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So, um… Green Bay or Pittsburgh?

The Packers bookended my Eagles season by beating Philly in Week 1 and in the playoffs (costing me an embarrassing wager with Torgo from PSNation), so I guess I’ll pull for them. Also, I just couldn’t ever bring myself to root for Ben Roethlisberger.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 31, 2011)

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  • Great list Jeff!

  • Oh, and even though I’m from Minnesota, I’ll be cheering on the packers!

  • Will we hear and see more developers coming on this Blog to talk about their games?- Valkyria Chronicles 3, Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday, and my most anticipated game: Catherine??? Also, any plans to have them in Alternate, Collector’s, Limited or Ultimate Editions for those games I mentioned???

    Speaking of “Editions” – I am VERY (if not most utterly) disappointed that SCE of A have not done anything to secure “Editions” for us here in Stateside! Why is that? Japan and Europe are the only two continents that are very well treated with these privileges… But why not for us?

    I hope you can get them on this blog real soon. Although, I am praying fervently, hoping that Atlus would be the one to announce they are going to localize Catherine game for Stateside!

    • It’s much harder to get Japanese developers on the blog due to distance, language, and timing logistics (they’re asleep when the post goes live, for instance, and then can’t comment reply in a timely manner). We do get quite a few, but it’s just less common.

      SCE also would not be the one to blame for games like those you mention not getting collectors editions – that’s up to the publishers.

      Atlus is an exception though – they almost always have a collectors edition, and frequently appear on the blog.

  • Steelers!! I’m the first reasonable person here.. What is happening to mankind these days?

  • Steelers!

    This week was a very good reading list Jeff.

    I have a question about the Prince of Persia Blu-Ray. I’ve already bought the digital versions when Ubisoft said that the US would not be receiving the Blu-Ray. I’m planning on re-buying it just so I can have the whole series on Blu-Ray. My questions is if I buy the Blu-Ray, will I have two sets of Trophy Lists for all 3?

  • Green Bay all the way! Put the word in to MM to make some Twisted Metal dlc for LBP2. I want a Sweet Tooth Mask lol. Any place you know to get the real one like the actor from E3? Id drop some cash on it definitely.

  • Im very surprised that there are no posts yet regarding Tales of Graces F coming to Ps3? why jeff? :P
    there has to be a blog post about the game coming over so that more people know

  • Why are they releasing another edition of Final Fantasy IV? I have already bought it for three systems, and I am not buying it again. When are they going to release Final Fantasy III? That’s the only one in the series that I haven’t played.
    Also, regarding the PS2, it really isn’t surprising that people are still buying it. It’s only $99 as opposed to $300 or more for the PS3. Also, you can pick up some great games for less than $20, as opposed to $40-$60 for the PS3. It’s an inexpensive alternative in a bad economy.

  • Is FF4 gonna show up on PSN for download?

  • When will left 4 dead series come to ps3??

  • Hey Jeff just a quick question. Will the soundtrack be available for KZ3 after the game is out? The song in the “Justice” story trailer is absolutely epic. As is the song for the Beta’s in game menu.

  • I dislike both the Packers and the Steelers, so I have no one to root for. The Steelers are rivalries with my Baltimore Ravens, while the Packers are rivals with my favorite NFC team (and my old favorite NFL team when I lived in the Midwest) the Chicago Bears. If only the Ravens beat the Steelers I’d be so happy right now.

    Anyway, good articles and love the Killzone 3 review. I enjoyed playing it with my PlayStation Move. I just hope I see KZ3 shirts at Hot Topic or somewhere, because I’ll buy them up (still have my KZ3 Helghast shirt from MLG in DC).

  • I don’t really care who wins, since I don’t follow football at all. But I am really looking forward to the commercials, specifically one regarding a certain Sony Ericsson Xperia phone… :)

  • Good list of links. Thank you for not posting that sad joke of a review IGN posted for Killzone 3, almost like points were deducted for the sake of deducting points.

    March is looking to be a very busy month for games…. I had to cancel some pre-orders:

    Tomb Raider Trilogy
    Shadow of the Colossus ICO Collection(If Amazon is to be believed)
    Splinter Cell
    Prince of Persia
    PlayStation Move Heroes
    Dissidia DuoDecim

    all are coming out on the same day and this isn’t including 3rd Birthday, God Eater Burst, Patapon 3, The Legend of Heroes(may not be important to most people *shrugs*), Home Front, Dynasty Warriors 7, and this doesn’t include DLC. Granted we have till september to pick up a lot of these games (Resistance 3) or November (Uncharted 3). However I don’t see how releasing this many titles is conducive to these publishers bottom lines.

  • errm, I’m still getting PS Move Heroes, Dissidia Duo Decim, 3rd Birthday and maybe Tomb Raider Trilogy depending on SotCI Collection.

