your grandfather’s farm. Unfortunately, it has not been well cared for. The mayor has given you three years to restore the farm and gain the esteem of the local citizens.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • All right, pocket fighter seems good.

  • Is Dissidia 012 coming to PSN, I know that The 3rd Birthday is not but I got myself covered with borrowing my brother’s PSP.


  • Noooooooo stil no Xenogears? Get your act together Square!

  • I know you guys are all NGP and everything, but come on man, some PSP games ain’t gonna hurt!


  • Is there going to be a demo of MvC3 before its released?

  • minor correction:

    in Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, Zelena’s name was localized as “Selene”.

  • Meh.

    Waiting for the 15th & 22nd for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 & Killzone 3 respectively.

  • A lot this week, but nothing for me except demos to download. Next week Back to the Future is releasing and I will be buying that package for $19.99. It would be great if they re-released Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle also thee other Monkey Island games. Maybe even re-release some old Sierra classic adventure games like Gold Rush,Police Quest,Space Quest, Kings Quest, etc. Pleaze release Parasite Eve 1 and 2 for playstation classics. Also I am requesting a release of Lifeline that was on PS2 it was a great experience where you use your microphone to control the girl on a space ship and it was survival horror action based game. Last thang I would like to know is if Parasite Eve 3 will release on psn store and if it will be playable on PS3 not just PSP? Thanx and God bless you all at Playstion and if anyone is in Ohio come to Biblewalk museum and it will be free for anyone that comes friends/family/etc. Just tell them I invited you!

  • Nothing, that makes me drop my jay to the floor this week… Finally cleared Mass Effect 2… So looking forward to part 3 later this year… Killzone 3 demo has been fun… especially with the PS Move!!

    @Stinger_Inc (twitter) follow me & i’ll follow back!!

  • Also anyone reading this is also invited to Biblewalk in Mansfield, Ohio for free. Bring anyone you want, your kids will love it. It features storys from da Bible in a museum, message me if any of you have questions. Thanx again and God bless!

  • When is Call of Duty Black Ops dlc maps releasing? X-box already has a lot on their store!

  • Cool Harvest Moon . Will get that for sure . And of course Stacking for us plus members :) .

  • Btw Can’t wait for Back to the Future episode 1 coming next week .

  • @12 I’ll just answer some things for you

    Maniac Mansion / Day of the Tentacle
    – these games were never on a PlayStation platform. So, they won’t be released on the PlayStation Network.

    Parasite Eve 1/2
    – This is up to Square Enix to decide. It happened in Japan so it might happen here, but time is running short (in anticipation of the new spinoff for PSP). I’d say it’s unlikely right now.

    Lifeline (PS2)
    -SCE is not releasing PS2 games on the Store. Not all PS3’s can play them. Also if they did start doing that, they would begin with games that were more popular.

    Parasite Eve 3
    – it’s actually called “The Third Birthday”. It releases on March 29th for PSP. PSP games aren’t playable on PS3. No official word on PSN Store availability yet.

  • The 3rd Birthday is NOT going to be on PSN, sadly, according Joystiq and

  • In Soviet Russia, dolls play you.

  • @18 Thanx for feedback. I understand that they don’t really release PS2 games , but they are starting to lately with the Prince of Persia series and I think a few others so I was just requesting. I know Lifeline wasn’t a big title, but I have never experienced a game like that ever and I have played a lot of games. It really is an orginal game concept and I think people would love the opportunity to try it. Also your right not re-release but I meant redo it like they did for the monkey island games that were on pc way before they were on a game console.
    @13 I just finished Mass Effect 2 also I only need 5 more trophies to platinum. Also just finished Mind Jack, Dead Space 2, and almost plat on LBP2. Just plated Start the Party and am now playin Two Worlds 2.

  • I’d love to buy these PSone Classics, but I’m wondering if you guys have fixed the bug in the emulator for downloadable PSOne games?

    If you download a PSOne Classic from the store and then used the classic “Texture Smoothing” feature on it, it makes the image skinnier and ruins the aspect ratio. This happens on HDTVs. Regular disc based PSOne games work fine with the option activated. Are you guys ever going to fix this? It’s been forever with no word on it.