  • Will Dissidia 012 get a PSN release or like The 3rd Birthday, is just UMD only?

  • Hey Jeff, I hope you can answer this question……

    Will the Pink Knight for Castle Crashers come with any new trophies? I will buy the add-on no matter what, since it’s for a good cause, but just want to know if trophies will come along with it?

  • You know what I read recently? Forum posts on EU and US Playstation forums claiming that PS+ is a scam because their games have expired for no reason.

    This is only going to cause resentment not only towards PS+, but the PSN store in general. If you want PSN to be a healthy market then tend to your HEAVY BUYERS.

  • Big Ben has been there a few times now… And eveytime with success… How can anyone be foolish enough to pick the Packers?? Steelers FTW BABY!!!

    Btw, loving the Killzone 3 demo… Actually had to recharge my PS Move because of it… Fortunately, I had my DualShock 3 all charged and sitting beside it!!

  • Jeff:

    Any update on the My Trophies issue? You have the list now correct?

    • That list was awfully out of date (from August, I think?), but I’m meeting with that team tomorrow, and I’ll take it with me.

  • Lets go STEELERS!

    there sure was alot of stuff on the psp ngp (aka the psp 2)

  • did u completely block new ideas from being posted on the blog share? or just blocked me? for the last 6 months or so none of my ideas submitted appear on the share site. i check for duplicates too when i submit. wats goin on there? or is it some server error please check if it is only happening to me.

  • Steelers!

  • ‘KillZone 3’ beta is EXCELLENT! ! ! :P

  • Being from Chicago, I just can’t go for GB….even though I hate Roethlisberger. Anyways, I second Destiny89. I’m really surprised there hasn’t been any mention of Tales of Graces F being localized. It’s a pretty big deal for JRPG fans, especially us North American Tales fans who get maybe 50% of the Tales games localized.

  • Wish we could watch the Super Bowl via PlayStation Home.

  • Glad to see a review for explodemon. It’s been on my list as a day one purchase. I’m also tempted to pick up KZ3 CE. I don’t buy a lot of games now thanks to gamefly but the more I see about this game the more excited I get and I’m not sure I’ll be able to NOT buy it!

    Also Jeff, any idea on if/when we can expect to hear any news on the PS app (for whatever platform iOS or android)? I know EU launched it a month or so ago and I was hoping we wouldn’t be too far behind but I haven’t heard anything.

  • football sucks. im moving to canada so theres more talk on hockey. its more physical. football is boring and all setup

  • Awesome Killzone 3 reviews! :)

  • Any word from Housemarque on a voice chat patch for Dead nation?

    • I know it’s coming, and I believe it’s pretty close. We’ll have a post on it when a date is finalized.

  • Is Playstation Geting New Call Of Duty “Black Ops” Maps? If so When???

  • Okay Jeff, no getting around it this time :) We will see a blog post about the Xperia Play? The full event is next Sunday Feb 13th. I’m looking forward to all the new PlayStation Certified Android phones.

  • Is there any possibilty that Parasite Eve 3 is goin to release on psn store for the PS3 not just PSP? I don’t have a psp mine broke, but I would buy it if I could play it on my PS3, so I hope it’s not just for PSP exclusive!

  • I got to go to the SOCOM 4 community day at Zipper and play SOCOM 4 for four hours. Would just like to pimp my preview (at and our podcast on our impressions at

    Podcast with impressions:

  • Green Bay

  • cant wait for the new psp. sweet additions to one of the best portables ever made.

  • Black Eyed Peas did great at halftime, even thou’ some1 didn’t have Fergies mic turned on at beginin’, I’d be ticked!

  • any White Knight Chronicles 2 news soon Jeff? Dead Nation voice chat patch ? more on NGP please !!!

  • That’s awesome about the PoP and Splinter Cell trilogies, but where’s a date on the Team Ico Collection?!?

  • I’m a Cowboys rider always win or loose…But the i am going for the G’s..

  • I knew Packers would triumph!

  • Now that Superbowl game is over (which was a really great game) I really hope Jeff answers my question! Question #18 BTW!

  • weeks!!!!! ???? how much will the maps be for Black Ops?

  • Hello Jeff, I was just wondering if you could somehow get this idea back to sony. in regards to the ngp, the console seems to be all about connectivity and getting everyone’s input. so i figured a logical choice for a name would be “link” PS link has a nice ring to it i think, i didn’t see a poll for it or anything, so just thought i’d throw it out there. connect might work as well, but it would confuse the market because of ms’s kinect device. tks if you can help, or simply for taking the time to read this.

    ps–it would be also cool if you could speak to other players through the speakers on your ngp, instantly!! make it happen sony!

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