  • YES!!! PSOne Classics Pocket Fighter & Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

  • Working hard on my LBP2 platinum. Wanna earn it fairly. AKA, not cheating on the “1,440 minutes of Create Mode”. 72% already…
    Title says Jan. 7. You’re living in the past.
    Does Stacking carry trophies?

  • Getting Pocket Fighter for sure! I loved that game and thinking about giving Explodimon a go, looks good.

  • @24 do you need help gettin 100% prize bubbles? I have 91% and need help with gettin da 4 story levels that require 3 and 4 players to get bubbles so if you want to play sometime and need help send me a request.

  • Stacking AND PvsZ?! Oh my, guess it will be all vids no homework this week! This girl has an affinity for vegetarian zombies. ;)

    I <3 Double Fine, Pop Cap, and PlayStation!!!

  • Umm where is the psp games? seriously the NGP isnt going to be release till Winter you guys can still support the psp till then. We should be able to play such great games like Crisis Core on the psp(go). Its sad to see that Hackers can have games on their psp(go), but us loyal customers get shafted into waiting years till actual good games get release on the Psn.

    Its making me have second thoughts on the NGP. you guys barely supported the Psp, and looking at it now you are still barely supporting it. its makes me think you guys arent going to support the NGP when it come out.

  • Might need to pick up myself a copy of PocketFighters. is it a Japanese import or the NA version?

  • Can’t believe people still ask if there will be trophies for a psn game in 2011 .

  • Only games that don’t have trophies are minis. EVERY other game has them. Black Eyed Peas did great at halftime even thou’ thay 4got 2 put Fergie’s mic on at beginin. I’d be ticked, she probly goin’ off right now back stage lol!

  • Any info on Dissidia 012 and The 3rd Birthday for a PSN release for go users??? Thers rumors saying that both will be available for PSN but then thers rumors saying they wont!! Can anybody clarify for sure????

  • Also psone classics don’t have trophies either!

  • How do I know I will be able to keep Stacking if people are reporting that their games are expiring even though they renewed PS+?

    Don’t let us continue thinking PS+ is a scam.

  • This sounds good to me #TeamBON

  • cool.

    Will be happy when I see XCom: UFO Defense as a PS1 classic on the store to download and play on my PSP!!! Make it happen Sony!!!!!!!!! :)

  • A shame there is no demo for Explodemon. Wanted to support the devs and if I liked it would have been an instant purchase but by the time a demo comes out I’ll likely be swamped with games.

  • Why do PSone “classics” like Reel Fishing 2 trickle out when we still don’t have Die Hard Trilogy, MDK, Soul Blade, Xenogears, or Return Fire?

  • Tim Schafer is the Jesus of game development. Everything he has ever done has been pure gold.

  • looking forward to play that blob game..and ofcourse Xplodemon..i hope they intend to make dlc levels and costumes for that game..i would support them if they did. :)

  • driver 1 and driver 2 ps1 games on psn please. just remove all the music song tracks from gt1 and gt2 and release those games too. tekken 1 and tekken 3 as well. pitfall 3d would be great too. c’mon just do it.

    when is ps2 games coming to psn??? i want original ico.

  • So PUMPED for You Don’t Know Jack!

  • Why doesn’t Dead Nation have a demo???

    downloadable games are sooo hit and miss, and especially at the premium $15 price point I just can’t gamble on one of them without at least a short demo

  • As much as I want Pocket Fighter, I’ve already spent my “Fighters fund” on Marvel VS Capcom 3. And given how many exclusives Sony is giving us this year, I can’t really bend the so-called “fund”.

    I’ll have to pick up some of the more digital titles later.

  • decent update coming this way this week. I think i may purchase a thing or two this week.

  • Great! got Harvest Moon Boy & Girl for my PSP Go lol. We need Colony Wars Red Sun!!!! Thanks in advance :)

  • Packers win!

  • Tetris demo and Test Drive Unlimited 2 this week! Can’t wait!

  • Any word from Housemarque on a voice chat patch for Dead Nation?

  • Proud Plus member here!!

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